Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Internet


The Internet is a powerful tool of communication!

On the whole, the Internet has more value for doing good things than bad. But let me begin my highlighting the negatives of the Internet.



Especially child porn! Naughty naughty! There are thousands of pedophiles just waiting to prey on small children for their sinful pleasures. All one has to do is do a search and find countless web sites linking to child porn. I’m speaking about CHILD porn as compared to regular porn. I believe in the freedom to look at whatever one’s feel like looking for, just stay away from our children. I for one will come after you!

There’s a Miss America who has dedicated herself to reveal these creeps by using the Internet chat rooms. She entices them to come to a certain place for a “date” and the police are awaiting his/her arrival for arresting. The hidden cameras are rolling. I’m proud of Ms. Nelson and John Walsh for their efforts.


The Internet is also a necessary evil in our day. I for one have a love/hate relationship with all my computers at home. We have many businesses here at 5112 SW 33rd ST Topeka KS, with being just one of them.

I just got my laptop back from real tech. Here in Topeka KS. The technician told me that my laptop will need to be reformatted as I had over 860 + viruses! That’s a BIG negative! Why did my anti-virus programs not delete the nasty web pages? Who knows! All I know is my PC was acting sickly. Now I need to reload the software I use for my system trading. Why the virus protection programs did not do their job is beyond my skill level. If I had the time and inclination I could have done a detailed analysis of what happened. But why bother? Time is money, and I certainly don’t have either. So I approved the reformatting of my laptop and I’m now fully protected and I’m staying away from all those enticing web sites to win a free laptop, Those nasty web sites need to be avoided also, unless you’re trying to do something worthwhile like Ms. Nelson, Miss America.

More later .. gotta get to my system trading.


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