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5/20/2008 8:02:17 AM


Dear bloggers:

The word “family” has a lot of meanings. All one has to do it put an adjective in front of the word and various emotions come to mind.

So here are some adjectives to place in front of the word family: CHURCH, RADIO, IMMEDIATE, BLACK SHEEP, EMAIL, HOME, NEIGHBORS, FRIENDS, ACQUAINTENCES, ETC.ETC.ETC.

So with that in mind, let me post this public blog about my family.

My genealogy immediate family is:

Parents: Adolph & CeCe
Children: Wesley, Ronny, Dale, Delpha, Myron, Julie

So with that in mind, let discuss our estate. My mother is presently living in assistant living in Brookings, SD Her home is soon to be for sale, To make a long story short, this should be a sibling only business discussion with our mother as the overseer. Mom’s mind is very sharp, and she should be making final preparations. The in-laws are NOT to be involved. These estate discussions are to be between the 7 of us only.

Now here’s the situation. Mom will need to sell HER home this year sometime. Bruce SD is having their annual Honey Days celebration. The six of us will need to make some decisions. The email I received from my older sister is well written. We’ll need to decide what to do with all mom’s STUFF.

Here’s my take. I do NOT have any more room to bring anything back to Topeka KS. For one, the old truck is NOT road ready. I plan to fix it up when I finally re-retire. So there’s no need for me to fill our van up with anything. We don’t have any more room.
I have an idea. How about having my 1st cousin pick up and store the stuff in their new home addition? Then Sally & I can stay with Davey & Dianne and use the furniture for “guests.” I’d be happy to help cousin Davey on the HOLTER farm NE of Bruce SD.
I could set up my laptop on some desk and write-write-write and post my writings to our web.



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