Monday, May 04, 2009

Sergei Dahlman

5/4/2009 5:24:44 AM

Good Morning:

I just read an email from Vick, my Options trading partner. He set up a conference call for us traders. I have NOT received any emails from my up lines in RELIV inviting me to a conference call. So I am looking forward to placing the call later on tonight regarding options.

My bucket list has not changed. My attitude has changed since I started my handwritten bucket list. I no longer think my daughter-in-law is evil. Kim is merely misguided somehow about me. I love Kim. I just wish her heart would soften. She needs Jesus in her life, like we all need Jesus in our life.

Yesterday was a special day for Sally & I. We were able to lay our hands on Sergei, our adopted confirmation student. Sergei was the only student being confirmed in our church. We are his mentors.

I’ll post the image of us on this post.

I watched a CD on system trading last night. Sally was downstairs watching her own interests on TV. While going to school, I was able to watch the pictures of Madeline. John (#1 prodigal son) loaded them on Sally’s new PC. Madeline seems like a very happy little granddaughter who loves her family very much.

Watching the Windows Media Player of my grand daughter made me very sad.


Just me signing off




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