Friday, December 04, 2009

Topeka KS government

12/4/2009 3:03:00 AM

Dear Topeka City governing bodies:

As a tax-paying citizen, I feel I can contribute to help making OUR government more efficient.

Remember, I’m a Christian Conservative blogger. I do ALL my work to the glory of OUR Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I also ran for mayor back in Feb. 2005. I do have an opinion.


Mayor (1)
Manager (1)
Council (9)


Mayor(s) (2)
Manager (1)
Council (4)


Mayor $ 20,000
Manager 137,500
Council 90,000
Total 247,500


Mayor(s) – $ 70,714.28 (two)
Manager 35,357.14 (one)
Council(s) – 4 141,428.56 (four)

TOTAL _______________

$ 247,500

Notice that the total salaries are unchanged. As the originator of this idea, I’ll only charge the city $2,500 to make it a nice round number to $250,000. J


The city will be divided up into quadrants. The north/south quadrant will be Topeka Avenue. The north/south will be the Kansas River.

Ground zero will be the new Topeka Ave. Bridge The 2nd mayor, me, will be cutting the ribbon..

12/4/2009 6:43:14 AM

Please re-read the previous sentence. All this entire mayoral candidate wanted to do in 2005 was to cut ribbons and kiss babies. Or like my financial friend Dave Ramsey tells his callers, eating rice and beans or beans and rice. All I wanted to do was kiss babies and/or cut ribbons. I will NOT kiss ribbons or cut babies though. Enough is enough J

So here’s what I’m thinking:

In the next election cycle, there will be two candidates running for office. A bumper sticker could be something like

Now the 2nd mayor would need to learn how to conduct the weekly meetings at city hall.
He/she would be knowledgeable on the Roberts rule of order. This candidate would rather be out cheerleading for this great city. But this guy would refuse to wear a female cheerleader outfit. J

The voters of Topeka KS would decide in the next election.

The mayor would only vote in the event of a 2-2 tie. The mayor also would have veto rights.

12/4/2009 7:23:44 AM

The Topeka City council’s four districts will be voted by the Topeka voters come election time. Currently the voters decide the nine elected officials every other year. In 2010 the even districts #2,4 & ,8 will be decided.

I propose that there will only be even districts #2 & 4 with #6 & #8 no longer in existence.

The current incumbent in these districts would need to run for office, like everyone else.

In 2011 the odd districts #1,3,5,7 & 9 will be up for election with our current election process.

I propose that there only be districts #1 & 3 come election time in 2011. The incumbents would need to apply as a candidate like every other citizen. Districts #5,7 & 9 will no longer exist.

The incumbents in these districts will need to run for office when the time comes.

Those running for office in any elected position will need to be a voter in the district they are running. No exceptions.

The two mayors will need to be a voting citizen in the city of Topeka KS also. No exceptions.

Please bear in mind, this is a rough draft for you all in government to consider.

It doesn’t matter what kind of government you have in life, it’s the people who make it work .. or not.

I will now post this to my public blog on the Internet.



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