Saturday, June 07, 2008

This and That

6/7/2008 11:18:19 AM

OK.. What am I getting into? Here I am getting ready to post an article to my PUBLIC blog and currently watching cable TV 4 with the city council. WHY !? I wonder myself sometime! Maybe it’s because I once ran for mayor of Topeka back in 2005? Maybe it’s because I love this city and I want to have it run smoothly. Maybe it’s because I’m enjoying the give and take between our city leaders and watching the body language of the important issues presented before them. Maybe it’s because I could see an opportunity to better our city government. Maybe it’s because I can see an opportunity for one and all to read our mission statement as posted on our web. THAT’S IT !!

Now I’ve been without a laptop for over two weeks, and you know what !? I haven’t missed it one bit! My stocks are still in the losing trend. Fortunately, I’m totally into paper trading and will be until I see a profit. I’ve set my goal to be profitable for 3 months in a row until I see a profit in paper trading. The toolbox I’m using is quite expensive and the subscriptions are about to expire. More EXPENSES ! But in order for me to continue with our businesses, I’ll need to place some money into the businesses. That reminds me .. I’ve gotta do my taxes !



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