Monday, October 19, 2009

Topeka KS (city gov-t)

10/19/2009 4:40:44 AM

Our Topeka KS city government is in a flux and I have an idea on how to make it run more efficiently.

We should make some major changes. Here’s our current annual salary structure

City Manager - $137,500
Mayor - 20,000
City council (9) 90,000

Totaling $ 247,500 in Salaries alone

For my services I’ll only charge $2,500 for my advice. This will make it a nice round even number to work with, totaling $250,00 in city payroll.

Remember, these city government servants are to be paying attention to us taxpayer citizens. We are your bosses in the final analysis.

Here’s my projected future salary redistribution of wealth, as our current president likes to call it.

City manager $35,714.28
Mayors (2) $35,714.28
City council (4) $35,714.28
TOTAL $250,000

With our federal deficit in the trillions, I’ll not quibble about the math.

Currently our Topeka KS city government is divided up into nine districts, with elections every four years. In 2010 the even #’s will be up for election. That would be a district 2,4,6 & 8. We just had an odd # year election with my district #7, Robert Archer winning by one vote. Thanks to Sally for showing up to vote. HA

With the above fore-mentioned election process explained, here’s my idea.

We will start by re-districting our great city into quadrants making it four districts. The north/south quadrant would be Topeka Ave. The east/west quadrant would be the Kansas River. The Topeka Ave. Bridge would be ground zero so to speak. We could have another ribbon cutting efficiency ceremony from this bridge.

In 2010’s election, the even # districts 2,4,6,8 would be only 2 and 4. There will no longer be a district 6 & 8.

In 2011’s election, the odd # districts, 1,3,5,7,9 would be only 1 and 3. There will no longer be a district 5,7,9.

I think I got these election processes correct, I could be wrong.

The city manager’s position would be up for bid AFTER the 2011’s election with the new salary.

The two mayors would also be up for election when the current mayors term is expiring.

The mayor(s) would have all the voting rights as the newly formed city council in making all these decisions. He/she would be responsible to conduct the Tues. night meetings.

The co-mayor will also be able to function as a backup on Tuesday night.

This former mayoral candidate would be willing to perform this necessary function, but would rather just kiss babies (with mother’s permission of course) and cut ribbons.

I visualize in the next mayoral election the names for mayor could be BUNTEN/HOLTER

We would make this newly formed government run more efficiently, in my opinion.

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