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9/14/2008 6:29:28 AM

I have invented a new word. Sally & I like to watch Fox News and especially Bill O-Reilly’s Patriot/Pinhead segment.

For example people who do charitable things are labeled Patriots. People who do things like make stupid comments, etc. are pinheads.

The latest pinhead that comes to mind is Pam Anderson making a comment about Sarah Palin.

I’m a Pintriot

I salute the flag and even ran for mayor at one point in my life. In my book, that makes me a Patriot.

I angrily called a member of my immediate family a name. That makes me a pinhead.

So, put the two words together and whalla! .. out comes PINTRIOT J

So now I’m going to label our Topeka KS city government, starting with our mayor. Bear with me, I can write only so fast J

Bill Bunten – Mayor

Bill, you’re a PINTRIOT:

By wanting to clean up our great city with pot hole repair, infrastructure, statesman like qualities, etc. .. you’re PATRIOT. I salute you..

By wanting to be in “control” when the people elected a person to be only a ceremonial mayor, that makes you a pinhead, albeit a small pinhead.
So, putting the two together, you’re a Pintriot, and that’s not a bad thing. Remember, my labeling you all is just for fun. Please take no offense, ok?

City manager, Norton Bonaparte Jr.

Norton, you’re also a Pintriot.

You’re a Patriot by wanting to do your day to day job for our great city. Balancing a multi million dollar budget is no easy taskm and I salute you for that.

You’re a pinhead if you want to raise our property taxes without exausting all other means of reducing the budget.

So let me work the equation out in defining the word Pintriot.

Jesus is a TRUE Patriot and will get a 100 % rating. Jesus IS perfect. Nobody will ever achieve this grade, therefore, we’re ALL PINTRIOTS to some degree.

So the equation works from 1.00 minus my definition of what qualifies you to be a percentage from Jesus. Bear with me. Remember the higher your percentage, the more you’re a patriot.

So let me get back to the previous mentioned folks.
Bill Bunten is a 75 % Pintriot. Jesus 1.00-25 = 75 I subtract the “control” equation thereby giving Mr. Bunten a 75 %

You have also returned my phone calls and emails. So far you have not posted anything on our blog.

See where I’m going here?

Norton, you’re also a 75 %. Have you exhausted all means necessary to keep our mill levy down?

You have also returned my phone calls and emails. So far you have not posted anything on our blog.

Lana Kennedy:

Lana, I’m giving you a 90 % Pintriot. By calling our mayor a crony & nepotism took a lot of guts. Just don’t let folks change your mind if you feel you are right in making the right decisions.

However, you have failed to call me back or reply to my emails. I should dock you for that.

John Alcala:

John, I’ll give you a solid 90 % also. What happened between you and Brett behind closed doors? Was there some sort of shouting match going on? What was that all about? Thanks for returning my phone call. No email reply yet nor any posting to my public blogs.

PS: What was the toilet thing in front of city hall all about?

Sylvia Ortiz:

You are the councilwoman for my son John also.

Sylvia, I’ll also give you a 90 %. You have always been sticking up for the little guy in your district, and I applaud you for that. You have also replied to my emails, (no phone replies) and no blog replies.

Bill Haynes:

Bill, I’ll give you a solid 95 %. Anybody that is fiscally responsible with our tax dollar, I salute. I’m sure you’re NOT perfect by any means, so I’ll just leave it at that. Did you also do research on trying to find other ways to reduce spending in order to balance the budget?

Deborah Swank:

Deborah, I don’t know you. How can I grade you if we’ve never met? You have not returned any phone calls, nor emailed me or posted to my public blogs. So, without knowing anything, I’ll NOT grade you.



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