Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dear Madeline

2/28/2009 5:50:28 AM

Dear Madeline:

I’ve been good!

Just a minute ago I saw a mouse run across the foyer into the basement. That is not good.

I have been working hard trying to make our home Madeline ready.

Electrical things have gone bad and we’re trying to fix them.

When we get our home ready, we’d like to invite you and your folks over sometime. We can watch a CD/DVD upstairs to your liking.

I promise I’ll be good.


Your granpaMY,



Friday, February 27, 2009

Financial Peace (week #7)

2/27/2009 6:26:15 AM


I gotta tell ya .. sometimes it doesn’t even pay to get up.

This last week should be titled, “electrical shortcircuited”

Yesterday, I get up at my usual time, 3:30-5:00 AM, and do my usual thing.

One of the usual thing to do is to turn on the TV.

The TV made a couple of grunts, gave me the finger and died.

Earlier our CD/DVD player died too.

I had already given Mark the old theatre system. Read my previous post about that.

So I had just purchased another CD/DVD to replace the one that was given to Mark.

So I pick up Mark for our weekly father/son luncheon.

I ask mark if it would be OK to shop around for another TV.

Sams does not have any to my liking.

Wal-Mart had one but they were sold out. I asked Greg A. to see if I could buy the one on display. Greg used to bowl with me. He could NOT find any paper work.

So I go home, after driving through at McDonald’s for our togo meal. I finally decide to go online and do some shopping.

Last night’s FPU class was about Insurance. I picked Carol H. up as usual.

It’s gotten cold again. I’m ready for spring.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Matt's email to

Good afternoon, Myron:

As promised, here is my letter to the editor (Jan 17th) defending our most recently dismissed President:

The letter is below and the link to the newspaper article follows.

Letter: Bush served well
The Capital-Journal
Published Saturday, January 17, 2009
Though it has become popular to disparage our 43rd president on the editorial pages of various newspapers and magazines, as he leaves office those of us who remember Sept. 11 as the greatest of our American tragedies should congratulate George Bush on a job well done.

He has made good on his promise, given as he stood in the rubble of what was once the World Trade Center, to ensure that "the people who knocked down these towers are going to hear from us real soon."

His twin strategy, no doubt formulated in concert with Vice President Cheney, to attack the enemy in Afghanistan and Iraq has paid great dividends. We have not suffered an attack on our native soil since 2001, our troops remain victorious in the field and our enemies are in disarray. Bush's strategic use of enhanced methodologies of interrogation, the Patriot Act and detention in Gitmo have provided our security forces with the ability to effectively negate the superiority of the surprise attack. While many of us on the right and the left can disagree with the Bush administration's economic policies, it remains difficult to argue with the enormous success the president has demonstrated on the foreign policy front.

Bush will leave office with a very low approval rating. So too did Harry Truman, now thought of as one of our great presidents. Bush, who won two elections to Truman's one, will continue to grow in the eyes of historians and the public.

In a little spit of land in Crawford, Texas, a hero shall repose.


Take care and God Bless (and as always give my love to your lovely wife)



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Topeka City government

2/25/2009 3:56:06 AM

Our Local Government::

I guess our city politics is no different than any other local government.

WE, and I use the word, “WE” to mean ALL of us reading this blog. As taxpaying citizens, we are to keep our PUBLIC officials accountable for their fiscal responsibilities.

Last night I witnessed just that.

Joe Ledbetter, a conferee, spoke about monies that are sitting in a fund called GO TOPEKA This fund could be used to help Topeka’s infrastructure and consequently keep us from encountering yet another TAX increase.

Brett Blackburn, my councilperson, also spoke up concerning this matter.

I applaud both Brett and Joe for bringing this up to the public.

This taxpayer wants to know WHY this money is NOT being used more efficiently?

I heard Mr. Bunten explain that this money is reserved for potential businesses settling in our great city. Does the Topeka Chamber of Commerce know about this money? I’ll bet the chamber is well aware. What’s the big secret?

Once again, I applaud Mr. Ledbetter in bringing this to the public.

I also applaud those who are running for public office. I have written many web pages about my experiences as a mayoral candidate back in 2005.

My campaign pledge then was:


You can reach Sally and I by visiting us on the web at:

I will now post this letter to my public blog.

Myron Holter
Topeka KS


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


2/24/2009 6:23 AM


Reliv is a scientific food product which can only be purchased from distributors, like Sally & myself.

I have made a web page for this wonderful product.

When I had my heart attack a few years ago, I decided to start taking RELIV daily instead of whenever I felt like it. I also added cardiosentials to my daily intake. I took a total of four cans of cardiosentials.

My cardiologist told me that I would probably need open heart surgery. I told him then and there that I am going to start taking reliv religiously. His answer was something like … Can’t hurt ..

I started to take reliv daily and five weeks later my mri x-ray came up negative for any more plaque on my arteries.

I’ll ALWAYS be taking reliv.

If you want more information, visit our website.

Respectfully submitted,


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Re-arranging Furniture

2/22/2009 6:10:16 AM

Our Living Room:

Yesterday, Mark and I tried to move a BIG entertainment center from one side of the living room to the other. Any Arnold Sch .. out there? We couldn’t get it done. I’m running out of ideas. My next idea is to maybe put a blanket under the furniture to make for easier sliding. I’m too old to lift heavy things anymore. My back is killing me! The next step will be to get a screw driver and break it down into three components. That is the most logical answer.

Hopefully Sally will arrive later this evening.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Financial Peace U. (buyer beware)

2/20/2009 5:48:55 AM


Our FPU claas was titled buyer beware. The pastor’s laptop was locked up in her office and no one had a key. So the techy’s figured out another method. We were able to watch the DVD and had a discussion afterwards.

I recommend our politician take this wonderful course.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sally's in Normal IL

2/19/2009 5:28:03 AM

I do my best thinking at this time. Notice the date/time.

Yesterday, Sally left with our Pastor to attend a Lutheran church liturgy. She rode with Jolana P. From what I understand, they’ll pick up Sara T. at the airport somewhere. She called last night and was at our pastor’s parents home in Normal IL. They had a good trip.

I now have to fend for myself here at home.



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wake Up Call

Here's the latest from my bible school friend back from the 60's (email is a working address too)

Buyer Beware!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You will notice that many DNA studies on line ONLY track the SERPENT BLOODLINES with the Rh Negative blood factor. These studies focus on the Basque area of Europe. These studies DO NOT track the PURE RH NEGATIVE BLOODLINE FACTOR group back to Hyperborea.



These studies also track the Rh Negative bloodlines to a place in Europe where inbreeding occurred. These studies take us back to a place where the DARK HAIR DARK EYED RACES mingled their seed in with the BLONDE BLUE-EYED Scandinavians in places like the Iberian Peninsula, France and the British Isles.

Some scientists would have us believe that the human race started in Africa despite the fact that the oldest mummies found in recent archeological digs all over the world were of Scandinavian. Some scientists state that mankind evolve from monkeys somewhere in Africa, but cannot find the missing link between the Rhesus Monkey and human beings. This scientific opinion has always been a highly contested theory.

Most people have wondered where these Scandinavian races came from before the Ice Age. Legends and language tell us that these Scandinavians came from the Hyperborean Regions, which at one time in our not to distant past, was a warm climate that sat by the equator until the earth’s shift moved the lands we now call the North and South Pole it into the arctic regions, CAUSING IT’S INHABITANTS TO MIGRATE DOWN TO GLOBAL AREAS IN THE WORLD KNOWN AS ATLANTIS, Lumeria etc.
ALL OF OUR ORIGINAL ANCESTORS ORIGINATED IN HYPERBOREA when the continents of our earth were joined together or in different locations from where they are today due to pole shifts which have happened in the past breaking up what used to be one land mass into 7 continents. History, archeology, science and legends tell us that the dark haired races bred into or with the Scandinavian races to form a variety of people groups such as the Basques, Anglo-Saxons, Scythians, and Aryans etc. The group of human beings who are positive with Rhesus Monkey DNA who have the Rh Positive blood factor, which are associated with Africa were referred to as the original Eves. The original Adams were actually associated with Indian populations through out the world and in North and South America.
Legends from India indicate that the cradle of humanity originated in the North Pole and South Pole regions. The Hindus believe that their families really descended from the lowest and most miserable of India's four castes known as the Sudras who were a servant class who were considered to be unclean and untouchable.
“The 4th group, sudra, denotes the service communities - manual and agricultural labourers, artisans, masons, etc. Although they lived on the fringes of society, the "outcastes" or "untouchables", the 5th group in the hierarchy, were still very much a part of mainstream society as the tasks of scavenging, cleaning up after funerals, killing or hunting animals for food, working in leather and other unclean materials, all fell to them. Mahatma Gandhi in the 1940s renamed them harijan, which when literally translated means "the people of God".
As a matter of fact the British Royal Family also came from the lowest of the low class as did the Blue Bloods of Europe to rule Europe. These Blue Blood families are said to have stolen THE DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE the world from their Scandinavian predecessors before recorded history. The British Royals and Blue Bloods of Europe appear to be a bloodline of people with Scandinavian DNA and the DNA of a dark race who may have been the “Sea People.” The Royals and “Blue Bloods” can be tracked back to the Lost Tribe of Dan and Cain in the Old Testament who are described as having had red hair and green-eyes. They are also referred to as the “Serpent Bloodline” or “Reptilian Bloodline.” The Bloodline of Cain or Dan migrated into Europe from the Mediterranean Sea into Spain, France and the British Isles with the aid of the “Sea People.”
Further some even say these royal “Blue Bloods,” are a hybrid human reptilian bloodline with Neanderthal DNA. Science tells us that the red hair DNA did not originate with human beings but was Neanderthal DNA. If this is true, they are not the original bloodline on earth and worse than that they have demonic reptilian DNA flowing through their veins.
It would appear that the Hindus ancient history is wrapped round spiritual traditions that occurred, not in the ancient Indian subcontinent, but thousands of miles northward at the North Pole region, which ancient peoples referred to as Hyperborea, the Land of the Gods, etc!

The ancient histories of all the major nations and religions on earth mention a time when several races of mankind lived in a temperate paradise at what is now the North Pole. All ancient races referred to Hyperborea as a paradise, a “GARDEN OF EDEN,” region. These legends tell us that the Scandinavian race was the original race in Hyperborea until the gods came down and started to rape and manipulate the DNA of the original Scandinavians creating hybrid races of genetically altered human beings. These evil gods began a human hybrid program in Hyperborea, which is eerily similar to what was being described in Genesis Chapter 6. This chapter in the Old Testament describes the “Fallen Angels or Watchers” who we refer to today as the Nordic Aryan Alien “ Fallen Watchers.” These evil fallen demonic entities came into our three-dimensional world to rape woman and tampered with human DNA. All cultures also speak of reptilian gods who created a
hybrid race of kings and queens that sat on the thrones of all ancient kingdoms that can be tracked back to ancient Sumer Babylon in Iraq.

When you read the “Scuttle Butt” on line regarding the PURE Rh Negative blood factor we find that some experts believe the PURE Rh Negative bloodline is of unknown origins. I wonder if that is simply because they do not track the origins back to Hyperborea, they only track their studies back as far as northern Europe to the area the Serpent bloodline of Can and Dan migrated into and bred with. These authors then make a MAJOR LEAP and assume that those who actually have the PURE Rh Negative blood factor came from other planets and were not a people group who originated on earth but that they are aliens or were created by aliens.


According to Jesus (Yashua) he and his creative forces, which were known as the Aeons or the “Watchers” created the earth and all life on earth originally. This original race of human beings was created to look like the Watchers aka good angels or guardian angels. Then the souls or spirit beings from heaven were fused into these bodies and Real Man (Soul) became a physical being (operated from inside the body) created by the Watchers. Similar to what happens when we hop into our cars and use them to get around in as we travel. We do not know why physical man was created no one does.

At some point part of the group known as the “Watchers” fell from grace and became the “Fallen Watchers” or what we call the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” today. Once the “Fallen Watchers” entered the picture things changed.

Another group of evil entities entered our three dimensional world that were created by Yaldabaoth the Demiurge, they were reptilian entities. One of these entities was known as Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, who was one of the 6 sons of god Yaldabaoth the Demiurge, is the evil entity the Judah Jews worshipped. The Israelites worshipped the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” or the Elohim.

Once the physical bodies had been created these evil artisans known as the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” and the “Reptilians were able to rape and clone human DNA.

Those falling for the “Alien Agenda’s” believe that the demonic entities we wrongly call Aliens today, created human beings. However if these people would simply DO THEIR HOMEWORK and dig deeper they would find that the entities who came into our three-dimensional world to rape and clone human beings were NOT CAPABLE OF CREATING HUMAN BEINGS AND ARE STILL NOT ABLE TO. Even the Old Testament story of these “Fallen Watchers” states this.

These entities did have the ability to rape women and clone hybrids using human, reptilian, animal and bird DNA, which is how the “Serpent Bloodlines” were created. This illicit sexual activity with the gods is the actual meaning behind “ORIGINAL SIN.”


The Viking Y-DNA Project was initiated in Stockholm in December 2004 as an offshoot of the Scandinavian Y-DNA Project. The project noticed that many Americans of Norman, English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish ancestry are quite obviously of Scandinavian descent, although they do not have any family records or other official documents to prove it. With the help of genetic testing many of them might soon be able to link up with their Scandinavian siblings and the kin of their forefathers.


As time went on the dark haired races, such as the Sea People, bred into or with the Scandinavian races to form a variety of people groups such as the Basques, Anglo-Saxons, Scythians, and Aryans etc.
“In the English towns, the most striking thing was the sheer scale of Saxon genetic input. "Our conclusion from the figures," says Mark Thomas of the Viking Y-DNA Project, “is that there was between 50% and 100% replacement of indigenous men by migrating Anglo-Saxons." “If true, this was an achievement beyond the blood-lust of even the maddest modern tyrant. How could it have been achieved?
"When we look at the Y-chromosomes in Wales and Ireland, we find a very close match with the Basques.” Other genetic evidence, he says, strongly suggests that the Basques are the descendants of the Paleolithic inhabitants of Western Europe prior to the arrival of farmers between 9,000 and 6,000 years ago”.
“In the English towns, the most striking thing was the sheer scale of Saxon genetic input. "Our conclusion from the figures," says Mark Thomas, "is that there was between 50% and 100% replacement of indigenous men by migrating Anglo-Saxons." “If true, this was an achievement beyond the blood-lust of even the maddest modern tyrant. How could it have been achieved?”

When you look at the map above you will see that before the “Earth Moved” and before the Ice Age, part of Europe was also connected to Africa by a LAND BRIDGE. The ancient histories of all the major nations and religions on earth mention a time when several races of mankind lived in a temperate paradise at what is now the North Pole. All ancient races referred to Hyperborea as a paradise, a “GARDEN OF EDEN,” region. These legends tell us that the Scandinavian race was the original race in Hyperborea until the gods came down and started to rape and manipulate the DNA of the original Scandinavians.

The second group of Scandinavian people who appear to have had the PURE Rh Negative blood factor, migrate out of Hyperborea before the last Ice Age into the Scandinavia countries and northern Europe. This group left after the first group of hybrid Hyperboreans were TOSSED OUT. We will be focusing on the second hybrid group in this article.

The first group was forced out of Hyperborea for mingling with these evil entities we wrongly call aliens today. This first hybrid group migrated into areas ancient peoples called Atlantis, Lumeria, etc. The races all over the world we call Indians today were called Adams, the races of black people were known as the Eves. Parts of Africa are associated with Atlantis.

These Adams and Eves include the Siberians, Africans, Polynesians, and Indians etc. The Adams migrated into North America and become the Indians of North America. When you DO YOUR HOMEWORK what you will find is that some of not all American Indians have bloodline links to the Mediterranean Region and Africa, this is not a coincidence.

The dark haired peoples moved into the world and occupied an area known as Atlantis and Lumeria, which do NOT appear to be separate continents which are all under water today. When you see the “Earth Is Growing” maps it is clear that these landmasses never existed as separate continents from the 7 we have today. This tells us that the Atlantians and Lumerians occupied territories that exist today such as Antarctica, Alaska, Iceland, Greenland, North America, Africa, the Canary Islands, Asia and Polynesia etc. As a matter of fact, one of the early maps of Hyperborea looks almost identical to the Antarctic region. Knowing that our earth was once one big landmass, we are now able to see how it possible for these tribes to migrate onto all continents.

During a period in history known as the Dark Ages, which happened around 1200 - 800 B.C. The “Tribe of Dan” was shipped into Western Europe with the aid of the Phoenicians from the Mediterranean Sea at about the same time in history. They came into Spain, France (Languedoc Area of France).

We also know that the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel known as the Hebrews migrated into Europe and became a blended group who would later become known as the Scythian aka Aryan Races. They migrated into Europe from the Caucasus and Carpathian mountain ranges while the Tribe of Dan into Spain, France and the British Isles from the Mediterranean Sea.

We do know that the Phoenicians helped transport the Tribe of Dan into Spain, France, and the British Isles by way of the “Sea Route,” from the Middle East. We can determine from history that the Phoenicians appear to be the Siberians of Russia, the Yakuts, Sakha and the Buryats. THEY ARE THE SAME RACE WITH THE SAME DNA. They have the same spiritual and historical traditions: the same names of landforms, rivers, etc., How is possible that no one noticed this and why has this knowledge been LOCKED IN A CLOSET.

Origins of the Sakha (Yakut)
The orgins of the Sakha or Yakut people are something of a mystery. It is apparent from their language and customs that they had not been in the country for more than two or three centuries before the Russians arrived there, yet they had conquered the whole region. It was also clear that they had been an advanced nation, but they had lost their writing system and any written works completely. So only oral histories survived.
Influences in the culture and arts suggested links with traditions as far afield as the Celtic traditions of Western Europe. They had a similar clan system, and other cultural similarities. There are also cultural similarities with Buryat Mongols and with Central Asian, and other Turkic nations. The differences between Yakut and other Turkish languages suggest that it separted from the other Turkish languages as much as two thousand years ago. The Yakut language has changed little in the last five centuries.

As time passed and the Scandinavian and Siberian races mated, they became a blended people that came to look similar to our modern day Russian woman in the picture above. We have been taught by a select group of scientists that Black People came from Africa. This had been highly debated subject among the scientific communities.


The Hindu legends tell us that prior to 30.000 years ago, they believed that they were spirits occupying the physical body. For them, their bodies had no life at all. They were just shells which these spirits occupied and used, just as we drive and manage our automobiles. This is what all world religions teach.

They appear to have had religions and were either atheists, monotheists or polytheists and worshipped evil demonic and reptilian gods known as the Vedas, Shiva, Kubera, the Nagas, Indra, Vishnu, and Brahma. These evil gods allowed humans to speculate about religion, just so long as they knew they were spirits occupying insignificant unthinking physical bodies that were used as a means to operate in earth’s three-dimensional world. However, when they forgot that truth, becoming more and more convinced that they were trapped in live bodies in various degrees, they fell deeper and deeper into degradation as well as religious error. These same beliefs were shared by the Christian Gnostic’s.

If the Hindu, Jewish, and Christian myths are true, there is no doubt that the North Pole was the Garden of Eden. It is well known that at one time, the climate at the North Pole was pleasantly mild and that abundant flora and fauna existed there. The North and South Poles were sitting close to the Equator.

Dr. Valery Dyemen, a Russian researcher of the Arctic, is convinced that Hyperborea existed. He said:

'I believe we should be looking for the traces of that civilization in Eurasia and American arctic regions, in the islands and archipelagos of the Arctic Oceans, at the bottom of some seas, lakes and rivers. It's worthy of notice that Russia has the largest number of locations and artifacts that could bear relevance to Hyperborea. Some ... have already drawn attention of specialists; others are yet to be discovered. Active exploration is currently under way in the Kola Peninsula, in the Island of Vaigach, in Karelia, Ural Mountains, West Siberia, Khakasia, Yakutia, and a few other regions. There are good prospects for conducting research in Franz Josef Land, Taimyr, and Yamal.'(UFO Digest, 1/12/2007.)

'One of the charts by Gerhardus Mercator, the 16th century Flemish cartographer and geographer, shows a huge continent lying in the vicinity of the North Pole. The land is an archipelago composed of several islands divided by deep rivers. A mountain sits in the center of the land (according to legends, the ancestors of Indo-Europeans lived near Mount Meru). The question is: How did that land appear on the chart? There was no information whatsoever regarding the Arctic regions during the Middle Ages. We have some reasons to believe that Mercator had used an ancient chart, the one that is mentioned in his letter dated 1580. That chart showed a continent located in the center of the Arctic Ocean, which was pictured ice-free on the chart. Mercator's chart seems to be based on the ancient chart.'

Below is an article regarding the DNA sampling showing some rather interesting findings regarding this inbreeding and how some of these different people group came to occupy Western Europe and the British Isles.

When these dark haired races bred with the Scandinavian races in prehistoric France for an example, they gave birth to a hybrid people group, which became a people group know as the Basques. After the freeze ended this hybrid race traveled up into the British Isles and settled there. The Basques very likely had a large portion of people with red hair green eyes as a result of inbreeding. We can see from the inbreeding that the “Tribe of Dan” certainly occupies the British Isle.

Are we descended from Vikings, Saxons, Romans or Celts? For centuries, many believed our physical features revealed our origins. But are the British simply a breed apart?
The Celts probably descended from Basque people, who recolonised Britain after the last Ice Age.
The Welsh and Irish are their closest modern relatives.
The Anglo-Saxon invasion left a genetic imprint across middle England.
The Vikings made their impact in East Anglia, York, northeast Scotland, and the Orkney Islands.
Genetic contributions of the Normans and Romans are not thought to be highly significant.
You'd think they were breeds of sheep. The Old Black Breed, The Sussex, The Anglian, The Bronze Age Cumberland, The Neolithic Devon, The Teutonic‑Black Breed Cross, The Inishmaan, The Brunet Welsh. Some are dark and woolly; others fair and shorn. Some are plump: some wiry. All gaze into some indefinable middle distance with the faraway, disinterested look of contented grazers.
All are dead now ‑ dead beyond even forgetting, for nobody alive is old enough to remember them. And yet, throughout the hills and valleys of Britain, their DNA lingers on. What they inherited from their fathers and mothers, so they passed on to their sons and daughters - a specific angle of brow, a roundness of head, a particular weight and stature, a length of nose.
In 1900, the year this gallery of British human breeds appeared in William Z. Ripley's anthropological field guide, ‘The Races of Europe’, it was all a matter of pedigree. "The aristocracy," said Ripley, then an assistant professor of sociology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "everywhere tends towards the blond and tall type, as we should expect." The old British types, by contrast, tended to "irregularity and ruggedness. The mouth is large, the upper lip broad, the cheekbones prominent." Noses, too, were generally sizable and “not often very delicately formed." A Victorian cleric, Bishop Whately, in his ‘Notes on Noses’, bluntly classified the British nasal standard as the "anti-cogitative" type, as if the size of the snout were in inverse proportion to its owner's capacity to think. Most persistent of all, said Ripley, were the overhanging pent-house brows".
In terms of human evolution, where archaeologists calculate in millions of years and the last Ice Age counts as recent, 1900 is barely a heartbeat away. The men and women whose pictures appear on Ripley's pages are not Neanderthals: they are the grandparents of our grandparents, who lived to see the age of photography, powered flight and the internal combustion engine. Genetically they are us, the pent-house brows, anti-cogitative noses and fleshy lips the distinguishing marks in our own physiognomical vocabulary. So what might they be telling us?
Ripley believed he could read into flesh, bristle and bone everything from our ancient origins to our capacity for work, honesty and self-restraint. Few if any pent-house brows were raised at what he said, for his views were securely anchored in the Victorian mainstream. With the trumpet blast of Darwin's ‘The Origin of Species’ still ringing in their ears, bewhiskered physicians, learned doctors and reverend gentlemen toured the countryside measuring, classifying and, in latter years, photographing everything they saw. Nothing lived that was not labelled, and this applied as much to dukes and swineherds as it did to orchids and finches. With callipers, rulers and weights, the inquiring gentlemen categorised examples of Homo sapiens with a zeal that stopped only just short of the specimen jar. They called their science "anthropometry", and rose to the pinnacle of academic respectability. The august British Association for the Advancement of
Science had its own Anthropometric Committee, whose paper of 1883, "defining the facial characteristics of the races and principal crosses in the British Isles", was of particular assistance to William, Z. Ripley.
There was a torrent of data. The benchmark was ‘Crania Britannica’, a vast, double-volume survey of ancient British skulls by the professional craniologists Joseph Barnard Davis and John Thurnam. This had been published in 1856 and dedicated, by her own very liberal permission and favour", to "Her Most Gracious Majesty, Victoria". In the manner of the time, Davis and Thurnam. combined meticulous record-keeping with wild assertion. For the people-watchers of the Victorian empire, racial classification was not just a matter of physical differentiation - height, weight, pigmentation, shape and size of skull - but of psychological, intellectual and moral values too. Hence the belief that lunatics and criminals, like foreigners, could be identified by application of a tape measure to the frontal, parietal and occipital regions of their skulls. "It would appear," reported one celebrated Victorian anthropologist, "that dark eyes and black or very dark
hair are more common among lunatics than among the general population.” Size mattered. "Making every allowance that can justly be required for the essential differences of the cerebral structure in diverse races and individuals," said Davis and Thurnam, "it is quite true, in general, that mass of brain is in a direct relation with mental power. Special cases of small and active brains must be regarded as exceptional.
Their judgments would have done little to upset Victoria's well-ordered vision of the human ‘ant heap’. This, for example, is Davis and Thurnam's scientific verdict on western Ireland, where "the peculiar character of the natives proclaims their descent from a primeval race": "They are wild, superstitious, vengeful, addicted to extravagant legend, and timidly susceptible to every impression which can arouse their fatalism or their fears. In sickness, these qualities are brought out in prominent relief, their unreasonable alarm and dread of pain especially... They are the children of the British populations, incapable of ruling themselves in any high sense, and require a fostering hand to carry on their improvement - of which they stand in perpetual need... Like all the purer aboriginal races of the islands, they are distinguished for cunning, which at times passes into treachery." The authors accept that Irish women are modest and chaste, but
observe that their role is to serve in "the primeval position of inferiors and servants. No labour is thought severe for them, whilst their comforts of every kind are of minor importance."
Compare this with the worthy folk of Cumberland: "an acute, shrewd people, active, industrious, vigorous, enterprising, trustworthy... Everything about them is clean and respectable, not squalid, mean and paltry. In all these elements they are most unlike the Celtic races." Or Westmorland: "Well made and long-limbed." Or Dumfriesshire and Roxburghshire: "An exceedingly fine race." Standards decline again Durham, where men are stunted by coal mining and are "devoid of the high animal courage of their adjacent neighbours.” Norfolk is characterised by “a determined courage which knows no fear… and great perseverance and power of endurance.” It also has very small feet, and – a mater of particular interest to Davis and Thurnham – a large hat size. Yorkshire and Lancashire are much like Cumberland.
And so on, county by county around Victoria’s Britain, sorting the tall, fair Teutonic wheat from the small, dark aboriginal chaff.
More was to come. In 1870, Dr John Beddoe, president of the Anthropological Society of London, published his classic ‘On the Stature and Bulk of Man in the British Isles,’ which - with the help of figures sent to him by physicians, surgeons and scientifically minded clergymen around the country ‑ rendered the entire working population into arithmetic. His "index of nigrescence", much used by Ripley, shows the population generally growing smaller and darker on an axis from northeast to southwest. He generally notes that fair people are taller than dark ones, and expresses surprise wherever he finds the trend is reversed. There was, he concluded, "evidence of physical degeneration in Nottingham".
Davis and Thurnam had reached the same conclusion in 1865: “That most of the central districts of England still retain a mixture of aboriginal British blood is considered to be proved by the prevalence of dark hair and eyes and dark complexions, as well as a more medium stature, in the rural populations. “For evidence they cite the observations of Professor John Phillips in Leicestershire, Nottingham and Derbyshire. "He is disposed to attribute it to the Teutonic races not having so entirely displaced the aborigines in these districts.”
The controversy is not over yet. A plan by genetic anthropologists at University College London (UCL) to sample the DNA of old Hertfordshire families, can be traced directly back to Beddoe's observation that in the districts of Hertford and Watford, "the relations of colour to stature are curious." The Victorians may have known nothing of DNA or modern genetic profiling, but they were red-hot on its physical manifestations. You had red hair, they wanted to know why. By measurement and placement on the "index of nigrescence” you could know a person’s race. By knowing his race you knew his character. By knowing his character you knew his worth.
All too clearly you can see where this was leading. Ripley's Bronze Age Cumberland type; his Old British types of Hertfordshire and Cornwall; the blond Anglo-Saxons of Yorkshire, Surrey, Sussex and the Scottish lowlands; the Jutish people of Kent; the Brunet Welsh of Cardiganshire and Montgomeryshire; the Neolithic type of Devon; the Old Black Breed of the Shetlands - all these were pinned to his specimen board with the persuasive but flawed objectivity of pseudo-science. Physical anthropology, mated with logic, gave birth to eugenics - the theory that humankind, like any other stock, could be improved by selective breeding. "Positive" traits would be selected and multiplied; "negative" ones eradicated.
Books on ethnology thereafter were given a new kind of nationalistic spin, with each "race" competing for the loftier branches of the evolutionary tree. In 1924, L. A. Waddell, in ‘The Phœnician Origins of Britons, Scots and Anglo Saxons’ argued that "civilisation properly so-called began with the "Aryanisation" of Britain around 2800BC, when it was brought here by Phœnicians in the tin, bronze and amber trades. These great civilisers, he wrote, were Aryans in Speech, Script and Race - tall, fair, broad-browed and long-headed". Ironically, in the light of what was to come, he dismissed the Germans as "fair round-heads" and not "Aryan" at all.
Bad soon went to worse. Germany hit back with Hans F. K. Günther’s ‘The Racial Elements of European History’, translated into English in 1927. Günther identified five European races - Nordic, Mediterranean, Dinaric, Alpine and East Baltic, which, like Ripley, he demonstrates with photographs. This time, however, the captions take on a more querulous tone, like the notes of a world-weary judge at a dog show: "Slight Negro strain?”, "Jewish descent?", "Back of the head projects too far", "Flat nose", "Long body, short legs" And, more admiringly: "Prize-winner in a Swedish beauty contest".
And then he's off and barking: “If nobility is to receive racial meaning again, this can only come about through the attainment of Nordic racial purity." He bemoans the "terrible contra-selection of the best blood" caused by the loss of officers on both sides in the first World War, and concludes that England has already descended into a mongrelising pit of miscegenation. As a result, English skulls were growing shorter and rounder, less Nordic and less capacious. He quotes a writer called Peters: "The healthy English strain of the time of Dickens is no more. The old fair Anglo-Saxon population of' ‘Merry England’ that worked on the land, and, were the mainstay of Wellington’s army and Nelson’s ships, no longer exists. In its stead there is making its way into the industrial towns a small, dark strain, in the midst of which the old aristocracy and the gentry stand out like isolated blond giants." You can imagine what he had to say about
"the Jewish problem”.
And so, in less than 50 years, the hobby-science of Victorian country vicars brought us to Hitler's master race and the greatest catastrophe of modern human history. Among the incidental casualties of war was the use of anthropometrics as a study of living populations. No longer could we talk innocently of "race" and "blood”. Racial history was not just politically incorrect: it was politically unthinkable. It was also, for the most part, just plain wrong.
Hitler, however, could not kill our curiosity. All the old questions were still there. Like orphans or adopted children, we would never lose the urge to know our origins. We just needed a new way of looking. In the 1970s, thank to the burgeoning science of genetics, we got it.
The double helix of DNA now enabled scientists to make comparisons across entire populations. It was not your hair colour or the shape of your skull that told the story: it was your Y-chromosome (if you were a man) or your mitochondrial DNA. Nobody was denying that people differed - it's exactly what Darwin himself predicted. “Local isolation will lead to differentiation," says Rosalind Harding, a lecturer in population genetics at Oxford University. But it is a matter of proportion. By overestimating the importance of minor physical differences, Ripley and the others came no closer to the truth than creationists who believe the whole of nature sprang fully formed from the pages of Genesis. Their big mistake was the assumption of "race".
"A race," says Harding, "is a significant step along the way towards the creation of a new species “The order of magnitude is the gap between, say, chimpanzees and humans in the instant before their paths divided; not the genetic wafer that separates a Cumbrian shepherd from a Worcestershire chair-bodger. Harding explains: “Geneticists in the early 1970s found that 85% of the diversity between individuals occurred within the same population group, 7.5% between populations within the same continent, and 7.5% between continents. "The genes accounting for the differences that so obsessed Victoria's anthropometrists are not the hallmarks of racial purity, she says but "only a tiny subset”. Most of the genetic differentiation between individuals occurs before the end of the street. If we were dogs, some of us might be bigger or hardier mongrels than others, but we'd all be mongrels just the same. "The idea you've got to get away from," says
Harding, 'is that there are distinct groups with lines of demarcation around them".
So: there is no gene for Englishness, Irishness, or Scottishness. And yet we all came from somewhere and, in a society increasingly disconnected from its roots, we are ever more desperate to find out where. This means reaching back through the millennia, identifying our earliest likely ancestors and tracking their progress through history. As it happens, wherever they go, migrants leave a distinct genetic footprint - the Y-chromosomes that are passed down unaltered from father to son across the generations. By matching these between existing populations, scientists have uncovered a small but vital piece of evidence. The modern people closest to the ancient Britons, whose tribal lands also included England, are those of Ireland and Wales. By comparing their Y-chromosomes with others, we can start to make connections. Mark Thomas, of UCL's Centre for Genetic Anthropology, explains:
"When we look at the Y-chromosomes in Wales and Ireland, we find a very close match with the Basques.” Other genetic evidence, he says, strongly suggests that the Basques are the descendants of the Palæolithic inhabitants of Western Europe prior to the arrival of farmers between 9,000 and 6,000 years ago”. It is reasonable therefore to conclude that the Basques took refuge in the Iberian peninsula when the freeze was at its maximum, then moved northward behind the thaw to become the first people to recolonise Britain after the last Ice Age.
Did they then survive to become the Romano-British and later be overrun by the Saxons? Or were they displaced earlier by other, more sophisticated newcomers?' "We do not know, says Chris Stringer, the head of human origins at the Natural History Museum, whether they were supplanted by later influxes of farmers, and by Bronze and Iron Age peoples, or whether they simply embraced the new technologies as they developed. This is a matter of fierce debate.
So too was the nature of the Saxon invasion. Was it an early example of ethnic crime? Or were the Saxons more like the Romans and Normans, subjecting local people to foreign rule rather than actually exterminating them? More pertinently, who got to pass on their genes to the boys and girls of the 21st century? Once upon a time it was fashionable to think in terms of rabid invaders raping their way into the national bloodline. Then in the 1960s a milder view prevailed, and it came to be believed that the Saxon "conquest*'owed more to politics than cold steel.
DARK AGES 1200 – 800 B.C.
The DNA evidence is now swinging back to bloody slaughter. If our chromosomes are telling the truth, something happened in the Dark Ages that resembles ethnic cleansing, and Englishmen owe their Anglo-Saxon stiff upper lips to an event that modern jurists would call a crime against humanity. Just like the Victorian people-hunters, UCL geneticists took advantage of family doctors’ enthusiasm for scientific inquiry. This time the volunteers carried not tape measures and notebooks but sterile tubes and swabs, and instead of swamping the UK they spread out in a discrete line across the thickest part of the country, from Norfolk to Anglesey. To sample ancestral DNA, the doctors took cheek swabs from men who had been born, and whose paternal grandfathers had been born, within 30 kilometres of a selected market town. For comparison, the UCL team collected samples from Friesland in the Netherlands, part of the Anglo-Saxon homeland, and from Norway, home
of the Vikings.
The results seem to bear only one interpretation. Across all the breadth of middle England, the Y-chromosomes matched those of Friesland. But the Welsh were utterly different. Conclusion: the Saxons advanced from the east across central England but were halted at Offa's Dyke
(a historic man-made rough barrier in the area between England an Wales), beyond which the indigenous Britons continued to flourish. In the English towns, the most striking thing was the sheer scale of Saxon genetic input. "Our conclusion from the figures," says Mark Thomas, "is that there was between 50% and 100% replacement of indigenous men by migrating Anglo-Saxons." If true, this was an achievement beyond the blood-lust of even the maddest modern tyrant. How could it have been achieved.
Wholesale slaughter sounds the likeliest possibility but it is not the only one. As Mark Thomas puts it, a relatively small number of newcomers might just have been "reproductively more successful". They had the power; they had the money. They would get the girls.
They were, literally, the stuff of legend. Whatever happened at the Welsh border - the struggle between patriot and invader, red dragon versus white - is the historical underpinning of Celtic mythology's greatest hero, King Arthur. However it came about, the Welsh and Irish survived with their Britishness intact, while central England surrendered its wives and daughters to foreign swordsmen. Or most of it did.
Anyone familiar with the Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire fens will know that they are a country apart - a billiard-table landscape walled in by flood banks, where desolate villages and farmsteads cling to waterways rather than roads, and where a line of pylons is the only landmark. Before it was drained, it was a boot-sucking marsh that might have swallowed an entire army as easily as a Venus flytrap swallows a gnat. Small wonder that the Saxons gave it a miss, and that the ancient Celtic language (i.e. Welsh) was spoken here at least until the 11th century. Much more startling is the ancient Welsh kingdom of Calchvynydd. The literal translation is "chalky, woody land" but we know it better now as Hertfordshire. When John Beddoe's racial inquisitors catalogued it in the 1860s, they noted that the local men were both darker and shorter than their neighbours, with an average height of less than 1.69 metres. By crude application of physical
criteria, this made them brutish, round-headed Celts. Whatever they were then, they still are now. Once again, the geneticists of UCL are waiting to turn Victorian racism into politically correct science. If they are right, the Y-chromosomes of old Hertfordshire families will match those of the Welsh, and Watford Football Club will run out on to the pitch to the tune of ‘Sospan Fach’.
But it would be a mistake for others to imagine themselves pure-blooded members of some Günther-style Nordic elite. In Thomas's view, the concentration of "continental" – i.e., Danish or Anglo-Saxon - genetic types is likely to be highest in central England, lessening towards north and south. Despite the bloody upheaval in central counties, this does rather dent the white Englishman’s vision of himself as a perfect amalgam of the continent's finest fighting breeds - Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman - with the vanquished Celts banished to their enclaves in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. A belief in fairies would be no wider of the mark. If you want Viking Y-chromosomes you'll certainly find them in eastern England (especially Norfolk), York, northeast Scotland and the Orkneys. Nobody has yet studied the genetic imprints of the Romans or Normans, but this is only because they are unlikely to be of great significance. The Celts, however, are a
different matter. For thousands of years they have been swatted and whacked like fleas in the invaders’ bed - but, like fleas, they can’t be cracked. A more recent survey by UCL geneticists has compared Y-chromosomes throughout the UK with a type common in the Celtic heartland of central Ireland, where neither Anglo-Saxon nor Viking ever reached.
The results seem to have startled the researchers as much as they may shock old-Etonian (Eton School taught) stockbrokers in the home counties. (those around London) "Perhaps the most surprising conclusion," they said, "is the limited continental input in southern England, which appears to be predominantly indigenous and, by some analyses, no more influenced by the continental invaders than is mainland Scotland. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of southern England - including in particular the pinstriped hordes that daily invade the capital from their privet-hedged fortresses in cul-de-sac and crescent (affluent areas) - can track their earliest male ancestry, to an indigenous Briton. The golf-swinging, ‘gin-and-Jaguar’ zones of southern suburbia would better be called the London Celt Belt.
Human genetics is far from simple just because you share a Y-chromosome with some bygone north German, Scandinavian or Irishman, it doesn't mean you are an Anglo-Saxon, a Viking or a Celt. As Mark Thomas puts it, you'd be more of a Viking if you joined a battle re-enactment society. Your paternal line may track back over tens of thousands of years to a particular male ancestor; but over the generations, as populations have moved, mingled and settled, it has been infused with material blindly plucked from every shelf in the international gene shop. Someone has calculated that Genghis Khan now has 16 million living descendants, but you wouldn’t recognise them from any obvious resemblance to a 12th-century Mongol warlord. The Y-chromosome is a genetic fingerprint, or birthmark, of particular use in determining more recent ancestry. It will tell you, for example, whether other people bearing the same surname shared the same recent ancestor. It can
prove or disprove paternity, but it says nothing about what you look like, your nationality, within the UK, or what kind of person you are.
In the deep fog of ancient time, it offers only the most tantalising glimpse. Controversially, the professor of human genetics at Oxford University, Bryan Sykes, calculated that the entire population of Europe could be traced back to one of seven women alive and breeding before the last Ice Age, whom he characterised in a bestselling book as the ‘Seven Daughters of Eve’. By testing a customer's mitochondrial DNA, his genetic profiling company, Oxford Ancestors. can determine which of these seven, a thousand or more generations ago, was his or her proto-grandmother. He also calculates that the majority of people in Britain descend from ‘Five Sons of Adam’. The dominance of these five, he suggests, means that at some point in each of their lines of descent, a man begat a very large number of children from a very large number of women. "One way or another" he says, "polygamous men successfully recruited females to their beds." On the Genghis
Khan model, this suggests the most basic exercise of masculine power. What it means, he says, is "most people will have had a warlord in their ancestry sometime in the past 10,000 years".
Having accepted Professor Sykes's offer to identify my own Y-chromosome, I find a little disappointingly, that I belong to the commonest of Britain’s five broad Y-chromosome groups, but more encouragingly - that I have only nine exact matches on the scientific databases. These embrace the USA (one each in Delaware and Massachusetts) but have a bias towards Wales and the English southwest. Sykes's conclusion is that proto-grandad was of southern European, or possible Ukrainian, origin and performed his biological duty some 15,000 to 20,000 years ago during the last Ice Age. The evidence is equivocal. The line might pass through Anglo-Saxon or Dane, but the likeliest possibility, reinforced by the Welsh and West Country associations, is that, yes, I too - like most of the rest of you who are not of Afro-Caribbean or Asian descent - find my earliest traceable ancestry among the Celts.
'Cymru ani byth', as they ought to say in Hertfordshire!

IHave fun reading !!!

replies are welcome.


Dear Madeline

2/18/2009 5:17:19 AM

Dear Madeline:

I’ve been good!

Since I last wrote to you. I had the sweet Adelines sing to your grandma Sal.

She was touched. Wish you were there to see Sally shed a tear. I have it on my digital camera. What I plan to do is email the video to Sal and she can write about it in her blog.

Your grandpa My loves you very much.

Someday when you’re old enough to read and write you can have your parents show you our web.

Love you

Your Grandpa MY


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Topeka City Government


2/17/2009 9:41:48 PM

I am currently watching on cable 4 the city council meeting.

The mayor is trying to keep it all in perspective.

Should we raise our sales tax?

There’s motions and substitute motions made.

Mr. Blackburn makes the most sense.

Good job Brett.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another email from my concerned friend from bible school days

If those who call themselves Christians would actually DO
> THEIR HOMEWORK what they would find is very different from
> what the Christian Church’s teach.
> Research indicates that the Hebrew Bible was NOT authored
> by Our Heavenly Father but is actually a heavily revised
> combination of at least two entirely separate works. If
> people would DO THEIR HOMEWORK, they would find that the
> Book of Genesis represents the beliefs and traditions of two
> very different groups of people living in Israel and the
> evil priests and scribes who wrote and doctored the
> writings, which include the Deuteronomy Revisionists,
> Orthodoxy, Jerome and his “Copy Pasters,” etc.
> The Israelites were people who lived in Northern Israel,
> where the Jews of Judah were a group of people living in
> southern Israel. The compilers of the books in Genesis
> joined the religious traditions of both of these groups
> together in Genesis and then continued to supplement it with
> additional revisions and inserts.
> The Northern tribes of Israel worshipped god “El” and
> the Elohim, who “Flit and Flew” in “Chariots of
> Fire” and “Whirling Wheels,” where the Judah Jews
> worshipped Jehovah aka Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, who
> Jesus Yashua described as a lion-faced reptilian entity.
> Today we call the Elohim the “Nordic Aryan Alien Fallen
> Watchers” because they look human and appear as Aryans who
> range in height from 6-8 feet tall. The Old Testament tells
> the story of the “Fallen Watchers” who fell from grace
> and started to follow Satan and are the enemies of
> Yaldabaoth the Demiurge and his sons, which include the god
> of the Jews which was Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge. These
> groups are continually at war with each other.
> The "E" (the Elohist) portions of Genesis
> represent the PRE-JUDAEAN tradition of the northern peoples
> who exalted the Most High God El and the subordinate Elohim,
> which were known by different names.
> The original “Watchers” were good entities. They are
> what we would call “Guardian Angels” today. They were
> the creators of our three dimensional world and of THE
> ORIGINAL HUMAN BEING ON EARTH, and took direct orders from
> Jesus (Yashua) long before he incarnated in human flesh. A
> group of these “Watchers” fell and became known as the
> “Fallen Watchers” who came to follow an evil entity
> known as Satan.
> These evil gods were known as the “Shining Ones” and
> are the same beings the New Age call “Light Beings”
> today. The Elohim would appear as agents of god El and were
> given the title of angels in the Old Testament. The word
> angel is a more recent version of the original word, which
> Jesus Yashua described Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge as a
> lion-faced reptilian entity in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls.
> Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge cloned the Adam and Eve in
> Genesis Chapter 2 using human red blood DNA described as red
> mud in the Old Testament. Then he raped Eve who gave birth
> to Cain who was described as having red hair and a crooked
> gives us an example of what the 6 sons of Yaldabaoth the
> Demiurge may have looked like. This entity demanded that no
> images of him would be created yet we have archeological
> samples of these graven image above.
> I have a list below of their names of the SONS OF
> YALDABAOTH and which prophets followed them.
> People are abducted and raped by these same reptilian
> entities today. Their description varies in size shape and
> color yet their basic form is reptilian.
> Being that the Israelites first worshipped these human
> looking “Fallen Watchers,” it is no surprise that the
> "J" or "Jehovist" passages describe a
> totally alien entity, when they describe the evil Jehovah
> (YHWH) known as Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge. The name of
> the reptilian god worshipped by the Judah Jews was taken out
> of the book of Genesis, leaving only his title, which was
> the "Lord".
> In the 5th century B.C. Jewish priests combined portions of
> the ‘J’ and ‘E’ documents, adding a little handiwork
> of their own (known as the PIOUS FRAUD. These combined
> documents in Genesis are referred to as the ‘JE’
> documents, since the gods they refer to are both Jehovah,
> god El and the Elohim. Their combined title in the Old
> Testament is Lord God (Yahweh – El or ELohim).
> Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah) claimed to be the
> ONE AND ONLY GOD when in fact the Israelites worshipped many
> gods all declaring the SAME CLAIM TO FAME.
> This is why within the Bible we encounter contradictory and
> conflicting images of the Supreme God. We find Jehovah aka
> Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge was a tribal god who was
> masquerading as the Supreme Being.
> Yaldabaoth the Demiurge created 6 evil entities known as
> gods, Yahweh Ildabaoth was one of them.
> The first chapters of Genesis describe an awesome struggle
> between two rival powers. Yet we understand today that there
> are actually THREE COMPETING POWERS that have infiltrated
> our three dimensional world, all claiming to have created
> it.
> 1. There were the “Watchers” who followed Jesus
> Yashua, who create through their own manifest spirit.
> 2. Then there was the Most High God El and the “Fallen
> Watchers” that abduct and rape woman, who in the Old
> Testament gave birth to the giants aka “The Nephilim.”
> 3. The malevolent Lord God, Yaldabaoth the Demiurge who
> created 6 reptilian sons one of whom was Jehovah aka Yahweh
> Ildabaoth the Demiurge, who was the god of the Judah Jews.
> Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge then cloned physical beings
> known as the Adam and Eve in Genesis Chapter 2 and placed
> them in one of the illusive “Gardens of Eden” which can
> be found in various locations in our world.
> Jehovah is actually a satanic entity, a Shining One who
> rose in revolt against his father known as the Supreme God.
> The Judah Jews referred to him as the One God, yet the early
> Hebrews knew Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, as only one of
> many Elohim. They quoted the Song of Moses to distinguish
> between the Most High Yaldabaoth the Demiurge and the
> usurper son Jehovah aka Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge:
> When the Most High (El) gave the nations
> their heritage,
> When He divided mankind,
> He fixed the territories of the peoples
> According to the number of the sons of God;
> But Jehovah’s (YHWH) share was his people,
> Jacob was his inherited possession. [Deuteronomy 32:8 ]
> Once again, I have a list below of their names of the SONS
> OF YALDABAOTH and which prophets followed them.
> The Gnostic Christians of the early centuries AD, who
> preserved the original teachings of Jesus, distinguished
> between the TRUE Heavenly Father and the gods in the Hebrew
> Bible. Jehovah (YHWH) was NOT the HEAVENLY FATHER revealed
> by Jesus. While the Jewish Bible revealed a tribal god, the
> God of Jesus was the universal Supreme Being of all
> humanity.
> The Hebrew god was a god of fear, while Jesus’ Heavenly
> Father was a God of love. In fact, Jesus never referred to
> the Heavenly Father as Jehovah aka Yahweh Ildabaoth the
> Demiurge. The Gnostic Gospel of Peter states that the
> Hebrews were under the delusion that they knew the Heavenly
> Father, but DID NOT. They were ignorant of him, and knew
> only a false god, an impostor, whose true nature was unknown
> to them.
> The Gnostics exposed Jehovah aka Yahweh Ildabaoth the
> Demiurge and the creator god Yaldabaoth the Demiurge as the
> creative power of our current earths re-creation from the
> chaotic mess it had been left in after the last global
> cataclysm. One of the Gnostic teachers told how the unknown
> Father made the angels, archangels, powers and dominions.
> The world we currently live in and everything in it, was
> REMADE by seven particular angels. These angels he described
> as rebellious feeble artisans. (See the list below)
> Today the New Age, those following the “Alien Agendas”
> and people who DO NOT DO THEIR HOMEWORK, believe that
> humankind was created by some type of extraterrestrial
> genetic manipulation which is actually the basis of the
> creation stories found in the ancient Sumerian records and
> the later Hebrew scriptures in Genesis Chapter 2. This idea
> is set out in detail in the work of Israeli scholar Zecharia
> Sitchin, who uses the Sumerian records to argue that modern
> homo sapiens were created by beings from outer space called
> "Nefilim" who we refer to as the “Nordic Aryan
> Alien “Fallen Watchers” today. He believes that the
> Nefilim created a hybrid group of humans by genetically
> modifying homo erectus, then mated with them and argued over
> what to do with them.
> The Sumerian belief systems Sitchen refers to were the
> inspiration of these evil gods and are NOT TO BE TRUSTED as
> a result.
> It is no secret that these reptilian gods, which were the
> description of the Sumerian gods Zachariah Sitchen refers
> to, cloned a group of human beings who became the ruling
> elite of Sumer Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Europe and now America.
> It is no secret that this REPTILIAN BLOODLINE had
> Neanderthal DNA, which is where the red hair gene came from.
> However these hybrids were not the original human beings on
> earth, they were hybrids with human, reptilian and
> Neanderthal DNA.
> In 1989 William Bramley wrote a book called “The Gods of
> Eden.” The subtitle of the book told of the conspiracy to
> keep humankind in chains. The author ia a Californian lawyer
> going by the nom de plume "William Bramley." His
> book brought together all the major themes found in earlier
> writings about these evil entities we WRONGLY REFER TO AS
> ALIENS today. His book speaks to the ancient knowledge of
> the existence of these so called ‘ancient astronauts’
> and merged them with a unique ‘conspiracy view of
> history.’ Bramley’s thesis was shocking and confronting
> to nearly all established popular beliefs, here is a portion
> of what Bramley writes about. He states that some human
> beings appear to be a slave race, which were supposedly bred
> on an isolated planet in a small galaxy, which is the same
> thing these evil entities tell our military establishments
> and the victims they abduct today. That these human hybrids
> were
> once a source of labor for an extraterrestrial civilization
> and still remain there possession today.
> That the earth remains a sort of prison camp of spiritual
> decay, and that these evil warlords have in flicked upon
> manking conditions of unremitting physical hardship to all
> life, which exists on earth. This situation has existed for
> thousands of years and is on the rise today.
> Legends tell us that human kind is the product of genetic
> engineering carried out by extraterrestrials from outside
> our tiny planet. That human beings have been inundated with
> false dogmas of science and religion which have blinded us
> to the truth of our origins?
> The Christian church proclaims that a supposedly
> all-knowing, all-powerful ‘God’ created our first
> parents from ‘mud’, in Genesis Chapter 6, in much the
> same way as a potter moulds clay. That this cloned group
> followed Yahweh Ildabaoth the Creator at first and then
> begin to break their Creator's rules. After these rules
> were broken, they were subjected to pain, sickness and
> death. By disobeying this evil god, they also condemned
> their offspring as sinners’. William Bramley writes:
> “If we interpret the Bible literally, regarding it as an
> infallible historical document, we are introduced to a
> creator ‘God’ (Jehovah/Yahweh) who, by his own
> admission, is jealous, wrathful and full of vengeance. The
> fear of the "Lord" (Jehovah) is constantly
> stressed throughout the Old Testament. He is expected to
> reward those who worship him and are not delinquent in their
> observance of the ritual law, by gratifying their worldly
> desires for material gains and worldly power. One cannot
> help but note that this cruel, bloodthirsty, and selfish
> ‘God’ bears a striking resemblance to the capricious
> gods of Sumeria.
> This all too human ‘God’, according to Genesis, took a
> walk in the "cool of the day," unaware that his
> prize humans had spoiled his creation by eating the
> ‘forbidden fruit’. After this, having chased the first
> human couple out of Paradise, he threatens their descendants
> with his wrath until the day when he drowned the whole world
> in a flood.
> This ‘God’ Jehovah, as the historian Gibbon observed in
> The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, is a "being
> liable to passion and error, capricious in his favour,
> implacable in his resentment, meanly jealous of his
> superstitious worship, and confining his partial providence
> to a single people and to this transitory life."
> My Research indicates that the Hebrew Bible, far from being
> an infallible historical text authored by an illusive
> Supreme Being, is a heavily revised compilation of at least
> two entirely separate works, which were fused together and
> became part of the Torah. Later additions were made to it.
> As time went by other writings were added to it and it
> became what was know as the Jewish Bible. It was very
> cleverly and saddistically added to the Orthodox Roman
> Catholic Canon, which we call the Bible today.
> Saturninus (90-150), who established an important Gnostic
> community in Syria, taught us that the One True God, who
> Jesus Yashua referred to as OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, dwells in
> the highest Realm of Light and plays no part in the actions
> of these evil artisans who came be worshipped by the Jews
> and the Israelites.
> He states that between this transcendent Realm of Light
> which Christians call Heaven, and our three-dimesional
> world, exist vast number of intermediate hierarchies of
> archangels, agents and spiritual powers etc., who became the
> builders of our last earth generation our landscapes and
> history after the last global cataclysm. These evil
> entities became the fashioners of many hybrid races we call
> man today, through cloning.
> Artistic renditions of the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen
> Watchers”
> Yaldabaoth the Demiurge (Satanic Being) and the Fallen
> Angel Account
> At some point, In foolishness and vanity, Satanael rebelled
> against the Realm of Light, leading astray a company of
> beautiful angelic beings. Satanael and his minions contrived
> to trap spiritual beings in physical bodies. Saturninus
> describes how Satanael’s creator angels decided to create
> physical human bodies in the image of spiritual beings, to
> trap heavenly souls into. Once these spiritual being were
> trapped in physical bodies they became permanently attached
> to physical bodies and set on a path of reincarnation.
> According to Saturninus account of creation, Satanael’s
> creator angels could only form a primitive android. It was
> necessary to animate it with a spirit being from the upper
> realms. Satanael therefore lured down into his soulless
> universe a light-spark from the heavenly realms and trapped
> it within the material body of original race of human beings
> on earth who some people refer to as the Adams and Eves.
> According to Apelles, another early Gnostic teacher, spirit
> beings were enticed from their place in the heavenly realms
> by the opportunity of physical experience, through the
> machinations of Jehovah (Yaldabaoth the Demiurge aka
> Yahweh), after which he bound them in bodies of flesh.
> Generation succeeded generation, as the light-sparks took
> embodiment in human forms through the process of
> reincarnation. Soon these spiritual beings became so
> engrossed in the material world that they lost all awareness
> of their origin in the Realm of Light. They found
> themselves captured in the world of the Demiurge and Satan.
> Human beings became slaves to the malevolent creator agent
> know as angels, demonic entities and aliens and became
> obsessed with the worldly matters.
> The Catholic Church, by accepting the Hebrew Bible in its
> literal interpretation, and by not including the fact that
> the gods the Jews worshipped were satanic beings, continued
> to mislead the general public by promoting the tribal god
> Jehovah – Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge as the Supreme
> Being.
> The Church then set about establishing a political and
> religious empire based upon Old Israel’s model for living
> and blended Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge in with the
> teachings of god Mithra etc. Emperor Constantine and his
> coherts in Rome worshipped many evil gods, which they
> blended together as one god in the Orthodox Jewish and Roman
> Catholic Canon. Only the Christian Gnostics stood in their
> way. It was the Gnostic Christians who taught the teachings
> of Jesus (Yashua) and tried to preserve the writings written
> by his followers. These heroic people were deemed ENEMIES
> RELIGION. The Gnostics quickly found themselves viciously
> denounced as heretics and their sacred books were banned
> burnt by Roman autoriites. Thanks to the miraculous
> discovery of several Gnostic scriptures at Nag Hammadi in
> Egypt, just fifty years ago, we can gain a better insight
> into the Gnostic Christian communities of the
> early centuries AD.
> In Gnostic work uncovered at Nag Hammadi called The
> Apocalypse of Adam, which is an enlightening account of the
> creation story of Adam and Eve that dates back from the
> first century, we find an account of a statement allegedly
> made by Adam. In this account he states that his creator
> was an evil god and that the original creation of man did
> not occur by these evil agents but by highly enlightened
> beings known the “Watchers” who took direct orders from
> OUR HEAVENLY FATHER who is the eternal GOD and Jesus Yashua
> long before he incarnated in his physical body. Adam claims
> that mankind resembles the beautiful “Watchers” and not
> the “Fallen Watchers” who we call the Nordic Aryan Alien
> “Fallen Watchers” today.
> Here is what he said:
> “When god had created me out of the earth along with Eve
> your mother, I went about with her in a glory which she had
> seen in the aeon from which we had come forth [Realm of
> Light]. She taught me a word of knowledge of the eternal
> God. And we resembled the great eternal angels, for we were
> higher than the god who had created us and the powers with
> him, whom we did not know.
> Then god [the Demiurge/Satanael], the ruler of the aeons
> and the powers, divided us in wrath. Then we became two
> aeons. And the glory in our heart(s) left us….After those
> days the eternal knowledge of the God of Truth [Heavenly
> Father] withdrew from me and your mother Eve. Since this
> time we learned about dead things, like men. Then we
> recognised the god [Demiurge] who had created us. For we
> were not strangers to his powers. And we served him in fear
> and slavery.”
> The Gnostics understood that there are many different
> orders of beings. Their writings refer to numerous
> hierarchies of spiritual entities, both of the Light and of
> the Darkness. These beings not only move in the subtle
> frequencies, but can also take form in the physical
> dimension.
> Jesus Yashua, the Nazarenes and the Gnostics recognized and
> taught that these evil agents aka "angels" are
> able to embody themselves in the solid flesh. The “Fallen
> Angels” aka Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers,” were
> most often termed rulers or Archons, and the chief Archon
> was known by various names such as Satanael, Jehovah,
> Yaldabaoth, Ildabaoth, Sacklas, Satan, Sammael, etc. These
> evil agents possessed the power to create bodies and
> believed themselves to be ‘gods’. As a consequence of
> their degraded state, they are hostile to humanity and
> intend to prevent mankind from attaining to spiritual
> liberation.
> Cartoon drawings and painting of the Nordic Aryan Alien
> “Fallen Watchers.”
> Another author who writes about these evil entities we
> WRONGLY CALL ALIENS TODAY is John A. Keel. He is the author
> of “Disneyland of the Gods,” and Our Haunted Planet.
> John A. Keel argues that the late 20th century interest in
> extraterrestrials, aliens and UFOs is just a modern day
> attempt to come to terms with the same forces other peoples
> and cultures once identified as "demons" or
> "fallen angels":
> “The flying saucers are merely another frame of
> reference to provide us with acceptable explanations for
> some of these grotesque events that have plagued humanity
> since before recorded history. He describes them as an
> invisible phenomenon that always stalking us and
> manipulating our beliefs. We see only what they choose to
> let us see, and we usually react.” These entities appear
> in many forms such as ghosts, human abductors, shadow
> figures etc. They are the sources psychic’s use for
> inspiration.
> The notion that the human body is the work of malevolent
> creator angels remarkably parallels the idea that
> extraterrestrials engaged in genetic engineering to
> ‘create’ human hybrids. It would appear that we are
> dealing with exactly the same phenomenon today when we see
> UFO’s in the sky and listen to accounts of alien
> abductions. Did the Gnostics know the truth about Man’s
> real origin and the unseen powers that seek to keep human
> beings in bondage to these evil creatures? Are they the
> malevolent creator angels who, according to the Gnostics,
> stole spiritual beings from heavens realm and placed them in
> physical bodies. Are they doing the same this as the
> reptilian extraterrestrial creator gods of Sumeria? Listen
> to what the modern Gnostic scholar, Dr. Stephen Hoeller
> says:
> “The star-angels and other ruling spirits appear as
> tyrannical, limiting agencies in this Gnostic view. They are
> usurpers who lord it over humanity and creation in order to
> enhance their own self-importance and glory. It is incumbent
> upon the knower to realize this and to extricate himself
> from the grasp of these powers whenever possible. The
> existential predicament of human life lies in the
> uncomfortable dominance to which these lesser godlings
> subject the spirits of human beings, and from which only the
> experiential realization of Gnosis can extricate them. (Jung
> and the Lost Gospels)”
> The Sophia Pistis Story describes them as Archons. They are
> characterized as terrible powers or forces of negativity and
> illusion. They are OUR cosmic Prison Warders seeking to keep
> OUR SOULS bound to the Earth through a process called
> Reincarnation. We human beings are so caught up in the
> illusions of material existence and day to day living that
> we cannot grasp the truth of who we really are, where we
> come from and WHO’S IN CHARGE. Our prison wardens have
> kept us in the state of spiritual blindness, while they
> remain our Prison Warders. They lie stating that they
> created human beings and the world we live in and the New
> Age and those promoting the “Alien Agenda’s” FALL IN
> REMEMBER WHAT JESUS (YASHUA) and the Gnostics taught when
> you hear the “Alien Agenda” version of truth. Jesus
> (Yashua) taught that Man’s True Being is not his body, and
> the material world is definitely not where our souls and
> spirits originated, that inside our physical bodies is the
> REAL MAN. We are spiritual being living in the physical
> FROM. It is very possible that our world will be changed
> soon, this is what the “Battle of Armageddon” is all
> about. It is a time when the “FORCES OF GOOD WILL BATTLE
> I hate to sound like a Christian but this is where the
> trail appears to be leading. It’s not about what schools
> we attend, who we marry, what our credit rating is or our
> political affiliations. It is not about what color our skin
> is because our souls don’t have a color. What is
> happening today has been predicted through out history and
> has been predicted in every culture through out history. We
> are at the end of the final earth generation and ALL HELL IS
> We are referred to as “Sleeping Sheeple” by the “Bad


Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde

Posted: 2/13/2009 5:54:51 AM

2/14/2009 6:35:29 AM

My WeAkly Video:

This week I talked a little bit about RELIV & Rush & Hannity.

Surf on over if you feel so inclined.. (a working email too)

2/15/2009 5:48:15 AM

Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde

Sally & I attended the play last night. Our church friend , Damion Padilla, played the main character. He was GREAT !!

I wonder sometimes how anyone could remember all those lines?

Good entertainment!

The play was held at my prodigal son’s high school, Topeka West



Friday, February 13, 2009


2/13/2009 5:52:01 AM

Financial Peace (week #5)

Our FPU meeting last night was titled “Credit Card.” We learned from Dave Ramsey and Cherish A. about the frauds these scammers are using to get our money.

It was interesting.

Posted: 2/13/2009 5:54:51 AM


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Madeline

2/12/2009 5:29:27 AM

Dear Madeline:

This is your grandfather “My” writing again.

I’ve been good.

I ran into your great uncle Bob Ockre or is it Okre the other day at the Y. He would be your other grandfather’s Neil’s sister’s husband.

Bob & Candy O.

2/12/2009 5:41:24 AM

Where was I?

Windows automatically shut me down for security purposes.

OH YA … I was telling you about your mother’s side of the family.

Your mother is a Carlsen, or is it Carlson?

Kim’s aunt Candy is your grandfather’s sister.

We used to go to marriage encounter today way back when.

It was fun-seeing Bob again too. We joked around. Sally had to tell me the relationship, as I’m getting forgetful.

Not much is happening in my life as of late.

I’m still blogging, mainly to my web and cjonline.

Someday your DAD, my #1 prodigal son John will have to teach you how to blog.

Did you know that the word “blog” is not even in the dictionary?

Maybe someday when you’re of age you can reply to this blog.

Your grandpa “My” loves you very much!

Maybe someday your parents will allow me to see you.



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Church


Last summer our choir at church made a musical CD. I for one am wondering what the status is for public dissemination?

Anybody got any ideas?

Posted: 2/10/2009 9:08:38 PM


Sunday, February 08, 2009

2/8/2009 6:19:42 AM


The Citizens Against Illegal Immigration Topeka met at the Topeka Public Library @ 2:00 PM Saturday February 7, 2009

President Paul D. presided.

John D. led prayers and the pledge of allegiance followed.

Old Business was discussed followed by the Treasurers report.

There were 11 in attendance.

We discussed the future of our group.

We decided NOT to disband.

A donation was requested for the upcoming gun show Mar 14-15, 2009

The total money donated totaled $620.00

Volunteers schedules:




SUNDAY MAR 15 2009


Paul requested to have help in getting the booth set up.

Richard Fry from the November patriots Olathe KS visited us and told us about the hassles of trying to be a speaker at the statehouse.

There was some discussion about the various bills before the legislature. Our legislatures are NOT interested in our group. Being a speaker for a certain bill can be very disappointing from what I’ve heard.
My congratulations go out to those who have attempted to do so.

We watched a website and needed a password to view this site.

Meeting was adjourned around 3:50 PM

We meet the first Saturday monthly and will continue on.

Spread the word. I will now post this to the web.

Posted: 2/8/2009 6:44:35 AM


Saturday, February 07, 2009

My WeAkly Video

2/7/2009 5:46:33 AM

My WeAkly Advice:

Good Morning everyone.

This weakly advice video is starting to be fun.

Last time I think I mentioned that we should be of good cheer, The Lord is with you. I guess I’ll lead off with that again.

My advice this week is to myself mainly. PRAY DAILY.

It seems that every day I awaken, I ask Jesus,

“What do you want me to do today?”

I then get on my computer and start writing. So I’ll now to proceed and set up my video.

2/7/2009 6:24:14 AM

While I’m uploading my video I thought I’d say a few word. .. FEW WORDS J

There is so much to say, so little time.

Later this afternoon I’ll be attending the monthly meeting at the library concerning immigration. The website is: and Paul D. is our president.

Paul is thinking of quitting. I’m trying to discourage that. We had six members show up last week.

If only the folks would listen to us regarding our problems with immigration!

I forgot to show you all a can of reliv.

Be sure to ask me about reliv too

That’s about it for this week.

Posted: 2/7/2009 6:29:34 AM

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Dear Madeline

2/6/2009 6:37:24 AM

Dear Madeline:

Your grandpa My has been good this week.

I left for St. Louis MO this last Monday and my partner Vic N. and I drove to St. Louis MO from his home in Lenexa KS. Vic is my trading partner in Optionetics. Someday I’m hoping to make you a trust fund to redeem when you’re of age.

I hear that you’re growing up. That’s Good!

Maybe someday your parents will let me get a hug from you. You’re my only grandchild. I would LOVE to spoil you.

Your grandpa



Dumping Debt

2/6/2009 6:08:20 AM


Last night we listened to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University’s video titled Dumping Debt.

I was able to pick up our friend Carol H. and she invited her friend Mariah.

If only our federal government would listen!

I’m currently watching fox and friends and the stimulus bill is now over 900 billion.

My question is: Whose going to pay for all this?

Guess I’ll post this to my blog. Once again, if you feel you got this email in error, please let me know. I’m NOT interested in any spamming you.

God Bless,


Posted: 2/6/2009 6:13:44 AM


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stock Market

2/4/2009 1:20:51 PM


Well, here I am in St. Louis MO at the Hyatt airport hotel. We’re on our last four hours learning options in the stock market.

So much to know, so little time.


2/5/2009 6:36:20 AM


WOW ..

What a learning experience!

Vic N. (my trading partner and I just returned from St. Louis MO after attending a two day seminar called Optionetics. We spent all working days at the Hyatt Airport Hotel.

I am suffering from information overload. I’ll write more later.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl

2/2/2009 6:08:31 AM

That was perhaps one of the most exciting Super Bowl games I have ever watched.
The Steelers pulled it out in the last two minutes. I’m sure the folks will be talking about the game for years to come.

We watched the game on the big screen TV at the Y. Unfortunately, the big screen was not working very well, so we watched it from the smaller TV. It was fun! Thanks to the Forman’s for supplying the food.