Monday, November 30, 2009


11/30/2009 2:22:43 AM

I would like to close this November 2009 with one word.


To those in SW Topeka KS (like me) that’s NorVegun word. I know-I know, my spell checker is going berserk on me .. but you know what


Currently the health at the Myron Holter household sucks, if anyone cares.
Last night while working at the Y, Sally did her usual klutzy thing and ran into a bar bell machine. I walked to the Y and drove her home. It’s now 2:30 AM and I’m listening to Sally sleep and there’s no noise coming from her bedroom. That’s GOOD!

Sally has sleep apnea and we cannot sleep together. But she has given me many conjugal visits. HA She asked me to take a picture of her ONCE wearing her contraption called CPAP. I guess it’s better that she wears this contraption or face death. I prefer the earlier.

My question is: ??

How’s going to take care of who?

Thanks GOD for our ready made caregiver son, Mark.

BTW .. Did you know that I made a web page for “BIG-M” ?

Mark is our starving artist son. He would thank you for buying his work. His father, ME, is his business manager. We also have a PayPal account.

Speaking of today, Today is Cyber-Monday. That’s the day all those idiots spend all there working day in front of their home computers shopping for bargains. Some even spend their time at work (while the boss is not looking) and waste their productivity. No wonder we have a high unemployment rate. In any event, here’s some good shopping sites if you feel so inclined.

To list a few.

Don’t forget to blog with us too

Now if you’ll all excuse me, I’ve got a common COLD to nourish. My dizziness, vertigo continues

Uff-da (a real workable email address too)

Signing off to post on my PUBLIC blog

Yust another follower of Jesus and a hypocrite (per the cjonlline bloggers)




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