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That’s my question I ask myself almost on a daily basis… WHY?

I attended a sexually orientated business at 17th and Gage in the First Baptist Church. Mr. Crosby conducted the meeting.

After that, I watched the budget meeting on cable TV 4 in Sally’s bedroom. Sally wanted to watch the Olympics. I should have watched the Olympics with her.

Well, to make a long night and story short. I’ll read the paper about what happened and make a link for Mr. Crosby.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some work to do


Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

Here is the 1st forwarded email concerning the sob in Topeka Ks

Dear Topeka / Shawnee County Partners,

I am excited to be back in Topeka working with you on another important
initiative in your community. Thank you for your eager response to get
the Sexually Oriented Business (SOB) ordinance petition to you city and
county officials.

I will be in your community regularly as opportunities to speak present
themselves. I will be working with your local media outlets to get the
word out about your efforts to get signatures on the petitions. It is
embarrassing that our state capitol is the only major metropolitan
community in Kansas without any lawful SOB ordinance protection. We can
change this!

In a few days, in addition to the printed petition you are currently
circulating in your congregations and community, we will be sending you
a link that will allow persons with an e-mail address to sign the
petition on-line. The upside of an on-line petition is that is should
accelerate your effort. The downside of signing on-line is that it might
lose some of the community education benefit, passion, urgency and sense
of unified purpose. Use both as you find ways to educate your circles
of influence.

On a closely related issue, the "Promotion of Obscenity" criminal
charges filed against Topeka's local pornography outlets. Two years ago
you collected about 4,000 Shawnee County signatures that seated a
successful grand jury. Your local County grand jury indicted every
pornography outlet listed on the petition. Charges were filed by your
District Attorney and those cases are still moving towards a community
standard trial. Because of several defense motions submitted by the
pornography industry to the Kansas Supreme Court, the timely conclusion
of your "community standard" question was delayed. The good news is
that you won a favorable decision from the Kansas Supreme Court Judges
on every motion. Now your cases can move forward. Your next County DA
should be following through on giving your community its day in court
and establish a "community standard". Be sure to ask them their
intentions as they seek your vote.

Communities do win and I am confidant yours will be one of them.

Remember, this new SOB Zoning Ordinance Petition is not like the 2006
Grand Jury Petition seeking criminal charges of "Promotion of

This new petition is asking your city and county elected officials to
publicly discuss, craft and vote on the lawful regulation of existing
and future local SOB's.

For example, a good SOB ordinance can legally require a closing time of
midnight, a distance requirement of 10 feet between dancers and patrons;
a 2,000 foot distance from homes, churches, daycares, schools, parks and
other SOB's; lighting requirements; no private rooms or booths; ban
total nudity, etc. The details are worked out as the ordinance is being
debated and crafted at a later date during public hearings.

Click here to view and get a copy of the Topeka / Shawnee County Petition
and start
getting signatures today.

Instructions are on the petition. You are also now able to FAX completed
petitions to BOTT Radio Network at # 785-233-9260.

Stay Strong,

Phillip and Cathy Cosby, Kansas Office

National Coalition For the Protection of Children & Families

(913) 787-0075

Forwarded by
Alan Ribelin

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