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Have you ever had a conflict in your life?


I have a conflict every day in my life oF some sort.

But today I’d like to write a little bit about how we can resolve any conflict, whether it be relationships, budget, family, government, whatever the conflict might be.


Sounds simple, right? It’s not so simple.

Right here at our church at OSLC we have a conflict. The church committee wants to discontinue Sat. service in order to let our Pastor have two days off.

We had a special meeting with the “flock” and Pastor Meggan lead us with what scripture teaches us about conflict in our lives.

I feel it appropriate to scan the Lutheran ELCA scripture verse regarding conflict.

The web address is:


then you will be directed to:


Then click on Daily Discipleship and do a search on “conflict”

I’ll scan the article and post it to our web also.

I was able to READ Joe Ledbetter’s public conferee city council meeting from last Tues. This meeting is on my DVR from Cable 4 TV.

Talk about CONFLICT!

Joe also wrote in http://cjonline.com regarding our city government’s duties and responsibilities. I concur with Mr. Ledbetter. I would hope you also would concur.

Our great city is ready to talk about its budget. Like millions of other folks out there, we taxpayers are also trying to make a zero balanced budget.

Sally & I need to make a FAMILY budget.

Topeka KS needs to make a GOVERNMENT budget.

I don’t envy your job one iota. Hang in there. Remember to keep CHRIST in your life at all CONFLICT times.

Feel free to print out this for any and all occasions and share with whomever you please.

Thanks to our city manager for allowing me to interview him at the round-a-bout the other day.

You all can listen to the interview by clicking on our web.

Respectfully submitted,




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