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10/9/2009 5:12:38 AM

Let me start by saying to all you LOSERS .. YOU’RE NOT WORTH MY TIME .. OK?

You’re all invited to surf on over to the blog section of and merely search for my name. I’m Myron Holter and my user id is “emayormy” in our LOCAL Topeka KS paper.

You negative people who reply in a hateful way need to get a life. I read your replies to my post to Sally and we were BOTH humored. She verbally answered “They don’t even know you.”

My answer to those negative people is .. “I don’t care.”

So there you negative people.. Take that in your pipe and smoke it.

If you don’t have the courage to post your blogs with your name and town and some means of communication, your replies are of no value.

Thanks for allowing me to vent …

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OH ..

Here’s a couple more Blame Bush “issues” quoted from our future caregiver and #2 son , Mark Holter.


-cavities – (I just had a dentist appointment yesterday and we had a late luncheon together) #1 estranged son is always invited.

-weather- (It rained yesterday- Bush is suppose to control the weather, remember? Why didn’t he get do a Moses and stop the Katrina in 2005?)

mice- (Yes, we have mice – don’t we all?) Bush is responsible – In the meantime maybe I should set traps.. just don’t tell PETA

BUGS – Yes, we have bugs too – (Blame Bush of course)

Termites – (So far we have non) But if we did, I’d be sending Bush a termite bill.

BAD JOKES – (My son Mark appreciates my dry humor .. (I think) Bush is to blame for my sick humor, all in sick humor of course

GETTING HEADACHES – Bush forces me to eat all those bad food things I love – candy – pizza – sweets – ice cream – etc.


Now if you’ll all excuse me I’ve gotta get my 2nd cup of coffee.




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