Sunday, September 28, 2008


9/28/2008 5:56:38 AM


WOW! What a fun time! We celebrated 50 years of our church’s existence. I say that because Sally & I have been with the church since 1974. I remember the first week we attended. The Pinon’s were singing in the choir in the south portion of our then main sanctuary. We were sitting in the back, and I remember Roy Uhl turning around telling us that we should be in the choir. I remember getting a friendly greeting from Boots Gaubetz and Avis Cohick. Lots and lots of good memories flowed through those hallowed doors. I remember the good times and the not so good times. We are a church family, and there’s nothing more binding than church family and friends. Our lifetime memories are revolved around our respective churches.

John and Mark were both confirmed in our church. Mark was baptized. There are lots of photos and our choir even made a musical CD. The 400 or so photos have been purchased and we’re planning to purchase 10 musical Cd’s for give aways this Christmas. … Life is Good!

I’ll download a few photos and post them somewhere on our web.




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