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Theodore "Ted" Corry

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Today is the real Father’s Day. I’ve written about my father, Adolph, in my previous writings.

Today, I’d like to write a little about my father-in-law, Theodore “Ted” Corry, Sally’s DAD. Sally could write more about her father, as I just came on the scene when we were first married.

I remember Ted the most from the days we used to visit them back in the 1970’s. Ted and Gerry would always make us feel welcome. We used to play golf together. Ted and Gerry lived in Davenport IA, 503 W 31st to be exact. Ted loved to garden. He would have a small plot in their back yard. Ted could raise vegetables with loving care.

My father-in-law was also a war hero. At the Davenport IA museum is a photo of him returning from the war embracing Gerry. Pat (Sally’s sister) is in the background. We have that book somewhere.

Ted & Gerry gave birth to three children:

Pat (Corry) Garner
Robert Cork Corry
Sally (Holter) Corry

Cork is my only brother-in-law on Sally’s side of the family.
Pat passed away a couple of years ago.

I married my one and only wife of many years, Sally on 10/04/1969

There are many photos of the Corry family in our wedding book.

I remember Ted mostly by the way he cared for his wife. Ted loved ALL his family and wanted us all to be happy.

Ted died in the 1990’s .. I don’t recall the year.
Gerry passed away in 1978, I believe.

Somewhere I’ve need to research out Ted and Gerry’s obit.

RIP Ted.. you were a WONDERFUL DAD

See you in heaven.

Your loving son

My.. That’s the nickname Ted gave me.. “MY”

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Happy Father's DAy, Myron...

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