Wednesday, October 29, 2008


10/29/2008 5:50:18 AM


Where is our community headed?
Why is our community going into a downward spiral?
What’s the answers?
Which direction is our community to take?
These and other questions are the meeting I attended to last night at Washburn University.
This was my 1st meeting with the group, as I understand that there were many others.
We received a booklet explaining the draft of strategic planning. I guess the planners will attempt to implement these plans later on down the road.
With that in mind, let me explain how I participated.
1) I introduced myself and also shared my Jim Cates t-shirt off.
2) I told the folks about and to trust but verify.
3) I told the folks (via a mic) about dave rmsey’s financial peace university

Then I had to leave as I wanted to go get an executive workout at the Y downtown.



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