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Earning future trust ny accurately reporting past facts.

www.topekacityofcharacter.org is the word of the Sept month here in Topeka KS. I will write a little bit of this word on how it applies to my personal life. So as not to be offensive to anyone reading this , I’ll use only the initials of the parties involved. Remember, the word “truthfulness”. Words mean things and this word especially hit close to home.


9/9/08 6:12:13 AM

Myron Holter: mh
Other parties initials – jh – kh – mch – sh – mah – jc –

On or about 05/2006 mh received a cell call from kh. Mh thought the call was from jh as the cell msg showed jh’s name on the caller id. Kh proceeded to to chew mh out for making a web page of mch, who was born the previous month. The fact of the whole matter is, mch had just been born and she was listed on the hospitals web site as new births. Mh proudly downloaded the web page to his own computer, knowing that the web page would be removed in a few days.

So the initial phone conversation went like this:


Mh: Hello jh
Kh: this is not jh , this is kh
Mh: Hi kh how are you doing?
KH: I’m am really angry!
Mh: What’s the problem?
Kh: What are you doing telling everyone about mch on your web?
Mh: What’s the url?
Kh: You know what the web address is!
Mh: I have not yet made the url p/w protected and I’ll remove the address.
Kh: I’m going to leave this screen up and show it to jh when he get’s home.
Mh: I am in the process of making the mch web page p/w protected.
Mh: Let me make it right
KH Hung up


I received this contract from KH Demanding I sign this contract BEFORE MH can see mch. To this day mh can not see mch and I have subsequently lost a whole family, not being allowed to get a hug from mch.

I’’m deeply saddened by this whole state of mis understandings. Mah & sh are caught in the cross fire. I have tried and tried to make it right with the family of jdh/kh to no avail. My bucket list as posted on our web will perhaps shed some more light on the sad scenario.

How does jc play into all this? JC is our local talk show host here in Topeka and I have occasionally talked about my family in a nice way. KH is a very private person and perhaps thought mh was exploiting mch by even mentioning her name on the radio.

So the word “truthfulness” rings true in my life. Too bad KH does not think so. To this day I’m not allowed to see my only grand child, MCH.

Please pray for the jh/kh family and help me with my bucket list.

GOD BLESS any one reading this BLOG entry.

Replies will be respectfully replied.



Blogger Kim said...

If only your story were the whole truth.

September 13, 2008 at 3:51 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

"Replies will be respectfully replied."

day 13 no reply.

Myron tell the truth

September 26, 2008 at 8:19 PM  

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