Wednesday, November 12, 2008


11/12/2008 4:33:11 AM


Yesterday was a day to honor US Veterans. I drove over to the Great Overland Station and was honored, along with a few others. It’s hard to be in more than one place at a time. So many public places to choose from, so little time. So I chose to attend the tribute at the old train station, and I’m glad I did. I ran into Les Wenger and a few others. Les is my neighbor here in SW Topeka. We exchanged pleasantries and people we mutually knew. It was fun. Of course I gave Les my card.

My good friend Sonny Scroggins made the Internet national media also through our local paper too. I’ll write about that in a separate blog someday.

Sally also wrote to the letters to the editor also, and they published her letter. Of course I had to reply to her letter in the blog format.

So many blogs, so little time.

Now if I could only get some of my bucket list numbers crossed off.

Myron Holter
Topeka KS

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