Tuesday, September 29, 2009


9/29/2009 7:54:02 AM

Light-em up if you got ‘em.

That’s what my drill sergeant used to order us when we took a break from basic training.

So what’s a non-smoker like me to do?
I watched my fellow comrades getting their “fix.”
This was in Sept. 1966 @ Lackland AFB, TX

Let’s scroll back in time to 1959. I was a freshman at Bruce High School, Bruce SD. My freshman friends and I would like to take our recess breaks behind the school OUTSIDE and wanted me to light up with them. It was KEWL to smoke, remember?

But I knew that smoking was NOT a healthy thing to pursue, in spite of my so-called “friends” insistence.

So I choose not to smoke, but I was curious as to why I should smoke. After all, my peers were insisting that I smoke, as it’s fun you know.

So .. on a Sunday afternoon when my parents were at church and our farm house was vacated, I decided to experiment. I purchased a pack of unfiltered Camels. Remember, I was only 14 years old and Bud & Micks Café in Bruce SD knew what I was up to, I’m sure. The pack of cigarettes costs maybe 50 cents.

So I was curious as to why smoking was so “KEWL” and I lit up. I remember like it was yesterday. I was next to our cob-burning stove and I took a BIG DRAG! I almost fainted! Remember, I purchased a pack of UNFILTERED Camel. This was BEFORE any warning labels were place on the cigarettes.

After burning the pack in the stove, I decided that this habit was NOT for me. I told my “friends” that if GOD had wanted me to smoke, HE would have placed a smoke stack on my head. I had just turned my life over to Jesus. Somewhere in scripture it read that our body is a temple of GOD. I choose to keep my temple presentable to GOD.

My oldest brother Wesley has had a lung removed because of smoking. I witnessed throughout my 64 + years of living the devastating effects of smoking.

Fortunately, I grew up with GOD fearing parents who taught me to fear and love the Lord. Other than a few incidents of corncob smoking behind the barn, I refrained from smoking.

Forty plus years ago I asked my lovely Bride, Sally, to be my wife. We were married on Oct 04, 1969. The only requirement I asked of Sally to be my bride was she would have to agree to quit smoking. I would NOT marry her if she continued to smoke. She accepted on both counts. That was over forty years ago. Thanks HON for being my bride for all these years! I LOVE YOU.

I have witnessed countless people who have been devastated by the negative effects of smoking. Just last night, I listened to all these stories representing various groups with their anti-smoking concerns.

I only use two sources for my decisions:
1) The Bible
2) The US constitution

I was merely a listener while dozens of concerned citizens from both sides expressed their concerns.

So if I were on the Topeka city council, which way would I vote?

You be the judge.



Monday, September 28, 2009


9/28/2009 6:27:40 AM

Sometimes I get discouraged.

This last week our dog died. Charlie was a long time friend for 11 ½ years. I wrote about it in my blog. My folks were sympathetic with their email replies. Many could care less.

I wrote a blog about our current political situation in http://cjonline.com and got some hate reply posts.

What’s up with that?

Here’s the web address if anyone wants to go there:


There’s lot of negative people out there in cyber-space.

But I’ll continue to press on for Jesus. I just finished listening to the New Testament. Time to start over.

That’s about it for today.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Topeka 912 project

09/22/2009 4:48:35 AM
I am pressing on, no matter what!
The liberals are starting to read my writings and I guess it’s starting to get under their skin. I guess that’s good!
Last night I attended a 912 meeting at an undisclosed location here in Topeka KS.
You left wing liberals are NOT welcome.
Now if you’ll all excuse me, I’ve got some TRUTH investigations ahead of me.
We were passing our cards last night also. My state rep. Joe Patton, was in attendance. He is one of the good guys.
I’m on day 32 of day 40 in LISTENING to the bible. Let’s ALL use our skills to the glory of our god. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. It’s in the Bible .. look it up.


Monday, September 21, 2009


9/21/2009 6:21:57 AM
Those idiots who reply to my blogs without signing their identity are cowards! If they reply to my blogs & emails and sign with their name & town – they’re patriots.
I guess idiot is the wrong word. A better word would be pinhead.
Take that all you pinheads – you know whom you are.
I saw a sign from the 912 project:

How appropriate.

Now if you’ll excuse me, coffee is awaiting.

Also, our church is going through some conflict. Pray for our church, ok?


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grace and Peace to you

9/20/2009 5:19:54 AM

Grace and peace to you from our Lord and Savior Jesus THE Christ.

I’m writing this from my laptop here in my office chair and recliner. It’s been a while since I’ve written about where I do all my writings. I write whatever comes to mind for the present day. I then post my writings on the Internet.

Currently I’ve been listening to the CD, “Faith comes by hearing”. By listening to the New Testament I’ve been enlightened.

The apostle Paul went through hell in his day. He was persecuted, thrown in prison, and betrayed by his fellow man for preaching the gospel. But he preached the gospel never the less.

Now if only we would do likewise.

I feel that our current political administration has taken the statist and secular route in our country. We have the greatest country in the world, and our Obama administration is slowly eroding our freedoms.

Listening to the news as of late saddens me. The country NEEDS to turn to Jesus and ask for guidance.

Our current pastor has resigned also. Her last day will be on our 40th wedding anniversary.

Just another distressed American,


Thursday, September 17, 2009


9/17/2009 5:49:34 AM

Yesterday Sally & I attended our 1st bible study at our church. There were four of us in attendance. Hopefully there will be more in attendance.

Also yesterday I went to go get my personalized license plate. The plate was cut to “HOLTREM”.

Guess the hearse christening will have to wait.



If you get this email in error and want to be removed, please reply. If you want to reply, please be nice to me, ok? My feelings get hurt easily.


Myron D. Holter
Topeka KS 66614


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


9/16/2009 4:59:56 AM

Last night I attended another American for Prosperity event at the library. We watched a Milton Friedman’s CD from the 1980’s.

Milton used to be Ronald Reagen’s economic advisor.

Our freedoms are slowly being eroded away folks.



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Financial Peace & our truck

9/15/2009 5:31:18 AM

Which subject line should I write about first?

How about writing a little bit about Financial Peace?

The two words “financial” and “peace” is an oxymoron. Let me save this and look up the word. .. hold on.

9/15/2009 5:46:03 AM

Am I good with words, or what !! J

Oxymoron is the right word. Look it up.

So I present my FREE services to our church council last night. After sitting there for an hour, I finally got my chance to talk about Dave Ramsey’s financial peace.

Our church will probably start another class this January.

Speaking of Financial Peace, yesterday was also a very expensive day.

Midas fixed up the old truck for me. This truck has many memories.




Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kansas State Fair - volunteer

AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY 9/13/2009 5:46:00 AM I’m back from volunteering. What a DAY !! The down side was, it took me over an hour to find my vehicle! When I finally found my 95’ Toyota Camry, I decided to film the location. I’ll make a web page and upload the video in this blog. Carla & I worked from 9-3 and our booth was at the Meadowlark Building. The website we advertised was www.afpks.org I was NOT to advertise www.myownfaith2.com while on duty, (behind the booth.) But I did give my business card to anyone who asked. So I behaved my self and stuck to the talking points. I’d be curious as to how many Kansas folks signed the petitions. AKPKS.org has over 225 thousand members. I’m glad to be home in our messy home. myron@myownfaith2.com


Friday, September 11, 2009

WeAkly-Weekly Video

I videotaped this from a hotel room in Hutchinson KS. Tommorrow I will be a volunteer for American For Prosperity. I will need to do some homework. l8r myron@myownfaith2.com


web site from Bingo


My cowardly blogger anonymous "friend" sent me this link. Mrs. Bombeck taught me well. I don't need any more "help" .. thank you.

Thanks for the link Bingo .. you coward.



911 - memories


9/11/2009 5:46:17 AM

911 – Tea Time –

WOW !!

I certainly remember what happened eight years ago today!

I was watching FOX/TV and I remember watching Steve Doocy’s mouth drop.

Later that day I went to work at the YMCA. I remember going bowling that evening. I was not in the mood to do anything.

I watched TV all day.




Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Obit (many versions)

9/9/2009 8:03:54 AM

Myron D. Holter, aged ??, died the other day with a smile on his face. Myron had written many versions of his own demise, and this is just another one.

Myron had many “friends”, if you could call them friends. He also had many stranger friends. It’s rather weird writing this in the third person, but here goes.

One of the many “lists” “My” (use that nickname) created was his handwritten bucket list as posted on the web. This list is ongoing

9/9/2009 8:11:47 AM

WOW … This date/time is amazing!!!


Go figure..

Where was I?

Oh ya .. my demise.

YUP, he’s dead all right! So barked his dog, Charlie, who went to check on him in his backyard. He was found working on his own casket.

For further details, visit the web address


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got work to do. I’ll write more later


9/10/2009 5:23:56 AM

Where was I?

Oh ya, I’m writing my own demise in the 3rd person, while I’m looking down from heaven.

I’ve written many a version of my obituary, so this will be just another one for anyone to scoff at.

I think I might know what has triggered my brain to start on still yet another version. I’m currently reading a book called “Heaven is Real” by Don Piper. He previously wrote a book, “90 minutes in heaven” also of which I had also read.

In this book, he writes about we all need to cross bridges in our lives. That triggered my thought process of the Sioux River bridge NE of Bruce SD. We lived ¼ mile east of the river.

When I was 4 or 5, I wondered off to the river with Tyke, our dog. I took of all my clothes and headed north in search of turtle eggs.

The story goes that my mother asked my brother Wes to find his baby brother. Wes finds my clothes on the riverbank, running back to mom. The community is looking for my body. Dad was at a farm auction in Brookings SD at the time. I guess the auctioneer was summoned for him to get home as his son was presumed dead.

About an hour or so later I came wondering back, madder than a hornet, as someone stole my clothes off the riverbank.

I only remember looking back seeing the peak of the farmhouse and knowing I was OK. It was the spring of the year, and I was not about to jump in the river.

My 1st experience with crossing a bridge was not to be. The bridge was then south of my wondering off. I wondered off going north.

I have had many experiences with the bridge from my childhood. We used to swim from the bridge. I caught my 1st fish from off the bridge. It was a bullhead. I was so proud! I ran home to show my mother my 1st fish. I was a mommy’s boy, I still am.

What does all this have to do with my obituary?


We all go through life in preparation for our death. It is appointed unto man, ONCE to die. That’s scriptural. My appointed time had not yet come, There are too many things to do on this earth for me to do BEFORE Jesus sends me home.

These two books by Don Piper is triggering me to write again and post my writings to our web.

My next experience with life and death was in 1960. Keith Loomis, my bible school friend and neighbor was killed in a tractor accident. We had just gotten back from attending bible camp in NESD. I was asked to be his pallbearer. I remember like it was yesterday, some 49 + years ago. Keith and I used to play together. The 1st week of Bruce High School, I walked from school to Grace Lutheran to attend his school. I remember looking at Keith in the coatroom, the same room I used to teach Sunday school, some years later.

Nine years later the church burned down. There are only memories left standing.

I turned my life over to Jesus back then. I was only 15 years old. I remember privately getting on my hands and knees in our little bedroom asking God for help. He led me to the bible. God read to me “My peace I give to you”. I felt peace within my heart after that. I guess you could say I was “born again” back then, but us Lutheran’s didn’t push it back then.

I'll write more later ....


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Grace Trumpet - September, 2009


I have scanned the above url (web address) for your consideration.

Share this with ALL !!



Health Care


Please click on the video above ...

I couldn't explain it better myself.



My Lutheran Faith (not ELCA)

9/9/2009 5:40:44 AM

“My faith is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.”

For some reason this song or something still sticks into my brain to this day.

Maybe I learned it from my one year at Bible school in 1965-66. Maybe I learned it from watching Christian TV or radio.

I don’t recall.

We just received the latest “Trumpet” from my home church, Grace Lutheran, Bruce SD.
Our Pastor wrote about what’s going on in the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA). I guess they just had a national convention in Minneapolis, MN.

Sally still is a member of Our Saviors Lutheran here in Topeka KS. I chose to be a member of Grace Lutheran.

Long story.

But to make a long story short, I chose to become a member of Grace because of the very the ELCA church is going.

I recommend anyone to read the Grace Trumpet – September, 2009 titled “Which Way is the Wind Blowing in the church”

Pastor Wayne hit the nail on the head with this article. I couldn’t agree with him more.

In fact, I’ll make a web page out of his article.

That’s about it for today.



Tuesday, September 08, 2009


9/8/2009 9:18:45 AM

Every once in a while I need to vent!

I’m speaking of a blog reply I received in our local paper herE in Topeka KS.

The subject line was titled “Politics” and a blogger nicknamed “Bingo” really ragged on me.

So Here is my reply to “Bingo” and all you other cowards out there

Uff-da !!!

I replied to “Bingo” and told this coward that I will pray for him/her. If these cowards would only come out of their cowardly cave and introduce themselves, life would be a lot more simple.

Hey COWARD … get out from behind your cowardly anonymity and introduce yourself .. you coward.

I guess I’ll send post this to



Myron D. Holter
5112 SW 33rd ST
Topeks KS 66614

(Thee real me!)

The web address to blog with me follows:



Sunday, September 06, 2009

Freedom Fest Rally KCMO

This is the featured speaker. "Who do you trust?" Worth watching ... This is one of many blog entries. mydamobster@myownfaith2.com



9/6/2009 4:26:34 AM

Freedom means a lot of different things to different people.

Yesterday Sally & I attended a freedom rally in the crown plaza area in KCMO.

We wondered around the park and listened to various speakers, etc.

I passed out my business card to like-minded folks and not so like-minded folks.

We are all gathered there for one purpose and one purpose only and that was to express our FREEDOM.

With the upcoming of 911 we now just an important event, and that’s called 912.

What is 912 you might ask?

I’m glad you asked.

Visit our web and learn more my curious friends.

Signed off


(I FREELY chose to buy that email address)

Myron D. Holter
(my real name)

Posted to:


I FREELY write what’s on my not so FREE web address.


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gospel Church (Kenya Africa)

By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I bless you.

Why do you ignore me and my pleas? I have been making numerous request and updates about the situation at hand here but it seems something has diverged your attention from us and you seem to doubt me and also have some reservations about us. Why do you not want to respond to me, take my calls and may be answer my texts?
Who made you to decline to help us when we are in deep need for many months?
I am so disparate and anxious. Whatever/whoever has made you forget/hate me must be very, very bad and I reverse all my hardships, needs, trials and struggles to it/him/her.

Please, Right now I am under constant stress and anxiety as we are struggling a lot. Believe me, please, we are indebted to house rent arrears of USA $500 dollars for close to 4 months. We are not having it easy, at all. We are struggling to put one light meal on the table per day. My sons are not yet to report to school when they open tomorrow, Monday, due to school fees debt and no money for this term/semester. We have no regular income right now as the only two people who used to support us with total of $250 dollars per month just relocated and still searching for jobs as they study. The small slum church ministries I serve in is not able to financially take care of itself and the needs of pastor, even every Sunday after I minister and pray for people they still beg for help and food from me others just follow me up in my house and they cry for food. We have to search odd jobs everyday and there is no employment here.

This is my suggestion:

1- Please summon anything at your sacrificial offer to urgently send me so we reduce, if not to settle, the debts on house rent, food and boys fees. Any amount will help us much.

2- Also if you can help us find a way, or person, who can offer to send us regular income per month, however the amount may be, but provided it comes to us regularly, it will help us plan better. I understand much of the west is in economic trouble, But will be faithful to pray and trust God to send in the right people to team with us.

3- You may pray about sending us anything God touches you to help us ($50, $100, $200, $500, $1000 etc) per month on regular basis.

4- Consider to send us one-time-gift support of substantial amount that will help us start one small street business selling used small items to help us get food daily as we deal with other issues God's way.

As I make my requests known to God and to you, I am honored to lift you up in prayer for God to supply all your needs, for strength, favor and wisdom on your life and for all those that God wants to be there for you. Be blessed beyond measure. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Vincent Barasa Maina, Pastor.

Revival Gospel Church Ministries.
P. O. Box 15818 Nakuru.
20100, KENYA. East Africa.
Cell: +254721474165
Email: maina104@hotmail.com





9/5/2009 6:02:38 AM

Good Morning everyone.

While my weekly video is being downloaded, I thought I’d write a few words ..


Today Sally & I are planning to attend a freedom rally in KCMO.

I even plan to DVR my favorite Sat. morning shows, Red Green and FOX/TV.

How’s that for dedication to our country!

The tea party movement and town hall meetings are taken over our country.

The liberal Democrats are in defense mode.

I feel very fortunate to be living in America. If we were living in 3rd world countries and protested our freedom, we would be imprisoned.

There’s thousands of websites coming out on the web, both good and bad.

Our web address continues to be good.

In Christ,



Friday, September 04, 2009

Gospel Ministries - Kenya Africa -

Why do you ignore me and my pleas? I have been making numerous request and updates about the situation at hand here but it seems something has diverged your attention from us and you seem to doubt me and also have some reservations about us. Why do you not want to respond to me, take my calls and may be answer my texts?
Who made you to decline to help us when we are in deep need for many months?
I am so disparate and anxious. Whatever/whoever has made you forget/hate me must be very, very bad and I reverse all my hardships, needs, trials and struggles to it/him/her.
Bro. Vincent Maina.



9/4/2009 7:27:20 AM

Our political world has been turned upside down, and I for one do NOT approve.

But what can we do?

Well, for one we can all pray! WAIT, isn’t our current President all ready asking us to pray? Unfortunately, he’s asking the religious leaders to pray for his passing of his liberal agendas. What’s wrong with that picture!

How about praying for thy will be done, not your will Mr. BO president!

When we all pray, we are to use the Lord’s prayer, not the BO Presidents prayer.

Now we have an elected President who is attempting to indoctrinate our kids with his liberal agenda. I also do NOT approve!

How about being a good brother’s keeper Mr. President and get together with your half-brother in Kenya somewhere?

Just a few thoughts to post to my blog.





Here's another organization to join if you'd like.

I signed the petition.


Thursday, September 03, 2009

My Health

9/3/2009 6:22:47 AM

Good morning everyone.

Today I’m going to spend $150.00 to see if I’ve got more than 6 months to live.

Inserted in our church’s bulletin a while back was a www.lifelinescreening.com brochure.

It’s time to get some answers regarding my health. I’m currently dizzy and headachy writing this.




Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Patriots Coalition

Patriots: We need your help this Saturday!

A rally on the Plaza, address below:


F R E E D O M F E S T 2 0 0 9

Saturday September 5, 2009 Theis Park Oak and 47th Street Kansas City, Missouri

10 am to 2 pm

MC'd by Chris Stegal, other speakers and entertainment


1. If you can come and help/attend (be there at 9 AM) we would like to have an information table and we need volunteers to work the table. If you can come and help please advise so we will know we have the help, if we do not have the help we can not have a table. Roger and I will set up but they need help on parking direction as well. We will also have volunteers in the crowd for security observation. Off duty police officers will be in attendance for "hands on security".

Please advise ASAP if you can help, they are expecting a large crowd and we are participating with other organizations in the Kansas City area.

2. Don't forget the Kearney Missouri rally on the 12th of September, we would like to make great showing in this HOA city to show our support to stop the Obama Care etc. More information on this rally will follow.

3. No September meeting for the Patriots Coalition, too many out of town or convalescing, our next meeting will be the third Thursday, October 15th, regular place and time.

Ed Hayes

HOA Chapter Director

Patriots Coalition


Tuesday, September 01, 2009



9/1/2009 5:04:46 AM

I’m sorry to say that I’m a registered Republican. These smaller political parties have no teeth. I certainly could NOT be a Democrat!

So what’s a concerned citizen like me to do?


Yes indeed, I write my thoughts and post them on the Internet.

Last night I attended another 912 project meeting at an undisclosed location.

The discussion became quite heated at times.

I guess I belong in the tea party movement.

I even purchased an email address:


Stay tuned!

Myron Holter
Topeka KS