Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day


Today our 44th President will take the oath of office. Barack Obama, our 1st black President will say so help me GOD in front of millions of viewers.

I’ll be viewing from the privacy of my own home. My TV will invade me visions of almost Hitler like “messiah” type adoration.

Well, let me tell you my beliefs.

I am not impressed.

Yesterday, Mark and I got some free food at the 1st Presbyterian Church right next to the state Capitol building, 8th & whatever. We walked from his apartment at 11th & Jackson and participated in some free food. Mark left early for the “Whose dream is it” service.

Jerry Farley, Washburn University’s President, gave the speech.

I for one was moved by the tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. I wonder if I could get a copy somewhere of the service? I shook Mr. Farley’s hand and gave him our business card. I wonder if he ever has time, he’s blog with me? NEVER HAPPEN!

Mark had to leave early, as I heard from Sal that he was not feeling well.

I am suffering from muscle spasms. WOW!

Guess I’ll get busy with my retired schedule. Sally is my scheduler.


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