Friday, September 26, 2008


9/26/2008 9:32:07 AM


I’m speaking of our country’s financial crisis! Don’t panic! That will be my next subject for our public blog.

I can only relate to our own financial situation. Other than my filing to file our taxes, in a timely manner, we’re doing quite well. Sally has placed her retirement money in a fund with Roger Shumaker & Co. Their website is now and I’m a subscriber.

I am retired federal service and retired military. I’ll get the same check monthly no matter what happens with our financial institutions. Sally & I have the best of all worlds! We have a little bit of home equity loan to pay off, and then we’re debt free!

We’re lifetime members of and I’m trying to set up a church financial peace university here at , Our Saviours Lutheran Church. When our 50th anniversary is over, I’m going to push on starting a group.

So, all in all, Sally & I have the best of worlds. It doesn’t get any better than this. Now if I could only get over these sucker emails.



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