Saturday, May 09, 2009

Big Tent (email from a friend)

The Big Tent
Even when Ronald Reagan first touted the "Big Tent"
concept to the Republican party I had a pretty good
inkling that there would eventually be trouble with this.
At that time I was not nearly a conservative. But I knew that
he was merely saying that even people like myself. Not
conservative enough to be called one yet not leftist enough to
be able to accept the Democrat platform should be welcomed
into the Republican party. I believe this concept was intended
to engage then to convert. I do not believe that it ever occured
to him to restructure the Republican party to embrace
"moderate" (leftist) ideology in order to make the party more
comfortable to leftists.
The entire purpose of forming a political party is draw
like-minded individuals into an assemblage devoted to
promoting certain core concepts that they believe to be
benificial to their country. The idea of forming a party simply
to assemble individuals of all ideologies under a "Big Tent" to
win elections under the party banner without the promise of
adherence to any set of core values is simply ludicrous.
Unfortunately this concept of inclusion and tolerance beyond
reason took root in my beloved Church during the 60's and
created such havoc with our core values that we actually had
such things as Jesuits in South America preaching "liberation
theology" and promoting anti-christian revolutionary
movements. Pro-abortion views became the vogue and
everything from male clergy to the real presence of Christ in
The Eucharist came up to question. In a few short years
rather than being a church holding certain unshakable
doctrines and certain dogma with a certain few poor
misguided disenters we became a disarrayed conglomeration
of novel personal concepts battling against traditional
doctrines. Our clergy much too interested in watering down
2000 year old doctrine to accomodate this new resergence of
old heresies, allowed the most powerful force in the world to
nearly become an anachronism. The Church now has started
to recover. We still have trouble finding enough young people
interested in religious vocations and we still suffer out breaks
of anti-traditionalism and are in no way in the most healthy
condition of our existence. But there has been a serious
resurgence of traditionalism amongst the faithful even to the
point of forcing some liberal Clergy to accept reinstitution of
traditional beliefs and practices. We are reeducating our
young about what it means to be Catholic and taking it upon
ourselves to begin living more Catholic. We are recovering.
This very thing has happened to the Republican party.
Just as in the Catholic Church conservatism went from
acceptance and inclusion to over accomodation to actual
redefinition of what it means to be conservative. Traditional
Conservatives are demonized and the more leftist "moderates"
are lionized to the point where few real leaders can arise from
the Republicans simply because many real Conservatives
have fled the party and those that are left are not up to
exposing themselves to the public pillary they would have to
endure from their own party in order to rise to any level of
leadership. Our core doctrine having been cast aside to enable
us to embrace leftists we have no core doctrine to use as a
platform and if you have no platform then you have no place
to stand. It's just the truth. If you try to stand on a platform
that keeps shifting about you will fall or at least you will look
like a clown wobbling about trying to find your balance. This
is why we have lost. We have appeared to be without any
foundation and totally without balance and therefore without
any validity.
In trying to accomodate we have neglected to teach our
young the true way. Think about it. We can in no way
recognize human life inside the womb. Many of us cannot
even recognize a baby when all but her head is exposed hence
our ability to accept even Partial-birth abortion. We still
cannot recognize that sexual realtions between those who are
unmarried poses a threat to the basic unit of our culture, the
family. This is easy enough to understand when we consider
that some "republicans" cannot admit that relations between
people of the same sex cannot produce progeny and therefore
does not rise to anywhere near the level of a marriage. Most
of our young cannot even tell you who Adam Smith was and
who John Maynard Keynes was let alone descibe to you how
a free market functions and why Keynesian economics
doesn't work. I dare say that if you chose any person under
fifty on the street and ask them to quote the first amendment
they won't get past trying to say "freedom of speech" and
"separation of church and state". I believe, and I have on a
limited basis explored this, that if you ask the common man
on the street what rights the "Bill of Rights" protects they
usually won't get more than five.
I could go on ad infinitum, ad nauseum, point after point
exposing what we have lost through acceptance and
embracing of invalid and foreign concepts of culture and
government. Suffice it to say that many my age, those who
grew up under the influence of the hippie age, lost the
meaning of America and became too enamoured of our own
little novel ideas to study and understand the superior
wisdom of our forefathers. They have been denegrated and
cast aside. We have been stubling around trying to "Feel" our
way as though blind rather than open our eyes to the light of
truth. We have spent so much time and effort "respecting"
every cockeyed, half baked opinion that we no longer can
refute the most basic stupidity because we don't know why it
is wrong.It is no wonder that our children now endowed with
high authority in politics and business have no idea of how to
even see the truth. They have no concept of the ideals of the
founding fathers. They have no concept of the foundation that
this country was built on. They just plain have no
understanding anymore.They mostly have not rebelled
against truth, they never knew the truth. We, their parents,
have denied it to them by allowing it to be stollen by those
who we allowed in the door and welcomed in the name of
"The Big Tent".
We must, I reiterate,We must make every attempt to
close the door to idiocy and call bad things bad and good
things good. We must re-educate America starting with the
Republican Party. We must return to the platform, that solid
steady foundation that made our Republic great, and stand
solid, stand firm and lead our country into this next
millenium greater than before. Not in a "Big Circus Tent" but
from a "Mighty Fortress" a shelter for freedom and truth and
a bulwark against tyranny.
Viva Christo Rey!
Herbert B. Seel
Topeka, Ks.
Yes I am sending this to our congressional representatives.



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