Tuesday, November 25, 2008


11/25/2008 4:43:48 AM


I’m going to write this am about the price of using the Internet, the web, cyberspace, or whatever else you might want to call it.

Yesterday I coughed up a cool $400.00 just to keep our 4 cable TV’s ready and usable and connected to the world. The company was Bear communication out of Lawrence KS. When I wrote the check , I wrote it to “Bear Communication”, but was told later to make the check out to “Steve McQuay, a private contractor. Steve spent all afternoon wall fishing the four tv’s and I spent all day moving stuff around for Steve. What a mess !! Sally and I are going to need to have an organizational meeting, well, I guess I’ll need one with myself mainly. So Steve gets our new cables installed and the main TV downstairs STILL does not work going through the box. So now I have COX communication specialist coming over this afternoon. Whatever happened to the old days with black and white TV and folks communicating over the kitchen table, eyeball to eyeball? I miss those days!

Guess I’ll get my second cup of coffee and look at my blank TV screen for awhile.




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