Friday, August 08, 2008

This and That

8/7/2008 5:37:26 AM


Sally & I went to see the play “The Producers” last night. We went with some church friends. It was fun!


8/8/2008 5:19:12 AM

Every day I awaken, I thank the Lord that I’m still alive.

Remember Red Skelton? I do. He used to be a TV comic and he would like to say, and I’ll paraphrase, “Everyday I awaken, if I don’t smell any roses, I know I’m not dead yet” I then read the obit page to see if my name is in there. I then have some coffee and go about my day, knowing I’m not yet dead J “ I loved RED! I also LOVE another red, and that’s RED GREEN on PBS TV. There you have it. My thoughts for today is. Do what you need to do for Jesus and get on with it.

So today I need to make a web page for our little group called
Then I need to scan my unemployment form and let the labor folks know the web address.

Then it’s off to my quest, and that’s to work on my bucket list.

OH YA !! I almost forgot. Our network was down yesterday. Some idiot stole a van over on 21st @ Gage area and ran over a gas line. The van caught fire and also burned the cox fiber cable line to our home. The lack of TV and Internet was nice. J


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