Thursday, February 26, 2009

Matt's email to

Good afternoon, Myron:

As promised, here is my letter to the editor (Jan 17th) defending our most recently dismissed President:

The letter is below and the link to the newspaper article follows.

Letter: Bush served well
The Capital-Journal
Published Saturday, January 17, 2009
Though it has become popular to disparage our 43rd president on the editorial pages of various newspapers and magazines, as he leaves office those of us who remember Sept. 11 as the greatest of our American tragedies should congratulate George Bush on a job well done.

He has made good on his promise, given as he stood in the rubble of what was once the World Trade Center, to ensure that "the people who knocked down these towers are going to hear from us real soon."

His twin strategy, no doubt formulated in concert with Vice President Cheney, to attack the enemy in Afghanistan and Iraq has paid great dividends. We have not suffered an attack on our native soil since 2001, our troops remain victorious in the field and our enemies are in disarray. Bush's strategic use of enhanced methodologies of interrogation, the Patriot Act and detention in Gitmo have provided our security forces with the ability to effectively negate the superiority of the surprise attack. While many of us on the right and the left can disagree with the Bush administration's economic policies, it remains difficult to argue with the enormous success the president has demonstrated on the foreign policy front.

Bush will leave office with a very low approval rating. So too did Harry Truman, now thought of as one of our great presidents. Bush, who won two elections to Truman's one, will continue to grow in the eyes of historians and the public.

In a little spit of land in Crawford, Texas, a hero shall repose.


Take care and God Bless (and as always give my love to your lovely wife)




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