Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sleeping Sheeple

WHEN YOU ARE READY TO BECOME A CHANGE AGENT LET ME KNOWHi Myron,I may down the line but right now you need to start reading my articles so you can play catch up. I don't not think you even read my articles so you have a lot of homework to do buddy. I can't trust sending anyone to you until I know you are on board. Right now, as far as I can tell, the only things you want to sell are the old Born Again message and Reliv.These are tough times and it takes tough people who know what 's going on to make a difference. Promoting the Born Again Agenda is not where it's at. That's Old School, Old Programming and has little to do with what is really going on in the world. The people I hang with are movers and shakers who really care about waking up the Sleeping Sheeple, you on the other hand are proud of being a Sleeping Sheeple. The people I hang with online have no time to play those games. I don't want to introduce you to anyone until you "Get Serious". My mailing list is filled with some very serious people. O.K. I hate to say this but for me you have been like a dead weigh that takes gas, time and energy to drag around. YOU ARE JUST NOT GETTING IT. I would love to be paid for all of the hours I have spend Emailing you trying to wake you up. The people on my mailing list are not going to put up with your lack-a-dazical attitude and ideology.I have only been talking with Bert now for a few days and he reads my articles and continually compliments my work and is very interested in what I write about. Bert sent me another really nice group of Emails today complementing my work. He is telling his girlfriend that my writings are of the same quality as David Icke and David Icke is a god to all of us who DO OUR HOMEWORK. Actually here is what he said in some of his Emails."I told my girlfriend today that your information is very high level and on the same plane as David Icke... :)"So far, I have opened several PDF's that you have sent and they look brillant, your topics are incredible!Great Job!!!!!You are so awesome.... :)I am working on your page now and trying to get all the PDF links to work that I have uploaded so far.... About half :)It will take several days before I am finished so it will be a work in progress until I finish..This was so kind of you to do!THANK YOU So VERY MUCH!!!!YOU ROCK!!!!! :)Your buddy,BrooksOnce you get your act together Myron I may introduce you to people but right now I can’t trust that if I do that you won’t run the tired old Born Again Game and try to sell them Reliv.Gotta go it’s way passed my bed time, so you think about it Myron. I don’t mind writing you and chatting but most of us trying to wake up the Sleeping Steeple are very passionate about it. They have no interested in wasting their time with people who WANT TO REMAIN ASLEEP. I had a neighbor walk over today wanting to learn more about what I know and I loved talking to him. He was so interested and into the video’s and is a new convert that will be COMING ON ABOARD.So again Myron when you are ready to DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND BECOME A CHANGE AGENT LET ME KNOW.

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Blogger Myron Holter said...

I will always believe that Jesus Christ is the son of GOD and son of man.

Please keep my "friend" from LBI days in your prayers.

April 19, 2012 at 6:01 AM  

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