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Joseph's Song (Sung by Myron @ home)

Read the text from my previous posts for details. Enjoy the video God Bless

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Joseph's Song (My little solo) .. Thanks for listening


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I am just a carpenter, an ordinary man,
Wood and nails are all I know;
They’re all I understand.

How to raise your son of God,
I cannot comprehend.
I can only love Him
And teach him what I can..

Show me how to mold this child Lord,
Where do I begin? I cannot teach your son to save His people from their sins.

I can only love Him and teach Him what I can…
By placing wood before Him and nails within His hands…


I have no experience within royalty or Kings.
Lord, I lead a simple life with simple hopes and dreams.

How to raise your Son, O God, I cannot comprehend.
I can only love Him and teach HIM what I can

Show me how to mold this child Lord, where do I begin?
I cannot teach your son to save His people from their sins.

I can only love Him and teach Him what I can ..
By placing wood before Him and nails with-in His hands.


I am just a carpenter - I teach Him what I can.

I’ll place the nails within His hands …

BY: Joseph M. Martin/Harold Flammer Music

Posted: 1/30/2009 6:15:38 PM.

NOTE: It was an honor to sing this over the Christmas Holiday at our church.
I will now make a Myron's song .. MDH

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British Gun Control

The above youtube is about gun control in England


Sibling email - health concerns

Hang in there brother !!!!

Here's my health concerns if anyone cares:

1)Cyber Pseudo Psychosis (Correctly diagnosed by baby sister Julie)
2) Jock Itch - tried everything
3) un-organized - always (Is that bad for your health) ?
4) neuropathy - right leg
5) hard of hearing - military ? or the tractor, 1959
6) diabetes II - under control most of the time. Yesterday I had a pizza attack and my car forced me to go to CiCi's
7) Recovering heart attack - part of my heart is dead - need lots of naps (so what's new? :)
8) Adhesive capulitise )sp?) FROZEN SHOULDER - been to rebound therapy - helped a little.
9) getting old - OH WELL

And thanks for the birthday greetings sibs. Dale & my rotating birthday card has been filled up and we're both still alive! FYI, the cheap card was started in 1981 ?? It's a HOOT to read! Mrs. Bombeck would be proud!

I'm working on making a web page in answer to our dilemma. Stay tuned!

The official archive (Joanne?) will have to file the card away and resurrect it when the 1st one dies, whomever that might be ? .. LOL Maybe bring it out at family reunions or something.

I've been posting things to my blog too

God Bless,

Myron D. Holter
5112 SW 33rd ST
Topeka KS 66614
785-272-4986 (h)
785-220-2040 (c) (web)


Financial Peace (wk#3)


We attended the 3rd week of FPU last night at our church. The subject was one of debt. I was able to pick up our friend Carol H. There was a lot of good discussion afterwards also.

I was able to tell the folks about my two tone car and being able to bargain shop.

Sally now has her own workbook along with our old one.

FPU is just a lot of common sense concerning YOUR money.

If only our politicians and leaders in government would be FPU graduates, we’d have a lot better country.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009



What’s going on?

Our country is in a financial mess!

Our political leaders are inept.

The liberals have taken over.

Our new president is the most left winger in political history.

I can go on and on


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Madeline

Dear Madeline:

Your granpaMy has been good.

The other day when your graamma Sal called you wanted to sing the ABC’s to her. That pleased me very much to hear that you’re growing up.


Grampa My


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City Government & CJ Online


Dear City government & Cjonline

I’m coRnfused!

I was trying to follow Mr. Cobler? Or Mr. Cobbler? Complaint and watch Fox News at the same time. In channel surfing my beloved wife of many years sent me upstairs to watch Cable 4. I witnessed our GREAT statesman Mayor pound the gavel.

So I missed the whole scenario.

Can someone send me the url (web address) the confiree was referring to?

He said it was dated Jan 24 ? I tried to find it and failed to do so.

I was beginning to wonder if a food fight was next.

Just another concerned Topekan and GLAD my name is NOT in any political race.

I had my jollies back in 2005.

Here’s wishing ALL the political entries well. You’ll need it.

Please post this to the appropriate web pages.

Regards, >

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Local Politics


Today is the last day to file for mayor, city council or school board.

I have elected NOT to run for mayor this go around.

Read my previous posts on our web.


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Monday, January 26, 2009



Sallu & I attend church regularly.

Yesterday our church had there semi-annual congregational meeting.

I love to LISTEN to the give and take.

Details can be found by calling up our church’s web site.

Here are my thoughts regarding any budget. Put God on the front of the giving line. I wanted to speak up and tell everyone to join us every Thursday for financial Peace w/ Dave Ramsey.

OH WELL .. sometimes trying to educate the folks is held back by ignorance. I have done my part going door to door and telling the folks.

Happy Monday
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Blogging Video advice


I have Yust posted my 1st weekly advice blogging video.



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Minutemen of Kansas

I received this forwarded email from Ed Hayes:

----- Original Message -----
From: Ed Hayes
To: mcdcofkansas
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 5:13 PM
Subject: DHS blocks BIP website to government computers.

Please forward this to everyone on your list, the site shows the invasion is alive and well but.............................Government computers can't get to this site? I wonder why? Ignorance is power!

Subject: DHS blocks BIP website to government computers.

On October 28, 2008, the website went live on the internet.

It took DHS less than 90 days to deny government computers access to this website.

See actual notice:

Is this type of censorship an example of "Change We Can Believe In"? Is this indicative of what we can expect from Janet Napolitano's DHS leadership?

The singular focus of the website is to show pictoral evidence to millions of legal American residents that our southern border remains wide open to illegal entry.

Our goal is straightforward and simple: inject truthful and undeniable information into the debate about border security and illegal immigration. Perhaps this censorship should be viewed as a compliment to the effectiveness of the website.

Our clear position is that we support the Border Patrol, and we encourage an increased allocation of resources to assist the dedicated agents on the front line. Our effort, in turn, has the support of most of these agents.

Apparently, the content of the website is seen as a hindrance to the agenda of our nation's top level politicians. Politicians who are charged with the responsibility for our national security. Politicians whose decisions will influence the lives of Americans for generations to come.

Please help us show the truth to the American public, in response to, and in spite of, DHS efforts to minimize our exposure. The BIP website content is legitimate and pertinent data, and has shown the ability to attract the interest of previously uninformed people. If you have a website, please consider posting a permanent link to BIP. If you have an email list, please forward this note to everyone.

We intend to keep going and growing, and we need your help.


Dear Madeline


You’re grampaMy has been good this week.

He celebrated a birthday. He turned 64. I wanted to get a birthday hug from you on 4/11/2008 on your 2nd birthday, but was denied that little pleasure in life. I was sad. Maybe someday I’ll get a hug from you.

I love you Maddy

Your grandfather,


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Week In Review


Yesterday was my (un)BIRTHDAY.

Sally agreed to video tape me in my recliner and I also took a self picture and posted it on MY public blog.

Yesterday was just another retirement day.
I wrote about my thoughts for the day and posted to my blog.

What was really neat was a phone visit with my mother. She turned 95 last Nov 1,2008 and I was thrilled to hear her voice. Mom is living in a retirement center in Brookings SD called Greenleaf. She is getting more and more physically frail. Fortunately MoM has all her senses about her and she can intelligently carry on a phone conversation. CeCe (that’s what my DaD called her) and I have a mutual sense of humor. She informed me that she loves me and she even loves my weird sense of humor. I felt so honored to visit with my mother on the phone. I MISS MY MOTHER! I’m a mommy’s boy if you all may or may not know.

Another voice phone mail was from my great niece Taylor. She’s a beautiful girl. She’s maybe 5-6 years old? I’ll have to get out my family tree program and figure that out. I’m sure that her parents would be happy to have me scan her picture and write about her in my PUBLIC BLOG. … Earth to John & Kim !!

I also received a birthday phone message from brother Wes. Wes & Janet live on a lake near Ashby MN. I’ve been trying to go ice fishing with brother Wes for years. He left me a BD weather report. THANKS WES

Thursday Sally took me out at the Topeka Civic Theatre to see “Carl & Lena” It was a HOOT! If you want to learn more about this you can subscribe to our local Topeka Metro News and learn more about it. We make FUN of our NorVegun heritage you know. I blended right in with their humor. Sally asked me if I enjoyed it. I think my reply was .. ‘YA U BET” It was a normal day for me growing up on a farm in Bruce SD

Sally had forgotten about our weekly Financial Peace class at our church. Fortunately our Pastor was able to pick up our friend Carol H. We are a caring church, we help out with each other’s needs.

Speaking of being forgetful, I’m one of the most forgetful people on the planet.

I PROUDLY posted a wallet photo of our only grand child on my PUBLIC blog, forgetting that my paranoid daughter-in-law made me sign a contract not to. I had forgotten. I received yet another paranoid call from Kim to remove the “offending” image. I’m wondering how many more years that will add getting a hug from Madeline. OH WELL! One of the items on my handwritten bucket list is getting a hug from my only grandchild before I “kick the bucket”

You can see an approved video of me kicking the bucket on the web. Also yesterday, Sally interviewed me and an image/video has been posted.

Also yesterday I received the annual rotating Birthday Card from brother Dale. It is always a fun read! I’m CHEAP you know. I’ll write more about the now famous brotherly birthday card. Dale & I have been sending the SAME card since 1992. the last one still alive gets to keep it. Our writings have filled up the card.. NOW WHAT! We’re BOTH still alive.

Last night I went out to eat at Boss Hawgs. I received a birthday coupon from them. YUM YUM .. That reminds me, I better prick my fingert. Time to save this

1/24/2009 5:01:51 AM

OK .. I’m back.

YUP, I YUST pricked my finger and it’s NOT good. My diabetes’s cops will be getting after me. I need to behave! I love chocolates I love all the foods that us type 2 diabetes are not suppose to consume excessively. I know all the facts about my diabetes, I just need to take proper action.

Now getting back to my week in review. My Birthday is 012345. That’s January 23, 1945 for us NorVeguns.

I also received a phone call from cousin Wally. We had a lot of laughs. Yes, coz, I’m aware of your wife’s request to see some photos from our last reunion last July. I’ll work on making a web page and send you a picture or two. It works both ways you know. Anyway, thanks for the phone call coz.

My baby sister, Julie, called from AZ somewhere to wish me a happy birthday. She sent a vice mail to both our home # and my cell # Thanks Julie!

I received a funny card from my older sister Delpha. Thanks SIS !

I will need to call Ronny & Anitra to receive a happy birthday greeting.

Our #2 son, Mark, sent me a personal email. Thanks Son!

Conspicuously absent from my family well wishes was my prodigal son & his paranoid wife happy birthday greetings. I pray for them daily.

That’s about it for the week of Jan 18-24, 2009

If I left anything out … I could care less.


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Friday, January 23, 2009

questions from my anonymous friend




If we combine ancient legends with Bible Prophecy, science and archeology and legends we come up with some very interesting information. What you will find is that all these different groups state that original man was almost perfect and that mankind has been devolving not evolving. As an example, Read “Forbidden Archeology” by Michael Cremo which you can find on line at:

Legends tell us the location for the original race of mankind was not in Africa as we have been schooled to believe by certain scientists, but instead in a place all ancient legends called the “The Garden.” Although the “Garden is known by many names, the location for our original prehistoric ancestors appears to be in the “Garden of Hyperborea” in the “North Pole” region.

An interesting aspect of these stories as well as what Jesus (Yashua) taught, is that a group called the “Elect” will be taken into a safe area of our world, free of global wars and discourse during the “End Times.” They will be translated (changed) physically at the same time.

According to what Jesus (Yashua) stated in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls, Noah’s family was taken into a cloud for safe keeping, it was not a man made arc as the Old Testament states. Today we understand the cloud to be what we call an unidentified flying object (UFO). Noah’s family appear to have been members of the Turkish Serpent Bloodline, which appears to be the same bloodline group being abducted today. This may be no coincidence.

What do legends tell us about the race which will be chosen to be the future seed of humanity. Are they the descendents of the pure RH Negative bloodline, which appear to be the original human beings who took physical form in flesh and blood bodies? Are these “Elect” those who follow Jesus (Yashua) today who will be taken back to the “Garden of Hyperborea” for safe keeping soon. IT’S POSSIBLE.

Legends tell us:

“The Imperishable Sacred Island was the cradle for this first man and will also be the dwelling place for the last divine mortals chosen for the future seed of humanity.”

Most of us who study ancient prophecies and legends understand that humanity survived global cataclysms in the past. Jesus (Yashua) will make sure that will happen again with the “Elect” in the “End Times.”

“You will be changed, the perishable will take on impermissibility.”

“The meek shall inherit the earth.”

If all ancient legends and spiritual teaching of Jesus (Yashua) are right then the bodies of the “Elect” will be transformed into the imperishable bodies we originally had before mankind’s DNA was contaminated by these evil entities we wrongly call aliens today.

It may be no coincidence that the poles are melting today. Some of us may be going home to a place of safety soon, could that place on earth be the North Pole region. WHO KNOWS. Prophecy states we will be taken to a desert area, which symbolically means a place of safety away from global turmoil.

With out sounding too religious or dramatic let’s find out about the area on our globe know as “The Garden of Hyperborea.”


If you were to fly north from New York City, across Canada directly to the Earth's physical North Pole, then kept going straight, you would end up somewhere in Russia, right?

“Not necessarily, say those who believe the “Hollow Earth Theory.”

Why? Because there's a big gaping hole at the North Pole, they allege, and if you'd fly (or walk, for that matter) across the pole, you'd find yourself entering the interior of the planet.


In 985 A.D., Eric the Red discovered Greenland and subsequently settled it with Viking residents of Iceland. The Greenland colony thrived for several centuries, but then as Europe became embroiled in war and the disease of the plague, the Norwegians lost contact with their Arctic colonies in Iceland and Greenland. The last ship known to have returned from their Arctic colonies to Norway was in 1410. After the Dark Ages past and Greenland was once again rediscovered by Hans Egede who established the first modern settlement there in 1721. At that time all that could be found of the original Viking settlers was their ruins and some of their animals. Even the Arctic author Vilhajalmur Stefansson in his book, “Unsolved Mysteries of the Arctic”, concluded that the disappearance of the lost Viking colony in Greenland was a mystery. The Viking colonists had apparently migrated further and further north where they found wild life and fish more plentiful,
until they disappeared. 

In an attempt at determining where the lost Viking Greenland colony went, Lt. Green of the U.S. Navy (early 1900's) says he reviewed the Eskimo traditions. The Eskimos say the Vikings had migrated further and further north, then one day their men found a paradise in the north -- a place the Eskimo had always known about but stayed away from because they believed it to be inhabited by evil spirits. 

The Viking explorer parties came back and told the rest of their Greenland colony of their wonderful discovery. All promptly packed their bags, and singing songs, departed suddenly northward never to return again. The Eskimo tradition tells us that over the ice towards the northwest, in the direction Admiral Peary sighted Crocker land and Cook sighted Bradley land, is a

"Land that is warm; is clothed in summer verdure the year around; is populated by fat caribou and musk-ox. It lies," they say even to this day, "in the direction of the coastal trail-route north."

This is exactly how Admiral Byrd described the land at the poles when he flew into them.

The start of the trail is located on west side of Greenland, and goes up around Ellesmere Island, and out over the packed ice in a northwest direction towards the land he claimed exists in the "Unexplored Area."

That is the same area I estimate the North Polar Opening is located. 

Ian Lamprecht has a map on page 193 of his book, HOLLOW PLANETS, showing the location and directions of sightings of mirages and of anomalous lands in the arctic, which are not found on any current day maps.

Taking these sightings and triangulating them towards the points towards which they were observed and from the locations in which they were sighted, gives us another indication where the center of the North Polar Opening is most likely located. North from the New Siberian Islands the Russians sighted the mirage of a land known as “Sannikov land.”

Northwest of Ellesmere Island was the sighting of Crocker land by Admiral Peary, Lt. Green and MacMillan. Bradley land was also sighted in that same general direction by Polar explorer Dr. Cook on his way to discover the pole.. From Harrison Bay Alaska, Captain Keenan spotted land also towards the northwest. If we draw a line from each of these locations towards their respective directions in which this anomalous land was sighted, we arrive once again at the location for the North Polar Opening centered on 141 E Longitude, 84.4 deg N Latitude. 

In Chapter one of the “Living in the Light” you will find that the “Cradle of Humanity,” was borne in this same area ancient called “The Garden of Hyperborea.” He explains that the “The Garden” human beings were created from ethercial being and they we known as the “First Race of Man,” The second hybrid race were known as the “Second Race of Man.”

According to the Ancient Creation stories, the First Race of evolutionary man lived during the Age of Satya Yuga, known as the Golden Age of Man. In the beginning, the ‘collective’ etheric man, referred to as Adam Solars, had no physical substance. They were of an astral form, they were said to be the astral double of the “Watchers,” who are the angelic forces lead by Jesus (Yashua) also known as the “Aeons..”

Following the birth of the original human beings in “The Garden,” evil entities entered our three dimensional world that targeted the First Race of evolutionary man. They raped and cloned a hybrid race from the First Race, which became the Second Race aka the Bloodline of Cain and the “Serpent Seed.”

Some say the leaders of these evil forces were known as the seven Pistris. The Seven Pistris reined over them until the ending of the last ice age, before the Third Race migrated onto safe lands and started anew. The Imperishable Sacred Island, which we could describe the poles to be, was the cradle for this first man and will also be the dwelling place for the last divine mortals chosen for the future seed of humanity.

As history progress forward, the Greeks of Homer claimed that Hyperborea then became known as ‘The Lands of the Gods’, the favorite home of Apollo, the God of Light. (An allegorical reference to this second creation can be found in Genesis II)

where Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge created the physical body of Adam and Eve to look like the beautiful radiant “Aeons” or “Watchers,” which he saw in a refection off the water.
 Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge was the leader of the Elohim. He created 7 other entities, probably reptilian, which took direct orders from him. This account can be found in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls in the “Sophia Pistis” story, which was taught by Jesus (Yashua) to his followers.

This second hybrid group, which were possibly created inside the earth in a cloning area the Jews refer to as the “Garden of Eden,” became the Serpent bloodline of Cain, in Genesis Chapter 2. This hybrid group was forced to leave the “Garden of Eden” inside the earth.. I do not think it is a coincidence that the rivers flowing inside the earth have the same names associated with them as the rivers flowing in the Jewish “Garden of Eden.” The Koran has an account of this as well. The stories tell us that these hybrid survivors SEEDED THE WORLD, which is not that different from the stories of Atlantis. Ancient legends about Hyperborea tell the same story. This would explain why DNA of North and South American Indians match the DNA of the Jews who came to populate Israel. Notice also the crooked noses.

The Hyperborean region was destroyed during the last pole shift when the Hyperborean region landed at the North Pole and froze over. The same thing happened to Antarctica, which may have been known as the “Land of Atlantis” at one time. Survivors from this last pole reversal migrated into North and South America, Africa and the Middle East etc.

As the stories go: these lands were destroyed because of their wickedness. The wickedness involved the human beings who associated with these evil gods.

Now that you have had a BIRDS EYE VIEW of the beginning of humanity according to the ancients, now FAST FORWARD to 2009. What is happening in the areas know as Hyperborea (North Pole) and Greenland today.


As we come forward in time to 2009, which most groups feel is the period in human history associated with the END OF DAYS, we find that the Hyperborea region is melting. Al Gore’s scientists say that the ice caps are melting because of man, however history, geology, other scientists, legends and astronomy tell us a different story as to why our poles are melting today and why the weather patterns are changing and IT IS NOT GOOD.

Jesus (Yashua) warned us that one of the signs of the End Time period, would be events that are happening in the earth. Science, archeology, astronomy, legends and prophecies tell us that the earth is about to flip again. That Hyperborea will once again be on the equator after this up and coming flip EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT.

According to many scientists, one of the reasons the poles are melting is because of what is going on inside the earth regarding magma. 

The "Ring of Fire" is activating again which means that volcano's are very possibly a real threat to the world. Yellowstone is the location for the biggest "Super Volcano" in the world and it appears to be coming more active again. This is not good news.

Could magma and the reactivation of the “Ring of Fire” be one of the reasons our poles are warming? Could the fact that our earth is about to enter the Dark Rift be affecting the core of our earth? Could the re-entry and pull of the illusive “Dark Star” which “Sky Watchers” and ancient legends claim is on it’s way back into our solar system be part of the problem?

Are Al Gore and his scientists wrongly blaming man for what is happening? Many scientists disagree with Al Gore and his group of scientists. You will notice that Al Gore is not answering these questions and appears not to be taking interviews as of late.

Is the “Ring of Fire” one of the clues Jesus (Yashua) told us to look for on earth, which is a sign that the End Times are upon us? Is the fact that the “Ring of Fire” is reactivating one of the underlying causes for warming of the poles? CERTAINLY SOUNDS PLAUSIBLE TO ME.

Lets we what is happening to our own Super Volcano at Yellowstone National Park.


Prophecies state that the End Times are near as a matter of fact the new dates, which are agreed upon by prophecy, science, geology, astronomy etc., are centered around December 21, 2012.

Remember that Jesus (Yashua) warned us that before the End Times we would see signs in the heavens and on earth. Also remember that one of the many earth signs as to why the poles are heating involves could be happening because of the reactivation of the “Ring of Fire” which are volcanoes through out the world that are coming alive again. We have a Super Volcano in Yellowstone National Park that some scientists believe may be about to BLOW AGAIN. 

The Yellowstone Volcano could erupt with 10,000 times the force of the explosion at Mount. St. Helens, which happened in 1980. The Volcano in Yellowstone National Park is what is referred to as a Super Volcano. 

About 4 miles beneath Yellowstone National Park's beautiful scenery is a forty-mile-wide chamber full of molten rock under incredibly high pressure. 
This magma is what powers Yellowstone's fantastic geysers and hot springs, but is it about to erupt in a cataclysmic explosion that will decimate the western United States and push mankind to the brink of extinction?

Yellowstone is the crown jewel of the United States national park system. Its mountain vistas, wildlife and geographic features are visited and admired by people from around the world. More than any of those, however, it's the park's thermo-geological features that make it unlike any other part of the globe. No place on earth has as many steam vents, hot springs and active geysers as Yellowstone.


To create these features requires two elements in abundance: lots of water and lots of heat. The generous rain provides the water and snow the region gets. The heat comes from deep inside the earth: volcanic heat. Though you might not be able to tell from just looking at it, Yellowstone National Park is built on an ancient volcano. Not just a regular volcano, either. It lays on top of what some people have call a "super volcano."


There is no exact definition for a super volcano, but the term is often used to refer to volcanoes that have produce exceptionally large eruptions in the past. When one of these large eruptions occurs, a huge amount of material is blasted out of the super volcano, leaving a giant crater or caldera. Such a caldera can be as much as forty or fifty miles wide. This crater looks like a pie shell sitting inside the ground. At Yellowstone, the caldera is so big that it covers most of the entire park. In fact, it is so big that scientists in order to confirm that it was a caldera area, photographs had to be taken from space.

Since there is no firm definition of what a super volcano is, it's hard to say how many of them are found on the earth. Usually people list Long Valley in eastern California, Taupo in New Zealand as super volcano sites along with Yellowstone. The last known explosion of what might be considered a super volcano was Toba in Indonesia.

Toba erupted with a titanic explosion about 74,000 years ago. The force of the explosion was estimated to be 10,000 more powerful than the blast that destroyed Mount St. Helens, in Washington. Tremendous amounts of rock and ash were ejected into the air, blocking the sun for months. The temperature around the globe was thought to have dropped as much as 21 degrees. Perhaps as much as 75% of plant life on the North American continent may have died out.

Old Faithful geyser, as well as Yellowstone's other geothermal wonders, is powered by the heart of one of the most powerful volcanoes on Earth.

A super volcano differs from a regular volcano in that there is often no mountain peak associated with it. In a regular volcano hot magma under pressure flows up from the depths of the earth. A hole forms in the surface and the magma, now lava, pours out. As this hole cools, it forms a cone that eventually builds up into a mountain. If the passage, in this cone is blocked off, the pressure can build up in the mountaintop and explode with a monstrous force. That's what happened at Mount St. Helens. The pit formed by the explosion and it became a new caldera.

In a super volcano the magma is blocked so that it can’t reach the surface. Instead, the pressure just builds and builds until more and more rock in the area melts and becomes magma. Next, the area under the surface becomes one huge underground sea of semi-molton rock. Finally, the pressure becomes too much to hold back and the entire surface above the underground chamber, which can be many miles wide, is blown away by a titanic explosion that can be thousands of times more powerful than that of a regular volcano.


This last time Yellowstone’s volcano erupted was approximately 650,000 years ago. The caldera that it left is 53 miles long and 28 miles wide. In the area surrounding Yellowstone, 3000 square miles were subjected to a flow of pyroclastic material composed of 240 cubic miles of hot ash and pumice. Ash was also thrown into the atmosphere and blanketed much of North America. It can still be identified in core samples from as far away as the Gulf of Mexico.


Since this occurred more than a half million years ago this is all ancient history, right? APPARENTLY NOT! Yellowstone continues to be geologically active even today. Smaller explosions caused by hydrothermal activity, which is water or steam heated in an underground chamber until the top blows off, have been much more common and recent in Yellowstone's history than the massive caldera-forming eruptions. One of these happened as recently as 13,000 years ago, creating a three-mile wide crater that is now a portion of Yellowstone Lake called Mary Bay. Also, smaller volcanic eruptions with flows of lava, ash and pumice have occurred. Flows like these have filled in much of the old caldera since its creation.

Another catastrophic eruption is also possible. The effects of such a disaster are hard to even comprehend. Bill McGuire, professor of geohazards at the Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre at the University College of London told the UK Daily Express, if this happened, "Magma would be flung 50 kilometers into the atmosphere. Within a thousand kilometers falling ash, lava flows and the sheer explosive force of the eruption would kill virtually all life. When you look at the pictures of Mt. St. Helens you can see the damage. YouTube has videos of it.

One thousand cubic kilometers of lava would pour out of the volcano, enough to coat the whole USA with a layer 5 inches thick." He adds that it would once again bring "the bitter cold of a VOLCANIC WINTER to planet earth. Mankind could become extinct."


Scientists have known about Yellowstone's explosive history for quite some time, but events in the fall of 2003 suddenly had people concerned about the possibility of another massive explosion.

Areas of the Norris Geyser basin have been closed due to unusual activity. In August of 2003 a new high-resolution sonar map of the bottom of Yellowstone Lake showed a bulge, or "inflated plain" there that was 2000 feet long and 100 feet high. Were hydrothermal or volcanic forces pushing it up? VERY POSSIBLE.

At about the same time there were some unusual changes at Norris Geyser basin some 20 miles north of the lake. Areas formally dry suddenly had hot springs, while other Yellowstone hot springs dried up. As a matter of fact, a long dormant geyser became active and forced the closing of some of the trails through the basin.

Rumors also spread that the land near the center of the Yellowstone caldera has been raising, perhaps a sign that the humongous magma chamber below was about to blow.

Some amateur geologists connected these events with the history of the Yellowstone volcano and came to some troubling conclusions: The catastrophic caldera making eruptions in the past, occurred first about 650.000 years ago, the next one was around 2.1 million and the last one about 1.3 million years ago. Does this show some kind of a pattern and does this seam to indicate that we are long over due for another one?

Interest in these developments quickly mounted. Several Internet sites sprang up predicting another explosion very soon and suggesting that the only way to avoid such a disaster was to drill holes into the magma chamber to release the pressure.

Drilling into the magma chamber to release pressure, as some have suggested, would be impractical and ineffective. The material in the chamber has the consistency of a sponge and any "hole" opened up to the surface would quickly seal as the molten rock crept up and cooled.


As fascinating as the history of Yellowstone volcano is, however, most professional geologists who study the site are not concerned that the park is on the brink of a catastrophic eruption. They claim that the bulge on the bottom of the lake may have been there for thousands of years, but not noticed until the recent survey. Changes in the geyser activity are not unusual. New geysers have appeared throughout the history of the park, while others go dormant. Rangers often shut down parts of trails or alter them as needed.. One of the best forecasters of these disasters are the migrations patterns of animals, which have also been noticed by the locals and experts recently.

The land near the center of the caldera did rise more than three feet between 1923 and 1985. However, between 1985 and 1992 it actually subsided six inches. Studies of the shorelines of Yellowstone Lake have led some scientists to believe this is a regular phenomenon. The caldera floor has risen and fallen at least three times in the last 10,000 years, moving as far as 65 feet.


With only three catastrophic eruptions and two intervals between to go on there is not enough data to say that another one should be occurring in the near future.

Even if there was another eruption, there is little mankind could do about it.


That doesn't mean that there isn't (as one scientist put it) a proverbial giant dragon sleeping under Yellowstone. It may well one day awake and lay waste too much of the western United States. The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, however, watches the park carefully and analyzes the continuous geological changes occurring in the region. It is likely that the imminent threat of another catastrophic explosion would not go unnoticed by their modern instruments. So far, however, activity is business-as-usual at the park.


Still, the super volcano at Yellowstone, and the “Ring of Fire” sister volcano’s around the world are a credible threat to man. Even the United States Geological Survey, usually conservative about such matters, admits that should a major eruption occur the results would have "global consequences that are beyond human experience and impossible to anticipate fully."


Hyperborea would move and melt. The original GARDEN OF MAN would be exposed once again.

Would the “Shadow Governments” through out the world warn humanity about these catastrophic events, PROBABLY NOT? Even if they were a decent SHADOWN GLOBAL MOVEMENT, which they are not, no one wants to be the BEARER OF THIS KIND OF BAD NEWS.

Jesus (Yashua) told his followers that he would be returning for the “Elect” at different points. One of these points is after the earth darkens due to one or more catastrophic events. The eruption of the “Super Volcano” could be that event. WE’LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE.


My (un)Birthday Image & Video


OK ..

It’s my birthday .. DAMM IT

After next year, I’ll be 65. After that, I’m going the other way, reverse birthday if you’d like.

I have uploaded a video and self photo. Sally has approved. No word from my prodigal family’s approval yet.

Details on the Internet.

Posted: 1/23/2009 9:32:16 AM


Room 235 w/Kevin McGinty

Room 235

I just finished reading Mr. McGinty’s Topeka Metro article in today’s paper. I couldn’t agree more about Mr. Hecht.

For those who care, I made a web page for Rita Rookstool and posted it to OUR website.
I have made a hyper link for Kevin too and he has reciprocated. Thanks my friend.

I’m OLDER thank Kevin too!

Surf on over if you feel so inclined.

Happy (un)birthday to me, I turned 64 today. My birthday is 012345. A retail teller noticed that a while ago. How about that!

GOD BLESS and visit us online if/when you find the time.
Posted: 1/23/2009 7:21:31 AM


Thursday, January 22, 2009


1/23/2009 1:31:10 AM


It is with great sadness that I write what I’m about to write.

I will be completely remove all emails, pictures, CD’s etc. that remind me of the John Holter family. I am planning to box them up and place them in Sally’s bedroom so she can do whatever she wants.

There is some great pictures, but these images are no longer going to be part of my life.

I had proudly scanned my wallet photo of our only grand daughter and posted the photo to my PUBLIC blog site. I received a hate phone call to remove the photo. I oblidged.

I then called my prodigal son, Kim answered, and told him I have removed the photo. That will be the LAST conversation I will have with either of them. The “offending” photo of Maddy has been removed and also any photos in my wallet will be removed.

I will only post Madeline photos in my PRIVATE web log, of which only Sally has access. Sally will need to read this public blog and I’ll teach her how to open up protected web sites.

We’re webmasters you know.

Sally and I enjoyed last night in celebration of my 64th birthday.

POSTED TO MY PUBLIC BLOG: 1/23/2009 1:43:52 AM


Operation "D.O.N."


Our new Obama administration is planning to close Club Gitmo.

I have yet another idea.

If I were the commander, the mission statement should be called:



The mission statement should go like this. In the dark of night, the military would round up all the prisoners and have them delivered to their country of citizenship.

These prisoners would be blindfolded until they are ready to be parachuted over their country.

The military should be prepared for another terrorist attack, just like 911. The only difference is, this time the terrorist attack will be known ahead of time.

The American soldiers would then train the terrorists country military about the impending attack. The weaponry would be poised and ready for another attack in the form of a bleep in the sky. Hopefully the chute would be defective.

I believe in justice.

The bible teaches us An eye for an eye.

Here endeth my idea for Club Gitmo.


Posted online: 1/22/2009 8:03:57 AM


My Eulogy replies

FYI ..

Kyle C. used to work with me at the call center. Read my previous blogs about being fired.

Here is his email reply:

I think mine for you would say something like...

Myron Holter, master of elusive speech, passed away today at ____ years of age. His death came as an apparent murder suicide at Alorica behind which he was the mastermind and gunman. In the aftermath, he hung himself by the cord of a telephone headset under the desk of George Gillespie, who found his body three weeks later. Because there was so little left of Myron, we printed out his blogs and burned them to make up for what melted into the floor. We shall miss thee, Myron Holter, architect of the most vague answers ever given by a Sprint employee and wizard of making the customer feel as though they should hang up, try something else, and call back so they would stop speaking with you. Even with your dying act, you made the world a better place. You were my hero.



Siblings & Mom


Last July 2008, Mark & I attended the Bruce High School 125th anniversary of Bruce SD . Here is the photo taken next to the old post office.

Later on in Nov 2008, Mark & I also celebrated my mother’s 95th birthday.

Someday I’d like to share this web address with my only grandchild.


Posted: 1/22/2009 6:36:05 AM


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

America Majority

I am thinking of joining this organization.

We'll see what happens.


Sonny Scroggins Obama Party

Kansas Inaugural Praise and Worship Service
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Noon till 130p.m.

Ramada Inn

420 SE 6th Street


Obama Swirl Cake

Oklahoma’s Beast Mode Squad (Obama Swing) will appear at WIBW Channel 13 Studio on Tuesday January 27, 2009 at 4 p.m.

Appearances by:

Rev. Shavonne Holmes (Invocation)

Jada, Jaden, Justice Reed (Song and Dance)

Antonia Kirwul (Song)

George Holmes (Song)

Susan Scroggins (Obama Swirl Poem)

Linda Winkler (Remarks)

Rev. Shavonne Holmes (Prayer & Benediction)

2009 Is the Year We Celebrate:

•November 4, 2008
• Barack Obama: First African-American President of United States
. Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday

•.130th Anniversary Exoduster Movement
. NAACP's 100th Anniversary

. Rev. Martin Luther King's 80th Birthday

KOPIC Chief Photographer Steven Harvey will be available

For more information contact Sonny Scroggins @ 785-232-3761; 785-845-6148 or

I Challenge my Generation to Inspire Future Generations.

Yours in Christ, Sonny Scroggins

I Challenge my Generation to Inspire Future Generations.

Yours in Christ, Sonny Scroggins




Yesterday I also wrote my 1st blog to my grand daughter, Madeline. I received another hate filled call from her mother. The photo has been removed.

Please read the BIBLE about the fruits of the spirit John & Kim.

Get some spiritual heart and learn the word forgiveness.

I have forgiven you for denying me the love of your child.

Too bad you do not reciprocate.

My hand written bucket list is updated monthly.

Posted: 1/21/2009 6:55:17 AM


Dear Madeline

Posted: 1/20/2009 4:51:55 AM


Dear Madeline:

You don’t mind if I call you “Maddy” do you?

I will make this the official photo of you when I decide to write about you.

I know your parents do not want us to call you by that name, but you know what?

I don’t care.

My father-in-law Ted Corry used to call me “My” as a nickname. I didn’t mind. And I’m sure your friends in pre-school will call you by that nickname too someday.

This is my 1st blog to you as posted on my public blog.

I love you very much.

Someday I’m hoping and praying that your parents will have a softening of the heart and allow your grandfather to have a loving relationship with you.

Until that day, I’ll continue to write about you and me and post my writings to this web address.

Someday when you can read and write, your mom and dad might allow you to share with you this web address.

I am just thankful that I am allowed to see pictures and videos of you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to make your grand ma Sal happy.

Love you again


Posted again: 1/21/2009 6:49:58 AM


Obama Swirl Party


Last night I attended Sonny Scroggin’s Obama Swirl Party here at the Ramada Inn downtown. Sonny asked me to say a few word, of which I did. The comedian introduced me. It was maybe a one minute in length. Thanks Sonny for the invitation.

No Thanks to Kim.

posted: 1/21/2009 6:44:53 AM


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day


Today our 44th President will take the oath of office. Barack Obama, our 1st black President will say so help me GOD in front of millions of viewers.

I’ll be viewing from the privacy of my own home. My TV will invade me visions of almost Hitler like “messiah” type adoration.

Well, let me tell you my beliefs.

I am not impressed.

Yesterday, Mark and I got some free food at the 1st Presbyterian Church right next to the state Capitol building, 8th & whatever. We walked from his apartment at 11th & Jackson and participated in some free food. Mark left early for the “Whose dream is it” service.

Jerry Farley, Washburn University’s President, gave the speech.

I for one was moved by the tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. I wonder if I could get a copy somewhere of the service? I shook Mr. Farley’s hand and gave him our business card. I wonder if he ever has time, he’s blog with me? NEVER HAPPEN!

Mark had to leave early, as I heard from Sal that he was not feeling well.

I am suffering from muscle spasms. WOW!

Guess I’ll get busy with my retired schedule. Sally is my scheduler.

Posted: 1/20/2009 4:51:55 AM


Monday, January 19, 2009

Myron Eulogies (written years ago)

Wacko Brother -via email-

Myron, you have really done it now. Your obituary huh!! We you had better
buy a big tombstone because people are going to have a lot to say. Or are
you going to be cremated with your ashes spread across the bike ride across
Kansas route? I have been thinking of things to put on your Obit page.
How about, He Came He Saw, He Slept!! Or maybe "Work is contagious but I
never get sick". I am going to make up all original ones here. Who knows
maybe when you get them all in your book you will have best seller!!

Dale Holter (older brother) |Brother Dale's email|
(no home page yet)

MB reply: -from heaven-:
Thanks for writing in my Eulogy section
brother Dale. I will cherish these words now on the internet forever !!!!
I had never really thought of having my ashes spread out throughout
Kansas, but that's a good idea. There is a problem though, the plot has
been paid (WestLawn Cemetery) and I want to get my monies worth. Now what do I do ???
Guess maybe I will write what to do in my future book.

The Master(dead)Biker ...
replying from the pearly gates through the internet...Myron D. Holter....

The Day Myron Died: by Bryce Holter,

The day that Myron Holter Died, Rodney Dangerfield lost a relative. Rodney
got all of Myron old suits back except the one that he was wearing, you
know the blue plaid one that he should future in the internet home page. I
think you still own that Plaid suit, don't you.
Myron home page is still being view for all the world to view. On his
obituary it reads, Myron Holter: Born a great Norski, and want to be Master
Biker,Just kidding. His family was in sorrow following that 1973 pickup to
the place of rest. They felt sorry for the old pickup, so they barried the
pickup. HA HA. I am writing just for fun.
The guest speakers at that funeral, were Rodney Dangerfield, Fred Stanford
Myron's role model,and Al Bundy. Rodney said, "Myron got no respect."
Fred said,"Where is the free meal!" and Al Bundy said, "Why couldn't it
have been Peg!"
In the ground,Myron, Is still alive, in very ones heart and on the
internet. His ghost is still through e-Mail, so all of his relatives can read his e-mail.
Bryce (Albert) Holter is my nephew, Ronny & Anitra's son

MB reply -from heaven-:

Thanks for remembering me in my great momentius moment in meeting
up with Jesus. So let me explain something, I really miss my plaid suit, worn
to many nephews and nieces weddings before my sister sister-in-law wrote from England not
to wear that suit anymore. Sally had to finally throw it away.
Tears flowed freely on that emotional day.
Rodney and I are good buddies
Actually I've been told I'm like Robin Williams, but what can I say...
I'm in heaven writing to you through the internet. Maybe there's a combination of all those
comedians you mentioned above.
After the 1973 Ford Truck delivers my body to WestLawn, I want it delivered to Breakthrough
House here in Topeka, burying it with me is too extravagent...........MB (reporting from heaven).....

Lets face it, we got a wierd brother here. But lets be honest, I bet we have
all wondered what might be said about us at our departure from this world.
But only brother Myron would ask for it to be told now!

I believe this all started back when he stuck his finger in that electrical
socket of the lamp, while he and I were playing in the dirt crawl space
beside the basement steps. I remember the howling and screaming as he could not get
his finger out. I had to run away from fear of what was happening, as I knew
even at my young age this was not a good thing to be doing. I do beleive now
,looking back, that at this time his brain was short circuited and he wasn't
normal ever since.

His wife of many years, Sally, must have been a saint to put up with all his
wackiness. I can remember growing up with him that I couldn't imagine any
girl being interested in him. I think that is a normal feeling sisters have
for brothers. I always thought he was a dork. I guess Sally didn't think
so, as they were happily married for so many years. Quite an accomplishment for
the 90's, don't you think?

Sally thought he was a hunk! His sister thought he was a dork. Guess that
made my brother Myron a hunky dorky!

We came of age in the 60's and I don't remember the word nerd being used back
then. This is written in 1997 and nerd would be the relevant word for now.
Myron even referred to himself as a nerd. I didn't know what a PNN was and
had to ask him once. He told me he was called a postal puter nerd at work.
This is because it was his job to sit at a computer all day. Then he would
come home to his personal computer and think of wacky stuff to put on his
home page. I do beleive he was suffering from cyber pseudo psychosis. A cure has
>not been found to this day. He died being a nerd and proud of it.

Everyone liked him as he didn't have a mean bone in his body. And I forgave
him for being a ditto head, politics was just never my thing.

He always signed off his WEB page by saying he was happy to meet up with
Jesus someday. And I beleive he did just that. We are told heaven is a happy
place and I can see him sitting at the big computer in the sky being a heavenly
hunky dorky nerd!! See ya there cyberbromy.

Cybersis#2 (Julie)
(Julie is my baby sister)

MB's Reply (from the Pearly gates)

Thanks sis for your kind remarks .. by the way, our DAD (Adoph) sends you his love.
I had forgotten about almost being electrocuted when I was about 6 or 7.
Why did you run off, didn't you know that your model brother, the future
nerd was in getting short circuited !!!!???? I vaguely remember that incident.
Did you cry for help or where you cowering in the corner somewhere. Maybe
it was a blessing in disguise.... I've become a short circuited hunky dorky

Stay tuned for some more analagy of our childhood, but first St. Peter wants
me to collect ALL the jokes coming from ALL over on the internet.

This is to Brother Dale.... do you suppose you could set me up with a wireless
email connection address??? like maybe, then
then I'll be all set up for the internet forever....
Who says you can't take it with you!!

(My future daughter-in-law ??)

Myron Holter...A man loved by all. Definately Misunderstood. A nerd at times
but an all around nice guy. Myron died at age of 65 at wife Sally's Xmas party
dancing on a table after one to many cups of coffee. He was just getting ready
to retire from the USPS after many years of slacking off with them. Sally is
ready to collect the insurance and go on a teddy bear shopping spree. Funeral
Services will be held at Memorial Park Cemetry..Just look for the Green truck.
Myron took pride in that truck, Last words were prepare my truck Sally.
Myron is survived by a large family. Sally his wife of many years, Two sons,
John and his wife Suzanne and their two childrens Wetsy and Betsy. Mark the
younger brother, wife Anita, and their 8 children. Peter, Paul, Mary, Mariah,
Micheal, David, Bart, and Jordan. He also is survived by his large internet
family. His web page was famous. Brothers and sisters are as follows, Wes,
Dale, Julie, and Depha, (sure hope I got all those right with no help).
Nephews Lance and Kylin Holter will be the designated driver. Dont know if
Kylin can handle that one. Heard he is a crazy driver. Max will sit on the end
of the truck and holds the sign....."Here lays the Master Biker".

MB'S reply:
(reporting back from heaven)
Thanks my lovely daughter for carrying on the Myron Holter's name !!!!
(Wetsy and Betsy)... My question is "Is Wetsy a boy or girl???"
Perhaps Wetsy could be a future pallbearer (If it's a boy)

I plan on putting up for bids on the internet the driver of my hearse,
the 1973 Ford Truck. I like Max riding shotgun though....

BYE BYE gotta go, St. Peter's got a golf game up, and I'm trying to show
DAD how to grip the club correctly.... Oh by the way... you guys can have
the SPA....

|Back Home|


Dear Madeline

Dear Madeline:

This is your grampa My writing.

I’ve been good.

This week we’re getting a new President.

Did you know that your grampa My is running for e-prez?

I’d send you some pictures, but I’m not welcome to see you.

Maybe someday.

Love you


Your paternal grandfather


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Left to right:

John Anderson – brother-in-law
Julie (Holter) Anderson – baby sister
Dianne (Peterson) Holter – 1st cousin-in-law
Myron Holter – yours truly
David (Davey) Holter – Goofy 1st cousin

Photo taken by Mark Holter from his mavica floppy diskette camera.

Taken @ mom’s, now Julie’s home in Bruce SD around mom’s birthday, Nov 2008

Posted online: 1/18/2009 7:00:51 PM


City Council/Mayor's race Topeka KS


I have officially decided that I will NOT run for any political office.

What made my decision?

Yesterday I attended a political training class at the Topeka Public Library. The flyer was titled :”Candidate School”. As usual I took notes. I’ll scan my notes and post them for all to see.

It was a fun time back in 2005 running for mayor. I’ll support Bill if he decides to run again. Hopefully there will be others running to make it interesting.

There are three reasons why I’ll NOT run for Topeka mayor.

1) No permission from Sally (I’m thankful for that)
2) Miserable pay
3) No fire in the belly

Here endeth my decision

Posted: 1/18/2009 6:26:34 AM


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Myron Kicking the bucket

Friday, January 16, 2009



It’s so simple, even a politician can do it!

That’s my first thoughts about week one of FPU at our church.

I only wish our politicians have taken Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace class.

Yesterday Sally & I attended our 1st week at OSLC FPU w/ Cherish A. as our coordinator.

I introduced myself as a lifetime member, the computer nerd, and Sally introduced herself as the free spirit.

We listened to Dave and then went around introducing ourselves and what we’d like to get out of our 13 week class.

There were approximately 20 + people in attendance.

My FPU flyer and stapled business card is still applicable.

Posted to my public blog at: 1/16/2009 6:07:07 AM


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mayor's race


I’ve been asked by Tim Hrenchir, our local Topeka reporter for if I’m planning to run again for mayor. This email stirred some memories. You see, I ran for mayor of Topeka KS back in 2005. Bill Bunten is our current mayor, and I for one am very pleased that Mr. Bunten is our city representative, statesman, honorably serving our great city. If Mr. Bunten decides to run again, I’ll go door to door and do whatever is needed to get him re-elected.

So that is ONE reason I’m NOT going to run for mayor of Topeka again.

Another reason I’m NOT planning to run for mayor is my beloved wife of many years is against it. When I ran in 05, Sally was miffed. I came home from working at the Y and TOLD her I put my hat in the ring. She make me live in my under construction city barn for 3 months! I was allowed to come out for potty breaks and other such functions. Sally handcuffed me to the upstairs city barn and I was able to see the light of day maybe one hour per day. She allowed me to visit our dog Charlie for conjugal visits, when I repented for my sins. Forget any sex. I felt like Martin Luther stuck in his castle for months on end, writing his many theses. I spent hours in silence and missed a lot.

I LOVE YOU SAL! Don’t believe any of the previous paragraph, other than Sally has not yet signed an agreement giving me permission to run again.

Another reason I am NOT planning to run for mayor is financial.

Did you know that the mayor makes only 20K per year?

HELL, I can work as the mayors, custodian making more money than that. If you were to do the math, the hourly salary is approximately $9.61/hour if the FULL time city employee works 2080 hours per year. In my conversations with our current mayor, Bill does NOT work for almost minimum wage just for the money. One must remember that being a PUBLIC SERVANT is just that, a public service. I can better serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ better in other ways.

I thank you Mr. Hrenchir for your query.

Posted to my blog: 1/15/2009 6:09:07 AM



1/15/2009 5:16:17 AM


I’m still without our beloved 95’ Camry. The body shop guy has the vehicle in his possession. Sally & I are doing some team work. Tonight we’re having week one of Dave Ramsey’s financial Peace course at our church. I promised our good friend Carol H. I’d pick her up. Sally will be getting a ride from work. Guess it’ll all work out.

Signing off

Mrs. MOM

I will now post this to my public blog.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Charlie & ME and boring


1/14/2009 5:33:19 AM

Sometimes you just gotta do what what you gotta do.

The most exciting thing I did yesterday was taking my dog, “Charlie” out to pee while I got the mail.


But the kitchen is a little bit cleaner. Why do we need three weight watcher’s scales? We don’t even use any food scales! Why are we keeping old food? I threw away out of date flour. WHY WHY WHY !!????

So that’s the title of my blog today.

BORING with my dog Charlie. That's me with the hat.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Christmas Sweater

1/13/2009 7:14:42 AM


I have just sent a private blog entry to my son John. I had to get it off my chest.

A photo is inserted in this public blog.


Monday, January 12, 2009

The Christmas Sweater by Glen Beck

1/12/2009 5:39:04 AM


I have just finished reading a book by Glen Beck called “The Christmas Sweater.”

This book hit home in my own family life.

You see, I have not had any meaningful communication with my #1 son, John for many years. I have written about John in previous blogs. I journalize my life by writing about my almost daily experiences.

Over the last two-three years, John and I have probably seen each other maybe three – four times. I could probably count on one hand the times we have spoken to each other, either in person, email, phone or otherwise.

John will not reach out to me as a son reaches out to his father. I have tried to reach out to John, but he chooses to not reach back. There is NO communication between John and his father, me.

So what’s a father to do?

I’m asking anyone reading this blog to reply, either email or in my blog.



Sunday, January 11, 2009


1/11/2009 6:23:51 AM


Getting ourselves organized is also on my handwritten bucket list. Yesterday, Sally and I decided it was time to ‘GET ‘ER DONE..”

The photo is of our first attempt. I purchased some plastic tubs, one for Sal and one for me. We’ll then go through each piece of paper and decide whether to either file, shred, or throw. You don’t see it, but there’s a BIG garbage can for file 13. We’re messy’s and it’s time to get ourselves unmessy, or the title of this blog.

My aunt Marge used to say, “read it once”

The clothes are next.


Friday, January 09, 2009


1/9/2009 5:04:37 AM


If I were not such an optimist, I’d be doing myself in. Our country’s finances are in the tank. The stock market is down, the folks are being foreclosed. Barack Obama, our next President, is predicting a long recession. Fear and Greed has taken over. People are worried about their jobs. The unemployment rate is going sky high. Marriage between Adam and Steve is acceptable. It’s OK to abort a nine-month-old healthy baby. Sarah Palin has been demonized just because the left wing media wanted our next president to be president. Folks are posting online videos, photos, etc. that is subject to legal action.

What is our society turning into?

What ever happened to working for a living?

Our country wants to give everyone a bailout!


BUT WAIT .. I’M RETIRED! I’ve got way too much time on my hands. So I write and post things to the Internet. What’s wrong with that?

Apparently my family thinks it’s wrong. I will update my hand written bucket list this week.


Thursday, January 08, 2009


We are trusting our retirement advisor, the Shumaker's of Topeka KS. this is a picture of Mark & I at their annual christmas Party. Sally had to work.


Stock Market Terms

CEO --Chief Embezzlement Officer.

CFO-- Corporate Fraud Officer.

BULL MARKET -- A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius.

BEAR MARKET -- A 6 to 18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewelry, and the husband gets no sex.

VALUE INVESTING -- The art of buying low and selling lower.

P/E RATIO -- The percentage of investors wetting their pants as the market keeps crashing.

BROKER -- What my broker has made me.

STANDARD & POOR -- Your life in a nutshell.

STOCK ANALYST -- Idiot who just downgraded your stock.

FINANCIAL PLANNER -- A person whose phone has been disconnected.

MARKET CORRECTION -- The day after you buy stocks.

CASH FLOW-- The movement your money makes as it disappears down the toilet.

YAHOO -- What you yell after selling it to some poor sucker for $240 per share.

WINDOWS -- What you jump out of when you're the sucker who bought Yahoo @ $240 per share.

INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR -- Past year investor who's now locked up in a nuthouse.

PROFIT -- An archaic word no longer in use.


Dear God

Dear Lord,

Every single evening
As I'm lying here in bed,
This tiny little Prayer
Keeps running through my head:

God bless all my family
Wherever they may be,
Keep them warm
and safe from harm
For they're so close to me.

And God, there is one more thing
I wish that you could do;
Hope you don't mind me asking,
Please bless my computer too.

Now I know that it's unusual
To Bless a motherboard,
But listen just a second
While I explain it to you, Lord.

You see, that little metal box
Holds more than odds and ends;
Inside those small compartments
Rest so many of my friends.

I know so much about them
By the kindness that they give,
And this little scrap of metal
Takes me in to where they live.

By faith is how I know them
Much the same as you.
We share in what life brings us
And from that our friendships grew.

Please take an extra minute
From your duties up above,
To bless those in my address book
That's filled with so much love.

Wherever else this prayer may reach
To each and every friend,
Bless each e-mail inbox
And each person who hits 'send'.

When you update your Heavenly list
On your own Great CD-ROM,
Bless everyone who says this prayer
Sent up to


Received from my brother Dale .. worth posting


Citizens Against Illegal Immigration

1/8/2009 6:35:34 AM

Citizens Against Illegal Immigration

The first meeting of 2009 met at the Topeka Public Library on 1/3/9 at 2:00 PM
Devotions and prayers were led off.

Matt Cates gave a presentation on the constitution. He is in the process of making a web page.

Paul D. showed a video about the reasons for NOT having a constitutional convention .. CONCON

Members present were:

Myron Holter
Jan May
Frank May
Mel Hanson
John Davis
Frank Williams
Paul Degener
Thomas Lessman

I had to leave early to prepare for a cantata at our church.

Respectfully submitted,



1/8/2009 6:00:10 AM


I just heard on FOX and friends from an author about happiness. I am happy btw.
This author, Arthur Brooks, wrote :Pursuit of Happiness” and explained my attitude.

I am happy to have Vic Newsom drive up from Lenexa KS yesterday. We went to the library yesterday and I totally confused him with my knowledge. He brought his laptop along with mine and we sat at a table analyzing the stock market. Vic thanked me afterwards for me giving him a headache. LOL I blew his mind when I showed him how to calculate a 3:1 ruler calculation to determine the rrr. I’m sure anyone reading this don’t have a clue what I just wrote.

Still bargain shopping for getting my trunk fixed.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Topeka local politics

1/7/2009 4:26:02 AM


Where do I begin?

Well I did it.

NO, I did not apply to run for mayor again.

What I did do was put my name down to be a public speaker again.

Last night I mainly want the city council, mayor, city manager and staff to be invited to our church to attend the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course.

While having four minutes only I gave a little history of my short lived local political history.

Public speaking can sometimes be scary. I’m getting less and less scared.

Thank you Jesus.

Here endeth my little blog.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

STUPID (photo removed)

1/3/2009 7:32:46 AM


Ok. I just got this from my cousin Wally, and it’s worth a reply. Here are some of the stupid things I used to do.

- Creating farts to blow out a match. We used to do this upstairs at the old farm.
- Attaching firecrackers to barn swallows
- Throwing chickens off the silo to see if they could fly. The egss came out broken.
- Taking the chickens thrown off the silo and drowning them in the Sioux River. Chickens can not swim well either. NOT TELLING ANYONE
- Trying to ride pigs.
- Masturbating my pet dog to see if he enjoys it.
- Going down the Sioux river in a make shift raft (water was cold) the railroad ties were coated with creosote and the raft sunk.
- Going down the Sioux River naked (I was 4-5 years old) I wandered by myself a lot .. still do J
- Doing stupid things at Eureka Dist # 57 Bruce SD (1951-1959)
- Building a retreat from girls, teacher during recess.
- Playing with cousins .. Wally, Davey, Lloyd and James Bond Peterson
- Collecting coins in public phone booths .. embarrassing Wally.
- Getting kicked off the football team in my freshman year of high school.
- Turning to Jesus when my friend Keith was killed.
- Loving Sharon Rust and too bashful to tell her.
- Loving Marilyn Strande in grade school and too bashful to say so.
- Getting confused about growing up .. still confused .. LOL
- Writing many versions of my obituaries and posting them on the Internet.
- Throwing rotten eggs at pheasant hunters
- Taking a dump on the living room floor .. THAT’S STUPID
- I thought I was pregnant and did not want the child to wet.
- Cutting my hair and to make sideburns, just like Elvis
- Getting a sex education from older sister when I was real young .. innocence.
- Playing “kick the can” at grade school


More to write if/when I think of more.


I was asked to remove an offensive photo, which I did. Email me if you want to see the photo.


1/6/2009 6:41:03 AM

Christmas Eve

A big Thanks to the Forman family. Steve works for KMAJ/AM as a radio host. I like to listen to Steve between 6-8 AM Monday thru Friday.

We pray for the Forman family and their crises with their youngest daughter. God will give you peace my brother in Christ. We’re praying for the safe return of your daughter.

Sally & I like to attend the Forman family Christmas eve lunch.




Another GREAT email from my cousin Wally.

Subject: Amen!!

The Doctor and the Apple

It is said that at the University of Chicago Divinity School each year they have what is called "Baptist Day." On this day each one is to bring a lunch to be eaten outdoors in a grassy picnic area. Every "Baptist Day", the school would invite one of the greatest minds to lecture in the theological education center.

The story is that one year they invited Dr. Paul Tillich. Dr. Tillich spoke for two and one-half hours "proving" that the resurrection of Jesus was false. He quoted scholar after scholar and book after book. He concluded that since there was no such thing as the historical resurrection, the religious tradition of the church was groundless, emotional mumbo-jumbo, because it was based on a relationship with a risen Jesus, who, in fact, never rose from the dead in any literal sense. He then asked if there were any questions.

After about 30 seconds, an old, dark skinned preacher with a head of short-cropped, woolly white hair stood up in the back of the auditorium.

"Doctor Tillich, I got one question," he said as all eyes turned toward him. He reached into his sack lunch and pulled out an apple and began eating it. "Doctor Tillich"... CRUNCH, MUNCH... "My question is a simple question," CRUNCH, MUNCH. "Now, I ain't never read them books you read..." CRUNCH, MUNCH "...and I can't recite the Scriptures in the original Greek"... CRUNCH, MUNCH..." I don't know nothin' about Niebuhr and Heidegger"... CRUNCH,MUNCH... He finished the apple.

"All I wanna know is: This apple I just ate... was it bitter or sweet?"

Dr. Tillich paused for a moment and answered in exemplary scholarly fashion: "I cannot possibly answer that question, for I haven't tasted your apple."

The white-haired preacher dropped the core of his apple into his crumpled paper bag, looked up at Dr. Tillich and said calmly, "Neither have you tasted my Jesus."

The 1,000 plus in attendance could not contain themselves. The auditorium erupted with applause and cheers. Dr. Tillich thanked his audience and promptly left the platform.

Have you tasted Jesus?

"Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him." Psalm 34:8


Myron's song

1/6/2009 6:01:50 AM

Myron’s song

My singing ability is still intact. I even crossed myself in jest, much to the consternation of our director, Jolana Pinon. I am now working on a sequel. I’m going to call it “Myron’s song.”

We got lots of compliments.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Joseph's song

1/4/2009 7:23:23 AM


“I am just a carpenter”

I am to sing this solo this am and I have a sore throat. Now what!

Details to follow.


Saturday, January 03, 2009


1/3/2009 6:19:54 AM


Dear Leaders:

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to come before you with still another idea.
My idea is to redistrict our city into four districts. I have scanned the Topeka visitor Map and posted it on my blog. Those of you who have access to a computer can follow along.

I have downloaded the capital building into my blog for those of you outside of this great state.

My idea is this:

Break up the districts into four, NW-NE-SE-SW. Instead of there being NINE council members, there would be now FOUR for making important agenda items.

I’m sure there are many questions, so I’ll ask the obvious one first. What happens when there’s a 2-2 vote? The mayor will make the deciding vote. The mayor will also have a co-mayor just like our federal government, only Joe Biden is called the vice president elect. I’ll offer my public service to Mr. Bunten as his co-mayor if he so chooses. All I want to do is kiss babies and cut ribbons. That service can be done right here at home. All one needs is a computer with an Internet connection to do this public service.

If you’re still interested, read my previous posts on my public blog for salaries, etc.

That’s about it for today.


Friday, January 02, 2009

Memorial to my Aunt Ruth

Ruth Billman is preceded in death by her beloved:
Husband – Herb Billman
Parents – Oscar & Julie Bergh
Brother Oliver Bergh, Sisters Marie Bergh & Audrey Iverson

She is survived by her beloved 4 children,
18 grandchildren & 2 great-grandchildren:

Daniel Billman and wife Pat of Duluth, MN
Joseph, Tim & Sharon
Martha Towner and husband Jim of Bloomington, MN
Grandchildren: Elisa (& husband Matthew Berry &
great-grandson Judah). Daniel, Laura (& husband Michael
Woolridge & great-granddaughter Archangela),
Ruthie, Anne Carolyn & Johnny
John Billman and wife Michelle of Burnsville, MN
Steven, Annemarie, Christina & Brian
Carol Freeman and husband Tim of Bloomington, MN
Jenny, David, Rebecca, Michelle & Megan

Beloved Sisters:
Cecelia Holter of Bruce, SD, Thea Bergh of Hutchinson, MN,
Marjorie Davies of Hutchinson, MN, Dorothy Steinberg of
Seattle, WA, Clarice Dravland [Alvin] of Bottineau, ND;
Brother-in-law, Walt Iverson of Toronto, SD
and many nephews, nieces and cousins.

We all will dearly miss her.

Celebrating the life of

Ruth Olive Billman

May 26, 1918 -
December 29, 2008
Bethany Church,, Bloomington,
The Way to Make Peace with God

Ruth’s desire was that the way of salvation be made very clear in her obituary, and we would like to honor that. Here is what she wrote for her husband’s obituary. Nothing has changed.

To be saved, that is to be adopted into the family of God, to have your sins wiped off the record, to share the very nature of God, you must be informed of some basic facts. First you must know that God has such incredible love for you and for all men that he volunteered His own and only Son to take on Himself the punishment you and all people deserved. ‘He spared not His own Son.’ The Son, Jesus Christ, was crucified. In this crucifixion, Jesus took the punishment we deserved. He opened the way to heaven for us.

Your reaction to these truths will decide the difference between heaven and hell for you. It calls for a certain humility on our part. It is somewhat like an abdication. We part company with that old selfish part of us and come under a totally new regime. It is like a pledge of allegiance, allegiance to Jesus Christ. We are now under His dominion. The Bible calls us new creatures. God considers us sons and daughters, brothers and sisters of His son, Jesus. Ruth would greatly rejoice if she could see you now, as you read this tribute, turning to the Lover of your Soul. Jesus yearns for you more than you’ll ever know. Come to him, while it is still ‘day.’

Memorials are preferred to Bethany Church who will send them to Jeff & Diane Littleton, Bethany missionaries to Asia & long-time personal friends of Ruth.

Order of Service

Prelude Kristofer Bergh (grandnephew)
Greetings Pastor Jared Winger
Invocation Michelle Billman (daughter-in-law)
It’s So Sweet to Trust Pat Billman (daughter-in-law) &
in Jesus Cathy Brokke
Hymn And Can it Be? (congregation)
Scripture Reading Phyllis MacKinnon Ps 37:1-9
Tribute - children Martha Towner & John Billman
Tribute - grandchild Namesake Ruthie Towner
Living for Jesus Billman Clan
Meditation Pastor Jared Winger
I Shall Know Him Jim Towner (son-in-law) & Dan
Towner (grandson)
Hymn Amazing Grace (congregation)
Tributes – children Carol Freeman
Meditation Tim Freeman (son-in-law)
Closing Prayer Dr. Bryan Bergh (nephew)
Power Point of Ruth’s Life
Postlude Laura (Towner) Woolridge

Please join us for a luncheon reception in Bethany’s dining rooms immediately following the service. We invite you to take the opportunity there to share a story or memory about Ruth.
John Billman Dan Towner
Jim Towner Steven Billman
Tim Freeman Joseph Billman

In Loving Memory
Ruth Olive Bergh Billman was born on May 26,1918 in Cereal, Alberta, Canada. When Ruth was 8, the family moved to Volga, SD. Known as the fastest cow milker among the 8 siblings, she would practice her debates on the cows. When she was a young adult, an evangelist preached at their Lutheran church, and Ruth put down a burden of guilt she had carried for years, received God’s forgiveness and was released into a place of peace in her relationship with God.

She earned her teacher’s degree from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD, and began her lifelong career of teaching, starting out in a one-room schoolhouse in South Dakota. During this time, Ruth and her sisters Thea and Marge were gripped by the message of living in victory over sin that was being taught by Pastor Hegre. They joined the newly forming Bethany community located on Blaisdell in Mpls. in 1946. Soon the three Bergh sisters felt called to missions and were commissioned in the first group of missionaries sent out from Bethany Church in 1949, joining the WEC mission. While Thea & Marge went to India & Liberia respectively, Ruth headed to Guinea Bissau, W. Africa. The 3 sisters had a strong time of prayer, releasing each other to go where the Lord would lead them, even if that meant never seeing each other again.

After 2 years in Guinea Bissau, at the age of 34, Ruth married her co-worker Dr. Herbert Billman in Africa. They spent 22 years in missionary service, committed to bringing healing to the body and soul. First, they did leprosy work in Guinea Bissau, during which time their 3 oldest children were born. The third child was born during Ruth’s first bout of tuberculosis. Their youngest was born as they transferred to Viet Nam where they gave eye care. In 1963 they moved to Timor and then on to Australia. They returned to America in 1964 to give their children an education. Missionaries frequently lived in their home those years. Twenty-six years later in 1990, they returned to mission work, this time to Ghana, West Africa, where they built Emmanuel Eye Clinic. In the midst of all the medical work being done through the years, and raising 4 children born within a space of 5 years, Ruth faithfully shared the gospel with the patients as they waited their turn to see the doctor. She became a proficient writer, as she prepared follow-up discipleship materials to send to those who came to Christ. These writings eventually were sent to thousands throughout Africa who were seeking a closer walk with God.

After ‘retiring’ from mission work in Ghana in 1998, at the age of 80, Ruth continued to write stories that tell of how God still speaks to us today. She was going through the last edit of the compilation of these stories into her book entitled The Journal and the Red Pen when she was called Home. To obtain a copy of this book, contact her daughter at It is chock full of amazing stories of God lovingly walking with His children.

In her 70’s & 80’s, during their travels to and from Africa, Ruth made frequent trips with Herb to NE Spain, where Martha lived. There Ruth had a vital ministry & friendship with many who understood her Portuguese clearly and considered her their own dear grandmother. When her husband of 52 years passed on 4 years ago, she did not lose her zeal for living, but rather continued trips to Spain, & intensified her writing & time in prayer and worship.

Ruth was known for her kind, gracious ways, her sweet hospitality, thankful spirit, generous giving and encouraging words. She tenderly loved and interceded for all her children and grandchildren, as well as all those God brought her way. She taught all her children and several grandchildren to read. She was a tough opponent to beat in Scrabble and loved a picnic.

Ruth lived the last 6 months with her daughter Martha & family. She had a great sense of humor and when the teasing began she could dish it out to match the best of them! She loved attending the times of intercessory worship at the Bethany House of Prayer, and even talked about possibly moving on campus to become part of the team of intercessory missionaries. She wanted all her days to count for eternity and felt that prayer was the best way to do that. The intercessory team considered her their own ‘Anna’ (Luke. 2:36)

Ruth was active until her last days here. The day before her stroke, she took her daughter out for a birthday breakfast, baked homemade brown bread, wrote Christmas newsletters, taught a Mexican visitor an English lesson and sent an email to missionaries Jeff & Diane Littleton at 3:35am (her normal time to rise for an hour of prayer in the night), assuring them of her love & prayers, just a couple hours before her stroke. Ruth has always been a teacher, Now she has once again gone ahead of us. Let us make peace with our loving God, so we can follow where she has gone.




Technology is a big word. Here’s some other words for technology:

- cyber space
- email
- digital
- internet
- spam
- virus
- htm
- html
- .org
- .com
- .biz
- emoticons
- ipods
- iphone
- cell
- web
- blog
- bloggers
- “reply to all”

Guess I’ll post this


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Financial Peace Update

1/1/2009 7:13:19 AM

Financial Peace:

Financial Peace is an oxymoron. Is that the right word? How does one achieve financial peace? It’s easy! One can have financial peace by turning to the prince of peace, Jesus, in one’s life. I turned to Jesus when I was around 15 years of age. My childhood friend, Keith Loomis, was killed in a tractor accident. I have written about Keith in a previous blog.

Our church is starting a FPU class in a few weeks. I’m merely a soldier, going door to door giving out FPU flyers. I also staple our web address on these flyers. If you get a flyer on your door, please give it to someone else if you’re NOT interested.

Details on our public blog.