Thursday, October 01, 2009


10/1/2009 6:43:06 AM

Why live anymore?

The road of life has many detours.

Just yesterday I got a reject e-file email from the IRS.

I KNOW – I KNOW, it’s after April 15th. The story of my life is one of procrastination. So now I’ll need to decipher the Turbo Tax email and correct my errors.. According to Turbo Tax, hope is not lost. They even want me to call the IRS for help – imagine that!

Now the State of Kansas wants me to show them that I’m trying to find a job. OK – I confess, I haven’t been looking hard. So I guess I’ll pound the streets.

There is indeed SOME bit of honesty in our government, especially when it comes to their expenses.

Better get busy with all these challenges.

OH – I’m not going to JUST DIE and I’m a REPUBLICAN. (This email address works too)



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