Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mayor's race


I’ve been asked by Tim Hrenchir, our local Topeka reporter for if I’m planning to run again for mayor. This email stirred some memories. You see, I ran for mayor of Topeka KS back in 2005. Bill Bunten is our current mayor, and I for one am very pleased that Mr. Bunten is our city representative, statesman, honorably serving our great city. If Mr. Bunten decides to run again, I’ll go door to door and do whatever is needed to get him re-elected.

So that is ONE reason I’m NOT going to run for mayor of Topeka again.

Another reason I’m NOT planning to run for mayor is my beloved wife of many years is against it. When I ran in 05, Sally was miffed. I came home from working at the Y and TOLD her I put my hat in the ring. She make me live in my under construction city barn for 3 months! I was allowed to come out for potty breaks and other such functions. Sally handcuffed me to the upstairs city barn and I was able to see the light of day maybe one hour per day. She allowed me to visit our dog Charlie for conjugal visits, when I repented for my sins. Forget any sex. I felt like Martin Luther stuck in his castle for months on end, writing his many theses. I spent hours in silence and missed a lot.

I LOVE YOU SAL! Don’t believe any of the previous paragraph, other than Sally has not yet signed an agreement giving me permission to run again.

Another reason I am NOT planning to run for mayor is financial.

Did you know that the mayor makes only 20K per year?

HELL, I can work as the mayors, custodian making more money than that. If you were to do the math, the hourly salary is approximately $9.61/hour if the FULL time city employee works 2080 hours per year. In my conversations with our current mayor, Bill does NOT work for almost minimum wage just for the money. One must remember that being a PUBLIC SERVANT is just that, a public service. I can better serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ better in other ways.

I thank you Mr. Hrenchir for your query.

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