Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Weather -1975-

10/22/2009 5:42:20 AM

Sally & I have learned to have a deep respect for the weather.

The year was 1975, around Jan-Feb I believe. We were planning to make a trip to visit brother Dale in Mason City IA, some 400 + miles north of Topeka KS.

We leave without checking any weather info. There’s no need, the weather was cloudy with no precipitation in the air. We get as far a Hiawatha KS corner by Sabetha KS and the weather is starting to spit snow.

NO BIG DEAL, this farm boy from SD is invincible. AFTER All, no amount of weather will deter me from my appointed task, to visit my brother.

We continue north through Auburn and Nebraska City NE and the weather continues to deteriorate. But no amount of weather or anything will stop this stubborn NorVegun from his appointed mission.

We follow a truck on I-29 on the way to Council Bluffs IA and I then decide to turn around near Percival IA. We were in a white out.

I proceed to stop at a gas station in Nebraska City and purchase some chains. After all, this idiot, me, has a mission.

We head on south on state Highway 75 back home. The white out conditions are deplorable. I’m driving with my head out the window as the windshield wipers are of no use. I see oncoming vehicles coming at us in the nick of time and attempt to move over. I have no idea where the centerline is located. The shelterbelts were the worst.

Mark, 9 months, was sleeping in the car seat in the rear.
Sally, my spouse of then 5 + years was crying.
John, then 5, was enjoying the adventure.

We get as far as Auburn KS and stop at the palmer House Motel. There are two small rooms left in the basement. About that time, another stranded person asks for a room. We give the 8 x 11 room to this stranded traveler. The four of us spent the night, John & Mark slept on the floor. Sally was relieved I finally came to my senses.

The next morning was a beautiful sunny morning! The snow was fresh and it was absolutely stunning.

I’ll write more later.

Time to close this down. We’re to leave for Denver today. The weather held us back for a day.

Signing off,



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