Wednesday, April 08, 2009


4/8/2009 5:27:03 AM

To those of you who ran for political office here in Topeka ..


I am reminded of four years ago when I decided to run for mayor.

I had no idea of all the work involved.

I was so cheap and such a novice, I had to get 100 + signatures THREE separate times from voters.

The 1st time I was working at the “Y” and used a legal pad for signatures. I received over 100 + signatures and they just laughed at me at the election office. I needed a legal form supplied by the election office.

So the go door to door again, this time with a non partisan form. This time I received about 125 signatures. I get a call from the election office explaining to me that only 95 signatures were valid. I said like something on the phone “GOOD”, I’ll only need five more signatures to get 100 total names. They replied, that’s not how it works. You’ll have to start over.

So I proceed to go door to door again on a snowy Sunday afternoon. It was football season and I would have preferred staying home. But to save $100 I’m going door to door for the third time.

This time I received over 160 + signatures of which around 125 or so were valid.

I turn the signed signatures into the election office and my name (MYRON HOLTER) is officially on the ballot.

My wife Sally wrote a few articles on why I should be mayor. Somewhere on our web is her testimonial.

Here ends my one and only time running for ANY type of political office.

I learned a lot and glad I lost.



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