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9/27/2008 7:02:46 AM


And I’m ready for our church’s 50th anniversary.. Well, sort of.

The other day I got a phone call from Joe Ledbetter. He left it on my voice mail. Here it is: (paraphrased)

Hey Myron.. that sure was a .. in my opinion a stupid letter that you wrote the other day. You weren’t gonna be mayor, all you did was go down to show off to Jim Cates. You weren’t even serious when you ran, so why do you keep bringng it up? You never ran for any thing else. You never legitimately entered any race for office. You act like it was a big deal. I think there was like 40 people that signed up. So you were just one of 40 and you didn’t get a vote. So why do you keep talking about it? If you don’t like what’s going on at city council, don’t watch it? Because democracy is not pretty when there’s a discussion of ideas, Myron. I know that’s what you and Mr. Felker never understood. There has to be dissent into tyranny.

Voice message dated weds 4:22pm from Joe Ledbetter 785-215-6319

So why am I typing this out you might ask?

For one, my wife of many years and immediately called Joe an idiot. She was pissed! You don’t want to cross Sally. She is emotional.

ME? .. I was humored! I returned his call and we both called each other idiots. Mr. Ledbetter has a way of agitating folks in all walks of life. I just considered the source. This might make a good blog article if anyone wants to reply.

I am willing to play this on the air if my good friend Jim Cates wants. In the meantime, I guess I’ll save his message to tape.

I’ll now post this to my blog and continue on with my life.

Joe Ledbetter … you have suffered from an id 10 t error and you’re a pinhead.

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