Sunday, May 03, 2009

Dear God

5/3/2009 6:13:16 AM

Dear God:

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you my Lord. It’s not that I don’t pray to you daily. It’s just that I’ve NOT written to you in my daily blog my Lord.

Yesterday was indeed an inspirational day for Sally & I. We attended a FPU rally with Dave Ramsey. We sat with 7-8000 like-minded folks. Dave is indeed an inspirational motivator. I recommend anyone reading this to get hooked up with FPU!

Our church friends were also there. Carol H. sat next to us. She also brought her friend .. Trish?. We ate out at famous Dave’s afterwards. .. YUMMY-YUMMY.

You have been #1 in my life Lord since the age of 14. Around the summer of 1959 by friend Keith Loomis died from a tractor accident. I had to be a pallbearer. I’ll write more about this later. I turned my life over to you then sweet Jesus. I remember praying privately in my little farm room upstairs asking for your help.

Scroll ahead50 years to 2009. I’m still asking for your guidance Jesus. Thanks for NOT ever leaving me my Lord.

Dave Ramsey’s testimonial was given away free after the rally. We listened to the CD on the way home to Topeka KS. I relate to Dave.

Thanks again Dave for all you’ve done for us and thanks again Jesus for dying for all of us.

Your servant,




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