Thursday, September 04, 2008

Topeka KS Mayoral Conditions & Platform

9/4/08 6:41:04 PM


Mark & I were having our weekly father/son luncheon (no John, as usual) and I had an epiphany!
The father/son discussion turned to politics and he knew I ran for mayor. So I proceeded to write on a paper napkin my conditions and platform before I would ever run for mayor again.

So here goes:


1) I’ll need Sally’s permission.
2) If our current Topeka mayor decides to run again for a second term, I’ll NOT run.
3) I’ll run only if I have a co-mayor on the ticket.
4) I only want to cut ribbons & kiss babies.
5) The co-mayor will run the Tues. night city council meetings.


1) I promise to do NOTHNG and I ask the city council to follow my weak leadership.
2) I will sell the mayor’s desk and chair on EBAY.
3) I will blog @ home and NOT at the mayors office.
4) I will try to make most all the public mayoral functions & use my own transportation to do so.
5) I will NOT drive downtown if a mayoral function is closer to my home. I will check with my scheduler on a regular basis.
6) I will freely wear various t-shirts, hats, etc. for the various social functions. I will wear a suit and tie if necessary.
7) I will return phone calls, emails, etc. and ask everyone I meet if they would like ONE FREE visit to our web.

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