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9/29/2009 7:54:02 AM

Light-em up if you got ‘em.

That’s what my drill sergeant used to order us when we took a break from basic training.

So what’s a non-smoker like me to do?
I watched my fellow comrades getting their “fix.”
This was in Sept. 1966 @ Lackland AFB, TX

Let’s scroll back in time to 1959. I was a freshman at Bruce High School, Bruce SD. My freshman friends and I would like to take our recess breaks behind the school OUTSIDE and wanted me to light up with them. It was KEWL to smoke, remember?

But I knew that smoking was NOT a healthy thing to pursue, in spite of my so-called “friends” insistence.

So I choose not to smoke, but I was curious as to why I should smoke. After all, my peers were insisting that I smoke, as it’s fun you know.

So .. on a Sunday afternoon when my parents were at church and our farm house was vacated, I decided to experiment. I purchased a pack of unfiltered Camels. Remember, I was only 14 years old and Bud & Micks Café in Bruce SD knew what I was up to, I’m sure. The pack of cigarettes costs maybe 50 cents.

So I was curious as to why smoking was so “KEWL” and I lit up. I remember like it was yesterday. I was next to our cob-burning stove and I took a BIG DRAG! I almost fainted! Remember, I purchased a pack of UNFILTERED Camel. This was BEFORE any warning labels were place on the cigarettes.

After burning the pack in the stove, I decided that this habit was NOT for me. I told my “friends” that if GOD had wanted me to smoke, HE would have placed a smoke stack on my head. I had just turned my life over to Jesus. Somewhere in scripture it read that our body is a temple of GOD. I choose to keep my temple presentable to GOD.

My oldest brother Wesley has had a lung removed because of smoking. I witnessed throughout my 64 + years of living the devastating effects of smoking.

Fortunately, I grew up with GOD fearing parents who taught me to fear and love the Lord. Other than a few incidents of corncob smoking behind the barn, I refrained from smoking.

Forty plus years ago I asked my lovely Bride, Sally, to be my wife. We were married on Oct 04, 1969. The only requirement I asked of Sally to be my bride was she would have to agree to quit smoking. I would NOT marry her if she continued to smoke. She accepted on both counts. That was over forty years ago. Thanks HON for being my bride for all these years! I LOVE YOU.

I have witnessed countless people who have been devastated by the negative effects of smoking. Just last night, I listened to all these stories representing various groups with their anti-smoking concerns.

I only use two sources for my decisions:
1) The Bible
2) The US constitution

I was merely a listener while dozens of concerned citizens from both sides expressed their concerns.

So if I were on the Topeka city council, which way would I vote?

You be the judge.




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