Thursday, January 28, 2010

Esther Luttrell

Pardon this one-size-fits-all email, but time is short and I want to reach all of you as quickly as possible. It only took me 13 years to get to this day, but finally "Dear Dean...Love, Mom" is having its birth.

In my new book the question of life after death is resolved in a way that proves, to me at least, that there is no death and that love, too, is forever.

Please join me for a discussion of angelic encounters at Topeka's BARNES & NOBLE, 7 pm, on the day of the book's release: Monday, February l.

Won't you please forward this invitation to everyone in your electronic address book? We never know who has been searching for assurances, whose heart may need mending.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Esther Luttrell
"What if God didn't get it wrong? What if life continues after death..." Dear Dean...Love, Mom quote from Ken Rotcop, award winning writer-producer
"It made me laugh, it made me cry. From the first sentence to the last, this book grabbedmy heart and didn't let go." - Dianne Lawson.
"I have never read a more thoughtful and inspiring book!" - Robyn McKinney
"The most important touching and important book I've had the joy of reading in a long time." Karen Tate
"This is one book you won't want to put down." Carole Ferrill
"It is truly magical. It transcends storytelling." Scott Anderson
"I could not stop reading. This book is spectacular." Claire Applewhite
"There is life past death and this book contains proof." Duane Herrmann
"Uplifting and reaffirming." Frank Dooley


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christian Conservative Blogger

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I would like to gives thanks to for allowing us techy webmasters to build websites worthy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This is Myron Holter writing of Topeka KS USA Our web address is

I have just created a new web address listed above. We are CHRISTIANS! If anyone gives me grief for that statement I’ll hit you over the head with my bible J.

Sally & I are also CONSERVATIVES. I guess that puts us in the minority. The radical left is controlling our country. The Obama administration is leading us to a socialistic government. I for one am a tea bagger

We’re also BLOGGERS. What does that mean? The word “blog” is not even listed in the dictionary! In short, it’s just another computer word, like writer.

I’ll now post this to my newly created “blog”.


Monday, January 25, 2010


1/25/2010 6:48:41 AM

I just heard on FOX that today is the day that the working folks snipe at each other. I also heard from FOX & FRIENDS that the human brain can only 150 “friends” in FACEBOOK. I have just started commenting on my facebook account. I have no idea who other friends of friends are and could care less. I know who I am .. (I think) and that’s good enough for me.

DAMM!! .. My Vikings lost! OH well, life goes on!

Our church here in Topeka KS had their annual congregational meeting. I’m not a voting member. I just attend church regularly.

For more information, visit us online


Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Day After

1/24/2010 5:14:50 AM

OK, I confess.. I’m on FACEBOOK. I’m also on many other social networking sites. Our mission statement is on page one of our home page.

Yesterday Sally, Julie S. & myself watched a movie “IT’S COMPLICATED”: lots of laughs.

So I ask Sally, What’s the name of the movie? She told me and I said I didn’t want her to describe the movie; I just wanted her to tell me the name of the movie.

Does Abbott & Costello come to mind? J

I had a perfect birthday! Thanks one and all for your phone calls, emails, and cards. I’ll cherish my 65th birthday forever.

I already used Medicare Part A & B. I had a brain scan last Wednesday. I’m good to go. I told Jesus that my hand-written bucket list needs attention.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

If I only had a brain (post#2)

1/21/2010 5:07:49 AM

Hello world.

I’m really happy!

Mr. Brown will be going to Washington in a pickup truck!

This CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE BLOGGER couldn’t be more pleased.

Those of you that follow our political world and think that our BO president sits right next to Jesus … GET OVER IT! WE WON!

OK, now that I got my little dig in, let me tell you all about my health.

Yesterday I went to see my new Dr., a neurologist. Our primary physician is Dr. Chester Davis here in Topeka KS. I’ve been referred to numerous physicians throughout Topeka and hopefully someone will get to the bottom of my imbalance problem.

The inner ear is NOT the problem. The diagnosis charts showed nothing unusual.

So, the next health questions would be ones blood circulation and the nervous system. Well, I have Diabetes II and I also have neuropathy. My right leg is ALWAYS numb going down to my big toe. The neurologist zeroed in on that problem.

The Dr. asked me when did I first notice this imbalance problem. I didn’t know. It’s been years. I remember when I first had my herniated disk problem. My mother and I had the same back problem when we celebrated her sister Thea’s 90th’s birthday. I remember walking in pain. Later on they gave me an MRI and lo and behold the x-ray looked like someone sat on a jelly donut with all the jelly squirted out.

So I go to a spinal decompression therapy sessions and it helps. This is about three years ago or so. Maybe the damage has already been done?

So last summer Sally and I go to a lifeline-screening test. The results showed that I have a slight blockage in my carotid artery.

BOY.. If all these medical tests of my body continues, I might even catch up with my brother Dale! .. Hope not.

So, me and the scarecrow visit the wizard via the yellow brick road to see if I have a brain. I step on the scale and need to catch myself. It’s rather obvious when I catch my balance just stepping on the scale. I then am asked to do a sobriety test, for lack of a better word. I failed. The nurses and Dr. can obviously see my imbalance. I’m not even drunk!

This morning I’m to have three MRI’s to check my brain. I hope they find something up there.


I will now post this on the web.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If I only had a brain

1/20/2010 6:56:29 AM

Today I go to see the Wizard. My imbalance continues.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Bible School friend in Christ needs help

Dear friends, relatives and all believers in Jesus. My friend needs some spiritual help. Here are her latest emails. I have agreed to delete her email address. You will need to go through me and I'll relay any replies. Please be considerate ... ok?

Read from the bottom to the front for a better understanding.

The following is her email:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hi Myron,

You Wrote:

I guess I'm guilty .. I read the whole email. Thanks for your input. Guilty as charged. Now educate me ...The Bible is my guide. All other books,videos, websites are irrevelant.

My Comment:

Well I have done nothing but try to educate you but you just DON’T GET IT. The Bible is NOT THE WORD OF GOD, it’s NOT EVEN THE WORD OF JESUS (YASHUA). It is a document created by a group of political power structure who primarily worshipped Mithra as god and the worshp of aliens.

You can’t come to any other conclusion when you DO YOUR HOMEWORK. This is why the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic founders made it an secret document that no one was allowed to read. The locals would have known that the Bible emulated evil entities not the God Jesus (Yashua) came to town to teach people about.

Jesus (Yashua) was an enemy of the Jews, the Hebrew Israelites and Rome because he spoke out against their evil gods. He called them Satanic,, Snakes, Scorpions etc. We call them Nordic Aliens, Reptilians and Grays today. History is filled with accounts of their worship. Moses was not allowed to see the face of his entity who walked back and forth in front of him. The Jews were not allowed to make any graven images of their gods.

When Jesus (Yashua) comes back to town he will destroy the Jewish, Hebrew Israelite and Roman alien gods. They are the enemy and they created the Old Testament not Our Heavenly Father.

Step out of the Sleeping Sheeple box Myron and DO YOUR HOMEWORK. START BY READING MY ARTICLES.

Aliens are the enemy of mankind and they were the gods being worshipped in the Old Testament.



It’s time to open the PANDORA’S BOX. The Christian church IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES all over the world because it DOESN’T. What is even worse is that soon these Old Testament gods will be revealed as aliens by the “Powers That BE” and it be exposed as promoting the DOCTRINS OF DEVILS AND DEMONS instead of the beliefs of Jesus (Yashua).

I have to go KateLyn wants out of the high chair.

--- On Thu, 1/14/10, myron holter wrote:

> From: myron holter
> Subject: Guilty as Charged
> To: "> Date: Thursday, January 14, 2010, 1:09 PM
> I guess I'm guilty .. I read the
> whole email. Thanks for your input.
> Guilty as charged. Now educate me ...
> The Bible is my guide. All other books,videos,
> websites are irrevelant.
> Don't take it personal.
> I'm doing some research on changing the google template for
> your satisfaction. I'll let you know my friend.
> In Christ,
> Myron
> BTW .. Did you know that Fern Steffen has cancer and she's
> dying? Dick was my friend back at GVLC/LBI days.
> DISCLAIMER: Reply if you'd like .. I could care
> less.
> "Sharing our FAITH with ALL"
> Myron D. Holter
> 5112 SW 33rd ST
> Topeka KS 66614
> 785-272-4986 (h)
> (web)



OK ... I confess! I'm guilty for reading the bible and being a Bush supporter.

Here's an email I received from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hi Myron,

You claim to be a Republican so listen to this video tape. It is written and directed by a Republican and those talking on this tape are primarily republicans. I don’t like that republicans continually bash the democrats but much of what is being said in this tape is accurate regarding the New World Order.

It is obvious that you do not read what I write. I say this because you never comment on what I write about. If you oppose what I write about because I am trying to expose the corruption in the Christian Church or because I am trying to expose the New World Order than you will be interested in this video tape because these are your republicans talking on this tape.

Yes I know. I am going to make a general statement here so don’t take it personal.

I edited this E-mail I sent you yesterday because I didn’t have time to do it yesterday before I sent it I was babysitting.

The Bush’s in general have really fooled the right wing fundamentalist and the Republicans. Especially the religious right who almost never do their homework, and instead follow one phony leader after another. They would never dig into the Bush family connection to the Dark Side. They wouldn’t even think about it as long as he claimed to be a Christian and passed their misguided religious beliefs into laws. Christians care about promoting the misinformation, disinformation and lies in the Bible because they are programmed to do that. They do not admit the damage he has done to this county. THEY JUST DON’T GET IT.

I have so little respect for people who DON’T DO THEIR HOMEWORK. The corrupt associations the Bush’s have with the Dark Side is all over the place and it is accurate data. They have always had direct toes to, Communism and the New World Order Shadow Government Elite’s agenda. This is so clear that you can’t miss the connections if you DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Those who back the Bushes clearly turn a blind eye to the Bush past and DON’T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT, ESCUSE IT, OR IGNORE IT.

Any one can play the “I’M A CHRISTIAN CARD,” which they are masters at. This is how the Bush’s got elected. They played the “Christian Religious” card.


This is another reason I have so little respect for Christians, they are simple minded and easily conned by anyone claiming to have religious values. People who know how to play the Christian card can so easily manipulate them. They follow the leaders and DON’T ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Christians have no idea they are promoting satanic pagan beliefs because they are being conned into thinking that the Bible is the word of god and believe that the Christian church teaches what Jesus (Yashua) taught (WRONG) which is anything but the truth.

Fundamental Christians are asleep on so many levels. I am not saying they are not good people but they are childlike and simple minded. It’s like they were born to function like simple robots following their programming and their leaders are the ones pushing all of their buttons.

Christian fundamentalists seem to be walking around in a trance state wondering why people don’t attend church anymore.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Bush’s have all but destroyed this country but you can’t tell that to programmed Christian right wing SLEEPING SHEEPLE. IT DOESN’T COMPUTE. It is almost a complete waste of time talking to them and because of that you hope and pray they forget to show up at the voting booths next time.

I can’t change your mind Myron. I have sent you article after article showing you how dangerous the Dark Side is and the Bush Connection to it yet you still fall in line with the Sleeping Sheeple.

I am a very smart person and after reviewing all of the evidence I would have no problem locking the Bush’s up for life and throwing away the keys.


If Jesus (Yashua) were alive today he would be saying the same things and still THROWING THE MONEY CHANGERS OUT OF THE TEMPLE FOR SELLING PRIME LIVE STOCK TO BE USED IN BLOODY SACRIFICES AND EVERYTHING ELSE THE MONEY CHANGERS HAVE DONE TO THIS WORLD. The Christian community should be doing the same thing but instead they vote for these reptilians.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Have a Dream


- Everyone will read our mission statement
- I’ll be able to cross off my bucket list
- I’ll help build the YMCA weekly bible study
- I’ll be able to network this wonderful business called RELIV
- I’ll be able to tell it all using the web
- I’ll see what Jesus looks like
- I’ll meet my family all in heaven
- Our country will get back to the US Constitution
- The 912 project and tea party movement will change our country



Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dear Loretta,

Wow! What a trip.

I just flew from Denver, Colorado to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and just got settled into my hotel room.

And when I say "settled" into my hotel room, I simply mean that I am physically settled, but not exactly emotionally.

I've felt this way before.

I felt this way every time before I stepped onto the floor of the United States Congress to give the unborn my best, most passionate speech to try and sway some of my fellow members of Congress to vote for a piece of pro-life legislation I was sponsoring.

It's the feeling I get before I know I am headed to battle, a battle between good and evil, life or death for the unborn.

You see, as a member of Congress, I could easily stroll onto the floor and give a good speech about transportation, or taxes, or energy. But when I knew I would be standing up for the sacredness of human life, a knot would form in my stomach. This wouldn't just be any speech. We're talking about protecting God's children.

And tomorrow I am headed to the battlefield for the unborn in the most important war the pro-life movement has faced since Roe v. Wade.

And so that knot in my stomach is back. As easy as it would have been to stay in my warm home in Colorado and enjoy a nice Sunday evening with my family, I know that God expects more of me and so here I am, trying to prepare myself for battle.

Let me tell you about my battle plan.

Beginning tomorrow and ending Wednesday evening, I will begin a whirlwind tour of press conferences covering nine media markets that are represented by a total of 14 pro-life Democrats in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.

You see, these 14 pro-life Democrats have been friendly to the unborn in the past. They all voted for the Stupak Amendment, and represent pro-life constituencies.

But they are under an immense amount of pressure from Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barak Obama in Washington to turn their back on the unborn, their constituents, and their consciences. They're being told it's time to put party above principle.

I've been there, too. I've been under that pressure. I've felt it. It's not fun.

And what makes sticking to your principles so much easier is when you know that your constituents have your back.

That's why local community leaders in each district will be joining me at press conferences to urge their member of Congress to truly represent them and to fight for the unborn and their mothers.

For example, Georgette Forney of Pittsburgh and co-founder of Silent No More will explain how the abortion procedure simply leads to physical and emotional health care issues. And Sharon Carey of Terre Haute, Indiana will talk about how her pregnancy care center won't be able to help as many women choose life if there are free abortions. And there are dozens more local leaders that will speak, surrounded and supported by pro-life women in their communities.

In addition to the press conferences, the Susan B. Anthony List will run nearly $50,000 in radio ads urging constituents in these targeted districts to lobby their Representative, and will even deploy robo-calls to identified pro-life voters urging them to lobby their Member to stand for life.

And through pro-life citizen lobbying, these targeted pro-life Democrats will know that their constituents have their backs.

Without a doubt, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana are the battleground for life, and I'll be entering the battle tomorrow.

Will you join me in this battle?

First, I need your prayers to help this knot in my stomach go away.

But, Loretta, I also need your immediate financial support.

The Susan B. Anthony List has gone out on a limb and is implementing this project using all of our reserve funds. Why? We can't let money determine whether or not we will save lives, so we decided to go ahead and implement our battle plan, having faith that you would help fund it.

Will you make an immediate donation -- right now -- to help fund our battle plan?

These members of Congress will determine whether or not a health care bill passes... And therefore determine whether or not our nation will have to endure the biggest expansion of abortion on-demand since Roe v. Wade! This could be our last chance to stop it.

This battle plan ensures that the pro-life constituencies in each of these 14 districts are mobilized and will send a clear message to their member of Congress: You need to represent us and our values, not Pelosi, Reid, and Obama and to be frank, their lack of values.

Please send to Heaven your prayers for the success of this whirlwind tour, and please send your immediate donation of whatever you can afford to the Susan B. Anthony List today!

Thank you for your partnership in this critical battle for life and I look forward to keeping you updated!


Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave
Director, Votes Have Consequences

Early tomorrow morning, I will begin a whirlwind tour targeting 14 pro-life Democrats in nine different media markets in three states. I'll ensure that each pro-life constituent is mobilized to urge their Representative to stand strong for life and to reject pressure from Obama, Reid, and Pelosi to go along with their "abortion for all" health care reform plan.

I don't know how this will fit into the Susan B. Anthony List's budget this year and I am counting on your immediate financial support to help fund our press conferences, radio ads, and robo-calls. I hope I can count on you, Loretta!

Copyright 2007 Susan B. Anthony List
information@sba-list.org1800 North Kent Street, Suite 1070, Arlington, VA 22209 (703) 875-3370
privacy policy
Contributions or gifts to Susan B. Anthony List, Inc., a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax-deductible. The first $1.00 of your annual gift keeps your membership status active for an additional year.

Remove yourself from this mailing.


Monday, January 11, 2010

The Internet

1/11/2010 7:21:38 AM

The Internet is a very powerful means of communication. There are many acronyms when you’re talking about the Internet.

Here’s are some of them:

- www (world wide web)
- the web
- http://
- https:// (secure)
- ISP (Internet Service Provider)
- Blog (web log)

These are just a few of the names when you refer to the Internet.

Sally & I are also web people. We own the Internet address

Surf on over if you feel so inclined.

I could care less,



Saturday, January 09, 2010

Financial Peace University

This is an email sent by
The information below has been sent to you for the FPU Class you have registered for.

Registration Information:
Coordinator Information
Name: Cherish Allshouse
Class Information
Class ID: 155907
Location: Our Savior's Lutheran Church
2021 Southwest 29th Street
Topeka, KS
Class Date: February 18, 2010 6:30 PM

Don't have a Membership with materials yet? Click Here

Customer Care: or 888-22-PEACE


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Rally for KS Sovereignty

Kansas State Sovereignty: PLEASE Save Jan. 15th to Rally for KS Sovereignty — This

is TOO important.


Come one come all, your chance to show your presence is now or at least on the 15th of January @ 9:30 AM in Topeka, Kansas. With the current Washington Criminals trying to shove healthcare down our-----------------or is it up our-------------------orifices we need to encourage the Topeka "gang" to do the right thing for Kansas State Sovereignty if it is at all possible, SCR 1615. Whether we have to contend with healthcare or not we still have the "Kansas Sanctuary State" problem and the amnesty bill presented by the Traitor Rep Luis Gueiterez of Illinois and his 60 far. While the Kansas clowns (some of them) are whining about state budgets and costs they are still allowing the Kansas invasion of illegal’s costing the state of Kansas millions, probably billions of dollars in illegal’s healthcare, education, social services etc. while taking Kansans jobs because the "usual suspects" (they are listed below for your information) support of the illegal alien legislators.

If you are not aware of what I am referring to we had an immigration bill presented two years ago, SB 458 and you will see by the list below which legislators ignored the wishes of 80%, EIGHTY% of Kansas voters over big business. They ignored the wishes of Kansas voters the same as the DC crooks are doing with the health care sham as we speak and every one of them should be voted out of office, you will get your chance this year! Thank those that voted for SB 458 and fire those that did not, look at the list and let em know they are toast. With the numbers of people attending the rallies around the USA and Kansas it appears that the folks are waking up and if you have heard the news today some of the DC crowd is already bailing out, several announcements today. We have them surrounded and they know it, we can vote them out except for states like Minnesota etc. where ACORN got Class Clown Franken in office.

This information is going out to everyone on my list so if you live out of state and know someone in Kansas please forward this to them, we need all of the help we can get if we are to be a success. See you in Topeka Kansas on the 15th.....................I hope!

Ed Hayes

Patriots Coalition VP

913 620 0771

To join Patriots Coalition contact me or go to our new and improved web site at


Thank you for supporting SCR 1615, the resolution which asserts Kansas state sovereignty under the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I want to keep you informed about how this resolution is progressing, and let you know about any related legislation. (If you haven't signed up to the web page yet, and would like to do so, please go to and click on the state sovereignty image.)

If you would rather not receive any further correspondence, please feel free to unsubscribe with the link at the bottom of the email — but if you're like me, you are deeply concerned about the direction our country is headed, and you want to know the individuals who are at work, putting hard effort into seeing that our liberty is protected.

I agreed to send the information below for "The Kansas Sovereignty Coalition."

In honor of your liberty,

Mary Pilcher Cook

13910 W. 58th Pl.
Shawnee, KS 66216


Mark your calendar to be in Topeka on January 15 to support State Sovereignty!









SCR 1615



















This event is sponsored by the Kansas Sovereignty Coalition.

Contact Greg Ward at

Dear Ed,

On January 15, 2010 at 9:30 am, the Senate Judiciary Committee will conduct a hearing on the Kansas Sovereignty Resolution, SCR 1615. The hearing will be in the new Hearing Room on the 5th floor, South Wing of the Capitol building in Topeka.

It is imperative the Senate see grassroots support for the 10th Amendment if any legislation is to go forward this year. Please plan to come and show your support for SCR 1615. The hearing may take less than 60 minutes, but they may be the most important minutes of this session.

Click here to read Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 1615


Following the hearing, there will be a lunch and rally at the historic Dillon House located across the street just West of the Capitol at 404 SW 9th Street. The Kansas Sovereignty Coalition is TAKING ORDERS IN ADVANCE FOR BOX LUNCHES THAT WILL BE PROVIDED FOR A $6.00 DONATION.

So come hear from Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook and other supporters of Kansas Sovereignty. RSVP for the rally and pre-order your box lunch by simply going to website and clicking the DONATE button to use your credit card through the safe and convenient PayPal payment service.

Be sure to send your RSVP so we can provide you with a pre-printed yellow name tag. These highly visible name tags will let legislators know you support State Sovereignty. Plan to arrive at 9:00 a.m. There will be a registration table on the 5th floor of the Capitol where you will pick up your name tag.


The only entrances currently into the Capitol are at the East side and from the underground parking garage. Recommended parking is in the lot by the Judicial Center on the South side of 10th street.

Please forward this message to everyone on your email list and help spread the word.


The Kansas Sovereignty Coalition

Kansas Sovereignty Coalition | PO Box 445 | Tonganoxie | KS | 66086

To Unsubscribe, please click here.


How they voted and Oposition to SB 458

Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 11:40 AM


Jim Barnett, Emporia.

Les Donovan, Wichita.

Tim Huelskamp, Fowler.

Nick Jordan, Shawnee.

Phil Journey, Haysville.

Ralph Ostmeyer, Grinnell.

Peggy Palmer, Augusta.

Mike Petersen, Wichita.

Dennis Pyle, Hiawatha.

Mark Taddiken, Clifton.


Barbara Allen, Overland Park.

Pat Apple, Louisburg.

Karin Brownlee, Olathe.

Terry Bruce, Hutchinson.

Pete Brungardt, Salina.

Jay Scott Emler, Lindsborg.

Carolyn McGinn, Sedgwick.

Steve Morris, Hugoton.

Roger Pine, Lawrence.

Roger Reitz, Manhattan.

Derek Schmidt, Independence.

Vicki Schmidt, Topeka.

Jean Schodorf, Wichita.

Ruth Teichman, Stafford.

Dwayne Umbarger, Thayer.

John Vratil, Leawood.

Susan Wagle, Wichita.

Dennis Wilson, Overland Park.

David Wysong, Mission Hills.


Julia Lynn, Olathe.


Jim Barone, Frontenac.

Mark Gilstrap, Kansas City.


Donald Betts, Wichita.

Marci Francisco, Lawrence.

Greta Goodwin, Winfield.

David Haley, Kansas City.

Anthony Hensley, Topeka.

Laura Kelly, Topeka.

Janis Lee, Kensington.

Chris Steineger, Kansas City.

In Person Verbal Testimony- Opposing SB458

Wichita Independent Business Association, President and Kansas Independent Business Coalition President, Tim Witsman. 445 N. Waco Street, Wichita, KS 67202
Artistic Designs Lawn and Landscape Inc. HR Manager, Nestor Leon. PO Box 860576, Shawnee, Kansas, 66286. 913-888-7320
Catholic Diocese of Dodge City, Sister Gemma Doll
Hermes Company, Inc. Dalton Hermes, owner
Julie Frady
Kansas Board of Regents, Reginald L. Robinson, President, and CEO. 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 520, Topeka, KS 66612. 785-296-3421
Kansas Catholic Conference, Arch Bishop Joseph F. Naumann, D.D, 6301 Antioch, Merriam, KS 66202. 913-722-6633
Kansas Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO, Amy Blankenbiller. 835 SW Topeka, Blvd, Topeka, KS, 66612. 785-357-6321
Kansas Farm Bureau, Terry D. Holdren, National Director
Kansas Grain and Feed Assoc. Duane Simpson, CEO/Vice President. 816 SW Tyler, Suite 100, Topeka, KS, 66612. 785-234-0461
Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Assoc. David M. Dayvault, President, Abercrombie Energy, LLC. CFO, 800 SW. Jackson St. Suite 1400, Topeka KS, 66612
League of Kansas Municipalities, Sandy Jacquot, General Council. 300 SW 8th Ave. Topeka, KS, 66603. 785-354-9565.
Johnson County Government, The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners, Steward J. Little, PhD, Little Government Relations. 800 SW Jackson, Suite 914. Topeka, KS 66612. 885-235-8187.
MO/KS American Immigration Lawyers Association, Angela J. Furguson, Chairman.
Public Health Dept. Director, Joseph M. Connor. 619 Ann Ave. Kansas City, KS, 66101. 913-321-4803.
Central Plains Development, Owner, Robert A. Snyder. 3620 Sunnybrook, Wichita, KS. 67210. 316-312-3583.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church of Topeka, Sister Maria Luz Hernandez
Society for Human Resource Management, Director of Governmental Affairs, Michael P. Aitken
The Mdivani Law Firm LLC, Emily Haverkamp, Immigration Attorney. 7007 College Blvd. Suite 460, Overland Park, KS. 66212 913-317-6200
The Mdivani Law Firm LLC, Mira Mdivani, Immigration Attorney, 7007 College Blvd. Suite 460, Overland Park, KS. 66212. 913-317-6200.
Kansas Business Coalition, Ally Devine

Written Testimony- Opposing SB458

United Methodist Women of the Kansas East Conference, President Sue Littrell, and Social Action, Susan G. Fowler.
Heritage Lawns LTD, Wes Ory, President
Wichita Area Builders Association, President/CEO Wess Galyon
Artistic designs lawn and landscape, Inc. Duane Lukowsky, PO Box 860576, Shawnee Kansas, 66286, 913-888-7320
Associated General Contractors of Kansas, Associate Government Affairs Director, Eric Stafford, 200 SW 33rd Street, Topeka, KS 66611, 785-266-4015
Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. HOA Chapter, Jim Kistler, President and CEO, 6950 Squibb Road, Suite 418, Mission, KS, 66202 913-831-2221
Dominican Sisters of Great Bend Kansas, Sister Rene Weeks, OP President
Grass Roots Inc. President, Lance Shelhammer, II. Olathe KS.
Topeka Kansas Chamber of Commerce, Christy Caldwell, Vice President Government Relations.
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City, President and CEO, Carlos Gomez.
Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City, MO. 600 E. 103rd St. Kansas City, MO 64131. 816-942-8800
Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma, Paul Kane
Social Security Administration, Assistant Inspector General for the Office of Audit, Steve Schaeffer
Justice and Peace Center, Sisters of St. Joseph, Sister Esther Pineda, CSJ. Concordia, KS,
Kansas Building Industry Assoc, Inc, Executive Director, Chris Wilson
Kansas Business Coalition, Amy Blankenbiller
Kansas Cooperative Council, Executive Director, Leslie Kaufman, PO Box 1747 Hutchison, KS, 67504. 785-233-4085.
Kansas Corporation Commission, Mathew A. Spurgin, Litigation Council. 1500 SW Arrowhead Rd, Topeka, KS 66604, 785-271-3100
Kansas Families for Education, Executive Director, Kathy Cook. 15941 W. 65th Street, #104 Shawnee KS, 66217. 913-825-0099
Kansas Manufactured Housing Assoc. Executive Director, Martha Smith. 3521 SW 5th Street, Topeka, KS 66606, 785-357-5256.
Kansas Pork Association President/CEO, Tim Stoda. 2601 Farm Bureau Rd. Manhattan, KS, 66502. 785-776-0442.
Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association, Don Sayler, President/CEO, 3500 N. Rock Road, Building 1300, Wichita, KS, 67226. 800-369-6787. KSREST@KRHA.ORG
Kansas Society of Human Resource Management - State Council Wichita Society of Human Resource Management, Trinidad Galdean, 8301 E. 21st Street North, Suite 370, Wichita, KS, 67206. 316-609-7900
Kansas National Education Association, Mark Desetti. 715 SW 10th Ave. Topeka, KS 66612. 785-232-8271.
Kansas League of United Latin American Citizens, Policy and Advocacy Director, Elias L.Garcia.
Community Activist, Topeka, Nancy Ochoa.
Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Government Relations, J. Kent Eckles. 9001 W. 110th Street, Suite 150, Overland Park, KS, 66210. 913-491-3600.
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Member of Leadership Team, Sister Linda Roth
The Builders Association and Kansas City Chapter, AGC, Director of Governmental Affairs, Dan Morgan. 632 W. 39th Street, Kansas City, MO. 64111. 816-531-4741.
The Kansas Contractors Association, 316 SW 33rd Street, Topeka, KS. 66605. 785-266-4152 (written)


Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment, Division of Health Cindi Treaster, Director Farm worker, Refugee and Immigrant Health
Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police, Ed Klumpp (written)
If you would like to

to Patriots Coalition


Monday, January 04, 2010

Islam has always been a part of America's story

Subject: Islam has always been a part of America's story

> Barack Obama said, in his Cairo speech:
> "I know, too that Islam has always been a part of America's story."
> Dear Mr. Obama:
> Were those Muslims that were in America when the Pilgrims first
> landed? Funny, I thought they were Native American Indians.
> Were those Muslims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving day? Sorry
> again, those were Pilgrims and Native American Indians.
> Can you show me one Muslim signature on the United States Constitution?
> Declaration of Independence? Bill of Rights? Didn't think so..
> Did Muslims fight for this country's freedom from England? No.
> Did Muslims fight during the Civil War to free the slaves in America?
> No, they did not. In fact, Muslims to this day are still the largest
> traffickers in human slavery. Your own 'half brother' a devout Muslim
> still advocates slavery himself, even though Muslims of Arabic descent
> refer to black Muslims as "pug nosed slaves." Says a lot of what the
> Muslim world really thinks of your family's "rich Islamic heritage"
> doesn't it Mr. Obama?
> Where were Muslims during the Civil Rights era of this country? Not
> present. There are no pictures or media accounts of Muslims walking
> side by side with Martin Luther King Jr. Or helping to advance the
> cause of Civil Rights.
> Where were Muslims during this country's Woman's Suffrage era? Again,
> not present. In fact, devout Muslims demand that women are subservient
> to men in the Islamic culture. So much so that often they are beaten
> for not wearing the 'hajib' or for talking to a man who is not a direct
> family member or their husband. Yep, the Muslims are all for women's
> rights aren't they?
> Where were Muslims during World War II? They were aligned with Adolf
> Hitler. The Muslim grand mufti himself met with Adolf Hitler, reviewed
> the troops and accepted support from the Nazi's in killing Jews.
> Finally, Mr. Obama, where were Muslims on Sept. 11th, 2001? If they
> weren't flying planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon or a
> field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 people on our own soil, they
> were rejoicing in the middle east. No one can dispute the pictures
> shown from all parts of the Muslim world celebrating on CNN, Fox News,
> MSNBC and other cable news networks that day. Strangely, the very
> "moderate" Muslims who's asses you bent over backwards to kiss in
> Cairo, Egypt on June 4th were stone cold silent post 9-11. To many
> Americans, their silence has meant approval for the acts of that day.
> And THAT, Mr. Obama, is the "rich heritage" Muslims have here in
> America.
> And now we can add November 5, 2009-- the slaughter of American
> soldiers at Fort Hood by a Muslim major who is a doctor and a
> psychiatrist who was supposed to be counseling soldiers returning from
> battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. That, Mr. Obama is the "Muslim
> heritage" in America.
> Paul S. Laskodi
> U.S.M.C. Retired
> Semper Fi


Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Resolution

A Wonderful Resolution for the New Year!

What amazing gifts the new year brings! An entire
year's worth of wonderful opportunities, given to us
one sunrise at a time. Many of the moments ahead will
be marvelously disguised as ordinary days, but each one
of us has the chance to make something extraordinary out of them.

Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life.
The secret of success is in turning that diary into the
best story you possibly can. Have pages on understanding
and tales of overcoming hardships. Fill your story with
enthusiasm, adventure, learning, and laughter. And make
each chapter reflect time doing these things:

Follow your dreams. Work hard. Be kind. Do what you
can to make the door open on a day that is filled with
inspiration in some special way. Remember: Goodness
will be rewarded. Smiles will pay you back.
Have fun. Find strength. Be truthful. Have faith.
Don't focus on anything you lack.

Realize that people are the treasures in life, and
happiness is the real wealth. Have a diary that describes
how you're doing your best, and...
the rest will take care of itself.
- by Douglas Pagels -



1/1/2010 4:09:08 AM

What do I have to look forward to in 2010?

I look forward to continue on with my quest to cross off my bucket list as posted on our web.

I look forward to continue writing, as it makes my thought process become more clear.

I look forward to having free medical care, as I’m now on Medicare part A & B

I look forward to tell the folks about this wonderful business called RELIV.

I look forward to figuring out why I continue to have imbalance health issues.

I look forward to be successful in the stock market.

I look forward to continue being a follower of Jesus.


1) To follow Jesus
2) To be faithful to my beloved Sally.
3) To question with boldness
4) To hold on to the truth
5) To speak without fear

All other promises are null and void.

I am NOT a LIAR.

God be with you all