Thursday, January 21, 2010

If I only had a brain (post#2)

1/21/2010 5:07:49 AM

Hello world.

I’m really happy!

Mr. Brown will be going to Washington in a pickup truck!

This CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE BLOGGER couldn’t be more pleased.

Those of you that follow our political world and think that our BO president sits right next to Jesus … GET OVER IT! WE WON!

OK, now that I got my little dig in, let me tell you all about my health.

Yesterday I went to see my new Dr., a neurologist. Our primary physician is Dr. Chester Davis here in Topeka KS. I’ve been referred to numerous physicians throughout Topeka and hopefully someone will get to the bottom of my imbalance problem.

The inner ear is NOT the problem. The diagnosis charts showed nothing unusual.

So, the next health questions would be ones blood circulation and the nervous system. Well, I have Diabetes II and I also have neuropathy. My right leg is ALWAYS numb going down to my big toe. The neurologist zeroed in on that problem.

The Dr. asked me when did I first notice this imbalance problem. I didn’t know. It’s been years. I remember when I first had my herniated disk problem. My mother and I had the same back problem when we celebrated her sister Thea’s 90th’s birthday. I remember walking in pain. Later on they gave me an MRI and lo and behold the x-ray looked like someone sat on a jelly donut with all the jelly squirted out.

So I go to a spinal decompression therapy sessions and it helps. This is about three years ago or so. Maybe the damage has already been done?

So last summer Sally and I go to a lifeline-screening test. The results showed that I have a slight blockage in my carotid artery.

BOY.. If all these medical tests of my body continues, I might even catch up with my brother Dale! .. Hope not.

So, me and the scarecrow visit the wizard via the yellow brick road to see if I have a brain. I step on the scale and need to catch myself. It’s rather obvious when I catch my balance just stepping on the scale. I then am asked to do a sobriety test, for lack of a better word. I failed. The nurses and Dr. can obviously see my imbalance. I’m not even drunk!

This morning I’m to have three MRI’s to check my brain. I hope they find something up there.


I will now post this on the web.



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