Thursday, July 03, 2008



It all boils down to that one word, FREEDOM!

That’s how our country is run. That’s why we’re the BEST country in the world! I’m reminded of the song by Lee Greenwood where he sings “I’m proud to be an American, at least I know I’m FREE.”

These turbulent times couldn’t be more appropriate than to reflect on the freedom’s we do have!

My freedom is that I have the capability to write whatever I want, when I want and where I want. If I were living in a 3rd world country, the thugs who hate my freedom would have confiscated my laptop months ago. I would not be sitting here writing about our freedom, but working for a socialistic society and making the same salary as everyone else. There’s no freedom of expression there.

So anyone reading this, please be thankful of the freedom you do have.

I will now freely post this to my public blog without fear of recrimination.


Blogger Kevin McGinty said...

Well said Myron. Too many people are going around today bad-mouthing this country of ours.
They have no idea just how bad things could be...

July 7, 2008 at 7:39 AM  

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