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7/21/2008 8:49:27 PM


Whew !!

I’m Tired !!!

Sal & I are trying to make a trip to Bruce SD for Bruce’s 125th anniversary of its existence. We’re excited! In the meantime, we need to prepare for such an adventure for 400 + miles north of us. I’ve been going through our checklist and I’m pooped!! I’ll write later.

7/25/2008 6:08:16 AM


Well, here I am in Bruce! So far it’s been quite a ride! Yesterday there was a contest for the queen bee. Today is going to be an all high school reunion. If anyone has ever graduated from Bruce and can cough up an extra 25 they can attend this reunion> BOY! I need to get my typing fingers in working order.

I am very pleased that my baby sister and her husband John has decided to buy mom’s place J

We had supper here last night and Janet brought the food. Sally & I ate out for breakfast and lunch, the ridge and Nick’s hamburger respectively.

They’re tearing up the main street of Brookings SD. BOY, what a mess! Hopefully the businesses around there will survive. It kind of reminds me of 21st & Urish here in Topeka.

Its always fun seeing old family, friends, and classmates you haven’t seen for years! I enjoy passing out our web too and the # reply is “I don’t even have a computer.” This is just a ploy. The translation is” I don’t want to communicate with you.” That’s OK by me as I don’t want to communicate with you either, but our FAITH based web is out there for one and all to share. There’s also a PRIVATE web logs of which will not be released to the public for some time.

Guess I’ll save this and post it later

7/26/2008 5:51:14 AM


What a whirlwind of activity yesterday. We celebrated an all high school reunion here in Bruce SD. My sister Delpha is very much involved. There are too many activities to mention in my little blog site. So I think what I’ll do is use the web and make a collage of photos. Sally now has a state of the art camera too so there should not be a shortage of graphics.

Stay tuned for more details later.

7/27/2008 5:55:12 AM


I never got a hug from my dad! That little statement I made yesterday to my family has made me think about our “dysfunctional” family clear back when.

My visit with Anitra has made me think of that. Yesterday I had a heart to heart with my sister-in-law and I suddenly realized that our father, Adolph, never gave us a hug! So I’ve been asking my three brother’s Wes, Ronny & Dale. “Did our father ever give you a hug” Wes’s answer was “Only toward the end” Ronny’s was “NO” Dale replied “NO” And Me, “NO”

So let me write a little about our culture growing up on the farm.

Adolph & Cecelia raised us all on a farm 4 miles north and one mile east of Bruce SD. We were raised up Lutherans. We attended church regularly, whether we wanted to or not. We were a “typical” family with the men (and boys) doing male chores, like farming outdoors, etc. The women were to do women things; like what women do back then, never the two should mix.

7/27/2008 6:23:52 AM

It’s now later, and I used the word checker on Microsoft Word program and it’s awesome! I didn’t realize how many errors I make in typing! But then again, I type the way I think and sometimes the fingers can’t go fast enough trying to keep up with the brain J

It’s time to get back to my “dysfunctional” growing up as I like to affectionately call it.

Us brother’s grew up in an atmosphere of not showing affection towards each other. It was just the way we were. My dad never gave me a hug the whole time I was growing up and my brother’s either. So how do we each react to this lack of affection? We brother siblings reach each to our own ways. I can only write to the way I react, but I’m sure my brothers would share my beliefs.

Our father was a farmer. Mom and DAD raised six children using a farmer’s income (if you would consider it income). We grew up poor, but didn’t know it. The old saying goes like this “We were so poor we couldn’t even pay attention.”


Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

The photos of the all school reunion are starting to come in.

I'll TRY to make a web page for ALL to enjoy.

August 13, 2008 at 3:55 PM  

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