Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Madeline

2/12/2009 5:29:27 AM

Dear Madeline:

This is your grandfather “My” writing again.

I’ve been good.

I ran into your great uncle Bob Ockre or is it Okre the other day at the Y. He would be your other grandfather’s Neil’s sister’s husband.

Bob & Candy O.

2/12/2009 5:41:24 AM

Where was I?

Windows automatically shut me down for security purposes.

OH YA … I was telling you about your mother’s side of the family.

Your mother is a Carlsen, or is it Carlson?

Kim’s aunt Candy is your grandfather’s sister.

We used to go to marriage encounter today way back when.

It was fun-seeing Bob again too. We joked around. Sally had to tell me the relationship, as I’m getting forgetful.

Not much is happening in my life as of late.

I’m still blogging, mainly to my web and cjonline.

Someday your DAD, my #1 prodigal son John will have to teach you how to blog.

Did you know that the word “blog” is not even in the dictionary?

Maybe someday when you’re of age you can reply to this blog.

Your grandpa “My” loves you very much!

Maybe someday your parents will allow me to see you.




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