Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Party reply

Subject: let us stand
So here we are. Most of us who see an accountant or other tax preparer are now suffering from tax hangover. Having done our "patriotic duty" and sent money to those who see their "patriotic duty" as spending those dollars we sent. Here in Topeka there was a "Taxpayer Tea Party" next to the postal annex. The gathering was just breaking up as we were arriving to send our hard earned dollars off to Planned Parenthood and Acorn and to be used to buy businesses for the government to control. When we got home I checked my email and there in the list of emails was a message from one of my contacts about pledging to not vote for anyone who raises taxes. I was also glad to find an email giving a graphical representation of what $10,000 in $100 bills looked like and then a million and then a billion and on up to a trillion. I wish that we could get someone with the money to print up play money in $100 bills and ship one trillion dollars worth around and offload it onto local mall parking lots. I wonder if Americans would remain so complacent as they have been if they could see that. I knew a trillion dollars was a lot but I never realized just how much until I saw this piece of email. To give you the reader an idea of just what a trillion dollars looks like. Just imagine a square warehouse capable of housing a fleet of tractor trailer trucks with pallets stacked two high and imagine that those pallets are loaded with $100 bills and you have a rough idea of what a trillion dollars looks like. So the next time your favorite politician tosses out the trillion word, yes you can cringe just before you bust a gasket. I am happy to see people taking an interest in expressing their concern but I am concerned that most people are not even aware of what is going to happen. You see, that warehouse full of $100 bills won't even hold the deficit we will face with the new budget. It would take two of those warehouses to hold the deficit we will face. What I, and a lot of those who know better than I, think will happen is that instead of cutting spending on unnecessary spending or lowering taxes and backing off on onerous regulation and allowing business to flourish in this country and thereby gaining the revenue needed to pay our debts we are going to print more money than we burn. I think we will increase the supply of money. We will pay our way with less valuable dollars. Of course that will mean more of an increase in the cost of everything. Kinda like when they raise the minimum wage and try to increase the value of the man/hour what they do is decrease the value of the dollar. So you thought that pound of ground beef was expensive the last time you went to the store. just wait till they get all that extra money printed and spread around. We have two choices of what kind of system we want in America. We will either decrease government spending and decrease regulation and taxation and build an environment where production and trade can flourish and let the market guide our economy and let each individual partake in free enterprise and be the recipient of the wealth such a system brings. In other words we return to the model our forefathers envisioned. Or we let the government over regulate and overspend and overtax and we let the government take care of us. Like the model designed by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. Make your choice. I have already made my choice. I stand with Patrick Henry.Pro Jesu, Contra Rebelatio,Herbert Seel



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It's funny how politicians can talk in terms of trillions of dollars like it's no big deal, isn't it Myron.

Good post, Myron.

April 19, 2009 at 5:04 PM  
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Yes it is .. Thanks for your reply my friend

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