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6/15/2008 7:19 AM

Today is Father’s day. This day is supposed to be a happy day. It’s not for me. I lost a son, John. I’m not speaking of a physical loss, but a relationship loss. I am not allowed to see my only grand child, Madeline. I’ve tried and tried to understand this relationship and am blocked by John’s wife Kim. I haven’t seen Maddy for maybe two minutes in the last two years. What’s wrong with that? So today, Father’s Day is a sad day for me. I also am saddened towards any family reunions/holidays, like Christmas, etc. I’m uninvited to have any kind of relationship with my Maddy. It saddens me so much that at times I feel so lonely. It’s a good thing I have Jesus in my heart, or my life would be meaningless. Pray for me.


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6/15/2008 7:24 PM

I called John Holter to wish him a happy father’s day. The conversation went downhill from there. I was told by Kim Holter that I’m arrogant, a liar and dis respectful. I will not be allowed to see Maddy. My life is useless. What have I done? I lost a son and not allowed to enjoy my only grandchild growing up. I guess I’m depressed.

June 15, 2008 at 5:29 PM  

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