Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My Own Faith

We (Sal - my wife of many years - and I would like to share our FAITH with ALL on the web.

We have FOUR businesses through our website.

1) Sharing our FAITH on the web.
2) SHARING our RELIV business with one and all.
3) I'm a stock trader in the stock market.
4) WEEKENDERS - (Sally's clothing business)

Myron & Sally Holter
5112 SW 33rd ST
Topeka KS 66614


Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...


Our 2nd business

Surf on over & we'll dream together .. ok?

Myron, the webmaster

December 10, 2004 at 5:45 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...


Play scrabble only with your "friends"

Surf on over ...


December 10, 2004 at 5:46 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...


The stock market is MY 3rd business as embedded in our website.

Surf on over:

Myron, the webmaster

December 10, 2004 at 5:48 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...


Sally's clothing business is HER 4th business.

I'm offering my services as her sig. other of 35 + years.

Sally, Mrs. Weekender

December 10, 2004 at 5:50 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

I recommend Steve (a fellow blogger) & I share our knowledge.

Myron, a fellow blogger

December 10, 2004 at 5:53 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

I just listened on the Jim Cates Show this morning about a caller named Jim...

What's going on with our liberal judges !! ???

Maybe Steve Forman will do some more research on this .


December 16, 2004 at 4:11 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Our city Government is currently in a mess.

I'm running for Mayor of Topeka KS. I have no idea if I can make our political situation any better, but I can try.

My wish is for our current mayor to give his two week notice immediately.

We'll then accelerate the election process.


December 16, 2004 at 4:14 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

OK .... I confess !

I've got a problem. All I want to do is be a "soldier" for Jesus.

That's my mission statement through our website

Myron , Mayoral candidate

December 17, 2004 at 2:11 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Hi all & fellow bloggers ..

I am about ready to head on down to the election board and verify my 100 + signatures.

wish me luck.

The web address for my mayoral campaign can be found embedded in our web site.


December 20, 2004 at 7:41 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...


Sal & I are getting ready for Christmas by staying home this year.

We're going to our friends the Forman's of KMAJ/AM talk radio.

God Bless


December 24, 2004 at 1:10 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Getting signatures for mayor of Topeka KS

I've decided that I can best folks read our mission statement by having folks sign the petition for mayor of Topeka KS in April 2005

I just can't let the CEO of the YMCA witness my petitions.

Any comments?

December 31, 2004 at 10:46 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

The mayor's RACE:

You all probably don't realize this or not, but our local city government here in Topeka KS is going to change.

As your next mayoral ELECTED candidate, I plan to collect 100 signatures here in Topeka KS.

I'm hoping to gather voting Topekan's signatures by Jan 25th, 2005, the filing deadline.

Thanks for your vote in advance.

Myron D. Holter
Mayoral candidate


PS: If I gather signatures on the clock, I've been told I'll be fired. Ask me if I care :) I work at the YMCA

January 7, 2005 at 12:48 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Jim & Steve & all who might give a S ___

Here's the latest with my "do NOTHING" eMAYORAL quests.

Firstly, I'm in the process of collecing LEGAL and voting Topeka citizens signatures to save the $100.00 filing fee.

This Thursday at Miller's Glen and Friday at Lazio's I'd like to get some more signatures.

I need a treasurer. I've asked Susan Shumaker and her reply was something like, "I know nothin' about politicikin' :) "

I asked Jim Showalter, Sally's x-boss at CBIZ on 10th & Fairlawn and he said he was too busy.

I've tried to explain to them that I've only got $127.00 in my checking account ... might buy a few pens & t-shirts, oh well.

Talk about grass roots, I'm diggin' for legumes :)

Maybe you could put out a request on the air .. I'm in desperate need :)

Orville Johnson, my do nothing campaign manager has followed up with his promise to get me elected .. doing nothing. Besides, he's got some health concerns.

I was politikin' at work and was told I could be FIRED. So much for freedom of speech.

This email and much more can be found by surfing on over to our website.

Hang in there guys & keep up the good work for us conservative talk radio folks.

Feel free to tell the folks on the air .. I need LOTS of support

Our my own faith 2.come website has a donation link too .. hint-hint.

Myron Holter
Topeka KS

January 8, 2005 at 4:59 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Hi folks:

I've got until Jan 25th 2005 to get 100 + signatures for mayor of Topeka KS

I plan on using our website to get elected.

I now have a web page on the web too if you're interested in voting early.

Happy voting my friends,

God Bless

Myron Holter
Topeka KS


January 9, 2005 at 6:36 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

What we have been saying has now happened. You cannot quote what the
Bible has to say about homosexuality in public or you will be charged
with a "hate crime." Philadelphia is only the beginning. If we fail to
take a stand here, this "crime" will soon be applied across America.

In the 27 years of this ministry, I have never witnessed a more
outrageous miscarriage of justice than what is happening in
Philadelphia. Four Christians are facing up to 47-years in prison and
$90,000 in fines for preaching the Gospel on a public sidewalk, a
right fully protected by the First Amendment.

On October 10, 2004, the four Christians were arrested in
Philadelphia. They are part of "Repent America." Along with founder
Michael Marcavage, members of Repent America—with police
approval--were preaching near "Outfest", a homosexual event, handing
out Gospel literature and carrying banners with Biblical messages.

When they tried to speak, they were surrounded by a group of radical
homosexual activists dubbed the Pink Angels. A videotape of the
incident shows the "Pink Angels" interfering with the Christians’
movement on the street, holding up large pink symbols of angels to
cover up the Christians' messages and blowing high pitched whistles to
drown out their preaching.

Rather than arrest the homosexual activists and allow the Christians
to exercise their First Amendment rights, the Philadelphia police
arrested and jailed the Christians!

They were charged with eight crimes, including three felonies:
possession of instruments of crime (a bullhorn), ethnic intimidation
(saying that homosexuality is a sin), and inciting a riot (reading
from the Bible some passages relating to homosexuality) despite the
fact that no riot occurred.

You may think I am exaggerating. I'm not. Our AFA Center for Law
and Policy is representing these four individuals at no cost. We will
take this case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary to get

There is so much more about this case I don't have room for it in this
letter. We have prepared a 25-minute VHS/DVD in which two AFA-CLP
attorneys discuss the case in detail.

Please help us with our expenses in representing these committed
Christians. With your tax-deductible gift of $15, less than the cost
of a cup of coffee once a month for the next year, we will send your
choice of either the VHS or DVD. Watch the VHS/DVD, then share it
with your Sunday school class and church. This VHS/DVD should be
required viewing in every church in America.

Click here to get your copy of the Philadelphia 4 Story

Thanks for caring enough to get involved. We must not allow this
travesty of justice to continue.



Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

P.S. Please forward this email to family and friends.


You are receiving this mailing because you took action on an
AFA-sponsored poll, petition, or action alert. You are subscribed to afapetition

In keeping with our privacy policy, AFA may periodically contact
you regarding issues of concern to the family. Rest assured that your
subscription e-mail address will be kept in the strictest confidence.
We do not divulge, nor make available to any third party, our
subscription list. Your privacy is paramount to us! If you do not wish
to receive further communications from us, click here to

Questions or comments about AFA? Contact us via email, phone, fax, or
postal mail.
Copyright 2002-2004
American Family Association
107 Parkgate Dr.
Tupelo, MS 38801
All Rights Reserved

January 12, 2005 at 9:56 AM  
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Blogger Paul said...

Myron and Sally,

Well, I finally made it to your blog. You may be interested to know that this is the first time I have ever blogged.
I checked out your web page, and found it to be interesting. Possibly as we get this thing off of the ground we can develop it some more.

Right now, I have to get my notes together from last night and take care of some other administrative matters.

Talk to you later.


April 26, 2006 at 1:12 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

This is about the 3d time I have blogged in the past 30 minutes. I have no idea where the other two are.


April 26, 2006 at 1:13 PM  
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Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

As an Internet Blogger I'm finding out more and more the little quirks of the Internet.

Our other blog allows only 300 pictures.

so it's back to the drawing board.

May 4, 2007 at 5:35 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

It's been a while since I've blogged in this address. A lot has happened in our life!

Our web site is alive and well.

Surf on over if you'd like.

Myron @ my own faith

May 22, 2007 at 6:25 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Good morning fellow bloggers. Please link up to the previous link.

I have just finished reading "put your beliefs to the test" by Brannon Howse

Interesting read


June 5, 2007 at 5:15 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

6/11/2007 7:57:01 AM


RE: Topeka city government budget.

Here’s my plan if/when I become the next mayor of our great city.

Our city government is in a political/financial mess. Let me try to help.

Let’s start off with our city leaders approximate salaries:

City Manager – 137.5 K
Mayor - 20 K
City council 13 K ( 9 in toto)

Total salaries – 274.5 K

Now if we use these and divide them by 2080 hours (40 hrs/wk X 52 weeks) we come up with an average HOURLY salary of $27.32 for 11 city servants/leaders of our great city.

Let me share with all how I came up with these figures:

City manager’s salary: 137.5/2080 = 66.10
Mayor’s salary 20/2080 = 9.61
City council 13/2080 = 6.25
Average 81.96/3 = 27.32

Now I know that our city council positions are part time, so let me place that in my equation.


Current salaries proposed salaries

City manager 137.5 K 56.8 K
Mayor 20K 56.8 K
City council 160.8 K 160.8 K/9
________ ________

total 274.5 K 274.5 K

The city manager of the Topeka citizens salary would be the only unhappy servant.. The city The city council can hire/fire the city manager send him/her back to where he/she came from, in our case New Jersey.

My Plans are currently NOT to run for mayor or any other political office.

Here endeth my budget plan.

June 11, 2007 at 4:22 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

6/28/2007 5:44:17 AM

WHAT A MESS! Our kitchen sink is a total mess. But I think I got the clogged sink cleaned out J I ended up taking two showers afterward and still don’t have the kitchen cleaned up. OH WELL! I guess I’ll take a picture for my album.

6/29/2007 7:31:00 AM


Our political situation is a mess. Fortunately the American people have spoken. The amnesty bill is no more. This was the worst piece of legislative junk bill in the history of our country. People were outraged! This was a major blow to our President, George HW Bush, Jr. I read Bill O-Reilly’s version and I found it more to my liking. Why not make a web page out of that too? Remember, I’m the Internet blogger. Guess I’ll post this to our blog site.

June 29, 2007 at 5:39 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Hey bloggers ....

Here's a post from a friend.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hi Myron,

Say, I left a message for Soc also.

If he calls back I will let you know.

I mentioned that I knew that you had been leaving him
messages as well and we would love to talk to him.

As far a blogging is concerned. I don't do that. The
"Bad Guys" sit in the back ground and monitor what is
going on in these blogs. I don't think they are safe
because of that.
They are keeping a dossier on all of us. This is part
of the "Signs of the Times."

I don't mind if you put my comments on your blog as
long as my name is not associated with them. You can
identify me as a "Global Researcher," or as a "Friend
of Yours," instead of using my name. You can send me
comments that are being made on your blog and I will
respond to them via your E-mail.

These are dangerous times and I have had enough terror
from the "Bad Guys" to last a life time, over my
Kennedy research etc. I AM ON THEIR LIST BIG TIME AS
IT IS. Now days I would rather "Float in the
background" and not be so FRONT AND CENTER.

When I started my Bible and End Time Prophecy
research, I used to take people, like Pastor Bob on
all of the time, just like I did on our L.B.I. Blog.
I have DONE MY TIME and have learned a lesson in the
comes to religion. They some how feel disloyal to

Instead I have decided to expose the GLOBAL POWER

Christians simply DO NOT DO THEIR HOMEWORK and stay
locked in a TWILIGHT ZONE assuming that the founding
fathers were beyond reproach and that the BIBLE IS THE
INSPIRED WORD OF GOD. To them I simply now say "WHICH

Well I am off and running, today my grandson Jimmy
James is coming over. I am doing a two day
babysitting marathon. My daughter and Jimmy's father
are playing in a ball tournament today and tomorrow,
so NANA gets to baby-sit.

Over and Out,

October 27, 2007 at 5:31 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Hi Myron,

This is what I do today. I go to websites and edit
the copy they present. Many of these site owners have
done some wonderful research but they still don't
realize they are promoting an evil god entity.

Here is an edit of mine that I just sent out. This
website is major site that comes up during searches
for End Time Prophecy.

Jesus (Yashua) stated that after his death a false
religion would develop around him which would teach
lies. This religion is what we refer to as the
Christian ReligIon today, or more appropriately the
Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic religion. They are
all one in the same because they all teach lies.

This is why the majority of people will be LEFT BEHIND
or "Holding the Bag", so to speak. They will be
promoting and worshiping a satanic entity as god
instead of Our Heavenly Father.

Here is the basic website address for the article
below and others that I will be editing today::

Sometimes I get so fed up with trying to WAKE PEOPLE
UP. But it's what I do, and I DO IT WELL MOST OF THE



Not only does Jesus Yashua clearly state that the gods
of the Jews are satanic, we have many Old Testament
examples of this below.

I will highlight these satanic references in red and
enlarge them in the body of this article below.

FATHER". I do not worship these evil Old Testament
gods, who flit and fly around in Chariots of fire
(UFO's) terrorizing the human race.

(Yashua) came to introduce the world to. Jesus
(Yashua) referred to his GOD and OUR GOD as "OUR
Today these gods and angel-agents are referred to as
ALIENS. The Nordic Aliens are referred to as the
"Elohim" which are led by there god "El", who is
Lucifer. The northern Jews (Israel) appear to have
worshiped Lucifer as god "El".

The southern Jews (Judah Jews) worshiped Jehovah
Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge. He was described, by
Jesus (Yashua) as a lion faced reptilian entity in the
Sophia Pistis story in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls. Today
we refer to this evil god as the leader of the
Reptilian Aliens entities which include the Anunnaki.

Jesus (Yashua) exposed all the gods of the Jews as
"Satanic" in the gospels.

These gods and their agents aka angels, are at war
with each other. Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge is
FULL OF HIMSELF. He believes that he is the one and
only god. The leader of the Nordic Fallen Watchers is
god "El" who is probably the identity known as
Lucifer. These gods all operate in the three
dimensional world which include the earth and it's
solar system.

Our Heavenly Father and his angel agents operate in
the spirit world, which is a dimension with out time,
gravity and matter as we know it.

The Bible refers to this dimension as Heaven. Because
all technology comes from OUR FATHER, it is obvious
that agents from HEAVENS DIMENSION, due at time
operate in our physical world of matter, time, gravity
etc. This means that they to use vehicles to operate
here which we categorize as U.F.O.'s today. Our
Father is the source of all technology, which is used
by all entities traveling in our solar system.

Christians have never connected the dots properly.
Christians continue to ignore the fact that the god
they worship in the Old Testament is a nasty entity,
who operates as an overlord, MURDERER and war monger
and is obviously not the LOVING FATHER JESUS (YASHUA)

Christians operate on the principal of: NEVER ASK WHY

Asteroids, Comets, Rahab & Mars
Cherubim & the Megaliths of Cydonia
The " Stones of Fire " and Pre-Adamite Civilizations
?Satan's Secret History and the Monuments of Mars

The Bible describes Satan, commonly called Lucifer, as
having had a place in heaven. Where in heaven did
satan / lucifer dwell, and what happend to this being?
Our research suggests satan, or lucifer, dwelt in a
literal location in the heavens... which when
destroyed left the debris we now see as asteroids and

"How art thou fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!

This website discusses: Van Flandern exploded planet
theory, Egypt connection to NASA Voyager images,
pre-Adamite Cities of angels ruled by the Cherub
called Satan or Lucifer... on planets in our solar
system. End time Bible prophecy, the "stones of fire",
, dinosaur, Exploded Planets of Van Flandern and
exploded planet Rahab and pre-Adam civilizations of
angels -- & NASA y. Planet rahab, Cherubim, Exploded
Planet, End Time Bible Prophecy, enoch & noah,
pre-adamite, cataclysm, catastrophism, dinosaur,
dragon, aliens and angels, ufos and the Bible, sphinx,
Monuments, Giza pyramids, aliens, aBible prop
phenomena, tribulation, angels , Hoagland Monuments of
Mars research enterprise mission research exploded
planet comets asteroids verified by van flandern
The Mysterious Parent Planet
Noted astronomer Tom Van Flandern, discusses the
'exploded planet' theory, asteroids and comets:
?" ... is Shoemaker- Levy 9 an asteroid or a comet?
This is an issue being debated in the journals right
now. In the exploded planet hypothesis there is no
difference. Asteroids and comets are the same thing,
except that comets were thrown out to a greater
distance, so by being away from the Sun for the few
million years they preserved their volatiles, their
dust and gas, whereas asteroids have long since had
the dust and gas blown away by solar radiation
pressure, because they're so close to the Sun for
millions of years. Other than that there is no
difference. They're both debris clouds [of an exploded
planetary parent body] ... "
Satellites sent to Mars in 1976 collected information
concerning the geologic nature of Mars, and it's
atmosphere. The images from the orbiters mapping
sequence made it clear that Mars had experienced
nearly unimaginable catastrophic episodes.
With the evidence of oceans of water having once
flowed on Mars' surface in huge quantities, it was
apparent that the Martian atmosphere was once more
dense, the climate much more hospitable. Sometime in
the remote past, for reasons still being debated by
astrophysicists, there was a cataclysm on Mars. The
Martian oceans washed over the surface of the planet,
inundating continents. The vast atmosphere was ripped
away, and the once Earth-like environment was laid
waste. ?
In the 1987 October edition of Science magazine,
D.P.Cruikshank and R.H. Brown reported a startling
piece of news. They had discovered organic compounds
on three asteroids: Murray, 103 Electra and Orguiel.
Utilizing the process of spectral analyses of
reflected light from these three asteroids, Cruikshank
and Brown detected amino acids.
More startlingly, "aqueous alteration products" such
as clay were found, suggesting that the parent body
had been affected by water.
If these asteroids did in fact contain sediment, it
could not have been deposited without large quantities
of liquid water laid down over a length of time. This
would have also required an environment of gravitation
strong enough to hold a dense atmosphere, producing
weather and water erosion. The evidence found on these
asteroids could only mean that they were from a parent
body possessing an atmosphere and oceans.
The accepted theory for the creation of the asteroid
belt is "failed planet accretion" -- that during the
primordial beginning of the solar system a planet
which astronomers call Astera was forming in the place
now occupied by the asteroid belt, but because of its
insufficient mass, and due to Jupiter's gravitational
influence, it fragmented. This theory cannot be
correct, as it is becoming obvious that both the
planet Mars and the mysterious parent planet of the
asteroid belt once sustained oceans and atmospheres.
This parent planetary body was broken up in a
cataclysm of Biblical proportions.
More from Van Flandern's presentation 'Exploding
Planets & Non-Exploding Universes :
" The mechanism for the explosion? Back in the '50's,
when the 200-year-old exploded planet hypothesis was
last in vogue, people were working on that, and Ramsey
came up with a number of ways in which
terrestrial-sized planets could either implode or
explode with changes of state of certain elements in
the core of terrestrial-sized planets. Changes of
state means like water turning to ice. There are
certain pressure and temperature conditions where you
can have a change of state that results in spontaneous
explosion or implosion. However, Ovenden showed that
the parent of the asteroid belt was apparently a
giant-sized planet. He estimates 90 Earth masses or
Saturn sized. Nobody has done research on objects in
that medium-sized mass range. People have done lots of
papers on explosions of nova or dwarf stars, but
nobody has done explosions of planets, because nobody
thought there was an example of that. So the trick now
is to convince astronomers that the evidence is good
enough that research in that area ought to commence.
We know things about Jupiter, for example, that it's
emitting twice as much heat into space as it takes in
from the Sun. There is something going on in the core
that we don't understand, and I have some speculation
as I mentioned in the book about what that something
could be. But really the answer is - we don't know. .
In light of the recent Pentagon announcement of water
found at the poles of the Moon, and the confirmation
of Hoagland's long contended theory of ice on Europa,
does the theory that Mars was once habitable,
possessing an atmosphere and oceans , sound so
unlikely? Doesn't the recent announcement of
micro-organisms found in Mars rock at least suggest
the possibility that there were whole civilizations on
Mars long ago, before some cataclysm destroyed them? ?

Surprisingly there are numerous Bible passages that
deal with the terrestrial planets, in particular the
planet which astronomers call Astera, the fifth
planet. These planets, the "rolling stones of fire"
were capable of supporting life forms, and indeed,
were the seat of civilizations greater than any we can

Further resources:

Van Flandern's 'Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New
Comets (Paradoxes Resolved, Origins Illluminated)'
Piers Bizony 'Searching for the Cosmic Origins of

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Conspiracist and author Richard Hoagland has refered
to the theory that space debris we now see as comets,
like Hale-Bopp, Encke, Hyukatake, or the close earth
object Toutatis, due for a scary pass in the year
2004, is the result of a planetary catastrophe .
Hoagland insightfully mentioned that comets can be
"harbingers of doom" if they become volatile and break
up, or disturb the orbits of asteroids as they pass [
a scenario suspisciously presented in the eerily-timed
television movie "Asteroid" ]. BUT MORE SIGNIFICANTLY
unlikely as it seems, there is evidence that a planet
" just up and exploded " . Scientists who espouse this
theory have no real explantion for WHY this solar
system-wide catastrophe occured ... but an answer can
be found in scripture! ?
Ruins of an Ancient Civilizion

image courtesy of Jason's Cydonia Mars pages


To most people [ except maybe a mason or member of
Illuminati ] "Lucifer" is believed to be the actual
name of the cherub who became Satan. HOWEVER, the
mistranslation " Lucifer " is only found in one
passage of the Bible, Isaiah 14:12, and only in old
translations [Vulgate, KJV]. Compare the King James
translation of Isaiah 14 to the Interlinear: ? ?
(KJV) "How art thou fallen from heaven, ?O Lucifer,
son of the morning! ?how art thou cut down to the
ground, ?which didst weaken the nations!"
(Interlinear) "O shining star, son of morning, ?how
you have fallen from the heavens... ?For you said in
your heart, ?I will go up to the heavens; ?I will
raise my throne above the stars of God, ?and I will
sit in the mount of meeting ?in the sides of the
north... ?I will be compared to the most high."
This often misinterpreted passage has lead some to
conclude that Lucifer is a different entity than
Satan. At the very least, the King James
mistranslation compounds confusion because of the
association of Venus / Lucifer / "Morning Star". The
original Hebrew makes clear that the word " Lucifer "
is not an accurate translation. "Light Bringer"
clearly is not what was intended in this passage.
Unfortunately, the Hendricksen Interlinear Hebrew
Bible translates the phrase misleadingly as well,
using "O shining star" instead of "Lucifer". The
actual Hebrew word hay-lale does not mean "star" but
"bright or clear sounding" [as in singing Hallelujah]
although it also denotes "brightly colored or
shining", and appropriately, "boastfulness and pride".
If the intended meaning was "star", the Hebrew word
for star , kochob "a round rolling object", would have
been used.
The phrase, "son of morning" should read "son of the
dawning", as in "the earliest" or "the first" -- God
created the angels at the dawn of all of His creation.
A more accurate English translation from the Hebrew
should read, "O clear sounding, boasting son from the
beginning", describing this rebel angel who was cast
by God from the heavens. Satan is not the only
"morning star" mentioned in the Old Testament. Other
passages describe the angels as sons from the morning
or dawning of creation:
God questioned Job from the whirlwind Job 38:4-7:
Where were you ?when I laid the foundations of the
earth? ?... or who cast it's corner stone, ?when the
morning stars sang together, ?and all the sons of God
shouted for joy?
God created the angels before he spoke the worlds into
existence. God is known throughout the Bible as the
LORD OF HOSTS, Job 25:2:
Rule and fear are with Him ?He makes peace in his high
places. ?Is there any number to his armies?
Psalm 148: Praise Jehovah from the heavens: ?praise
him from the heights. Praise him, all his angels;
?Praise him all his hosts. Praise him sun and moon;
?praise him, all you stars of light. ?Praise him O
heavens of heavens; ?... Let them praise the name of
Jehovah; ?for He commanded, and they were created.
?And he established them forever and ever; ?He gave a
decree that they not pass away
Satan, the greatest of God's angels, "sealed the
measure" of perfection and beauty of all creation. His
nature reflected the glory of God, and the word of God
which spoke all creation into existence. Ezekial 28:
You were the anointed cherub ?that covers, and I had
put you ?in the holy height of God... ?YOU WALKED UP
were perfect in your ways from the day ?you were
created, until iniquity was found in you.
Ezekial's prophecy is addressed to the "king of the
rock", an "anointed Cherub", who is described as
traveling "in the midst of the stones of fire" which
literally translated is "in the midst or among the
eh-ben, 'built stones or rocks',of fire".
BUILT STONES? What are they that the greatest angel
created. could travel up and down in their vastness?
The answer is in the night sky. There can be seen "God
built " stones reflecting the light of the sun.. . the
Before the creation of Adam, the civilizations of
angels existed on the terrestrial planets. Throughout
scripture there is a consistent reference to the first
dwelling places of some of the ancient sons of God.
These angels created habitations on the Earth, Mars,
"Astera" the Fifth Planet, the Moon ...
Ezekial 28:
3 Behold you are wiser than Daniel; ?every one of the
secret things ?is not hidden to you... ?
15 You were perfect in your ways ?from the day you
were created, ?until iniquity was found in you. ?
16 By the multitude of your trade ?they filled your
midst with violence, and you sinned. ?So I cast you
profaned from the height of God, ?AND I DESTROYED YOU,

?18 By the host of your iniquities, ?by the iniquity
of your trade, ?you have profaned your holy places;
?thus I brought a fire from your midst;
When Satan rebelled, God cast him as profane from the
height of heaven. Because of his rebellion, Satan was
destroyed from the midst of the " stones of fire ",
the planets, where he had reigned over literal
material kingdoms. Evidence of the civilization on
Mars can still be seen, while another civilization of
B'nai ha Elohim was destroyed thoroughly, becoming the
asteroid belt.

When Satan and his angels rebelled, God destroyed
their literal dwelling places. According to scripture
this destruction was swift and decisive. The fifth
terrestrial planet which God calls "Rahab" (boaster,
pride), was obliterated. Job 26:11-13:
The pillars of heaven are stunned at His rebuke. ?He
quiets The sea with his power, ?- and by his
understanding ?He shatters (maw-khats, dashes
asunder), Rahab, ?-by His spirit the heavens were
beautiful; ?His hand forbids the fugitive snake
Clearly, God wrought destruction on the heads of the
rebellious "sons", with power that cannot be imagined.
Satan is described as a snake trying to escape the
judgment of God .It is symbolized by the constellation
Draconis, which winds itself between the big and
little dipper, which represented to the ancients, the
flock of the good sheperd and the stronghold of the
God brought a fire out of Satan's midst, in the center
of his greatest planetary kingdom. The planet Rahab
exploded sending pieces of itself into the orbits of
the interior terrestrial worlds. Asteroid impacts on
the surface of mars rocked the planet, oceans washed
over its dry land. The martian atmosphere was blasted
into space.
On earth virtually the same catastrophes took place --
EVEN ADAMS. Jeremiah 4:23-2:
I looked on the earth, and ?beheld it formless (laid
waste) and void; ?and to the heavens, and they had no
light. ?I looked on the mountains, ?and, behold, they
quaked. ?And all the hills were shaken. ?I beheld and
lo, there was no man (Adams); ?and all the cover of
the skies had fled. ?I looked, and, behold, the
fruitful place ?was a wilderness; and all its cities
?were broken down before the face of Jehovah, ?before
his glowing anger. For so Jehovah has said. ?The whole
land shall be a desolation; ?yet I will not make a
full end.
Jermiah looked into the ages before Adam and described
the destruction of the earth.
There were no men, (descendents of Adam), yet there
were cities which were destroyed by God's wrath - who
dwelt in these cities?
Never in history, since the creation of Adam, has man
been completely destroyed from the earth, we ourselves
are descended from Adam. The inhabitants of these
"cities" were in fact the angelic host, the B'nai
Elohim, before the rebellion.
The exact words of Genesis 1:2 "and the earth was
(became) formless and void", are recorded in chapter 4
verse 26 of Jeremiah. The majority of Christian
scholars believe Gen. 1:2 means that the earth was
created in an imperfect state. Genesis 1:1 lays the
reality of creation out clearly: In the beginning God
created the heavens and the earth. The next sentence,
"and the earth was formless and void", is in error in
most English translations. It should read, "and the
earth became formless and void." The Hebrew word
translated "was formless" in English versions of the
Bible is "toh-ho" a verb which means, "to lay waste".



God does not create confusion, He creates order out of
nothing. Satan on the other hand, corrupted what God
had already created in perfection.
The rebellion of Satan plunged all creation into a
state of corruption, where before it was perfect and
glorified. ?Satan's rebellion was part of the plan.
Romans 8:20:
For the creation was not willingly subjected to
vanity, ?but through Him subjecting it, on hope; that
also ?the creation will be freed from the slavery of
corruption ?to the freedom and the glory of the
children of God. ?For we know that all the creation
groans together and ?travails together until now.
God uses the rebel angels to demonstrate His
righteousness and mercy, and His omniscience
throughout history. This will one day be revealed to
all creation when the plan culminates here on Earth.
The descendants of Adam are central to that plan. All
of the angels, especially the soon-to-be judged rebel
angels, are focused on the goings on of mortal humans
on the earth. 1 Peter 1:110-12
Of which salvation the prophets have enquired and
searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that
should come unto you ... unto us they did minister the
things, which are now reported unto you by them that
have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost
sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire
to look into.

?The truth of scripture is, "By His wisdom the heavens
were beautiful", then rebellion came and with it,
corruption and death. Psalm 89:10 :
You have broken Rahab ?in pieces, as one slain: ?you
have scattered your enemies ?with your mighty arm.
After Satan's kingdoms were devastated, many of the
rebellious angels were bound and held until the time
of judgment, the Day of the Lord -- the end of the age
when God gathers rebel angels on earth to receive His
wrath. Other factions of the rebel angels continued
existing with the abilty to travel in the atmosphere
outward from earth, space, and amongst the planets -
"the stones of fire". The Book of Enoch, quoted by
Jude the brother of Jesus, and considered an important
work by the early Christian Church, describes a
terrifying vision, Enoch 18:13 :
And over an abyss I saw a place ?that had no heaven
above it ?and no firmament of earth below it ?... it
was a void place, ?and there I saw a terrible thing:
?seven stars, like great burning mountains ?and like
spirits, that petitioned me. ?The angel with me said:
?"this is the place of the consummation ?of heaven and
earth; ?it is a prison for the stars of heaven ?and
for the host of heaven. ?And the stars that roll over
the fire are they ?who have transgressed the command
of God... ?And He was enraged at them, and bound them
?till the time and the consummation of their sins ?in
the year of the mystery."
The Fallen Angels Prepare for the "Year of Mystery" &
Judgment Day

Crop circles are either created by skilled humans, or
by the ufo craft that are often said to be seen near
crop circles. If humans have created these, they are
very Illuminated humans, illustrating obscure
mathematical relationships and esoteric concepts. The
two crop circles on this page show the planets and the
asteroid belt -- perhaps designed as human tribute to
the planetary dieties revered in Kabalah and Alchemy.
If supernatural in origin, the rebel angels seem to
be indicating the location of their lost kingdom in
the heavens -- their lost Golden Age -- when angels
ruled the solar system and there were not yet Adams
to usurp their dominion. It is interesting that a
major component in occultism is a longing for the Lost
Atlantis (Mu, Shamballah or even Eden Regained) - a
utopia of peace and high technology.

thus I brought a fire from your midst (Ezekiel 28)

When Satan rebelled, God cast him as profane from the
height of heaven. Because of his rebellion, Satan was
destroyed from the midst of the STONES OF FIRE, the
planets, where he had reigned over literal physical
kingdoms. Evidence of the civilization on Mars can
still be seen, while another civilization of B'nai ha
Elohim was destroyed thoroughly, becoming the asteroid
belt. It is not surprising that a two-faced Sphinx has
been found amongst the ruins of Mars. Lucifer is the
most powerful Cherubim, and the Biblical description
of a cherub can be illustrated by a Sphinx. David
Flynn's research into Bible references of Satan &
Cherubim on Literal Planets - THE STONES OF FIRE.
?? ?

Prophetic Significance of Mars: Judgment Past and

The monuments of Cydonia remain as evidence that a
thriving technologically advanced civlization once
existed. Further, the typology of the structures
demonstrates that the occupants once gave glory to God
in a manner which He Himself specified. The evidence
left on Mars tells of a great destruction befalling
the Cydonia monument builders... such a destruction of
beings, who had at one time followed God the Creator,
could only be seen as a judgment from God.
Our studies of scripture have lead us to the
controversial view that civilizations of pre-rebellion
angels lived on the planets of our solar system before
the creation of Adam. Further, these civilizations
used the riches of their culture to give glory to God
the Creator, as evidenced in the ruins of monumental
structures of Cydonia. Scripture tells us that the
leader of the angelic civilizations was the most
favored of the cherubim, who later led the rebellion
against God, for which the angelic civilizations were
punished. These rebel angels were judged by a
planetary cataclysm -- God destroyed planet Rahab, the
heart of the angelic civilization. This Rahab was the
fifth planet out, where the asteroid belt is now
located. Mars shows evidence of a great catastrophe on
the scale of a planetary neighbor exploding. ?
The planet of the "Covering Cherub" is still evident
within the debris, asteroids and comets, which are
strewn throughout our solar system. Significantly,
these chunks of the rebel angel 's planet, cosmic
stones, have been used to mete out God's judgment
throughout history.
?The rebel angels were judged with a blast of giant
stones from Rahab , destroying the civilization at
Cydonia that once gave glory to God. According to
Mosaic law stoning was the prescribed means of
execution for those guilty of idolatry, apostasy,
blasphemy, divination, adultery, juvenile rebellion
and infanticide. These sins are synonymous with the
rebellion of the cities of Rahab.
God's judgment on the rebels continued, as the
incomprehensibly violent and genetically unlikely
dinosaurs, the very image of the dragon, "that old
serpent" , were destroyed with another chunk of the
rebel cherub's planet.
Scripture tells us God will use asteroids and/or
comets -- chunks of the rebellious angels' planet --
in future judgment. An impact originating in outer
space will likely be the climax of the Gog / Magog
Ezekiel 38

I am against you, O Gog... After many days you will be
called to arms. In future years you will invade a land
that has recovered from war, whose people were
gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel,
which had long been desolate. [Israel did not even
exist as a nation, was "desolate", from 70AD till

When Gog attacks the land of Israel, my hot anger will
be aroused ... In my zeal and fiery wrath I declare
that at that time there shall be a great shaking in
the land of Israel ... I will summon a sword against
Gog on all my mountains ... 22 I will execute judgment
upon him with plague and bloodshed; I will pour down
torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur on him
and on his troops and on the many nations with him.
[the original language does not use the word for
weather-related "hailstones", but refers to great
stones, created stones, stones of ice, and a great
overflowing of water -- this sounds like a comet /
asteroid event ]
Several years after the Gog / Magog Battle, or at
least several years after the coming of antichrist and
the reinstatement of the temple system of sacrifice in
Israel, the inhabitants of the Earth will yet again be
judged by stones from the rebel cherub's planet.
During the time of God's wrath, the inhabitants of the
earth will include the rebel angels, having been
imprisoned and thrown out of the heavens, the
antichrist and the humans aligned with him.

Revelation 8:8

The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something
like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the

Revelation 8:10 ?The third angel sounded his trumpet,
and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the
The message of Cydonia reminds us of the past and
future fulfillment of God's Judgment -- of the
rebellious inhabitants of Mars and the exploded planet
Rahab millennia ago, and the future judgment that will
befall the rebellious inhabitants of the Earth.

October 28, 2007 at 5:55 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...


Hi All,

Here is the comment I sent in regarding the Eves
Dropping Laws.

When are citizens going to wake up. This is no longer
I agree with the comment above regarding NSA SPYING.
I WAS A VICTIM MYSELF. We are soon going to be turned

The NSA is spying, ILLEGALLY, on every single domestic
phone call you make & every single email you send.

They are nothing more than a criminal gang of
mobsters, who hide behind false claims of 'National

They are traitors to the People,
They are traitors to the Constitution,
They are nothing more than sleazy little gangsters
using US government police powers to veil a long
string of criminal activity.

The US government is currently a mostly criminal

Press Esc

Bill bans illegal govt eavesdropping

Submitted by New York IFP on Fri, 2007-05-11 16:02.

The US house of representatives today passed a bill
outlawing illegal domestic wiretapping by the

An amendment to the House Intelligence Reauthorization
Bill by Representatives Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Jeff
Flake (R-AZ) states that the Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) shall be the exclusive
means by which domestic electronic surveillance for
the purpose of gathering foreign intelligence
information may be conducted, and makes clear that
this applies until specific statutory authorization
for electronic surveillance, other than as an
amendment to FISA, is enacted.

"Congress has signaled that it will not allow the
president to continue the National Security Agency's
illegal eavesdropping," said Caroline Fredrickson,
Director of the ACLU's Washington Legislative Office.
"Passage of the Schiff/Flake amendment is Congress
drawing a line in the sand. This amendment reaffirms
that FISA is the law and it needs to be followed."

Congress originally passed FISA to provide the
exclusive authority for the wiretapping of people in
the United States in foreign intelligence
investigations to protect national security.

As the Senate Report noted, FISA "was designed . . .
to curb the practice by which the Executive Branch may
conduct warrantless electronic surveillance on its own
unilateral determination that national security
justifies it."

The Bill ends plans by the Bush Administration that
would give the NSA the freedom to pry into the lives
of ordinary Americans.

The ACLU noted that, despite many recent hearings
about "modernization" and "technology neutrality," the
administration has not publicly provided Congress with
a single example of how current FISA standards have
either prevented the intelligence community from using
new technologies, or proven unworkable for the agents
tasked with following them.

"We applaud Congressmen Schiff and Flake for their
work to uphold the rule of law," said Michelle
Richardson, ACLU Legislative Consultant. "Today is the
first move towards Congress growing a backbone. We
hope that the Senate will follow their lead and not be
swayed by the administration and Department of
Justice's unconstitutional attempts to eviscerate

Comments follow Google Ads

-1. Congress Web
-1. Send your message to Congress! Add online advocacy
to your website
-1. Careers in Government
-1. Online & classroom degree programs designed for
government employees.
-1. Federal Government
-1. Solutions for Secure, Collaborative and Responsive
Govt. Read More!

Bill banning NSA eavedropping
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri,
2007-05-11 19:10.

Awesome news, hopefully the Senate will pass it.
-1. reply -1 points
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri,
2007-05-11 20:22.

Impeach! Impeach!
I'm proud to be an aclu member. My membership dues are
going to a worthy cause.
-1. reply 1 point
How can you outlaw something
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri,
2007-05-11 20:28.

How can you outlaw something that is already illegal?
This makes no sense...
-1. reply 0 points
way to go Congress- this
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri,
2007-05-11 20:42.

way to go Congress- this clown bush has been getting
away with things Nixon only dreamt of... Today was a
good day for the Constitution.
-1. reply 2 points
what the hell is bush doing?
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri,
2007-05-11 20:47.

I've been a Republican all my life but am glad that
this is Bush's final term because I doubt that I could
vote for him again. I don't think he's smart enough to
realize the implications of giving the NSA so much
power. You create a supressive monster when you do
that. Damn, Bush, you're not that ignorant are you?
His anti-terrorism efforts are going way too far.
Thank you, Congress, for stopping this rediculous
attack on our privacy.
"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security,
deserve neither." ~Benjamin Franklin
-1. reply 1 point
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri,
2007-05-11 21:17.

If it was illegal to begin with why do we need a law
banning it?
-1. reply 1 point
Why you need a law banning illegal things
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri,
2007-05-11 22:44.

Laws are not self-executing, which means that laws do
not just rise up of their own accord and wander the
countryside looking for evil-doers to slay. Laws are
dead letters until they are animated by the necromancy
of judicial interpretation, which means that until a
judge says what a law means and how the courts are
going to interpret and enforce it, it means nothing.
By the same token, once a judge states how the courts
will interpret and enforce a law, that's the
functional definition of the law. That's what the law
really is.
So, for example, when the First Amendment to the
United States Constitution says that, "Congress shall
make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech," does
that mean that Congress shall make no law abridging
the freedom of speech? No. The courts have
"interpreted" the First Amendment in ways that allow
Congress and agents of Congress (e.g., the FCC) to
abridge all sorts of speech. The law means what the
courts say it means, nothing less and nothing more.
Here, the courts over time have interpreted FISA and
other laws in ways that allow all sorts of things of
which Congress does not approve. By passing this law,
Congress resets the boundaries and says to the courts,
"no, sorry, all of those 'interpretations' that you've
made that say that we didn't mean what we said are
wrong; we hereby inform you that we actually meant
what we said." In theory, courts will now use this (if
it passes) as an aid to interpreting the various laws
on this topic.
Obviously, the courts get to do whatever they want for
reasons that they are not obligated to explain (though
they often do, frequently truthfully). However, this
statement by the Congress should cause future
interpretations of laws to conform more faithfully to
the actual text of the laws.
-1. reply -2 points
A Useful Collection of Docs RE Warrantless Domestic
Submitted by David Manchester (not verified) on Fri,
2007-05-11 21:31.

Here is a collection of related documents converted to
html from pdf. It could be useful.
-1. reply 0 points
so the idea is to create a
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri,
2007-05-11 22:48.

so the idea is to create a law that outlaws something
that was already illegal
clap clap?write all the bills you want, congress,?but
without enforcement what good are any of them
-1. reply -6 points
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri,
2007-05-11 23:22.

Banning an already illegal act will have no effect.
It's all feel good legislation. Just another law that
won't be enforced.
A rebuke followed by active prosecution for violating
the existing law would be more effective.
"double secret probation"
-1. reply 1 point
gotta rip out the NSA spyware first!!
Submitted by a Constitution reader (not verified) on
Sat, 2007-05-12 13:10.

This law is only a reaffirmation of existing law and
means nothing unless *enforced*. The spying will
continue unabated until the NSA LGX/Splitter wiring
and NARUS STA racks are ripped out from every
installation around the country. Now, who exactly is
going to do that? Not Congress. Not Gonzales- he
doesn't enforce the laws of the nation, he's in office
to make sure that what Bush and Cheney want, Bush and
Cheney get. Any ideas?
-1. reply 1 point
The NSA is spying,
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed,
2007-05-16 12:46.

The NSA is spying, ILLEGALLY, on every single domestic
phone call you make & every single email you send.
They are nothing more than a criminal gang of
mobsters, who hide behind false claims of 'National
They are traitors to the People,?They are traitors to
the Constitution,?They are nothing more than sleazy
little gangsters using US government police powers to
veil a long string of criminal activity.
The US government is currently a mostly criminal
-1. reply -2 points
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri,
2007-08-24 06:01.

I stumbled upon your site today and was quite
impressed. I really liked the design. Did you make it
I wanted to let you know about -- a
massive non-profit library similar to Bartleby --
except its far better organized and user friendly.
We've been using it extensively in school nowadays --
it's great for doing research since you can search
within the books.
-1. reply 0 points
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November 7, 2007 at 5:39 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

I am now posting emails from my LBI friend Kitty.

November 7, 2007 at 5:41 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Please, Happy Holidays....Thanks

Myron Holter wrote:
Hi Sonny ...

Would you like for me to post this email to our blog?

Let me know as I need your permission my friend.

Myron Holter
785-272-4986 (home)
785-220-2040 (cell)
Personal & Business website(s)

----- Original Message -----
From: Sonny Scroggins
To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Kimberly K. Middleton ; Velma Middleton ; ; ; ; ; MELISSA MIKKELSEN ; James Miller ; Arthur J. Miller ; Kenneth Miller ; ; ; Swanson Minnie ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; National Advocacy Module ; Jinaki Modupe ; ; Tonya Andrews Moeder ; ; ; ; ; ; Gregory E. Monaco ; Greg Monaco ; ; ; ; monshere ; ; Rev. Elbert Moore ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Beverly Mosley ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 8:14 AM
Subject: Legal Suicide by Cop: A Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer ie Khiel Coppin

November 19, 2007


To: John Milburn, AP & All Media Outlets

From: Sonny Scroggins, Biasbusters of Kansas

Subject: "Suicide by Cop: A Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer
and HIPHOP USTOUR against Pol Terrorism.

Topeka, KS.... Thursday November 22, 2007 @ 6:00 p.m. Bias busters of Kansas will hold a candlelight vigil and prayer service in front of the Brown v. Topeka Board of Education site (Monroe School) to honor civilians fatally wounded by those paid to "protect and serve." Police brutality in nearly every city and state in America seems to be a major problem and steadily growing. The vigil is a public announcement to shed light on police brutality and cruel and unusual punishment to the nation’s citizens by the police. The prayer part of the program is to pray for peace between US citizens and our police officers. For instance, law enforcement officers have killed at least 201 people in New York and New Jersey since 9/11/2001!
November 13, 2007, 8:55 am
Questions Over Police Shooting of Man, 18
By Sewell Chan
A police shooting of an unarmed young man drew an angry crowd in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, on Monday night and focused attention anew on the use of force by the police. Khiel Coppin, 18, died in a hail of 20 bullets fired by five police officers who had responded to his mother’s 911 call for help in a domestic dispute. The police said officers believed Mr. Coppin had a gun, but it turned out that he had been holding a hairbrush.

The case may also reveal lapses in the city’s mental health care system. Earlier in the day, Mr. Coppin’s mother had called a hospital psychiatric unit asking for urgent help in dealing with her son, a law enforcement official said. Psychiatric workers came, but Mr. Coppin was gone. After waiting two hours, the workers left, and later, Mr. Coppin returned.

HIPHOP USTOUR against Pol Terrorism.

Idriss Stelley Foundation (ISF)
Law Enforcement Accountability Direct Services
4921 3rd Street, SF CA 93124
(415) 822-4732 office
(415) 595-8251 24HR Bilingual Crisis line
PLease forward to all your contacts and relevant list serves,
and post on your blogs/progressive websites !


From: (Shafeeq Mujahid)


Nationally, a number of Activists, the Hip Hop Community and the People in general are joining forces for what started as 5 days of resistance and By Demand has grown into an ongoing Campaign.

The Cease Fire: Stop Police Terrorism Campaign

has been launched in response to the continuous terror tactics perpetrated by law enforcement officials on a national level.

These terror tactics which include but are not limited to

use of excessive force,
false imprisonment,
and outright murder should no longer be tolerated.

The community at large is taking a direct action stance.

Plans for Cease Fire: Stop Police Terrorism includes

press conferences,
panel discussions,
poetry and concerts.

The goal of the Cease Fire Campaign is to

educate and inspire people to rally around the countless victims of police murders, misconducts and false arrests in their areas.

How You Can Help?

* Organize Cease Fire Campaigns in your area
* Contact Organizations Churches, Masjids, Temples etc. get them involved
* Email Blasts
* Post info on List Serves/Bulletins , Websites and Blogs
* Telephone Family & Friends
* Inform Media Representatives (Newspaper, Radio, Television etc.)
* Create and disseminate educational fliers and Information packets
* Have film showings

What Do We Need?

Site Coordinators
Graphic Artists
Updates on Victims of Police Terrorism

The beginning of the Cease Fire Campaign will kick off November 21st ,2007, The one-year anniversary of the murder of Kathryn Johnston the 92-year old AfriKan American woman who was gunned down by Atlanta PD.

To assist or for more info:

Partial List of Supporters Include:

* Abyss
* All Hip Hop.Com
* BET.Com
* Black August Organizing Committee
* Black August Planning Organization
* BLK AGENDA National Network In Action
* Bruce George, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam
* Coalition to Save Troy Anthony Davis
* Crew Love
* Crooked I
* Cynthia McKinney
* DC Radio Coop/Peoples Media Center
* Dhoruba Bin Wahad
* EDI (Outlawz)
* Education Not Incarceration SF Chapter
* EFAPO (Empowered Families Against Police Oppression)
* E_PAST (End Police Abuse of SRO Tenants)
* Ernie Paniccioli, author, activist, lecturer
* E_SUCKS (end steroids use by cops)
* Franklin Jones author of the Black Matrix
* Free-The_Jena6 SF Bayview Chapter
* Friends of MOVE Baltimore/Washington DC
* Frontline Magazine
* fuerza mundial collaborative/black-brown unity: 'we are the ones'
* FTP Movement
* Guerilla Republik
* Happily Natural Day
* Hip Hop Against Police Brutality
* Hip Hop 4 Health
* Hip Hop University Cultural Initiative
* Idriss Stelley Foundation (ISF)
* Immortal Technique
* Intl. Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu- Jamal
* International Committee to Support Imam Jamil (Formerly H. Rap Brown)
* Jalil (Whodini)
* Jasiri X
* Love 4 Self Network
* Million Woman March/International Million Woman Movement
* MOBB (Mothers of Black & Brown Babies)
* Nappy Tongue Vanguard
* NO_2_Gang Injunctions National Coalition
* NO 2 Police Abuse Against LGBT, SF
* Panama Vincente Alba
* Pan African Roots
* Paradise Gray (X Clan)
* PTSD_PoliceAbuseSurvivors Coalition
* Racial Justice Brigade
* Raquel Wilson (Dope Swan)
* Reggie Schell
* Safiya Bukhari- Albert Nuh Washington Foundation
* Savannah InPdum (International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement)
* SF Bayview Campaign to End the Death Penalty (CEDP)
* Stic (dead prez)
* The Friday Night Drum (WRFG)
* Thick Magazine
* Troy Nkrumah Chair, National Hip Hop Political Convention
* SF_Village_Voice Community Radio
* Swurve Radio
* TAPA (Transgenders Against Police Abuse, SF)
* Word on Da Streets Magazine

November 21, 2007 at 7:33 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Hi Sonny & all ...

I will post this email to our blog as you requested.

Feel free to read our mission statement as posted on our page one of our web site.

Ask me about RELIV too

God Bless & keep up the good work Sonny

Myron Holter
785-272-4986 (home)
785-220-2040 (cell)
Personal & Business website(s)

----- Original Message -----
From: Sonny Scroggins
To: ; KARL PETERJOHN ; Kenneth Softley ; Kent Beisner ; KEVIN TSCHETTER ; ; Kyle Robertson ; Larry & Ann Mah ; Lee Horton ; LeRae Ramirez ; Magic Meals ; Marc Schultz ; Mark Saler ; Mary Allen ; ; Merlin Strahm ; Metzenthin, Adriene ; michael mcpike ; mike hurla ; Mike Stous ; Monique Glaude ; Mueller, Molly (Roberts) ; Myron Holter ; Nancy Cates ; ; ; pat gragg ; pat trantham ; Patrick Wilbur ; Philicia McKee ; Phill Kline ; Phillis Setchell ; ; Randy White ; Rasley, George ; rdr ; ; ; Ron & Judy Robinette ; Ronald Redmond ; Roy Bolton ; rvanetten ; Sally Zellers ; Sandy ; Sarah McIntosh ; Scott Seel ; seveneightfive ; Sharon Boranyak ; Shawna Sayler ; Sheryl Foy ; shirley schutter ; ; Sonny Scroggins ; suekip ; tareyton glenn ; Team Tancredo ; The People's School ; Thomas A. Lessman ; Tim & Kim Borchers ; TIM ROBITAILLE ; TnT Solutions ; Tom Grindol ; Travis Whitt ; Troy Biladeau ; Tyler Johnson ; w.degener ; Wayne Tomasewski ; We the People ; Weide, John ; William H Snyder
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 6:36 PM
Subject: 2008 Kansas Legislature to Consider Condemnation of Gangsta RAP: First In Nation!?!

November 17, 2007

Please forward to all your contacts and relevant list serves,
and post on your blogs/progressive websites!

To: All Media Outlets

From: Bias Busters of Kansas

Subject: 2008 Kansas Legislature to Consider Condemnation of Gangsta Rap

Topeka, Ks.... December 3, 2007 at 12 Noon. Human Rights Activist Sonny Scroggins returns to the State Capitol as Civil War Soldier James Whitfield Ross of the First Kansas Colored. Ross’ appearance will coincide with the return of Don Imus to the airwaves on WABC radio in New York on this date. As a reminder, Imus was fired from his talk show because of negative remarks he made about the Rutgers women’s’ basketball team. This is a continuation of the protest for "misogynist lyrics" contained in gangsta rap which began this past winter in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and support of the proposed 2008 resolution authored in part by the Honorable Peggy Mast, Republican in the Kansas House of Representative. The resolution will be introduced in the 2008 Kansas legislative session.

Jessica James, a participant in the Wanamaker protest against hateful lyrics talked about in gangsta rap, has written a book titled, "Snatched from the Fire", service learning. Two chapters of the books are devoted to the evils perpetrated upon society from "gangsta rap".

The public is invited to attend and participate in this protest.

For more information, please call Sonny Scroggins @ 785-232-3761 or 785-845-6148.

December 1, 2007 at 10:36 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

The above url is the reason why I ran for mayor two years ago.

One of them ....

December 6, 2007 at 6:23 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

1/13/2008 6:47:34 PM


I just got word from Mike, Bob’s son that my “friend” mayor Bob has just passed away.

I will try to reflect on how I knew Bob.

Bob & I got to know each other when we were both running for mayor. But I’ll attempt to write about my experiences with uptown mayor Bob.

The last time I met Bob it was at the annual Christmas party at Miller’s Glen, hosted by our local radio talk show host Jim Cates. Bob showed up looking very gruff and he smelled of BO. But what can you expect being purposefully homeless and living out of your car. I took a picture of Bob and the photo has been posted on our web. This was in Dec. 2007.

I’ll try to recollect my memories of Bob from working from the present and work backwards.

Earlier in 2007 Bob called me and wanted to take me out to lunch. He even bought the meal at the millennium library café. Of course he wanted to show me his plans for the Topeka Ave. Bridge and all the politics involved. He would like to share with me his large draftsman’s sketch of how he would like the bridge designed. I politely listened. The conversation was always one way .. HIS. Basically, the many years I’ve known Bob, the conversation was always about the Topeka Ave. Bridge and how they wouldn’t listen to him.

So I’ll now fast forward to the run for mayor of Topeka KS.

Before I do that, I’ll write that deep down, Bob was a good guy. For some reason Bob would call me at home mostly wanting me to take him somewhere or “borrow” some money. I’ve taken him to the post office, bridge demolitions, VA hospital, filling empty gas tanks, rescuing his car from the police impound, taken to “friends” home when evicted, mayor political forums, trip to see his son unexpectedly. I’ve declined many an offer to help Bob, and I used to feel guilty in rejecting his orders. His son Mike finally educated me about Bob’s ways and I became enlightened and relieved to learn his behavior. But Bob had a good heart. He used to visit with me about his family and I’d ask him questions about his relationships with his family. He’d PROUDLY show me pictures of his father, and his work as a Topeka fireman. He’d like to share with me pictures of his family and would shed a tear because he felt isolated from them. Of course this emotion would last only for a fleeting moment. Our conversations would also turn to religion. I asked him if he went to church. He would answer in his own gruff way, that they’re all a bunch of hypocrites. I would witness to Bob and explain to him that Jesus could care less and I would give Bob my testimony about the love of Jesus So I really DO KNOW that Bob knew Jesus as his personal savior and if anyone might be reading this, let me assure you, Bob will meet us in heaven some day near the big mayor’s office in the sky J

I first got involved with Bob Sherburne back in the fall of 2003. In the fall of 2003 the then current mayor of Topeka, Butch Felker, was doing some questionable political practices. The district attorney, Robert Hecht, was investigating the mayor’s “illegal” fund raising activities accusing Butch of dipping into the Czars of Topeka monies for his own political relection.

Rather than being ousted, the mayor merely walked out of city hall, and quit.

The city council in a quandary decided to “appoint” a new mayor for the remainder of the office, approximately 1 ½ years.. Around Nov 2003, the city council decided to interview any mayor candidates. Here comes Myron Holter & Bob Sherburne. FYI, Jim McClinton became the next appointed mayor for the remaining Butch Felker’s term. Also, Butch passed away earlier this month, he was the same age as the writer of this blog.

So, then the phone calls started coming on a regular basis. One time Bob called our home at an early hour (7:30 PM), early for my wife, and she stumbled and hurt herself going to the phone. The next time Bob called I chastised him and jokingly informed him that he gave Sally a bruise. J
Bob did not understand my humor. Bob’s phone calls were mostly always the same. The political system was corrupt mostly. He would give me examples, and I would listen. Too bad I didn’t tape record the phone conversations. If these accusations were true, a lot of important people might be in jail now. But I would never know if Bob was telling me the truth or I he was just spouting off. But I never doubted his ZEAL for what he believed. Bob would have been a one-issue mayor, and that would be the Topeka Ave. Bridge.

Once, I remember the bridge was set for demolition. I wanted to watch this historic event. So I had Bob’s phone # and left a message for him to call me. This was probably the only time I ever remember me wanting to meet up with Bob. So I picked him up at his former apartment area, next to city hall, and we drove to north Topeka to watch the blasting. On the way back to where he wanted me to drop him off, he showed me about north Topeka and his childhood neighborhood. He showed me the fire station where his father used to work. He showed me the house he grew up in and the school he used to attend. Bob would have made a GREAT tour guide, if only he’d have cleaned himself up a little. I took a few pictures and the pictures I’m sure are somewhere on our many PC’s. I don’t recall if they’re on the web or not. I remember the August day was very HOT, and I was wishing I’d have just stayed home and watch it on TV news that evening. Of course I was $5.00 out of change so Bob could buy some cigarettes. OH WELL, I’m a friend you know J
Perhaps, the most memories I have of Bob were during our mayor’s race. Bob would call me almost daily pontificating about this and that, all negative. I remember once asking him if there were anybody doing a good job and he could not reply in the positive. So I took most all of his opinions about our city government with a grain of salt. I picked him up I’m thinking two times to attend mayor’s political forums. I would like to say THANKS uptown mayor Bob for running. Because of Bob running, I did NOT come in LAST J He received 367 votes to my 373 votes. But I always like to state that in 2003 I only lost the mayor’s race by 4 votes J there were 7 of us running for Topeka mayor in 2005, and Bill Bunten is our current mayor, and he’s doing a fine job.

1/14/2008 8:59:36 AM is the new streaming audio website and I’m tuned into this channel right now.

Now getting back to my fellow mayor acquaintance Bob Sherburne. Mike, his son, called me to inform me of the news. I called Mike back and offered to be is pallbearer.

Now I’d like to explain a little bit about the word “RELATIONSHIP” as Bob’s relationship with his family is very similar to my family relationship. In fact, when I get done eulogizing Bob, I’m planning to post his to our PUBLIC blog site.

You see, Bob chose to be isolated from his family. He was such a cantankerous, gruff, opinionated, stubborn, crass, that he became disowned by his son Mike. I can’t speak for speak for the Sherburne family, but I do know a little bit about what happened. Bob & I used to share each other’s families. He knew about my relationship with my oldest son and his lovely wife. As many of you might know, or would like to know, I’m not welcome to see my only grand child, Madeline. I was forced to sign a contract before I could ever see my only grand child. I have NOT seen Madeline since her birthday, almost two years ago. This relationship is tearing me up. So I can relate somewhat with the relationship Bob had with family. The differences are Bob brought on his relationship with his family himself and he knew it. I can only speak by what his son Mike has shown me.

Conversely, in comparing my relationship with John & Kim are like comparing apples and oranges. There should be no comparison whatsoever.

January 15, 2008 at 10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Myron, thanks for your nice words and that you were a friend of my father, Bob Sherburne. It is nice to know that he had someone that would help him and is willing to write a memorial. He made some hard choices in life and alot of them not for the best for himself or his family. While he did not make what most were wise choices, he always stuck to his choice no matter what. If you have that picture that showed him asleep at a council meeting when he was running for Mayor I would appreciate it. I am sure that was aleast good for a few of your votes.

Tom Sherburne

January 15, 2008 at 11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry about my blog profile it is for a website my company is using to promote a new product we are making. As you see, I did get some of Bob's humor.

January 15, 2008 at 11:59 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Thanks Tom ...

yes, Bob & I were fellow mayoral candidates. What's the URL for your business? I'll make a link for you if you'd like.

The sleeping mayor might be on archived web site.

I probably had taken the last photo of your dad .

go to our account and find it.



PS: Ask me about RELIV

January 17, 2008 at 4:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Myron, my url is and

i logged on to my space and found the last pictures of my dad on your page. I appreciate them so much. They show him as he was. Thanks for coming out in a blizzard to honor him.

January 18, 2008 at 10:00 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

You're welcome my friend ...

Bob was indeed a character. Let's keep blogging and I'll make a link for you in our site too.

Be sure to ask me about RELIV too.

Myron @

January 20, 2008 at 5:54 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

1/20/2008 7:30:52 AM


I miss the rotary phone and the party line. Depending upon the mood of the customer’s who call, I sometimes mention that to them also. Working at the call center one needs to be a professional with their cell phone account. If and when I deem it appropriate, I’ll give the customer our website. But I must be careful when doing that as the conversations are being monitored. It could be considered soliciting. So one must be careful when one is on the phone. BE PROFESSIONAL!

All we want to do is share our faith in Jesus on the web.

I really believe that God answers prayers. I prayed for a part time job at Alorica. God sent me to part time. Now my next prayer is to share our faith with one and all on the web. God works in mysterious ways, HIS wonders to perform.. DEAR GOD … Help us make our website a success. What better way to advertise your love than to advertise you on the web. Our RELIV business is just another way to promote you Lord.

January 20, 2008 at 5:56 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...


That’s right. I choose NOT to celebrate my birthday today. But in case any body cares to read this, my birthday is hard to remember.. 012345

My mother said I was a in a hurry to be born, and not in a hurry since. My mother is a goddess and a very wise person.

Mom sent me a birthday card yesterday, and that’s all I care about. Brother Dale sent me the annual revolving birthday card too, since 1982. So there are people in my life who love me. John & Kim could care less about me. If John tries to communicate with me to wish me a happy birthday, I’ll NOT reply.

Back to work 1/23/2008 7:41:13 AM

January 23, 2008 at 6:38 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

1/19/2008 7:38:00 AM


Dear Topeka city leaders.

Can we put the helicopter to a rest? I share Mr. Alcola’s statement the other day. Can we just move on? Jim Cates on the talk show radio KMAJ/AM asked Mr. Blackburn (my councilman) last Friday and Brett avoided the very same question. Brett, you got your wish, let’s move on, OK?

My question to Brett and our current mayor is “Is there something personal going on between you two?” And why is this feud at our taxpayer’s expense? What gives?

Feel free to visit us on the web.

Myron Holter
Topeka KS 66614

January 25, 2008 at 6:13 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

2/8/2008 12:24:39 PM


I’m speaking of our political party. Our political system is in an uproar! Here’s my prayer! Dear God, please let’s get our country back to our religious roots. What’s coming in our culture is spreading to our politicians. We NEED to listen to Rush Limbaugh and heed his advice!

So here’s my prayer for our country. Dear God, the republican party is no more. The Republican party has left me! So dear Jesus, please give me guidance! Let me do my part by posting my writings on the web. Guess I’ll do it now.

February 8, 2008 at 10:31 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Brett Blackburn is my friend & in my district. He's my neighbor two blocks away. Brett & I visit at the Koyote football games. We discuss city government and we do emails. I believe Brett was doing the right thing (about the helicopter issue) , except for possibly going through the "communication" back door methodoligy. Too bad the citizens didn't vote for me as mayor, I'm sure glad I didn't win.

I'll now post this to our blog

God Bless,

February 15, 2008 at 6:15 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

February 14, 2008

Letter to Editors of Kansas,

John Hanna , Kansas Associated Press Bureau Chief,

This letter is in response to a letter written by Peggy Torrens, a relative of Kansas Representative Mah. Apparently, both ladies have a personal vendetta against Rep. Mast. Last January, I received a E-mail from Rep. Mah in which she said some very nasty and untruthful things about Rep. Mast. Since her efforts to discredit Rep. Mast weren’t achieved with her E-mail, she decided to recruit relatives and friends to do her dirty work against and use the Emporia newspaper to show case her hate and discontent. It is my belief that the ladies took an opposing view about the resolution condemning gangsta rap to belittle and downplay the efforts made by Ms. Mast and myself. Ms. Mah's opposition to the resolution is supposed to be an affront to Ms. Mast but she is affecting a process that involves our children's future when they are listening to music with explicit sexual lyrics such as Souljah Boy's song "Superman". Since these two women disagree with what we are doing and how we are going about it, both may feel free to find their own campaign to save our young people and prevent the moral fiber of our world from eroding any further due to gangsta rap.

Repr. Mah and Ms. Torrens say the resolution is infringing on others' 1st Amendment Rights. Anyone who knows me, know I have lobbied at the State Capitol since the early 1970's for various causes. This is the first time an incident of this type has occurred.
When the Mast Resolution comes out, the issue of those rights will be conveyed in it and explicitly expressed that it is not the intent of the condemnation resolution to infringe on anyone’s rights. As far as shopping around for a legislator to propose the idea of supporting a resolution to condemn gangsta rap is totally false. The only people I spoke at length about this issue with Representative Mast, Senator Derek Schmidt, and the Speaker of the House. It was my intention to address the Shawnee County Delegation on Gangsta Rap but interim I had a operation on my throat and did not get the opportunity.

The real issue is not the 1st Amendment Rights infringement, but the expression of the language and choices we are allowing the rappers to make for us, which is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment. The language used in gangsta rap is not conducive to the protections of what Congress represents and the laws established to protect the American public including new laws created due to changing mores by society. Once again, this is why the Elastic Clause is a tool that can be used for such times as this one as proclaimed by Minister Raymond Christian!

This is not a question of violation of rights, it is a question of a violation of women to have the right to be able to not have their rights violated by being called something other than their given names. This is why we have laws and law makers to bring change to laws that no longer reflect a need or laws that need to be made to reflect change in a society that is going down hill in an ice bucket.

Since I became an activist, I have many times defended individual’s civil, human and 1st Amendment Rights. Case in point several years, an Omaha police officer was fired from his job because he made a remark that was considered offensive by his superiors. I advocated for this person by speaking out to those that fired him, that they may not like what the officer said, but he has a right to say it.

Ms. Torrens, if there are issues in which you would like to see fixed, write a letter to a senator or representative and make your voice heard, rather than publicly attacking people whom you do not know at the prompting of "Evil Spirits". I am sure a legislator would love to hear from you. I am a taxpayer too and I do not appreciate one of our political leaders bashing one of her colleagues because she does not agree with Masts’ ideology.

"The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach, Benjamin Mays, President Morehouse College ”

Sonny Scroggins,
President/Founder, Bias Busters of Kansas
901 SW Tyler
Topeka, KS. 66612
(785) 232-3761, 845-6148,

Cc Honorable Kansas Repr. Peggy Mast

Minister Raymond Chrisitian

Patrick Kelley, Editor
Emporia Gazette

Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

February 16, 2008 at 9:33 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

2/17/2008 4:27:11 PM


To whom it may concern.

My beloved Sally just introduced herself at the Topeka garden show to our councilman, Brett Blackburn,. She relayed the verbal message from Brett to me, that I’m an OK guy. She also wanted me to know that the media isn’t always right. Let the TRUTH be known.

I have been in correspondence with Brett and have come to agree with Brett that a 2nd helicopter WAS economically feasible. I say “WAS” because, now the conflict is in the hands of our judicial system.

I agree with Kevin McGinty’s articles in the Topeka Metro also by the way.

Did you know that our chief of police and the staff asked for a 2nd helicopter? Brett took it upon him to do the research and weighed all the evidence. I’m feeling bad for Brett for taking all this flack. I also can understand the mayor’s veto, but I wonder sometime if there’s some personality conflict going on up there in city hall.

My question to all those reading this “ Would the city have been better voting Myron Holter as Topeka mayor in 2005?” I don’t think so. I’m glad that Bill is our mayor and I’ll go door to door for both Bill & Brett comes next election cycle. When I ran for mayor in ’05 my wife didn’t speak to me for 30 years. J She was angry at me for NOT informing her first.

Do you know that the only reason I ran for mayor was to plug our web? How’s that for being an entrepreneur? Anyone interested can visit us online at my own faith 2 dot com

You can also google me by typing in my name.

Myron Holter
Topeka KS

2/17/2008 7:01:30 PM


This is version # _______

I don’t have a clue as to how many versions I’ve written. So I’ll write another version just in case I missed something or some event that might be my REAL demise.

Myron D. Holter, age ??, died suddenly while making mad passionate love to his wife of many years, Sally. UFFDA .. I’ve already written that version.

Myron D. Holter, age ??, died suddenly while eating artificial flowers at OSLC annual Christmas party .. UFFDA, that’s another version, already written years ago.

Myron D. Holter, age ??, died on the 9th hole at Forbes golf course while putting for a birdie .. UFFA, that’s already been written.

Myron D. Holter, age ??, died while cutting ribbons and kissing babies performing as the mayor of Topeka. I don’t think I’ve written about this demise. Hang in there, .. here goes J

Myron’s demented humor was so wacky, that he got the scissors and the kissing mixed up. Rather than kissing babies, and cutting ribbons he kissed himself with his large and sharpened plastic scissors and cut himself to death. There were thousands of witnesses present and they all though he was merely being himself. The last words out of his mouth were, “Don’t forget to invite my grand daughter to pay her respects.

I’ll now email this to Sal for typo’s etc. & post to my personal blog.

February 17, 2008 at 5:16 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

2/18/2008 9:23:49 AM


The Internet is a powerful tool of communication. With that in mind, one must also realize that the Internet is composed of BAD guys. There’s pedophiles out there and these scum bags would like nothing better to do than to molest our children. Because of the Internet, I’m NOT allowed to see my own grandchild, Madeline. If anyone wants to know the details, just visit me online and we’ll do email. NO, I’m not into pedophilia; I’m just an Internet blogger and a follower of Jesus.

February 18, 2008 at 7:27 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Steve .. & concerned citizens

I have listened with interest your concept of our city government, and I couldn't agree with you more !

These are the folks who convinced me to vote the way I did last 2005 and why I decided to run for mayor way back then.

I share your beliefs my talk radio friend and brother in Christ.

Here' are folks who changed my vote to a weak mayor form of government.

1) YOU, Steve Forman (wake up call blog)
2)Brett Blackburn
3) Dave Meneley
4) Paul Degener

When I ran for mayor way back when, that's all I wanted to do, cut ribbons & kiss babies and plug our web.

I ask those who are concerned,

Do you think the city would be better off if I were elected mayor?

I will now post this to my PUBLIC blog.

Myron Holter
785-272-4986 (home)
785-220-2040 (cell)
Personal & Business website(s)

February 19, 2008 at 5:29 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...


This is version # _______

I don’t have a clue as to how many versions I’ve written. So I’ll write another version just in case I missed something or some event that might be my REAL demise.

Myron D. Holter, age ??, died suddenly while making mad passionate love to his wife of many years, Sally. UFFDA .. I’ve already written that version.

Myron D. Holter, age ??, died suddenly while eating artificial flowers at OSLC annual Christmas party .. UFFDA, that’s another version, already written years ago.

Myron D. Holter, age ??, died on the 9th hole at Forbes golf course while putting for a birdie .. UFFA, that’s already been written.

Myron D. Holter, age ??, died while cutting ribbons and kissing babies performing as the mayor of Topeka. I don’t think I’ve written about this demise. Hang in there, .. here goes J

Myron’s demented humor was so wacky, that he got the scissors and the kissing mixed up. Rather than kissing babies, and cutting ribbons he kissed himself with his large and sharpened plastic scissors and cut himself to death. There were thousands of witnesses present and they all though he was merely being himself. The last words out of his mouth were, “Don’t forget to invite my grand daughter to pay her respects.

I’ll now email this to Sal for typo’s etc. & post to my personal blog.

2/18/2008 9:23:49 AM


The Internet is a powerful tool of communication. With that in mind, one must also realize that the Internet is composed of BAD guys. There’s pedophiles out there and these scum bags would like nothing better to do than to molest our children. Because of the Internet, I’m NOT allowed to see my own grandchild, Madeline. If anyone wants to know the details, just visit me online and we’ll do email. NO, I’m not into pedophilia; I’m just an Internet blogger and a follower of Jesus.

2/20/2008 7:25:27 AM


The above url is what’s happening in our great city of Topeka. For those of you in the know, I ran for mayor back in ’05. I’m glad I lost. What would mayor My have done in these issues?

For one, the issues would have not ever happened. You see, the mayor has veto powers and this is what the controversy is all about. Forget about the helicopter. The issue is “what is the broken city government to do next?” I like my radio friend Steve Forman’s idea … let’s scrap the whole city government and start over. OK Steve, I’m with you. How do we get started? Will you go in front of the city council on Tues. night and express your idea to the “broken” city government? Who do you tell your plan to? I hear you on the radio, and I’m ready to be your helper my fellow brother in Christ & fellow blogger. So .. what’s next ?

2/23/2008 9:56:29 AM


On Saturday mornings I always look forward to the day. For one there’s Red/Green on PBS at 8:00 AM.

Then there’s Bulls & Bears at 9:00 AM with Brenda Butner . My favorite is the chart man called Gary B. Smith. Then at 9:30 there’s Neil Cavuto and more financial discussions mixing with our current political world.

At 10:00 we tune into the cost of freedom with David Asmus

2/23/2008 10:51:39 AM

Later ..

Continuing on with my Saturday morning schedule:

At 10:30 AM the discussion continues with one of my favorites … with Jonathon ?

Wrapping up my Saturday morning, I proceed to do what everyone else does on a Saturday morning.

But my favorite thing to do on Saturday is being FREE to report from work at the call center. J

Time to post this blog to my public blog.

February 23, 2008 at 9:11 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

2/24/2008 7:21:18 PM

Just got back from the movie “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson. I’m going to make my bucket list as in the movie and post it to my private blog. L8r 2/24/2008 7:22:44 PM

2/27/2008 7:40:07 AM

Larry Norman, the Christian Rocker died. Who is this guy & why am I posting this to my public blog? Here’s a quote from the article..

"The nice thing about him as a Christian was he didn't try to push it down anyone's throat," Kit Close said. "He lived his life in a nice way. He's a real sweet guy."

The above quote is also my means of disciple ship. Visit our web site for more details.

2/27/2008 5:08:28 PM

I got back from the statehouse here in Topeka after my pizza visit from Cicii’a Of course, it’s Wednesday and there’s a retired rate. I’m cheap you know.

The subject was about immigration and we listened to the proponents of HB 485 in a senate committee. Hopefully the committee will pass it to the full senate. I’ve been blogging with the folks in and the wake up call with Steve Forman. Our country is going down the tubes! I’ve printed out a good website

February 27, 2008 at 3:24 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Topeka, KS 66612
Phone (785) 232-3761
Cell (785) 845-6148

Press Release
Contact: Sonny Scroggins
Phone: (785) 232-3761 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
February 26, 2008

Yes We Can, Onward and Forward Anniversary March/Walk
Lawsuit Anniversary Dates: 1951-2008

On Thursday February 28, 2008 at 3:30 p.m....... Marquis Burnett, son of McKinley L. Burnett, and 2008 honorary Chairperson of the Committee, is scheduled to speak in front of the Old Post Office commemorating the filing of the Historic Brown v Board Lawsuit (Sponsored by the Jenkins Family, Burnett Family, and Red Carpet Inn). In the event Mr. Burnett cant make it, Sonny Scroggins & Candice Hubbard will speaks on the family's behalf. There will be a dramatization of the filing of the lawsuit by Marquise Burnett or Sonny Scroggins. This will be the 7th annual program marking the signing of the lawsuit. Over the years, there have been numerous marches from Sumner to Monroe School, Sumner to State Capitol and Sumner to the old site of the USD 501 School Board Administration Building.

There will be a discussion on the Sumner Charter School Proposal...Remarks will be heard on the restoration of the old Post Office located in historic downtown Topeka. Regardless of the weather, The Kansas Committee to Commemorate Brown v. Board of Education will conduct a march from Sumner School (down 5th street) to the Downtown Post Office Bldg. The purpose of the march is to celebrate the 57th anniversary of the filing of the Brown Lawsuit by McKinley Burnett at the old Courthouse in the downtown historic post office, to summon support of Sandra Lassiter's efforts to establish a charter school and save one of America's and Kansas' national treasure, Sumner School and bring greater awareness to Mark and Nancy Saylor's efforts to beautify the downtown Post Office. This is the 2nd annual march from Sumner School to the Post Office.

To find out what the postal service is really about, please read," It Still Exists Today A True Story of Racism in the United States Postal Service" by author Raymond Christian. Mr. Christian can be contacted at

Bias Busters of Kansas is asking all concerned parties to contact Sandra Lassiter at to lend their support and any available resources to establish a charter school.

Bias Busters of Kansas is asking all parties concerned with restoring the old post office to contract Mark and Nancy Saylor to lend your assistance. The Saylors said, "We are asking each of you as individuals to please help persuade the USPS to correct the situation of unsatisfactory maintenance of our beautiful old main post office here in Topeka." It is one of our few true architectural and historical treasures, as are our State Capitol and Topeka High School buildings. If you empathize with this effort, please write similar letters to the government to indicate your own in support. You can write the Saylors by E-mail at .

The public is invited to attend and/or participate. Help Celebrate American History!

For more information contact Sonny Scroggins as
(785) 232-3761; (785) 845-6148

February 28, 2008 at 4:23 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

3/2/2008 9:39:01 AM


OK folks, it’s time for me, an Internet blogger, to fix our broken Topeka City government.

I’m currently listening to a fire department spokesperson on Cable 4. We’ve got a fire department problem, with safety; primarily no budget increases to support. There’s no training, etc. What to do?

One of the broken city government issues is one of the helicopter purchase. In a nutshell, the city council voted for a new helicopter with the mayor vetoing (twice) the purchase. Now this issue is in the hands of our court system. My question to one and all reading this is … WHY?

How did this whole mess come to being?

Next, is the software purchase that our city is currently in the middle of purchasing? I spoke to the city council one time to express my opinion. I wasted no time by stating “BUY ON VALUE, NOT ON PRICE.” I got this quote from my research on buying options in the stock market. NO, I’m NOT going to tell you if I’m making any money or not, it should be of no concern to you or any one else reading this.

Regarding the software purchase, I’d recommend that Lawson &Sun Guard merge and come up with a new product and call it Sunson J

With that suggestion, I could save the city and the county thousands of dollars. But unfortunately, nobody listens to me and my radical ideas on saving us taxpayers money.

You see, I worked with computers for most all of my federal career. I was once the computer systems operator for the USPS/MDCT here south of Topeka, next to the Forbes golf course. I ran the place with computer data, output, input, etc. I needed to know and understand how computers work and I took my job very seriously. The last supervisor I had did not know or understand my job and I was harassed to the point of my retiring early. I could have sued the Post Office, but elected to follow General Douglas McArthur’s advice and merely fade away. So I retired and if anyone wants to discuss my career, I’d be happy to visit with you. I’m getting off topic.


That’s my next idea. Why do we need NINE districts? Why not have FOUR? We could make ground ZERO the Topeka Ave. Bridge. The cross hairs would be the Kansas River running almost east & west and the Topeka Ave. Bridge almost running north & south. So, in a nutshell we’ll have NE/NW/SE/SW districts. We’ll still keep ALL the NIA’s in service. Forget about the population numbers in each district. That would just muddy the charter waters.

Then I’m sure the question about a tie vote would come up, and that’s if/when the mayor would come into play. In the event of a 2/2 tie, the mayor would place the majority vote and the vote would become enforced. Now you ask, why have a city manager? Good question! The city manager is still responsible for the day-to-day operation of our city government.

The checks and balances would be just like our founding fathers in our federal government envisioned. We NEED everyone to be honest and upfront with each other. It doesn’t matter what kind of governing body you have, if you have good and honest people running the show, you’ll have good government. Vice versa, for BAD governing people running the show , you’ll have BAD government. So this whole process will NEED to be run by GOOD people!


OK, here’s my plan for the salaries. Our current city manager will NOT like what I’m going to write , as the city council approved a 137.5 K salary. The mayor gets a 20 K salary. I don’t know what the city council gets. I’m suggesting a vote on the next ballot to have an equal salary for SIX people. Four city council/ONE mayor/ONE city manager. So let’s assume that the TOTAL annual salary is say 400 K. We’ll get our calculator out and do this calculation, 400/6 = 66.6 K PER city employee. Let’s make this FAIR and BALANCED, like my good radio friend Bill O-REILLY likes to says. Of course these government jobs will have to be approved by the voters next election. I’m sure our current city manager would disapprove, but if the vote is to the people, Norton should comply. If I were mayor, (which I’m glad I’m not) and of which I’m glad I lost in 2005, I’d be placing this writings on the agenda.

That’s about it for today, more coming in our PUBLIC blog

March 2, 2008 at 12:07 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

The following is a very important email regarding illigal immigration:

Jim !

I'm sure you all ready got this forwarded email from Paul, but here it is again just in case.

Thanks for helping us out by using the radio air ways. Hopefully you all got in touch with Ed Hayes too. I forwarded you his phone # via email. Let me know.

I'll post this on our PUBLIC BLOG too

Thanks again !!!

Myron Holter
785-272-4986 (home)
785-220-2040 (cell)
Personal & Business website(s)

Paul ... Let us know if/when is up and running. I'll make a hyperlink when it's ready.

----- Original Message -----
From: w.degener
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2008 4:19 PM
Subject: Fw: Urgent Action Alert to Pass SB458!

More information on SB 458. Please help. Utilize the following information.

Paul D
----- Original Message -----
From: Federation for American Immigration Reform
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2008 3:33 PM
Subject: Urgent Action Alert to Pass SB458!

Kansas Immigration Reform Effort

This is URGENT The Senators say they are not hearing from the people — We don't want this bill to DIE in committee because we didn't make some phone calls!!!

Wednesday March 12 The Federal & State Affairs committee will vote on SB 458. If they do not hear from us, the people, they will give in to the pressures from the Chamber of Commerce and others who are threatening not to support them if they vote for it. They say they are not hearing from us!!!!! WE MUST CALL THEM ON MONDAY & TUESDAY MARCH 10 & 11 AND TELL THEM WE WANT THIS BILL PASSED. THERE IS GREAT POWER IN NUMBERS!!!!

Here is all you have to do:

Call 1-800-432-3924 ( the legislative hotline) - Give your NAME and CITY and the names of the Senators you want to get this message. Then politely state your short message similar to this " I want SB 458 voted out of committee AS WRITTEN, no amendments, and onto the Senate floor for debate and vote. This bill is VERY important to me."

Here are the names & phone numbers of the Senators on the committee

Senator Pete Brungardt, Committee Chair
522 Fairdale Road
SALINA, KS. 67401
Fax 785-825-0273
Senate Office phone 785-296-7390

Senator Mark Gilstrap, Ranking Minority Member
4218 N 126 Street
Fax 913-573-8169
Senate Office phone 785-296-7357

Senator Julia Lynn
18837 W 115TH TERRACE
OLATHE, KS. 66061
Senate Office phone 785-296-7382

Senator Roger Reitz, Committee Vice-Chair
1332 Sharingbrook
Senate Office phone 785-296-7360

Senator John Vratil
9534 Lee Boulevard
LEAWOOD, KS. 66206
Senate Office phone 913-451-5100

Senator Karin Brownlee
14725 S Chalet Drive
OLATHE, KS. 66062
Fax 913-782-1085
Senate Office phone 785-296-7358

Senator Marci Francisco
1101 Ohio
Senate Office phone 785-296-7365

These 2 Senators are co-sponsors Thank them for co-sponsoring

Senator Jim Barnett
1400 Lincoln
EMPORIA, KS. 66801
Fax 620-342-6520
Senate Office phone 785-296-7384

Senator Ralph Ostmeyer
Box 97
Senate Office phone 785-296-7399

Barb Nichols

March 8, 2008 at 5:41 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

3/15/2008 12:39:16 PM

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my writings in my public blog.

So what’s been happening?

Politically, our presidential race is a mess! Now we have a democratic candidate who is tied to a racist black preacher. It reminds me of what the Westboro Baptist cult .. er church preaches .. that being one of hate.

So what’s the answer?

Barack Obama should take My advice is to do what I did with our church here in Topeka. Read my previous posts about what I did when Pastor Susan was against the marriage amendment act some years ago.

I QUIT the church after she spoke under the dome hear in Topeka KS.

Sally is still attending OSLC along with me. My finances and membership are now with Grace Lutheran Bruce SD

March 15, 2008 at 10:49 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

3/19/2008 5:32:43 PM


It’s a bird, it’s a plane.. uffda, it’s just Myron dressed up in a Superman outfit.

Such is the event that will be taking place next week. Stay tuned and visit our website and learn more in details.

My plan for our great Topeka city government is given in detail from our web site.

March 19, 2008 at 3:49 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Topeka, KS 66612
Phone (785) 232-3761
Cell (785) 845-6148

Press Release
Contact: Sonny Scroggins
Phone: (785) 232-3761 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
3 P.M. March 20, 2008

What would Jesus do? What would Barack Obama do?
Good Friday Protest at Topeka Law Enforcement Center.


Due to recent events occurring in Topeka, Kansas, a protest scheduled for 3/21/2008 in Sedgwick County Kansas is postponed to a later time. Last Friday, Bias Busters of Kansas demonstrated at the Sedgwick County Jail to protest the death of Terry A. Bruner, who died while in the custody of county jail police officers and the beating of Edgar Richards, a mentally inmate, by Sedgwick County Jail’s officers.
Topeka, Kansas......Good Friday March 21, 2008 10: a.m. Topeka Law Enforcement Center. Bias Busters of Kansas will demonstrate for the second time against the Topeka Police Department because of its reckless indifference to the safety of area citizens who are accused of committing misdemeanors acts such as disturbing the peace.

This past Tuesday, four off-duty police officers blasted their way to a home in the southwestern part of Topeka to ask the family who lived their to turn the music down because neighbors were complaining. The aftermath of the one-sided gunfight left two citizens hospitalized with severe gunshot wounds. At the time of this writing, the two men are still being treated at a local hospital for their wounds.

Bias Busters of Kansas President, Sonny Scroggins said, " the Topeka Law Enforcement Center Officers of having a wild, wild, west mentality: Shoot first, ask questions later "if" there are survivors. The off-duty officers did not follow proper police procedure in the determination of whether there was a need to fire their weapons." According to neighborhood sources, the off-duty officers were intoxicated and feeling no pain. With those feelings, along with the invincibility factor and the power that accompanies their positions as sworn officers of the law led to the reckless disregard and deadly force used against the Llamas brothers.

Did the four "Off-duty Officers" decide the policemen or policewomen who were actually on duty to protect and serve the public could not handle any problems that came up? Several weeks ago an incident occurred in Wichita where a police officer beat a mentally retarded inmate so severely he was put on life support and remains that way to this date; now there are out of control Topeka police officers shooting at will without any forethought. If this is effective police procedure, then all Kansas citizens are in trouble. Who will protect Kansas’s citizens from those hired to protect us?

If shooting suspects at random or beating a mentally ill inmate is effective training for law enforcement officers, society is in big trouble. It can be difficult for citizens to have confidence in law enforcement because all too often we hear stories of police officers using guerilla/cowboy tactics to overpower a subject when a police action with less life-threatening results will do.

Bias Busters of Kansas will demonstrate on behalf of the Terry Bruner’s, Daniel and Devin Llama’s and Edgar Richard’s, Jr. of the world at the Topeka Law Enforcement Center for better training of police staff on how to handle non-threatening situations and mentally ill patients on Good Friday, March 21, at 10:00 a.m.

For more information contact Sonny Scroggins, (785) 232-3761, 845-6148.

I Challenge my Generation to Inspire Future Generations.

Yours in Christ, Sonny Scroggins

The previous email is from my friend Sonny

March 21, 2008 at 3:21 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

It's too bad Mr. Obama didn't follow my weak leadership.

Remember a few years ago when the marriage amendment act was passed?

My former pastor was wearing her clerical collar and was AGAINST this amendment. She spoke out at the state house during this time frame. She was a member of the Topeka Peace & Justice organization (a liberal group)

I had a visit with her, removed my money & membership.

Sally is still a member & I'm now an associate.

The ELCA Lutheran leadership needs to get back to the bible.

I will now copy/paste this to my public blog.

March 21, 2008 at 4:00 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Thanks Sonny ...

I'll post your email to our site too.

hey everyone ...

Be sure to visit us online and read our mission statement.

While you're surfing our site, please ask Sally &/or I about

In Christ,

Myron Holter
Topeka KS

Sonny Scroggins wrote:
Kim Harp wrote:
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 15:45:07 -0500
From: "Kim Harp"
Subject: HB 6013

Dear Sir,

Session of 2008
By Representative Mast
A RESOLUTION condemning harmful gangsta rap lyrics which have a
detrimental effect on families and communities, and a demoralizing
message against women and minorities.
WHEREAS, Gangsta rap conveys messages that have a harmful impact
on more individuals than just those who listen to it; it encourages violent
and disrespectful behavior that devalues families and communities, and
it infringes on the dignity of women; and
WHEREAS, Gangsta rap is widely criticized as an expression of anticulture
for its frequent reliance on messages that demean women and
promote violence, but its continued popularity prevents many women and
community leaders from speaking out against the negative stereotypes it
perpetuates; and
WHEREAS, Individuals who are opposed to the misogynistic, sexist
and racist lyrics of gangsta rap can make their voices heard by demonstrating
against, and refusing to support, those who are unjustly enriched
by it; and
WHEREAS, The First Amendment provides important protection for
the freedom of speech by those in the entertainment industry, but gangsta
rap abuses those rights by denigrating women and promoting stereotypes
merely for the sake of financial profit; and
WHEREAS, Individuals are encouraged to protect themselves and
their communities from the negative effects of gangsta rap by increasing
awareness and reducing demand for this type of music; and
WHEREAS, As awareness increases regarding the negative effects
gangsta rap has on communities, women and community leaders will feel
empowered to speak out against hateful and derogatory lyrics in rap and
to educate our youth about the dangers of perpetuating such negative
stereotypes in our popular culture; and
WHEREAS, Rap music has always been associated with artistic creativity
and innovation, and rappers are certainly capable of becoming positive
role models, cleaning up their music, eliminating misogynistic and
racist lyrics and replacing them with uplifting messages while maintaining
a high level of entertainment in their songs; and
WHEREAS, Surely the words used to denigrate women and incite violence can be rewritten to encourage respect for women, families and
communities: Now, therefore,
Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Kansas:
That we desire to empower women to defend themselves against the
negative stereotypes depicted in gangsta rap and encourage community
leaders to make efforts to combat the harmful effects of gangsta rap without
infringing on the First Amendment rights of those in the entertainment
industry; and
Be it further resolved: That the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives
provide an enrolled copy of this resolution to Representative
Mast for presentation to Sonny Scroggins.

Thank you,

Kim Harp
Legislative Reference Librarian
State Library of Kansas
Legislative Hotline 800-432-3924

I Challenge my Generation to Inspire Future Generations.

Yours in Christ, Sonny Scroggins

March 22, 2008 at 2:52 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

3/22/2008 8:14:47 PM

One of the few times I like to watch basketball, and that’s in March. I love to watch all the various emotions of the game. I particularly enjoy watching the athleticism of the athletics. How these players can dribble between their legs is beyond me. It’s second nature to them.

So let’s turn back the clock back to 1959-1963 when I was in high school. I’ll never forget my freshman year as a second stringer; Mr. Wheeler was expecting us to play to our potential. We were a bunch of farm kids and did not take the game very seriously. Once, I’ll never forget, Jerry Junge, called time out as he was too tired. At half time, some of the players would sneak out and have a smoke behind the gym. J

In my 2nd year at high school I was “promoted” to the varisity. I played forward and I was so-so as a player. But I tried to play my best and the coach was pleased with my performance. But we still continued to lose regularly. We even had some good players, like my 1st cousin Harold Skovlund. By the time of my senior year, we averaged about half our wins vs. losses. When I look back at my basketball years in high school, I can only smile to myself. I graduated from Bruce SD high school and I can proudly say I came in fourth in academic achievements. But that’s not too bad considering we had 13 in our graduating class. So my basketball career was basically non eventful. Here’s endeth my basketball playing.

I’ll now post this to our blog on the web.

March 22, 2008 at 6:53 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

3/29/2008 6:52:11 AM


Or should I write, so many websites, so little time!

You see , the Internet is so powerful, it’s almost scary. I’ve heard that the terrorist who killed 3,000 of us citizens used the Internet. My questions to all you reading this is, and you want our government to not want to spy on the terrorists? SHAME!

The Internet can also be useful for those of us who would like to follow Jesus. Sally & I are Internet bloggers and feel free to blog with us if/when you find the time.

I’ll now post this to my public blog.

God Bless,

March 29, 2008 at 4:58 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...



Take action only when you get a 3:1 rrr. Use the meatball ppp in ps (profit source software). Use si for fundamentals only & trade only when all the pieces of the puzzle line up. I’m writing about system trading in the stock market. Use the expensive software and renew the yearly subscriptions. Make sure you budget this in our home budget. WATCH OUR PENNIES! Remember that every dollar has a name, as per Dave Ramsey.

Read only good uplifting books and follow Jesus.

Here endeth my public blog writings ….

March 31, 2008 at 5:15 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

4/5/2008 7:10:15 AM


I’m planning to save this file name to the above mentioned file name. The folder/file will be saved to a CD somehere. Make this a public blog site.

Ok, here the full name:

C:\\documents and settings\myron holter\my documents\myron’s book\blog20080405

4/5/2008 7:17:49 AM

ok, Now that I’ve got this little bit of technology out of the way, I’m ready to start writing. Sometimes theres, no escaping this techno stuff, however folks hate it. We need to live with it, no matter what.

Where was I? OH YA! .. blogging (it’s not even in the dictionary.)


Yes indeed, that’s what my baby sis Julie diagnosed with me many years ago, CPP. She followed up by saying that there’s no known cure. Somewhere there’s a URL to that. OH NO !! another techno word .. URL L

Guess I’d better get to saving this new folder/file on my laptop and get ready for my favorite time of the week, SATURDAY !!

4/6/2008 8:40:30 AM



I confess, I don’t know everything there is to know about the Internet. I’ll leave the kudos of inventing the Internet to Al gore. He seems to want to take credit for inventing the internet, from what I’ve heard. I remember once seeing him on the news in a grade school holding a co-ax cable in his hand. Do you really think he knew what to do with this cable? I doubt it! In fact al gore is perhaps that biggest political hypocrite alarmist in this planet today. What a joke, with this global warming hoax and all. But that’s another story.

Let’s get back to the Internet. You’ll notice I placed a “I” in the word. Now I’m not going to brag or anything, but I LOVE the Internet. You see, my job while working for the Post Office was to finish what Al Gore failed to do. The end of that imaginary cable needed to be plugged into something, right. Mr. Gore probably doesn’t know the difference be a Microsoft computer and an Apple. I’m serious! Has he ever designed a web site from scratch? I doubt it. I will now post this to our public blog and get back to productive work, like getting ready for church.

April 6, 2008 at 7:04 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

A message from my LBI friend Kitty.

As It Orbits the “DARK STAR”

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that something is happening to our world today. Most of us understand that we are being lied to by our “Shadow Government” regarding the reason behind global warming. Those of us who have DONE OUR HOMEWORK and understand what Agharta, the sun and planet rotations are doing to our planet, are not shocked at all about the impending return of Nibiru, known by many names such as the “Dark Star”, the “Suns Twin” etc.

Is the “Dark Star” moving into plain sight slowly from the southern hemisphere? It looks like it is.

Is the “Dark Star” the warning sign for what we call the “End Times.” The “Dark Star” heralds the warning of earth impending doom.

The “Dark Star” is the main cause of the global cataclysms associated with the “End Times.”

Science has warned us for a long time that it is only a matter of time before our earth is once again hit by celestial objects which are shot into our world or become “Near Misses.” The earth, the moon and all of our planets are riddled with pot marks from these objects in the past. Thank goodness for one of these celestial attacks the dinosaurs were destroyed. Can you imagine having a T-Rex wandering around your swimming pool in the middle of the night? Thanks to a planetary body that hit our earth, the dinosaurs are not in our back yard at least not right now.

Yes, the “Dark Star” and one of it’s orbiting planets Nibiru, do appear to be on a return “Run At Earth.” When this happens our earth will flip on it’s side into a different alignment from where it is today. Some say it will take a 90 degree “Dip” or be tipped on it’s side. The north and south poles will be moved towards the equator and melt all together when this happens. This has happened before and it is starting again with the WARMING OF THE POLES. Once you actually look on a map and realize where the warming is occurring you will discover it is happening the poles and not on earth as a whole. The poles are warming up, the sun is part of that because the sun is also warming and sending out sun flares. This is happening because the sun is responding to the incoming orbit of “The Dark Star.” DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

There is clear evidence that the plagues that happened when the Hyksos people (Moses and his Semite Jews and Israelite tribes) left Egypt are directly related to the “Dark Stars” last pass on earth.

So what does that mean today and for the near future?

All ancient cultures talk about the “Dark Stars” return. They have left us warnings about it’s next “Pass” between earth and our sun. These ancient accounts describe the global destruction that “THE PLANET OF CROSSING” will cause. The Mayan”s tell us that the return of the “Dark Star” heralds the “End Times” which the Bible also speaks of in Bible Prophecy.

Science and legends tell us that our earth is on a series of cycles. The cycle we are in is the last of 4 long cycles, which will end in global destruction.

When “The Dark Star” returns it brings with it the planet Nibiru, which is home base for the Reptilian Aliens who are our enemy. This “Passing” or “Near Miss” will cause an opening of Agharta (earths inside world where Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge operates out of) after he was forced to move into our three dimensional world. When that happens prophecy states that locus will fly into the sky and attack our world. These locusts appear to be black helicopters manned by our Shadow Governments hybrid forces.

The Bible has gone through many writes and re-writes at the hands of people who have lied to us and who have “Hidden Agenda’s.” What we have to do is look at the Bible realistically from our own perspective in 2008 and when we do look what we find.

Revelation 9
1 The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss.
Stars are also referred to as angel’s aka aliens by ancient people. Nibiru is a planet or star, which rotates around the “Dark Star.” Nibiru appear to be occupied by the Reptilian Alien hierarchy. Legends tell us that a huge body from the “Dark Star” hit a large body called Tiamet and broke it apart into a sections, one of which later became Earth. The other section was hit several times and became the “Asteroid Belt.” This happened billions of years ago. The earth then moved into the orbit it is in today. The Bible states that the earth was re-created out of chaos.
2 When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss.

3 And out of the smoke locusts came down upon the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth.
Jesus (Yashua) gave his disciples power to heal and exhort evil spirits out of people. Jesus (Yashua) symbolically referred to these possessing spirits as “Scorpions” and “Snakes” which appears to refer to “Gray Aliens” and “Reptilians.”
Notice in the picture above how much the scorpions claws and body seem to move like Gray alien robots. I realize the pictures of the Grays are from Hollywood so we do not have an exact match. The Praying Mantis is another example of a scorpion type insect which abductees report seeing and having to deal with. Remember the powers, which they have are technological. They used what I called “Borrowed Technology” simply because they use technology which exists not technology they created.

Remember also that Jesus (Yashua) will also be coming in the clouds, which is also another word for UFO’s. The Bible also refers to UFO’s as “Whirling Wheels,” “Chariots of Fire,” etc.

4 They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads.
Notice here that Jesus (Yashua) has sealed some of us and taken us to a safe haven, which is referred to symbolically as “A Desert,” during the End Times. Wherever we are, we are safe at this point. In the Nag Hammadi Scrolls Jesus (Yashua) states that Noah and his family members and followers were safely placed in a cloud during the flood period.
5 They were not given power to kill them, but only to torture them for five months. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes a man.
The surgical probing instruments like the ones used by the Grays in the picture above are used for many reasons, one of the reasons is to place metallic implants into people. The implants are used for many reasons such as to track their victims and to send and receive signals. Scientists describe this implants as similar to or associated with outer or other planetary meteors, only a few of which have been found on earth.
6 During those days men will seek death, but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.
7 The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces.

The pilots appear to be wearing helmets of gold and are human. Notice the hair is human hair below where the teeth are like lions teeth, which indicate that they might be one of the many human hybrids created by cloning.

8Their hair was like women's hair, and their teeth were like lions' teeth.

9They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle.

Notice how much this description sound like a helicopter. Made of iron, the propellers sound like a horse stampede.

10They had tails and stings like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people for five months.

11They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.[a]

Once we connect the Reptilian Sumerian gods of ancient Babylon to the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers,” who

operated one of their surface base camps out of Mt. Hermon in Northern Israel, you will find that these alien entities bred with each other. They also bred with woman on earth and used human DNA to create the hybrid race of human alien hybrids, that rule our earth today.

Read Genesis Chapter 6 for the Bible account of these events. Bible Prophecy speaks about the kingdom this rich and powerful bloodline members operate on earth as the “Beast System.”

Associated with the “Global Powerbrokers Serpent Bloodline Beast System,” is the “Scarlet Woman - Prostitute” which stands for the Jewish and Roman Christian Orthodox Church.” They are both Satanic Systems.

Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge forced these Nordic Alien Aryan “Fallen Watchers,” inside the earth, according to the Old Testament. When we DO OUR HOMEWORK, what we find is that the Nordic Alien Aryan “Fallen Watchers” appear to be occupying the southern portion of Agharta (inside the earth) in a place called “Rainbow City” today.

When we study the Agharta map what we find is that the area in Agharta they appear to occupy an area inside Agharta, which is just inside the South Pole region known as “Rainbow City.”

Notice the Inner Sun area, which is associated with Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge. It is said to be a glowing UFO, which lights Agharta. See Rodney Cluff’s information regarding his planned expedition inside the earth for more details. I have this information in my book and on my website. You can also type Rodney Cluff’s Inner Earth Expedition into your search engine. This is the inner area Hitler is also associated with and where some say he

April 10, 2008 at 10:56 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

A post from an anonymous friend ... Myron

A person named Eric Stetson is one of the many people
online who is promoting disinformation, misinformation and
He believes that Jesus Yashua was a Nordic Alien. This is
exactly what is going to be promoted by the backers of the
Grail Bloodline theories. They "Copy Paste" Jesus Yashua
into there evil bloodline by using many different gimmicks
the average person is not aware of because they DO NOT DO
THEIR HOMEWORK. These people use verses like the author
of this article uses to wrongly identify Jesus Yashua as a
Nordic Alien or Reptilian Anunnaki.
What you need to realize is that these Nordic Aliens, who the
Old Testament and other sources call gods, are evil Fallen
Watcher gods aka angel /agents. They are not the "Good
Guys." What people need to realize is that Jesus Yashua
rules the "Good Guy Watchers" that did not infiltrate
humanity and contaminate our homosapeints bloodlines.
The most important aspect for you to know in order to
identify "Who's Who" between these groups is that the group
Jesus rules DOES NOT mingle with humanity, where the
Nordic “Fallen Watcher”, Reptilians, and Grays aliens DO.
The Nordic (Fallen Watchers) are evil gods who have
terrified and intimidated the human race from the time they
fell and landed on earth in places like Mt. Hermon in
Northern Israel, etc. They landed all over earth and set up
their campsites. Today they operate just outside our view in
the heaven (solar system), inside the earth and behind the
veil in other dimensions.
The reptilians set up base camps in ancient Sumer Babylon
(Iraq) while the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” landed
on Mt. Hermon in Northern Israel.
These ancient Israelite and Jewish tribes were not just
victims of these evil entities but the “Tribe of Dan” is
actually the human hybrid line created by these evil alien
gods aka angle agents.
There were evil overlords and controllers who ran the
Jewish religion in ancient times. They were the;
1. Pharisees
2. Sadducees
3. Priests
4. Scribes
5. Essenes
6. Etc.
The author Eric Stetson ( also states
that Jesus Yashua was a Jew which is NOT THE CASE. Our
records show that he was a Scandinavian looking Nazarene,
who was born and taught in Northern Israel. Even the Bible
identifies him as a Nazarene not a Jew.
They Nazarenes appear to have had some connection with
the Jewish Essene groups, and ministered to the Jews who
were their enemies. The Jews actually launched attacks on
the Nazarene camps.
The Nazarene tribal camp location was on and at the base of
Mt. Carmel, which is on the cost of the Mediterranean Sea.
On the map above Mt. Carmel is west and south of Mt.
Hermon on the coastline.
Jesus (Yashua’s) ministry was conducted in his home
territory, which was in northern Israel NOT IN JERUSALEM
OR JUDEA. When he traveled into Judea he stayed in
Nazarene quarters and worshipped in Nazarene temples not
Jewish synagogues. He was so angry at the buying and
selling of animals and birds for satanic bloody sacrifices to
Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, in the Jewish synagogues,
that he tossed the moneychangers out in the New
Testament. People need to “PUT ON THEIR THINKING
CAPS” and start to question the misleading information
being promoted by Jewish and Roman Orthodoxy (Christian
Jesus (Yashua) is associated with the Sea of Galilee region in
Northern Israel.
Jesus Yashua was not a Jew nor did he have dark hair and
dark eyes or a crooked nose. Once the Orthodox Roman
Catholic – Christian religion organizers and the “Serpent
Bloodline” was able to associate Jesus Yashua with the Jews
they could then begin to spin their nasty tails and if you
haven't done your homework, which Christians, Jews and
Catholics do not do, you will be sucked in. Jesus Yashua has
always been wrongly associated with the Jews. IT'S A TRAP
The tribal location of the Northern Nazarene tribes of Jesus
Yashua was the same location found by archeologists to be
the location for a group of early Scandinavian ancestors,
some of who traveled up into Europe replacing the
Neanderthals around 75.000 years ago. (That was not the
only location our Scandinavian ancestors came from.)
These Scandinavian people were called the Shoshu people of
Northern Israel in Egyptian records. They traveled into
Egypt for work, as did the Aryan (Apiru) hybrid Israelites
from Northern Israel. Egypt was a lush environment that
provided these Scandinavian and Aryan tribes with work.
This is obvious when you see the Egyptian hieroglyphics of
them working next to the dark haired races.
That being said, it is obvious that Jesus Yashua used and
will continue to use some of the same technology the evil
Nordic Fallen Watchers, reptilian and gray aliens use. These
aliens did not create UFO technology, the simply know how
to use it. Every technology in our three dimensional world
was first created by Our Heavenly Fathers forces. This is
why I make the claim that these aliens use "Borrowed
Technology. " These evil aliens did not invent this
technology; they simply know how to operate it.
Today our own scientific communities are sophisticated
enough to have discovered fiber optics, laser technology
etc., so we aren't very far behind ourselves. Hitler had his
own fleet of UFO’s, which tell us that this technology is no
longer out of the reach of our own technological and
scientific communities.
This author (Eric Stetson ( in 16 Nov
1995, makes some very good points however you need to
realize that the Nordic alien groups he is associating Jesus
Yashua with are the evil “Fallen Watcher” group, who work
in conjunction with the other groups on earth. The evil
Nordic groups are said to be at war with the reptilian
groups. It appears that Ildabaoth the Demiurge created the
reptilian dragon groups. It also appears that Ildabaoth the
Demiurge aka Jehovah Yahweh etc. conned some of the
Aeons Watchers, to fall from grace after which they became
what we call the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers”
What the fall refers to is that originally these Nordic
Watchers were the "Good Guys" (you can call them angels
agents) They were hired to watch over humanity and protect
us. The “Watchers” do not abduct human beings. The only
time they show up in our three dimensional world is to
create miracles.
Historical records including the Old Testament, tell us that a
war broke out and Ildabaoth the Demiurge convinced some
of these Nordic Watchers to leave their heavenly realm and
descend into earth’s three-dimensional world.
The Old Testament history gives us an example of how one
of these evil fallen Nordic groups landed on Mt. Hermon
which is also in Northern Israel just north east of Mt.
Carmel. They made a pact to contaminate the human race,
which included the rape of human beings and the
insemination of woman. They did not create the human race
they cloned a hybrid bloodline-using Human and alien DNA.
The Young Family
Photograph shows a hybrid human/pig sow and her piglets.
The goal of all of these evil groups was to destroy the
original root race on earth. They could not create human
beings so they chose to contaminate our bloodline through
rape, and by using many forms of cloning and DNA
experiments. They cloned animals, birds, reptiles and
possibly insects as well. This is apparently how dinosaurs
and flesh eating carnivorous animals were developed.
The second author I am featuring in my chapter here is
Donald Worley, who is an Alien Abduction Researcher. Mr.
Worley makes some wonderful observations regarding the
evil Nordic abductors who are terrorizing people today just
as they did before they were forced out of site into the
earth, the skies and into other dimensions behind the veil by
Yahweh Jehovah Ildabaoth the Demiurge.
In his article he speaks of a warning given to an abductee by
a Nordic Alien Aryan “Fallen Watcher” who urged her to
move north away from the Great Lakes region in the upper
Midwest due to impending drastic global earth changes soon
to be inflicted on our globe.
The author's clients have been told by the Nordics that
the safe areas are the high ground areas in the Great Plains.
You be the judge. The author states:
"It is easier to list some of the tentative safe areas. They are
Southern and Eastern Canada, New England inland, the
Appalachian regions of Easter states, northern Great Plains,
and Rocky Mountain areas in Western states."
I suggest that you go to this website where you will find
articles about this angry god Yahweh Ildabaoth the
In these articles you can see what the true evil nature of this
god of the Jews. The ancient and prehistoric people found
in the Old Testament were terrified when they encountered
this evil god and the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers,”
and their flying machines, which they called “Chariots of
Fire,” “Whirling Wheels.” Etc.
Another good article on line that I have copied below is:
"Extraterrestrial –
Who Are The Nordics? The Beautiful Blondes and their
Incredible Flying Machines by Don Worley" at:
Who Are The Nordics?
The Beautiful Blondes and their Incredible Flying
Machines by Don Worley
Source: UFO Universe Winter 1997 issue
Cover Page Wording: Angelic ETs predict Earthly
[Though the Grays seem to get all the attention these
days, there are still plenty of other alien-types flying
around the galaxy, including ETs who could pass as
When one thinks of aliens, in all likelihood the mind
conjures up images of strange creatures that show up
regularly on the SciFi Channel or at least on the movie
lot of a Steven Spellberg shoot.
In the last half century or so Hollywood has thrown all
kinds of bug-eyed boogie monsters from space at us,
but only in a handful of motion pictures (such as the
classic The Day The Earth Stood Still) have our
"visitors" been depicted as resembling human life as we
recognize it, here on Earth. We've been exposed to, a
multitude of giant insects, meandering bloobs, things
with tentacles and a host of other mix-shaped aliens, but
outside of a shapely female cyborg here and there,
directors and script writers would lead us to believe that
almost all aliens are just plain ugly as sin ... or at least
down right weird looking.
With this background in mind, when one enters the
UFO arena as a serious researcher, it would seem
obvious that common sense would dictate to us the
appearance of alien crews based upon "past
performance," Thus, you can imagine my surprise when
I discovered that human-looking UFOnauts not only
exist, but that they play an extremely important role in
the riddle of the flying saucers.
When I embarked upon my research of the Nordictypes
as they are generally referred to, I certainly was
not prepared for what I was to learn. My preconceived
ideas were quickly shattered when it came to this
particular aspect of the UFO enigma. In my role as an
investigator I found that many of those claiming
encounters and abductions were describing the same
types of beings and events without knowing each other.
For the most part, those whom I spoke with for the
purposes of this article are lifelong experiencers. Most
frequently their contacts have occurred during the night
time hours and in what science might refer to as as
altered state of consciousness. In rare instances a small
number of individuals have said that their encounters
have transpired in broad daylight under like
In a total of approximately 100 cases, 36 of the reported
episodes involved Nordic-type aliens, Utilizing the
testimony of these contactees, I was able to place their
experiences in the following categories:
A - The nature and appearance of the Nordics.
B - Special revealing cases that have occurred involving
this particular type of being.
C - The Nordics affinity for discussing forthcoming
cataclysmic Earth changes.
Appearance and Nature of the Nordics
# We hear first from Donna, a Canadian who hold a
BA degree whose experiences started in childhood
while residing in Scotland. 'I observed the occurred
involving this particular Nordics along with the worker
Grays and a group of child-like beings who were very
pale. They were all in one place and the Nordics - who
were blonde - wear silk ysmooth, light blue suits. The
only symbol of their victims I recall is a dragon-like
snake with wings. The males were handsome with
bottomless blue eyes, set in angular faces. The only
emotion they displayed was serene amusement until
they began to mentally talk to me. The place had a
beautiful glow and atmosphere of serenity. Most of the
beings looked young, but there were some there who
looked older with beards and flowing robes. I had an
intense longing for these beings after I left them, and an
intense love, respect, and awe when I was with them."
# Julia, a rural Mississippi housewife. "They do have
underground bases, even an under-river base. I have
seen the little Grays, the Nordics and their friends the
red-eyed apes. They also had a military pilot with them
who was being held against his will. The big blondes
might weigh 275 lbs., had striking blue eyes, dark skin,
and white teeth. Some of the good kind don't like what
the bad kind are doing and there is warfare in space."
# Judy, an extensive Texas experiencer recently
emotionally declared that if the extraterrestrials who
manipulated her into the mess she is in don't help her
soon her life is doomed. "Yes, around the age of 11 or
12, I had the first experience with the Blondes as you
call them, the Elohim as I call them, when I was sitting
in our yard near the plum tree. Suddenly my flesh
began to itch and I heard a buzzing sound. Directly in
front of me, I saw them through a window in the air.
They were very, tall, exceedingly handsome, and
dressed in White hermits and suits. The one sitting
down had on a long white robe and their eyes were
weird for they had light coming from them. I felt they
were talking to me, but now I don't remember what
was said. After the image vanished the itching stopped
and I sat there for a very long time. I knew something
truly remarkable had happened to me in this chilling
# Andy Anderson, an Indiana man, has been abducted
far too many times for his liking. According to Andy,
there also exists a shorter, adolescent appearing Nordic.
This kind of entity approached Andy in a normal
daylight setting as he worked in a supermarket. The
two who approached him spoke a strange language
making him think they must be retarded. So began
years of frequent abductions in which a Sanskrit-like
language was used to communicate. Andy was
informed of this and when he spoke the language in
public he ended up in a mental hospital under
observation. Sanskrit was the language of the ancient
Gods of India who flew in aerial craft. Who knows
why it has surfaced in modern America in this case of
an abductee.
The Giants
There also exists a giant type of Nordie. On a
Mediterrean island the titan sized entities were called
Genitori. In South America a Costa Rican contactee was
taken to a base in the Andes mountains run by giant
Nordics. There were also Grays, and humans there too.
Nordic contact has also been reported in such diverse
places as England, Spain, Mexico, and Canada. In
northern Mexico, in a zone of silence near Cebal los,
Durango, Nordies have wandered into town from the
desert, accepted refreshments, and then vanished back
into the desert. In Canada, one large religious group still
has contact with Nordies they call "Overseers." This
intirnacy, they say, extends back into ancient days in
Initially, I was surprised to learn that the Nordics are the
controllers of some of the android-like Grays, there are
several examples of such cases.
# Near Red Fork Falls, Uanaka Mountain, Tennessee:
One August evening in 1990, five persons watched a
curious event. Near a large fire was an unusually tall
naked man with long blonde hair. Dancing around him
were some 30 midgets with large heads.
# A farmhouse bedroom near Floyd's Knob, Indiana:
During one abduction a blue eyed Jesus-like figure in
resplendent robe appeared in a shaft of sparkling light
that came through the ceiling. He took the abductee's
hand and said, "Don't be afraid my child! These are
mine," gesturing to the little humanoids who were
standing around the room.
Now let us turn to our next category. In it we will learn
some even more startling things from the very lips of
Nordic experiencers. There are a number of close
contact cases in which the persons insist that their
Nordic friends are physical in every sense of the word.
Special Revealing: Episodes
# Janice, residing in New Hampshire. Since a child she
has considered the Nordics as her "other family" and
perceives them as true physical beings. She insists,
"They are not gods or angels. They are another race
who are here because they are responsible for us. I have
seen them breathe in a physical state, but not in the nonphysical
"I have seen them sit, lie down, have sex, but not go to
the toilet. However I have used their standup toilet. She
also said, "It is the fear a person is living through that
changes his or her perception of the experience. Just
because I am not afraid doesn't mean I never was. It's
the same for the nine other persons I know about. I
can't tell you how many times we are referred to as
"aliens lovers or delusion-driven breeding stock,
because we are no longer afraid."
# Amy, who lives in Michigan, is a very kind
experiencer who has tried to help others. My last
communication from her had her feeling caught in the
middle due to the arrival of new players who gather to
find out what the other ETs are doing. The situation has
caused her to be hospitalized. She has not seen the
Nordics eat, but has seen them resting on what looked
like a chaise lounge. Amy told me, "As you know, I
believe there are different groups of tall beings making
contact. When I stated I had not seen any Nordies with
the Zeta's (Grays) .. or maybe what I should have said is
that I don't have any recollection of seeing them. I
know that Janice and I have the same Zeta contact.
"We have seen each other on board their craft several
times. Needless to say, we find this exciting and call
each other up in the morning. We have never met in
person on Earth. Anyway Janice does see the tall beings
the Pleiadians, on board with our group of Zeta's, I
would say that not all Nordic types are from the same
community and perhaps their goal/agenda is not the
same. The Zeta's I am in contact with do have humans
living among them. They are from genetic material that
they have collected from us earthbound experiencers. I
have met several of their people, both human and
halflings. I have been shown different living areas for
these humans on board.
"One seemed to be for recreation in a park-like
atmosphere, I have had several conversations with both
males and females about their life there. They seemed
genuinely happy people. I do not think they are being
treated like slaves."
# A highly respected pastor from Canada says that as a
child he was held on the lap of his lifetime mentor
"Gold" (Entity has a golden sheen to its eyes which can
change color according to its mood), and watched what
was done to his loved ones. Over 300 lost time periods
and many abductions, details have been recalled over 45
years. Some of these memories involved groups of
persons in his religious group.
In his intimate relations with those he calls the
"Overseers or non-Terrans," the cleric has seen them
breathe, eat, drink, lift some abductees out of a lake with
their arms, and glide over the surface of the water,
Here in the Pastor's own stunning words is his
description of the Nordics most astonishing appearance.
If memory serves me right, it was in late August 1987.
Just about all our brethren who would be participating
in the almost fall ritual were out on the landscape. That
would make about 400 men, women, and children, and
several hundred animals. They appeared just as we were
commencing our march to our most holy place. One
second they were not there, and the next second they
were. Of the few brethren who'd been facing in the
direction in which they appeared the word was that
there was a rippling in the air not unlike that of heat just
prior to the arrival of the non-Terrans. A most abrupt
silence descended on the group when they realized. Just
who had joined our party, It was five Nordics led by
my "buddy." Only he was observably masculine. The
others were of the non-gender variety as far as we
could, determine. As chief functionary I approached
Gold. He said they wished to witness the ritual in
They hung around for the entirety of the ritual, then
went back to the spot where they had arrived before
departing in the same manner."
This man who holds a number of PhD's, further
explained... "Yes, Don, the ones I have been around do
respirate. I have touched and been touched by them on
plenty of occasions. You don't think that what I felt was
real? Thanks to the number of events wherein I've been
in the presence of ephemerals, I assume that I've come
to know the difference."
In a later conversation, the Pastor who is also a
physician-described some medical instruments and
techniques used by his erstwhile benefactor. As the
cylinder is passed slowly from the apex of my cranium
to the soles of my feet, probes descend and pass through
my exterior derma and into my various interiorties. Yes,
I do believe that I can sense something, that can be
construed as feeling or sensation. Feeling not good or
bad but both. It's not unlike being able to laugh and cry
at the same time. There is a separate wand which wields
the needle which they stick in your nostril. Having
thought about it, I'd venture to express that I have seen a
little ball-thing that they install, remove or re-install. It's
creamic-like only more toward slivery-white. It's quite
slender, and some inches in length.
The crunching sound is constant whether they are
sticking it into you or taking it out. Sometimes the
placement seems to affect the sight of the eye that
they've placed the little ball behind."
Some of the things that we have learned about the
Nordics are pretty startling. Perhaps what astonished
me the most was when I learned due to the series of
lifetime experiencers-that our enigmatic Nordics seem
to exist in both the space/time dimensional world of the
spirit and the physical world of sensory substance. Now
let us move on to the fascinating Nordic habit of giving
out cataclysmic Earth destruction warnings.
Nordies Warn of Cataclysmic Earth Changes
The dire warnings of a supposed future axis tilt and
Earthly chaos repeat themselves like a broken record in
the UFOlore of the English and Spanish speaking parts
of the world, and probably elsewhere that we don't
know about. The warnings date back in Biblical
antiquity and other ancient sources and continue to the
present day. One amazing source is the Hopi Indian
religious mythologies, legends, pictographs, and
petroglyps. These - thus far -incredibly accurate
predictions seem to come mainly from seven foot,
blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Nordics by way of the Hopi
ancestors who called them the Hisatsinom. Not Anasazi
as is sometimes mistakenly stated. Anasazi is the Navajo
word that means enemy ancestor.
Now, let me describe four of my best cases. When it
comes to the United States, the southwestern and mid-
America/Great Lakes regions seem to be the focal points
of the greatest upheaval although plenty of changes are
due to happen in other places. Are the Nordics telling it
to us straight or are they really colossal deceivers? Or,
can they just be off timewise? I have noticed a few
important misses I'll give later. Maybe reliability is
contingent upon the relative hieratical status of the being
imparting the warnings.
# Dannion Brinkley, the man who was struck by
lightening and died, spent time with a series of
magnificent beings in a fabulous crystal city of light.
Thus far many of the 117 predictions that were given to
him about future events have come true.
# Sarah, a prolific message receiver wonders if those
who identify themselves to her as "The Lifeforce" may
not be the well known Ashtar group through her
prediction about Ashtar's arrival on Earth in 1994
proved inaccurate. "The place known as California will
disappeang. The ocean will relocate during the shift and
the deserts of Nevada and Arizona will be a wastrel of
waters. The Great Lakes will be destroyed in the latter
part of the shift, distributed into waterways that now,
are oceans. All animals know what is to come and some
are even glad to end their mistreatment at the hands of
humans. They prefer to embrace the leaving of this
planet. There will be many liftoffs in the days before
and right after the shift. All persons have chosen their
paths and know within their souls the choice that they
have made in advance."
# Donna, of Canada, among my foremost Nordic
experiencers, predicted a big quake in California, in
1995 which did happen. Regarding the urging of the
Nordics for her to move further north in Ontario, I
suggested she stay put, which proved right. Donna said,
"California will undergo terrible destruction and most
of it will be covered by water. Water will cover some
parts of the central USA, including Mississippi, and
they specifically mentioned New York. Certain people,
myself included, are being trained to be helpers during
this crisis.
"Massive numbers of people are going to die, and at
death, the Nordics usually assist people in making the
transition helping to minimize the fear, disorientation,
and trauma. However, there will not be enough Nordics
to go around and human helpers will be necessary. The
Nordics have always oriented us to the new dimension
when we die, moreover, it takes some time, because the
shock of "dying" and yet, finding one's self alive and
not in heaven or hell in the traditional sense is more
than some souls can't olerate. Also, there is normally a
'review' and `evaluation' period where we are required
to look over events and choices of our Earthly life and
determine which experiences contributed to our
evolution of consciousness and which retarded
# Brenda of Kansas has experienced many abductions
and on one occasion the Grecian-featured platinum
blonde figure with stunning blue eyes, appeared in
broad daylight. Brenda has received messages of Earth's
destruction as well as other predictions. One of these
given in 1989 was that Bob Dole would become
president of the U.S. This of course was a clear miss.
# El John, a lifetime New Mexico contactee, also made a
prediction of a great California quake in 1994, which
never happened, "Most of this I receive from direct
physical contacts with Nordic beings like the Orion
group, who almost always appear wearing blue tights
or jumpsuits. Among those encountered are both lightskin
and dark skin beings whose life span is 1,000 to
3,500 Earth years. As far as I know the two mile high
tidal wave will, happen soon, striking from the far east.
Due to my own personal involvement, I have come to
understand from those involved that each contact with
the Nordics can prove to be a gripping drama. To the
majority of those who have been selected for contact
these beings can be wondrous-almost angelic. But in
studying these cases I have come to understand that
there are many unanswered questions which these
encounters pose to the serious investigator.
For example:
# Exactly who are these beings?
# Where do they reside' and furthermore are they
physical or paranormal in form?
# Are their intentions good, bad or indifferent, and are
they guided by a supreme, wise, master somewhere
whom we might call God?
We know at least some of the Nordics can be classified
as "deceivers," as many of their predictions and dire
warnings have not proven accurate. As a good case in
point, is the recent demise of the followers of the
Heavens Gate group. Their leader, Bo or Do, had in the
past detailed out of body experiences, mentioned
hearing voices, and told of a higher level of
consciousness which could be reached with the help of
beings from space. Many of his followers were
contactees who seem to have been easily swayed by
these beautiful entities with awesome powers.
In not one of my 40 articles published over the years
have I ever advocated trusting totally in the aliens. I'm
convinced 'that all of these aliens should be judged by
their actions and riot by what they show or tell anyone
they have contacted. We must keep an open mind but
always remember never to put our life on the line.
Author's Note: In order to safeguard the reputation of
those involved so as they will not be the brunt of
ridicule or harassment, no actual names have been used
in this article, though the files are here at my home for
reference. Those with experiences to relate may contact
me at:
1051 Beech Street, Connersville, IN 4733

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Our many blessings are found in the good things happening with Opening Borders:

We have a solid, functioning board and have just added two new members – Amy Crawford from Hillsboro, ND, and Dr. Juan Munoz from Fargo.
On June 28 the board and other stakeholders in this organization will gather to refashion and expand our vision and create new horizons for ministry. This will be led by an experienced facilitator in strategic planning, board capacity building, and in the creation of a plan to move us forward.
Five delegations are on the calendar into early 2009; four to El Paso and Juarez, and one to the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas. Assuming all of these delegations are filled, many more people will have a transformative educational experience, and our income base will increase.
Denise Peterson has written some grant proposals, and we are very hopeful that we will receive some operational funding. This would allow us to carry on staff and recruitment expenses, as well as hire a grant writer and enhance our ability to reach out further with word of our ministry.
Denis Mudderman has worked many hours to develop a beautiful web site, and will continue to develop this with new and creative components.
The University of Mary has selected Opening Borders as a “project” for one of their Masters of Business Administration classes for the fall. The study of our organization will be their final Master’s project, and after interviewing some of our board members, will create a business plan to help us become more self-sustaining .This consultation on the professional market is typically done for a cost of at least $10,000, so this is a real gift to us and for our future.

Indeed we are continually getting “signs” that we are on the right track with this ministry. In today’s world, we are a beacon of hope for many who struggle with life along the border, and we continue to seek our role in leading people into a deeper understanding of the concerns and dilemmas of our sisters and brothers.

We are on a bridge that I call “the time between the times”. We are on our way, and we will get there, but we need financial help to sustain us over the next few months. You are receiving this because I’m confident you believe in this ministry, and if you are able, I am asking that you please consider a donation in whatever amount you can offer. We are setting our “E-Plea” goal at $5,000. If 50 people gave $100, we’d be there…but of course, we will be thrilled for whatever amount you can share now. Make checks to Opening Borders, and mail to P. O. Box 5001, West Fargo, ND 58078. May you find blessing in giving. We really appreciate your willingness!

Peace to you,

Vicki Schmidt, Chair

Board of Directors

postnote from Myron:

This is from a former LBI student (1965-66)

April 17, 2008 at 5:24 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

4/6/2008 8:40:30 AM



I confess, I don’t know everything there is to know about the Internet. I’ll leave the kudos of inventing the Internet to Al gore. He seems to want to take credit for inventing the internet, from what I’ve heard. I remember once seeing him on the news in a grade school holding a co-ax cable in his hand. Do you really think he knew what to do with this cable? I doubt it! In fact al gore is perhaps that biggest political hypocrite alarmist in this planet today. What a joke, with this global warming hoax and all. But that’s another story.

Let’s get back to the Internet. You’ll notice I placed a “I” in the word. Now I’m not going to brag or anything, but I LOVE the Internet. You see, my job while working for the Post Office was to finish what Al Gore failed to do. The end of that imaginary cable needed to be plugged into something, right. Mr. Gore probably doesn’t know the difference be a Microsoft computer and an Apple. I’m serious! Has he ever designed a web site from scratch? I doubt it. I will now post this to our public blog and get back to productive work, like getting ready for church.

4/11/2008 5:25:13 AM

April 18, 2008 at 6:00 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

4/11/2008 5:25:13 AM


Today is my only grandchild’s 2nd birthday. Once again, John called Sally & I’m not invited to participate in this joyous event.

I’m trying to meet with John privately and tell him that I’m not going to be his father anymore.

April 18, 2008 at 6:02 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

KMAJAM/1440 apr 18 early am

OK, I’m a talk show junkie.. I admit it. I just called my radio friend, Steve Forman, and the subject was “humor.” He let me rant for an extended length of time. I didn’t even mention my super secret website, or is it OUR super secret website. I need to say “OUR” because Sally is also involved.

So the Internet still is alive and well, and so is our blog, of which I’m about to post to our PUBLIC blog.



April 18, 2008 at 6:04 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

No problem. Thanks
----- Original Message -----
From: Myron Holter
To: Mike Keil
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 4:12 PM
Subject: Re: OSLC Midweek 04-17-08

Thanks for your update.

I'll post your email to our public blog too, per your approval.

ask me about too

your brother in Christ & a possible fellow blogger.

Myron Holter
785-272-4986 (home)
785-220-2040 (cell)
Personal & Business website(s)

----- Original Message -----
From: Mike Keil
To: Church Office
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 2:14 PM
Subject: OSLC Midweek 04-17-08

OSLC Midweek, April 17, 2008


Click on the link below for the calendar.


For daily Bible readings and devotions, follow this link


OSLC Announcements:

Congratulations to Tim and Christi Driggs on the birth of Gavin Douglas Driggs. Gavin was born at Lawrence Memorial Hospital on Apr. 10, weighing in at 7lbs., 3 ozs. and is 19 inches long. Both mother and son are doing well.

The Quinton Heights Carnival is Sat., Apr. 19 from 4-7 pm. Volunteers are needed to work games, help with food, etc. We need items for the Bake Walk and prizes for the games. They also need plain sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. Please sign up at the information desk or contact Roberta Oestreich.

Caring Ministers will meet Saturday afternoon, Apr. 19, at 3:00. Anyone who would like to know more about Caring Ministers is invited to attend, or contact Linda Willis.

The Dialog deadline is Sunday, Apr. 20.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend a congregational meeting on Sunday, April 27, to provide input to the Strategic Planning Committee on defining the “core values” of Our Savior’s. This will then become the foundation of a strategic plan. The meeting will run from 10:30 to 1:30. Child care and pizza will be provided.

The Annual Parade of Baskets begins Sat., Apr. 19. Please have your baskets at the church by Friday. You can drop them off any time. Please leave your basket on the table in the Fellowship Hall.

Because Fair Trade coffee is now being sold at Walmart, Regina Rohlfs will be folding up the stand here at church. We will still be using Fair Trade coffee, but will no longer be selling it. Regina still has some left to sell, so see her about purchasing what she has left.

The new “Offering of our Gifts” forms (old Time & Talents) will be available to pick up on the table in the concourse this weekend, Apr. 19 & 20. Please prayerfully consider how you will offer to each other, to the church, and the community the gifts that God has lovingly given to you. On May 3 & 4 we will make an offering of our gifts during the worship services. Please bring your completed forms to worship that weekend, or mail them so we can include as many as possible in our “Offering.”

Bazaar Work Session -- The next work session will be Thursday, April 24, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. There are lots of projects to work on -- please come and join us for good fellowship. This year our proceeds will go to Marian Clinic, with matching funds from Thrivent.


Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity
Contact Linda Carr at 379-5765 or email at for more information on how you can help.


50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Committee will meet on Thursday, April 24, at 5:30 p.m. at the church. We are making lots of decisions and so need everyone who has an interest to please come!!


OSLC Youth News

The youth are selling bracelets for $5.00 each. They remind us to “Follow in His steps”. They come in a variety of colors. If you are interested, check with a member of the youth group. All the money raised will also go towards the Greensburg Mission Trip.


Vacation Bible School

This year Our Savior’s will be hosting the VBS Day Camp from July 7-11. We will need a lot of help in many different areas this year, so mark your calendars and look for information in the Dialog, bulletins and Midweek. Bridget Frazer will be on-site Pre-school coordinator and Andrea McGee will be the on-site Day Camp coordinator.

Enrollment forms are now available on the information desk for VBS. Please note there are two different colored forms, yellow for the Day Camp ((first through sixth grade) and blue for pre through K ages.


Other Items of Interest:

First Lutheran Church, 1234 SW Fairlawn Road, is hosting a Pipe Organ Recital Sunday, Apr. 27, starting at 4 pm. The recital will feature the addition of the Richard Gayhart Choir Division of the Organ, Jerry K. Anderson, organist and Mark Fuller, narrator.

A Ceremony for Certification in the Central States Synod Parish Ministry Associate Program for Mary Heald will be held Sunday, Apr. 27 at 10:30 am at Trinity Lutheran Church, 731 SW Buchanan in Topeka. You are invited to attend the worship service and stay for coffee and fellowship afterward.

The Waldorf Choir, Blair Buffington, conductor, will be in concert Apr. 28 at 7:30 pm at Faith Lutheran Church, 17th & Gage in Topeka. Free will offering at the door.

The Annual Dance for Life Gala Celebration to benefit Meals on Wheels of Shawnee and Jefferson Counties will be held at the Kansas Museum of History on May 2, 2008. For more information or to make reservations, call 785-354-5420.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is sponsoring a Chiefs All Pro Dad Father and Kids Experience. Join Head Coach Herm Edwards at Arrowhead Stadium for an unforgettable morning filled with relationship-building information and activities. Saturday, May 3 from 9 am to noon. Only $15 (covers the father and up to 4 children). Recommended for children age 5 and over. Tickets are expected to sell out fast. For more information or to register go to or call 1-800-956-8300.

“Music…Just What the Doctor Ordered!” ,a fund raising event to benefit Marian Clinic and Shawnee County Medical Society Foundation’s HealthAccess program, will be Sunday, May 4 from 4-5:30 pm at First United Methodist Church, 600 SW Topeka Blvd. There is no admission charge, but a free will offering will be accepted at the door. Performers include Dr. Steve Crouch, Dr. Robert Jacoby, Dr. Grace Morrison, Dr. Craig Yorke, The Rip Chords, Shawnee County Choral Society, and more.


This Week in History: Follow this link to find out what happened this week in Christian/Church History



This is an email from Mike , our church's assistant.


April 18, 2008 at 9:54 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

4/19/2008 6:58:23 AM


My favorite day. And why do you say that? I’m glad you asked. You see , Saturday is the day I do NOT need to report for work at Alorica. However with my new part time job in progress at Hy-Vee, perhaps I’ll not be able to have Saturday as my favorite day either. So Sally & I are looking forward to the days of being DEBT FREE and being able to yell on the radio to Dave “WE’RE DEBT FREE!”

I’ll now post this to my PUBLIC blog for the whole Internet world to read.


April 19, 2008 at 5:07 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

4/19/2008 9:16:06 AM

TOP 10 (reasons why Myron should not be the Mayor of Topeka)

10) No animals (dogs) allowed in city hall (Sally’s input J )
9) No welfare to those expecting a handout from the city government.
8) NO presiding on Tues. night (just cutting ribbons, etc.)
7) NO dress code (wear a suit and tie only if EXTREMELY necessary, and wife orders me)
6) NO Caring (for those who don’t want to work AND EXPECTING A GOVRNMENT HANDOUT))
5) NO seriousness (I need to work on being serious in a dry humorous way)
4) NO Agenda (let the city council handle all the tough agendas)
3) NO Name (Who is Myron D. Holter ??? ) … who cares? J
2) NO Money (I do have a paypal account in our web.



April 19, 2008 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

4/20/2008 3:12:43 PM

OK ..

After many replies to my previous blog, (NONE) , I’ll post the 10 ten reasons why I should run for mayor. I’m reserving #10 for Sally.

10) Reserved for Sally, my wife of many years.
8) become The 1st Internet e-mayor Blogger
7) request all in power to listen to conservative talk radio and report weekly on how much time has been devoted to listening. Start with KMAJ/AM with Steve Forman and don’t change the radio dial.
5) Be more fiscally responsible with our taxpayer money.
4) Get the city government to think like a computer.
3) Try to get our city government to lighten up.
2) Listen more to our constituents.




April 20, 2008 at 4:12 PM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

4/21/2008 6:32:20 AM


You really don’t know how you miss being retired until you’re NOT retired. I chose to go back to work and I’m yearning to get back into the FREEDOM that goes with the title (retirement). You really don’t know how much you miss retirement until you’ve been there. So I can now say, I’ve been there, done that. I guess I’ve got to get to my 2nd part time job … l8r

4/23/2008 5:35:22 AM

I called my radio buddy Jim Cates the other day. The subject was about our city government. I’m real short on the radio and hang up BEFORE I get hung up on. I always introduce myself on the air and Jim also knows my voice. I stated that if I were mayor, I would promise to do nothing. Jim chuckled. It made my day saying that. Seriously, back in 05 I did indeed run for mayor. I can proudly say, I lost, but I did not come n last. I’d like to thank Bob Sherburne, for running. I paid my respects to Bob at his wake at Terry’s bar & grill. I think I was his only friend.

I’ll now post this here writings of mine on my PUBLIC blog. & send this off to the wonderful world of emails.

4/30/2008 5:27:18 AM

Dear Journal:

Yesterday I met a very interesting person, the Rev. Richard Taylor. We met at the Golden Corral here in Topeka. He left with me his Christmas letter and I promised him I would scan his letter and make a web page for him. Here’s a snippet of his writings.


It’s the way you walk,
And the way you talk,
And the way you wear your hair.
It’s the way you smile,
Each little while,
When I meet you here and there.

It’s the way you laugh,
And take the gaff,
When I tease about your car.
It’s the things you do,
And the way counts too.
It’s you as you really are.

April 30, 2008 at 4:48 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

She goes to breakfast from 7:30 to 8:15 or so. She has coffee and sweets from 9:30 to 10:15 and lunch from 11:15 to 12:30. She has afternoon coffee at 2:30 to 3 and dinner at 5:30 to 6:30. I never call during these times and I usually get her.


Postnote: My mother's schedule.. Myron

May 3, 2008 at 5:24 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

5/4/2008 7:20:28 AM

I was able to scan the good Reverends total Christmas letter, minus the contact info. Here’s the url:

May 4, 2008 at 5:23 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

5/5/2008 7:54:31 AM


I’ve got another part time job. I’m going to work at Hy-Vee grocery right next door (almost) at 29th & Wanamaker Rd. I’m to be the food preparer, but I just found out I’m not expected to cook. After a month of training , I’m ready to start my job in another hour. So, once again, pray for me as I’m also suffering with a headache and also neuropathy. I visited with the HR person, Kathy?, and they all know my health problems.

May 9, 2008 at 3:07 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

5/6/2008 6:59:18 AM

Dear Jamie:

Thank you for your letter and your phone visits regarding my open dispute. I also appreciate not being responsible for the two transactions charged to my visa credit card.

The story goes like this:

I received an email enticing me to receive a FREE laptop. All I needed to do was register for three web pages, like discover credit card, free credit report, blockbuster and many more deceiving ads to buy into their products, services or ideas.

So I got suckered into trying to receive my FREE laptop. I really don’t need another computer by the way. But I figured it’s FREE, so why not J

I was able to receive credit from blockbuster and cancelled all the “FREE” web pages, except for e-auction.

Late in April (exact day escapes me) I checked my visa gold credit balance. I was puzzled by the transactions charged to my account. So I proceeded to call the 1-800 #’s as posted on the bank statement. I was able to either receive credit back to all the “FREE” scams except for e-auction.

I drove to Core West bank and received a 1-800 # for e-auction as there was no # listed on the statement. After receiving the 800 # I drove home to make the phone call to some company from Salt Lake City UT. Core bank should have this “business” on file as they are very un-cooperative. The supervisor informed me that they would NOT give me credit unless they see a copy of the bill. So I proceeded to print out the statement and placed it in the mailbox.

In the meantime, I visited Maureen at Core West bank and told her of my instructions. She told me to immediately remove the letter from our mailbox. I hurried back home and removed the letter BEFORE the mail person arrived.

I asked for a credit and was given the run around. This company has no product and is DECEIVING the public by it’s come on. They need to be chastised for their business tactics.

There’s no way to call them as there’s no phone # posted on the bill. The supervisor and agents are following scripts and will NOT give any credit. The better business bureau should also be informed about this less than honorable company.

Thanks for helping this customer.


Myron D. Holter
5112 SW 33rd ST
Topeka KS

May 9, 2008 at 3:08 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

5/7/2008 7:19:56 AM


My 1st day on the job at the new grocery store was fun! I served various food from the deli. There’s new vendor called DiLucci and the wrapped sandwiches are GOOD.

I saw many for folks I haven’t seen for some time. Of course, I shared our web for those who would like a copy.

Guess I’d better get to work ….

5/8/2008 7:30:56 AM

Dear Journal & interested readers:

Well, this has been quite a week so far !

I’m now working part time at the NEW Hy-Vee at 29th & Wanamaker here in Topeka KS. It’s a FUN job! Yesterday I cut up peaches, pears & apriums. What is an aprium? It’s a cross between an apricot and a pear. Imagine that ! Some mad scientist plant genetics in his/her back yard with nothing better to do designed this plant I’m sure. Guess I should do a google search and get more knowledge about what I’m to do for show and tell.

On the grand opening day, my supervisor had me slicing up wrap sandwiches. They have a new product at the Deli called DiLucci. That was FUN too !!!

The big negative is having to stand for hours at a time. I visited with my supervisor and the HR person, and I’m going to work only four hours at a time, instead of my 1st week working a six hour shift. That will help. It’s a FUN job, and I want to keep working at Hy-Vee. My health is important also, and I appreciate Hy-Vee willing to listen to my health concerns.

Gotta run !

May 9, 2008 at 3:09 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

5/9/2008 5:01:28 AM


Yes indeed, Sally & I are getting one step closer to retirement. At least I am. Working at the call center has indeed been a challenge just to show up. There’s a 90 % turn over rate, or retention. No company can exist long with that kind of turn over. My question to myself and my co-workers is “WHY?!? If someone is reading this blog and would like to post a comment, I would sure like to know.

May 9, 2008 at 3:11 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

I have receive an email from a co-worker & I will copy/paste her email (email address removed)

My thoughts on what happen to Alorica. Well for one they hire anybody off the stree. They promise that you can move up fast in the company but how can you if you blend in with everybody else? In training class they make it seem so easy but when you hit the production floor and take your first call it is not at all it is cracked up to be and some people do not want to make sales. The job is easy enough but some just do not want to sit on the phone for 8 or 10 hours a day. Then it comes down to scheduling. Some employees have children, school, or other jobs. When parents are single and have maybe one or more children they need a decent schedule to see their kids but also have a job. If a employee is a student, they need to work around that schedule because school is important to finish and to have time to study. I am a student and I go to school but I also need my time to study and do homework. Alorica needs to acknowledge that they do not pay their employees enough to take care of themselves or their families that they need to get another job. Alorica needs to be flexible to understand that some people do need another job to live. The pay, I think that they are taking to much out for taxes on our checks. When employees see how low their checks are they don't think it is worth staying. Before pay raises came in people did not want to stay just at 9.00 an hour but now with pay raises I think more people might come to work at Alorica. And when I was hired I was told about being paid for incentives for selling. Well I havven't seen a dime of my incentives and they like to screw you on the sales you are making and even on the score cards. They want youu to meet a certain criteria on your score card. Sometimes you just can't meet the goal for Average Handling Time or the knowledge or even selling. I know that I would prefer to help customers then watch my stupid AHT. Sprint wants to keep customers not make their customers unhappy.
If Alorica can change some of their rules a bit or understand that their employees need other things, then they could keep the employees. I was screwed on 16 hours during learning lab and they could not prove that I was there the first two days. One question I have and have asked this, is why do you want us to sign in on the sign in sheets but they are not kept? If they are to keep record who shows up and who doesn't, why do you not keep the sign in sheets for up to a year? And badge swips, I think they need to update their software, because I know I was there on February 4 amd 5. One more thing why Alorica can not keep their employees is that they like to screw employees on their hours. At first we were able to swip in and out by the door but now we use the computer. Computers do not always keep the same time. And what about when the systems go down? That is not a safe way to keep track of time for your employees. If Alorica could go back to clock in time would be kept in order in a better way. That is all I have to say about Alorica.

name & address removed ....

May 9, 2008 at 4:48 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...


Here’s the problem. Topeka is the capitol city of Kansas and because of that, the city is the #1 state employer. We also have a city council that seems not to get along.

As many of you may or may not know, I ran for mayor of Topeka KS back in 2005. NO!, I’m not planning to run for mayor in 2009 as my beloved Sally as of yet has not given me her blessing. If anyone would like to know why I ran for mayor, I wanted to plug our web site. Secondly I thought it would be fun. I’m very glad I lost.

So here are the answers for our city government.


1) dissolve the nine districts to four.
2) Lease out the choppers from the highway patrol & the army aviation.
3) Divide the city government from nine city council members, one mayor & one city manager to 4 city council members, one mayor & one city manager.
4) Make the salaries all equal and full time.

I will now post this to our

May 9, 2008 at 7:11 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

5/17/2008 1:58:20 PM


To those of you who may or may not know, Jim Cates of KMAJ/AM talk radio got fired this last week.

Jim is my radio friend and I would call in regularly as a caller/listener.

Jim is probably the only radio talk show host who knew our faith based web site from memory, and to that I am eternally grateful.

We held a protest this past Friday at 28th & Kansas and I was there in support of making Cumulus be aware of the error of their ways.

I recognized many of my radio friends from years past.

So, as an Internet blogger and a concerned citizen for talk radio FREEDOM here’s my plans.

1) I will not be calling into the radio station anymore unless there’s open lines.
2) I will NOT be doing business with any of KMAJ/AM paid sponsors.
3) I WILL do business with those who have pulled their sponsorships.
4) I WILL be a host for a day put I’ll charge $100.00 for my radio hosting.

If Cumulus wants me to be the radio host for a day, here’s MY CONDITIONS.

1) I will NOT advertise the present sponsors.
2) I will ONLY advertise the sponsors who pulled their sponsorship.
3) I will have THREE HOURS of OPEN LINE.


Take that CUMULUS

Myron Holter
Topeka KS

May 18, 2008 at 6:30 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

5/21/2008 5:47:16 AM


Here are some more ideas for you bloggers to reply to:


Read our mission statement.


Read our mission statement.


Read our mission statement.


Read our mission statement.

May 21, 2008 at 3:48 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Hi Myron,

I am back on line and "Ready for Bear."

My website is on the shelf right now because I am
going to be busy this week and can not get into my
"One on One" computer session to continue to work on

I may be staying here for another year. We made a
tentative agreement to another rent increase which my
daughter is going to pay, if I stay here, so I will
keep you up dated.

Here is another article that people need to read.
Today we have access to so much more information as
jesus (Yashua) stated that we would regarding
religion. We now have access to truths that have been
kept from us so that organized religion can no longer
"Pull The Wool Over Our Eyes." At least for those of
us who are "DOING OUR HOMEWORK."

I don't know the author of this article I am featuring
below however the content is short and gives us a much
deeper look into the person and character of King
James. The article is a rather "Short Snippet" into
the evil demonic nature of King James.

As I stated below:






We have to remember the bloodlines here. King James
was a member of a hybrid bloodline known as the "Blue
Bloods" meaning that he was more than likely born with
alien DNA anomalies. Once people realize this and the
demonic affects these most often possessed individuals
had on the world, and how they formed the global
belief systems, we will look at what they write, say
and do as very suspicious indeed.

The King James Version of the Bible was the kings
authorized copy of the Bible that the commoners were
allowed to read. We don't know what the original
Bible taught or what the Bible Canon read like before
King James and his "Copy Pasters" changed it. Each
time the Bible was re-written and printed it has been
changed at the hands of people with "Hidden Agendas."

The first Bible was written by a follower of Jesus
long before the Bibles we use today, which was forced
on the world by the Jewish and Roman Catholic Church
authorities around 325A.D. The first Bible was
written by Marcion around 50 years after the death of
Jesus (Yashua). The first Bible, by Marcion, did not
include the Jewish Old Testament or most of the Jewish
references we find in the New Testament.

The Bible we use today is not to be trusted for many
reasons, which you will learn when you start to "DO

Knowing who King James was is one example of why we
must not trust what we read in the current authorized
King James Bible and all the various versions printed
from the King James Bible, which are used today by the
Christian/Catholic church's.


Who Really Was King James

Author unknown

For the last three centuries Protestants have fancied
themselves the heirs of the Reformation, the Puritans,
the Calvinists, and the Pilgrims who landed at
Plymouth Rock. This assumption is one of history's
greatest ironies. Today, Protestants laboring under
that assumption use the King James Bible. Most of the
new Bibles such as the Revised Standard Version are
simply updates of the King James. 

The irony is that none of the groups named in the
preceding paragraph used a King James Bible nor would
they have used it if it had been given to them free.
The Bible in use by those groups, until it went out of
print in 1644, was the Geneva Bible. The first Geneva
Bible, both Old and New Testaments, was first
published in English in 1560 in what is now Geneva,
Switzerland. William Shakespeare, John Bunyan, John
Milton, the Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock in
1620, and other luminaries of that era used the Geneva
Bible exclusively. 

Until he had his own version named after him, so did
King James I of England. James I later tried to
disclaim any knowledge of the Geneva Bible, though he
quoted the Geneva Bible in his own writings. As a
Professor Eadie reported it: 

"...his virtual disclaimer of all knowledge up
to a late period of the Genevan notes and version was
simply a bold, unblushing falsehood, a clumsy attempt
to sever himself and his earlier Scottish beliefs and
usages that he might win favor with his English

The irony goes further. King James did not encourage a
translation of the Bible in order to enlighten the
common people: his sole intent was to deny them the
marginal notes of the Geneva Bible. The marginal notes
of the Geneva version were what made it so popular
with the common people. 

The King James Bible was, and is for all practical
purposes, a government publication. There were several
reasons for the King James Bible being a government
publication. First, King James I of England was a
devout believer in the "divine right of kings," a
philosophy ingrained in him by his mother, Mary
Stuart. Mary Stuart may have been having an affair
with her Italian secretary, David Rizzio, at the time
she conceived James. There is a better than even
chance that James was the product of adultery.
Apparently, enough evidence of such conduct on the
part of Mary Stuart and David Rizzio existed to cause
various Scot nobles, including Mary's own husband,
King Henry, to drag David Rizzio from Mary's supper
table and execute him. The Scot nobles hacked and
slashed at the screaming Rizzio with knives and
swords, and then threw him off a balcony to the
courtyard below where he landed with a sickening
smack. In the phrase of that day, he had been

Mary did have affairs with other men, such as the Earl
of Bothwell. She later tried to execute her husband in
a gunpowder explosion that shook all of Edinburgh.
King Henry survived the explosion only to be
suffocated later that same night. The murderers were
never discovered. Mary was eventually beheaded at the
order of her cousin, Elizabeth I of

To such individuals as James and his mother, Mary, the
"divine right of kings" meant that since a king's
power came from God, the king then had to answer to no
one but God. This lack of responsibility extended to
evil kings. The reasoning was that if a king was evil,
that was a punishment sent from God. The citizens
should then suffer in silence. If a king was good,
that was a blessing sent from God.

This is why the Geneva Bible annoyed King James I. The
Geneva Bible had marginal notes that simply didn't
conform to that point of view. Those marginal notes
had been, to a great extent, placed in the Geneva
Bible by the leaders of the Reformation, including
John Knox and John Calvin. Knox and Calvin could not
and cannot be dismissed lightly or their opinions
passed off to the public as the mere ditherings of

First, notes such as, "When tyrants cannot prevail by
craft they burst forth into open rage" (Note i, Exodus
1:22) really bothered King James. Second, religion in
James' time was not what it is today. In that era
religion was controlled by the government. If someone
lived in Spain at the time, he had three religious

1. Roman Catholicism

2. Silence

3. The Inquisition

The third "option" was reserved for "heretics," or
people who didn't think the way the government wanted
them to. To governments of that era heresy and treason
were synonymous.

England wasn't much different. From the time of Henry
VIII on, an Englishman had three

1. The Anglican Church

2. Silence

3. The rack, burning at the stake, being drawn and
quartered, or some other form of

The hapless individuals who fell into the hands of the
government for holding religious opinions of their own
were simply punished according to the royal

Henry VIII, once he had appointed himself head of all
the English churches, kept the Roman Catholic system
of bishops, deacons and the like for a very good
reason. That system allowed him a "chain of command"
necessary for any bureaucracy to function. This system
passed intact to his heirs.

This system became a little confusing for English
citizens when Bloody Mary ascended to the throne. Mary
wanted everyone to switch back to Roman Catholicism.
Those who proved intransigent and wanted to remain
Protestant she burned at the stake - about 300 people
in all. She intended to burn a lot more, but the rest
of her intended victims escaped by leaving the
country. A tremendous number of those intended victims
settled in Geneva. Religious refugees from other
countries in Western Europe, including the French
theologian Jean Chauvin, better known as John Calvin,
also settled there.

Mary died and was succeeded in the throne by her
Protestant cousin, Elizabeth. The Anglican bureaucracy
returned, less a few notables such as Archbishop
Cranmer and Hugh Latimer (both having been burned at
the stake by Bloody Mary). In Scotland, John Knox led
the Reformation. The Reformation prospered in Geneva.
Many of those who had fled Bloody Mary started a
congregation there. Their greatest effort and
contribution to the Reformation was the first Geneva

More marginal notes were added to later editions. By
the end of the 16th century, the Geneva Bible had
about all the marginal notes there was space available
to put them in.

Geneva was an anomaly in 16th century Europe. In the
days of absolute despotism and constant warfare,
Geneva achieved her independence primarily by constant
negotiation, playing off one stronger power against
another. While other governments allowed lawyers to
drag out cases and took months and years to get rid of
corrupt officials, the City of Geneva dispatched most
civil and criminal cases within a month and threw
corrupt officials into jail the day after they were
found out. The academy that John Calvin founded there
in 1559 later became the University of Geneva.
Religious wars wracked Europe. The Spanish fought to
restore Roman Catholicism to Western Europe. The Dutch
fought for the Reformation and religious freedom.
England, a small country with only 4-1/2 million
people, managed to stay aloof because of the natural
advantage of the English Channel.

The Dutch declared religious freedom for everybody.
Amsterdam became an open city. English Puritans
arrived by the boatload. The 1599 Edition of the
Geneva Bible was printed in Amsterdam and London in
large quantities until well into the 17th

King James, before he became James I of England, made
it plain that he had no use for the "Dutch rebels" who
had rebelled against their Spanish King. Another irony
left to us from the 16th century is that the freedom
of religion and freedom of the press did not originate
in England, as many people commonly assume today.
Those freedoms were first given to Protestants by the
Dutch, as the records of that era plainly show.
England today does not have freedom of the press the
way we understand it. (There are things in England
such as the Official Secrets Act that often land
journalists in jail.)

England was
relatively peaceful in the time of Elizabeth I. There
was the problem of the Spanish Armada, but that was
brief. Elizabeth later became known as "Good Queen
Bess," not because she was so good, but because her
successor was so bad. Elizabeth died in 1603 and her
cousin, James Stuart, son of Mary Stuart, who up until
that time had been King James VI of Scotland ascended
the throne and became known as King James I of
England. James ascended the throne of England with the
"divine right of kings" firmly embedded in his mind.
Unfortunately, that wasn't his only mental

King James I, among his many other faults, preferred
young boys to adult women. He was a flaming
homosexual. His activities in that regard have been
recorded in numerous books and public records; so much
so, that there is no room for debate on the subject.
The King was queer.

The very people who use the King James Bible today
would be the first ones to throw such a deviant out of
the congregations.

The depravity of King James I didn't end with sodomy.
James enjoyed killing animals. He called it "hunting."
Once he killed an animal, he would literally roll
about in its blood. Some believe that he practiced
bestiality while the animal lay dying.

James was a sadist as well as a sodomite: he enjoyed
torturing people. While King of Scotland in 1591, he
personally supervised the torture of poor wretches
caught up in the witchcraft trials of Scotland. James
would even suggest new tortures to the examiners. One
"witch," Barbara Napier, was acquitted. That event so
angered James that he wrote personally to the court on
May 10, 1551, ordering a sentence of death, and had
the jury called into custody. To make sure they
understood their particular offense, the King himself
presided at a new hearing - and was gracious enough to
release them without punishment when they reversed
their verdict.

History has it that James was also a great coward. On
January 7, 1591, the king was in Edinburgh and emerged
from the toll booth. A retinue followed that included
the Duke of Lennox and Lord Hume. They fell into an
argument with the laird of Logie and pulled their
swords. James looked behind, saw the steel flashing,
and fled into the nearest refuge which turned out to
be a skinner's booth. There to his shame, he "fouled
his breeches in fear."

In short, King James I was the kind of despicable
creature honorable men loathed, Christians would not
associate with, and the Bible itself orders to be put
to death (Leviticus 20:13). Knowing what King James
was we can easily discern his motives.

James ascended the English throne in 1603. He wasted
no time in ordering a new edition of the Bible in
order to deny the common people the marginal notes
they so valued in the Geneva Bible. That James I
wasn't going to have any marginal notes to annoy him
and lead English citizens away from what he wanted
them to think is a matter of public record. In an
account corrected with his own hand dated February 10,
1604, he ordained:

That a translation be made of the whole Bible, as
consonant as can be to the original Hebrew and Greek,
and this to be set out and printed without any
marginal notes, and only to be used in all churches of
England in time of divine service. James then set up
rules that made it impossible for anyone involved in
the project to make an honest translation, some of
which follow:

1. The ordinary Bible read in the church, commonly
called the Bishop's Bible to be followed and as little
altered as the truth of the original will

2. Or, since the common people preferred the Geneva
Bible to the existing government publication, let's
see if we can slip a superseding government
publication onto their bookshelves, altered as little
as possible.

3. The old Ecclesiastical words to be kept, viz. the
word "church" not to be translated "congregation,"

4. That is, if a word should be translated a certain
way, let's deliberately mistranslate it to make the
people think God still belongs to the Anglican Church
- exclusively.

5. No marginal notes at all to be affixed, but only
for the explanation of the Hebrew or Greek words,
which cannot without some circumlocution, so briefly
and fitly be expressed in the text. 

June 11, 2008 at 5:37 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Bill Roy is a regular columnist here in Topeka KS

As a member of the vast right wing conspiracy, I respectfully disagree with most of his idealogy.

Column for week of June 4-11, 2008//675 words//from Bill Roy

In his address at the National Academy of Social Insurance last January 31st, Dr. Uwe Reinhardt, a top health-care policy expert, related our approach to health insurance to who we are as a nation and people.

Reinhardt, James Madison Professor of Political Economy at Princeton University, is aggravated--he even used the word "angry"--about how the high cost and limited availability of health insurance is adversely affecting hard-working Americans.

While the middle and lower classes are suffering income losses, they are paying a larger proportion of health care costs. Also, Reinhardt reflects on conversations with his son, a Marine officer who served in Iraq, about how health insurance and other benefits determine enlistments in our "all-volunteer" military forces.

As keynoter, Reinhardt dutifully recited the cost of American health care, $2.2 trillion, 16.2 % of the GDP now, and an anticipated $3.3 trillion in 2007 dollars in a $17 trillion GDP (also in 2007 dollars) in 2016, representing 19.4 % of our gross domestic product.

Even relative to the dismal future, Reinhardt expressed more concern about the waitress today who doesn’t have insurance, and today’s "veteran who doesn’t get mental health care."

Reinhardt hit three other pertinent themes: He cites the Institute of Medicine, which estimates 18,000 people died in 2002, for lack of health insurance. Meanwhile, President George W. Bush’s was contending people in America do indeed have access to health care: "You just go to the emergency room." It’s a well-known fact the president and his party opposed S-Chip, the expanded Medicaid program for uninsured children, because they believe anyone who can possibly afford insurance must buy it privately.

Reinhardt also mentioned the egregious law that pays insurance companies 112% of average Medicare regional costs to enroll Medicare D recipients--and realize great profits . (Only a filibuster-proof 60 votes in the Senate can repeal this increased burden on the squeezed Medicare dollar.)

He notes that with continuing 8% annual cost growth for employer-purchased health insurance, "Ten years from now half of the wage base will be eaten up by health costs alone."

"The argument is employers will simply go to high deductible policies--but that just shifts the agony of their payroll expense back into private households."

Reinhardt illustrates most private households are already relatively poorer than they were in the recent past: "The top 20% get 58% of all income earned; the bottom 40% get 10%." "The top 20% own 85% of the wealth in America." The result is more without health insurance.

Reinhardt recently interviewed Ulla Schmidt, German Minister of Health, who explained, "We have a contract of social solidarity. It is not right to have people uninsured. It is undignified to force people to beg for health care."

Well, maybe we are at least patriotic. Reinhardt is not so certain. His son, a Marine officer, gave his flak jacket to an enlisted man, because there were not enough jackets for everyone.

And, who are the enlisted personnel?

"Here is Staff Sergeant Lopez, ‘I don’t want to leave the Army and end up working for McDonald’s. Here I get a steady check and benefits for my wife and kids.’"

Reinhardt suggests, "Maybe deep down people are thinking, you know it’s not so bad to have a lot of economically depressed. Helps us to have an all-volunteer Army so my kid doesn‘t have to go."

He continues, "So in thinking about whether we can have universal insurance, I always have to ask myself, are we really a nation? Or are we just an economically, culturally diverse group of people who happen to share a geography, but who lack a strong sense of social solidarity and lack even patriotism, with each individual just trying to maximize his or her take from the country."

He believes at least half his Princeton students are in it for the take, and, it’s not incidental that only five of 1200 donned their country’s uniform after graduation.

Reinhardt, veteran of many health policy wars, closed wistfully with the thought "achieving universal coverage in this country is a major political challenge--and always worth trying."

Dr. Roy may be reached at

Column for week of June 4-11, 2008//675 words//from Bill Roy

In his address at the National Academy of Social Insurance last January 31st, Dr. Uwe Reinhardt, a top health-care policy expert, related our approach to health insurance to who we are as a nation and people.

Reinhardt, James Madison Professor of Political Economy at Princeton University, is aggravated--he even used the word "angry"--about how the high cost and limited availability of health insurance is adversely affecting hard-working Americans.

While the middle and lower classes are suffering income losses, they are paying a larger proportion of health care costs. Also, Reinhardt reflects on conversations with his son, a Marine officer who served in Iraq, about how health insurance and other benefits determine enlistments in our "all-volunteer" military forces.

As keynoter, Reinhardt dutifully recited the cost of American health care, $2.2 trillion, 16.2 % of the GDP now, and an anticipated $3.3 trillion in 2007 dollars in a $17 trillion GDP (also in 2007 dollars) in 2016, representing 19.4 % of our gross domestic product.

Even relative to the dismal future, Reinhardt expressed more concern about the waitress today who doesn’t have insurance, and today’s "veteran who doesn’t get mental health care."

Reinhardt hit three other pertinent themes: He cites the Institute of Medicine, which estimates 18,000 people died in 2002, for lack of health insurance. Meanwhile, President George W. Bush’s was contending people in America do indeed have access to health care: "You just go to the emergency room." It’s a well-known fact the president and his party opposed S-Chip, the expanded Medicaid program for uninsured children, because they believe anyone who can possibly afford insurance must buy it privately.

Reinhardt also mentioned the egregious law that pays insurance companies 112% of average Medicare regional costs to enroll Medicare D recipients--and realize great profits . (Only a filibuster-proof 60 votes in the Senate can repeal this increased burden on the squeezed Medicare dollar.)

He notes that with continuing 8% annual cost growth for employer-purchased health insurance, "Ten years from now half of the wage base will be eaten up by health costs alone."

"The argument is employers will simply go to high deductible policies--but that just shifts the agony of their payroll expense back into private households."

Reinhardt illustrates most private households are already relatively poorer than they were in the recent past: "The top 20% get 58% of all income earned; the bottom 40% get 10%." "The top 20% own 85% of the wealth in America." The result is more without health insurance.

Reinhardt recently interviewed Ulla Schmidt, German Minister of Health, who explained, "We have a contract of social solidarity. It is not right to have people uninsured. It is undignified to force people to beg for health care."

Well, maybe we are at least patriotic. Reinhardt is not so certain. His son, a Marine officer, gave his flak jacket to an enlisted man, because there were not enough jackets for everyone.

And, who are the enlisted personnel?

"Here is Staff Sergeant Lopez, ‘I don’t want to leave the Army and end up working for McDonald’s. Here I get a steady check and benefits for my wife and kids.’"

Reinhardt suggests, "Maybe deep down people are thinking, you know it’s not so bad to have a lot of economically depressed. Helps us to have an all-volunteer Army so my kid doesn‘t have to go."

He continues, "So in thinking about whether we can have universal insurance, I always have to ask myself, are we really a nation? Or are we just an economically, culturally diverse group of people who happen to share a geography, but who lack a strong sense of social solidarity and lack even patriotism, with each individual just trying to maximize his or her take from the country."

He believes at least half his Princeton students are in it for the take, and, it’s not incidental that only five of 1200 donned their country’s uniform after graduation.

Reinhardt, veteran of many health policy wars, closed wistfully with the thought "achieving universal coverage in this country is a major political challenge--and always worth trying."

Dr. Roy may be reached at

Vote for your city's best dining and nightlife. City's Best 2008.

June 12, 2008 at 4:40 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Food for Thought

These descriptions below may sound like a script of characters to be featured in a new “Star Wars” series, however my guess is that there is something to these entities, which even religion speaks about as it has to do with the war in the heavens between Satan’s minions, Michael and the Dragon etc. Even the Bible tells us that long before the world was separated into 7 continents, Satan ruled the heavens, where he was in charge of trade and galactic affairs.

In Revelations it speaks about the “New Heaven and a New Earth” which is due to arrive 1000 years after the “Tribulation Period,” which I believe we are entering today. Notice the picture of the illuminated body (Nebula), which is coming out of the Orion Constellation that Scientists state is on a collision course with earth around 3000 A.D.

The A-Z Of Alien Species

Several sources refer to the Gypsies as having some connection with the UFO mystery. Other sources suggest a connection with high-tech subsurface kingdoms such as Agharti, etc. The knowledge which the Gypsies allegedly possess of an ancient war, UFO craft, and so on is supposedly a carefully guarded secret among various Gypsy tribes. Some claim to have traced the Gypsies back to ancient India or surrounding regions. The infamous Philadelphia Experiment information source, Carlos Allenda, was allegedly part of a Gypsy clan with knowledge of past and present "history" on alien cultures which have interacted behind the scenes in Terran affairs.

HAV-MUSUVS - (or Suvians) 
Prominent in Paihute Indian tradition, the Hav-Musuvs were allegedly an Egyptian or Grecian-like sea-faring race who discovered huge caverns around 3 to 5 thousand years ago within, and later deep beneath the Panamint Mts. of California. Within these they then established their vast underground cities. When the inland sea (now Death Valley) which connected the ocean in ancient times dried up, they had no way to carry on trade with other parts of the world. As a result of this, according to Paihute Indian tradition, they began to build and fly 'silvery eagles' which became increasingly advanced as time went on. They then evidently established interplanetary and later interstellar travel, exploration and colonization. This huge facility is now operating as a MAJOR Federation base on earth, and possesses huge chambers with differing environmental, atmospheric and even gravitational conditions to accommodate the various visiting Federation dignitaries.
'Hybrids' possessing reptilian and human genetic coding yet who possess a human soul-matrix.
The Hyades in the constellation Taurus, like the Pleiades and Vega, are said to have been the destination of yet another group of refugees from the ancient Lyran wars.
Since human and reptilian beings are genetically so different in their physical make-up a natural 'hybrid' between the two is impossible. However an unnatural GENETIC alteration, in essence 'splicing' human and reptilian genes, has allegedly been attempted. Even if this were accomplished the offspring would not be an actual 'hybrid' (half human - half reptilian) but would fall to one side or the other. Since reptilians possess no soul-matrix as do humans but instead operate on a 'collective consciousness' level, the 'hybrid' would be human or reptilian depending on whether they/it was born with or without a soul-energy-matrix. In most cases one might tell the difference if the entity had round-pupils as opposed to black opaque or vertical-slit pupiled eyes; or five-digit fingers as opposed to three or four; or external genitalia as opposed to none. This may not always be the rule, especially when the 'chameleons' are considered. Some of the hybrids without souls are 'fed' with human soul-energy in an attempt to engraft an already existing human soul-matrix into the hybrid.
Approximately 4-5 ft. tall, with 'Iguana-like' appearance yet 'hominoid' configuration. They have sometimes been seen wearing black, hooded 'monk' robes or cloaks which conceal much of their saurian features, which include tails. These have been reported as being extremely dangerous and hateful towards humans and lesser-ranking Reptiloids such as Greys, and like all other branches of the 'serpent' race they utilize black witchcraft, sorcery and other forms of mind control against their enemies. They appear to be a dimension-hopping sorcerer or priest class among the reptiloid species.
Small hairy humanoids with cloven hoofs which inhabit deep caverns beneath South America and elsewhere. They may be members of a fallen pre- Adamic race which possessed angelic, animal AND humanoid characteristics. Now allied with the reptilians. They have been known, according to natives, to 'kidnap' women and children down through the ages and many stories are told of South American tribes who have battled these creatures with machetes during certain of their forays to the surface in search for women, children or food.
Residents, either permanent or temporary, of the various different secret-society-connected top secret-government 'underground installations', bases or colonies throughout the United States and the World. Some of these groups may possess advanced technology enabling them to travel to various other planetary bodies in the solar system. This group is international in scope and may be tied-in with the Alternative 2 and 3 scenarios.
This is allegedly a planet on which human beings live or once lived. They apparently arrived on that planet some thousands of years ago according to certain 'contactees', and had all along retained dim memories and legends concerning their ancient home world, planet earth, where their ancestors lived long before their colonization of the planet 'Janos'. They are said to be like Terrans, although somewhat oriental and slender. A group of refugees is said to have left Janos centuries ago in a huge carrier vessel of roughly donut-shaped configuration after an asteroid or meteor shower devastated the surface of their planet, causing a chain-reaction in their nuclear power grid, loosing deadly radiation into the atmosphere and unto the underground tunnels and 'cities' which they had built beneath Janos. They apparently remembered the star-route back to earth, and the latest reports stated that they were in a high orbit somewhere 'near' the earth and are seeking contact with earth governments to exchange technology for a place to live on (or below?) the earth, in the tradition of the TV series ALIEN NATION. In light of other revelations and lack of confirmation from other 'contactees', this might be a 'staged' Draconian propaganda operation; on the other hand the account MAY be legitimate.
Humans allegedly living on a colonized planet known as 'Korender'. Perfectly 'human' in proportion yet 4-5 ft. tall on the average. Gabriel Green described alleged contacts with this group in publications during the late 1950's - early '60's. The accounts published by Gabriel Green were rather fantastic, although perhaps no less so than some other accounts. Robert Renaud is one of the main "Korendian" contactees, and he claims that they have a large underground facility somewhere in Massachusetts. The Korendians claim alliance with the Arcturians and are part of a massive collective Alliance of worlds who lean more to non-Interventionism than to direct Interventionism.
Sea saurian 'sea serpents' such as the so-called 'Loch Ness Monster'. Loch Ness has been the site of much occult or paranormal activity including UFO activity, 'Grey' sightings, etc. Aliester Crowlay, the Satanist-Illuminist founder of the O.T.O. or Ordo Templi Orientis, claimed to be in contact with 'The Beast' of the Loch. He owned a mansion on the shores of the loch and this same mansion later became the residence of the British occultist Jimmy Page, who not only played with the British Rock group Led Zeppelin but also owned a large bookstore dealing with witchcraft and the occult. Being aquatic in nature and having lost the use of their limbs via atrophication and mutation, this branch of the "serpent race" is allegedly used for long-range 'psychic' warfare and occult manipulation of the human race.
Supposing that the human inhabitants of Lyra (who are said to have a common origin with Terran humanoids) were driven out of that system several thousand of years ago, then it is likely that some of the present day inhabitants of the 'Lyra' constellation may be of reptiloid descent. During the Lyran wars which are mentioned in several 'contactee' accounts, a mass exodus' of humans reportedly left the system and escaped to the Pleiades, the Hyades [which are 130 light-years from earth in the Taurus constellation], and to Vega which is also in Lyra. This region, like our own system, may still be a 'battleground' between saurian greys and humans.
Inhabitants of the planet Mars, both human and non-human, including the alleged inhabitants of the two Martian 'moons' (which many believe to be artificially-hollowed asteroids, one of which -- Phobos -- is said to be under the control of the "original" Greys, or self-reproducing Greys which are the "hosts" for the Grey "clones" which operate from various space stations that are disguised as planetoids. (It is from these"carrier" ships that the abduction, implantation, programming, mutilation, infiltration and other projects are carried out against planet earth). It has also been suggested that thousands of years ago the surface of LUNA and MARS were much more 'habitable', that the surfaces of these bodies may have been decimated after passing through the asteroid belt or an 'asteroid storm' (consisting of debris which 'may' have been torn from a planet which apparently existed between Mars and Jupiter at one time -- possibly destroyed by a close encounter with another planetary body in the tradition of Velikovsky's theories). It is believed that ancient 'ruins', possibly thousands of years old, have been seen on both 'planets' and that these attest to such a cataclysm.
Also referred to as the 'Men In Black' or 'Horlocks'. These are apparently in many cases humans who are controlled by draconian influences, although other 'MIB' have been encountered which do not seem human, but more reptilian OR synthetic. The 'MIB' have been encountered often after UFO sightings, usually intimidating witnesses into keeping silent about what they've seen (many of the witnesses may be 'abductees' with suppressed memories of the event). Their 'threats' appear to be motivated by attempts to utilize 'terrorism', 'fear' or 'intimidation' as a psychological weapon against witnesses. This 'weapon' may not only be used to keep the human 'MIB' under control, but by the human MIB's themselves. 'They' are often, though not always, seen in connection with large, black automobiles, some of which have been seen disappearing into mountains -- as in the case of one basing area between Hopland and Lakeport, California -- canyons or tunnels or in some cases apparently appear out of or disappear (cloak?) into thin air. Most humanoid MIB have probably been implanted by the Draconians and are essentially their 'slaves'. Bio-synthetic forms possessed by 'infernals' also seem to play a part in the MIB scenario, as do subterranean and exterran societies. Sirius, at only 9+ light years away, has been identified as a major exterran MIB center of activity, with a subterran counterpart existing in ancient antediluvian 'Atlantean' underground complexes which have been 're-established' beneath the Eastern U.S. seaboard. 
A race of peaceable humans some 7-8 ft. tall, with pale-blue skin and large 'wrap-around' eyes which are extremely sensitive to light. They MAY be the same as the large humans allegedly encountered on the moon by our 'astronauts' according to John Lear and others, who in turn were silenced and not allowed to tell what they saw. These people may, according to some accounts, be allied to the 'Nordics' and/or 'Blondes'. They claim to be descendants of Noah who traveled to the Western Hemisphere a few centuries following the deluge and discovered ancient antediluvian cavern systems and ancient technologies which had been abandoned by the antediluvians in deep subterranean recesses. They have been encountered mostly in deep cavern-systems beneath the general region of the Ozarks-Arkansas and surrounding regions.

Largely subterranean, pterodactyloid-like hominoids with bat-like wings. Sometimes describes as possessing 'horns' and thus are considered very similar to the traditional depiction of the 'devil', according to certain individuals who have encountered them. Very intelligent and extremely malignant. Although often referred to as 'Mothmen', this title might be a little misleading. These creatures -- which have also been referred to as the Ciakars, Pteroids, Birdmen and Winged Draco -- have been encountered near underground systems near Mountauk Point, Long Island; Point Pleasant, West Virginia; and Dulce, New Mexico.

Also referred to as the 'Reptoids', 'Reptiloids', 'Reptons', 'Homo-saurus', 'Lizard-men', or the 'Large Nosed Greys'. They play a significant role in the legends of India and Tibet where they are considered by some to be demoniacal residents of a subterranean realm.. They are described as being around 7-8 ft. tall and of various colors, grotesque, but most often moldy greenish with scaled crocodilian 'skin'. Allegedly descended from a branch of bipedal sauroids which existed thousands of years ago on earth and via mutation and natural selection developed the brain-body coordination necessary to develop a technology. Some species still reportedly retain a visible 'tail' although much atrophied from their supposedly extinct' saurian ancestors. Some abductees claim that the "lizard" people resemble a humanoid version of a Velociraptor. After a reputed battle in ancient times between a "pre-Scandinavian" race from the Gobi region and a Reptiloid race based in Antarctica, the reptilians allegedly lost the battle for domination of the surface world and were driven into underground networks in which they eventually developed aerial and space technology.
These entities largely converge beneath southern Nevada, northern New Mexico and possibly Utah. Some sources refer to a [1] 'human' race with stalky yellow, red or orange hair, others of [2] a genetically-altered, humanoid-reptiloid strain or hybrid. They are often described often as having a humanoid form yet certain 'reptilian' genetic features. They are also said to possess human-like reproductive organs, and possibly (or not) a human 'soul-matrix', and therefore a divergent branch of the human race, or reptiloid race depending on which 'type' of Orange one is referring to. as some accounts suggest there MAY also be [3] orange-colored reptilians which possess no soul-matrix. Some of the "Orange" allegedly have connections to Bernard's Star.
Some claim that 'negative' entities have been associated with some of the stars in the Orion constellation. Other sources claim that the Orion Nebula is a cosmic 'doorway' to 'infinity' or the realm of the Creator, which transcends the time-space-matter universe. Some astronomers claim that a huge, beautifully-illuminated multicolored 'light' has emerged from the "nebula" and is on an intercept-course with Earth, although at a rather leisurely pace and at this rate this 'light' or 'star' will reach earth approximately 3000 AD (give or take a hundred years). Could this have something to do with the prophecy in Revelation 21? Since the Draconians are attempting to conquer the 'heavens', they may have made futile attempts to enter the 'Eternity Gate' and intercept the emerging 'Light' ('War In Heaven' between Michael and the 'Dragon'? - see: Rev. ch. 12). This may explain the alleged presence of the Draconians in the Orion constellation, although certain 'human' groups have allegedly become curious of the 'Eternity Gate' as well. The Orion open cluster itself is the base of a joint Reptiloid - Grey empire called the Unholy Six, which has been working out of NEMESIS in an effort to sabotage the human presence in the SOL system. Many of the "planetoids" that have entered this system and have made observable "course alterations" are arriving from NEMESIS and the Orion-Draconian EMPIRE.
The 'Phoenix Empire' is allegedly a non-surface society which may be partially connected with the Dulce subnet, according to certain 'inside' sources. It's uncertain whether this is a human or a reptilian empire, however some indications suggest a collaboration. There may be a connection also with the GIZEH EMPIRE below Egypt which was established by ancient Egyptian collaborators, the so-called KOMOGAL-II empire which is said to have some connection with the ASHTAR collective as well as the DRACONIAN collective.
Blond or in some cases brunette 'Nordic' type humans based in the Pleiadean 'Taygeta' and other systems, which were allegedly colonized by refugees from their former planetary abodes in the Lyra constellation which were invaded by reptiloid entities from Alpha Draconis. The main Pleiadean planet of 'Erra', was reportedly 'Terra-formed' by the Lyran refugees [Lyra being much nearer to earth--around 30 light years]. The Pleiadeans were apparently the first 'humanoid' society to develop hyper-space travel (the U.S. government has reportedly known how to tap-in to hyperspace ever since the 'Philadelphia Experiments' of the 1940's. The Pleiadeans claim that their technology surpasses our 'International' technology by about 3000 years. This may explain why the humans in Lyra were able to travel the vast distances from this part of the galaxy to colonize the Pleiades, some 430 light-years from Terra-Earth. The Pleiadeans consider themselves to be part of the "ANDROMEDAN COUNCIL" based within some of the planetary systems within the Andromeda constellation.
'Hybrids' possessing no soul-matrix. Some of these MAY possess human-like genetic coding yet no 'soul' while others may be an apparent 'hybrid' of two or more reptilian species. It must be understood that the Reptilians are far more adaptable or 'mutable' than are humans, physically. This would mean that we should expect a much greater rate of physical diversity between the reptilian species than between the various human species. Such mutations would not have to take place over millions of years, but through eons or even centuries, especially when one considers the possibility that controlled natural selection, mutation, genetic manipulation, and even occult-technological molecular shape-shifting may have been responsible for accelerating this process.
Apparently a major center of 'reptiloid' activity and possibly 'controlled' human slaves. This is a region from where a large percentage of the 'Grey-type' Saurians--such as encountered by Betty and Barney Hill and other abductees-- emanate. This binary or double-star system may be the center of interstellar 'Grey' activity just as Alpha Draconis seems to be the center of 'Reptiloid' activity and Orion being a realm where both reptilian sub-species operate in joint capacity. Much of the implant-control scenarios allegedly originated from the Reticulan 'Grey' Reptiloids.
Large, hairy 'humanoids' who are usually troglodytial or cavern-dwellers, although they have been known to forage through mountainous or wooded areas on the surface in search for roots, berries, grasses and nuts which make up their diet. They are believed to possess a heightened 'sensing' ability which allows them to steer clear of 'human' influence. They are more human than animal according to some reports although they have often been mistaken for animals, which has forced them to take up a largely subterran lifestyle. They have often been described as having a human face on an 'ape-like' body. They are mostly strict vegetarians, which may be explained by the possibility that they MIGHT be a 'hybrid' or 'hubrid' between antediluvian humans and Sapiens. Such interbreeding, if possible back then, is certainly not possible in modern times due to increasingly divergent genetic strains between the two groups. Most Sasquatch apparently possess a human soul-matrix. They are usually described as being 6-9 ft. tall, while other branches may be smaller. 'Hairy humanoids', both large and smaller "dwarf like" entities, have on some occasions been observed in connection with UFO encounters, or subterranean encounters. Sasquatch have been known to attack humans ONLY in self defense (sometimes throwing large boulders to frighten intruders away). There have also been 'hairy hominoids' which possessed either 'robot-like' or 'amphibian' characteristics, suggesting bio-genetic manipulation to create 'biological machines' or 'cyborgs'. There is a possibility that other entities, possibly more animal than human, are the result of humanoid-Sasquatch and nonhuman-Sapien interbreeding or genetic manipulation, in which case the offspring might be more human OR beast in nature, but this is mere speculation. Another type of 'hairy humanoid' is allegedly the result of genetic manipulation, and have been reported in underground bases in northwestern New Mexico and in Southern Nevada. Sasquatch apparently have the ability to spontaneously induce invisibility through producing an electromagnetic psychic shield around themselves, and are said to commute between our dimension and a "5th" dimensional realm.
These are literally 'giant snakes' which have been encountered in various underground regions. They are often apparently used by the Draconians as 'sentries' to guard subterranean tunnels or 'treasure' repositories. They have been known to easily crush a human being or other objects with their teeth or their bodies.
Sirius is the apparent epicenter of the ASHTAR or ASTARTE collective, where humanoids of various types, Sasquatch, Reptiloids, Greys, Insectoids and Reptilian-Insectoid hybrid species as well as cybernetic "MIB" entities have collaborated in the past. The Sirians have waged war in the past with the Orion Empire or the "Unholy Six" reptilian star systems in the Orion open cluster. The ancient dispute involves just who will serve as the "landlords" of a sector of space containing 21 star systems including the most strategic star system, SOL and particularly planet Earth, Terra or Shan -- which is a virtual cosmic "oasis" of water, mineral, plant, animal and genetic resources in incredible variety compared with most other worlds. This dispute between the Sirians and Orion Reptiloids dates back to the ancient invasion of Orion by the Draconian EMPIRE, as a result of which many "Nordic" type humanoids escaped to Procyon, Sol, Sirius and elsewhere. In recent times a RIFT or SPLIT has occurred in the Ashtar collective following the discovery of massive infiltration into the collective by agents of the Unholy Six and Draconian EMPIRES, with many humanoids taking sides with the FEDERATION -- which has a major earth-base under Furnace Creek, California; and many of the Reptiloids taking sides with the Orion-Draconian EMPIRE -- which has a major earth-base below Dulce, New Mexico. A Collaboration of sorts (via the electronic collective mind which links humanoid and reptiloid intelligences into a master mainframe via psionic implants) still exists however, a collective-collaboration which maintains bases under Paradox, Nevada; Dougway, Utah and near the Denver International Airport in Colorado. This war in Sirius-B is gravitating towards the Sol System, in that the opposing agendas for this system is one of the major issues of dispute between the two [or three] warring factions.
Human residents of the 'Sol' System who claim to have ties with ancient Terran societies, especially subterran societies which developed off-planet travel early on and established underground bases and colonies on various planetary bodies in the 'Sol' system, including the Jovian moons and the Saturnian moons on or under which they have allegedly established a 'Tribunal' center for the federated Solarian planets.
Of several different types and varieties. Although reptilians AND humans apparently utilize 'artificial intelligence' devices or organisms (technology itself being amoral, neither good nor evil), the Draconians as well as some 'controlled' humans have apparently developed bio-synthetic or mechanical 'entities' as EXTENSIONS of their activities. This is especially true with the bio-synthetic cybernetic creatures which the 'reptilians' have allegedly 'created' using cybernetics and biological organs stolen from animal and human mutilation victims. The synthetics are of many types, some of which are very 'human-like' and which may be used as 'infiltrators'. Others apparently look more like the 'Grey' entities, created 'after their own image' so to speak, yet are not reptilian yet instead a type of 'molded' entity form containing a 'sponge-like' substance which permeates the interior. They may be the worst of all, as they are apparently bio-genetic 'forms' which are able to be inhabited or possessed by the 'Infernals', 'poltergeists' or fallen supernatural entities as 'containers' enabling them to operate in the physical realm.
Tall, blond inhabitants of a re-established network of subsurface antediluvian colonies located throughout the Western States, and concentrated around Mt. Shasta in northern California. They are sometimes referred to erroneously as 'Lemurians' as it is believed that the cavern cities which they re-discovered and built upon were once part of an antediluvian(?) civilization called 'Lemuria' (Lemuria is actually a hypothetical lost continent in the INDIAN Ocean. The Pacific continent was called ELAM-MU). They may have loose contact with the Pleiadeans and other groups via ancient ancestral ties, since the Telosians are earth-NATIVES who allegedly possess interstellar vehicles, and are a western branch of the sub-International AGHARTI network and it's "Silver Fleet". The name 'Telos' is a Greek work meaning 'uttermost' or 'purpose', yet some of the inhabitants refer to ancient ties with neo-Mayan tribes, and therefore many of them 'may' possess a Greco-Mayan ancestry. Some ancient Vedic texts speak of a collaboration between the Greeks and the East Indians -- who some believe gave rise to the Mayas -- in the development and construction of aerial craft called "Viminas". Telosians are part of a "Melchizedek" spiritual order with connections to the Ashtar collective-mind and have dealings with extraterrestrials in Arcturus, Sirius, and Saturn as well as with other-dimensional beings.
A term describing various human groups who inhabit the cavern systems and re-established antediluvian cities beneath the North American continent. Many of these may be descended from early American colonists, while others are apparently descended from older civilizations such as ancient native Americans who went underground hundreds and/or thousands of years ago. The nemesis of the Tero are the 'dero', which apparently consist of draconian or reptilian controlled elements.
ULTERRANS - (or Ultraterrestrials) 
These are said to be people who have been encountered at times entering or leaving an 'alternate' or 'parallel' existence, yet still operating within the ONE 'reality'. It is very unlikely that more than one 'physical reality' like ours exists, yet there is a theoretical possibility that another CO-EXISTENT 'world' might exist on the opposite end or polarity of the electromagnetic barrier. Many humanoid and/or neo-saurian inhabitants of this 'alternate' world if it exists originally came from our own 'world' through some type of vortex or through hi-tech means. There are said to be four intersecting "Universes" which make up the "Omniverse". One is the matter universe, the other is the antimatter universe. The nature of the other two is unknown (perhaps the matter and antimatter universes each have a forward and reverse time-flow phase?) Each of the four universes allegedly have 11 "dimensional densities", with a 12th density which is currently unfolding as a result of super-energies which are emanating from the black holes at the center of the galaxies. This multi-dimensional reality may explain various phenomena such as animals, objects, people and entire vessels which have seemingly fallen into or out of our 'world'. It may also be possible that certain objects in our 'world' would be invisible in the 'other' realm or dimension (or rather the opposite polarity of our reality!?) and visa versa. For instance, one airplane pilot who had become temporarily caught up in an EM-vortex in the 'Bermuda Triangle' SAW an island which was DESERTED, while the very same island was inhabited in the world he was familiar with. This would also explain the many accounts of people who claim to have seen or stopped at houses, cafes, hotels or other sites along remote stretches of road, only to return the same way and find that no such place 'exists'. Since both dimensions may 'flow-in' to each other, being part of the same electromagnetic superspectrum , such temporary displacement of objects and/or people from one 'world' to another might occur. This is not saying that one necessarily has an alternate 'self' inhabiting the alternate dimensions, but more a case of other 'dimensions' or 'universes' which were inhabited intentionally or unintentionally over a long period of time by humans, animals or 'other beings' which were somehow transported there. This would also explain the case of Joseph Vorin, who suddenly appeared as 'out-of- nowhere' near Frankfurt-am-Oder, Germany in 1850, spoke a broken and ancient para-Germanic dialect which the authorities could just barely understand, and claimed to be from the nation of Laxaria in Sakria (no known country by those names exists -- in 'our world'). When he suddenly appeared he seemed disoriented and dumbfounded, as if he had suddenly fallen out of 'another' world.
Humans claiming to hail from the general area of Wolf 424, some 14-plus light years distant from the Earth-Sol system, and possibly having ancient ties with the 'Lyran' colonies in that the Ummites (from the planet Ummo) are like the Lyrans-Pleiadeans said to be 'Scandinavian' in appearance, and therefore may tie-in with the so-called 'Nordic' or 'Blond' societies. They reportedly work closely with the Vegan humanoids.
Relatively peaceful and gentle humans descended from refugees from the 'Lyran Wars', who work closely with other refugee-colonists now living in the Pleiades, Wolf 424, and elsewhere. Often described as "dark skinned Orientals" similar to the native residents of the nation of India.
Allegedly inhabited by physical entities, both human and reptilian, beneath the surface and therefore 'safe' from the extreme surface conditions. Also allegedly inhabited (on the surface?) by human beings, possibly colonists from Terra- Earth, who somehow were able to 'phase' or generate their physical bodies' molecular structure into a '4th dimensional' existence wherein they now allegedly survive unaffected by the harsh 'physical' conditions. Other surface colonies allegedly exist in "biodome" cities, whereas still other reportedly live in the "antimatter" counterpart of "Venus" -- which in the "alternate" universe is part of a 12-planet alliance called the Koldasian alliance according to some contactees. The Pleiadians also claim to have colonized the "anti-matter" universe, which they call the DAL universe

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