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The Obama Swirl Cake

Hey Sonny ....

How about writing a poem for me?

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You're welcome.

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Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2008 6:09 AM
Subject: The Obama Swirl Cake

The Obama Swirl Cake

A cake you will never forget

The flavor is one sufficient to describe everyone’s President what a joy. what a joy;

He said to tastes of him and gave of himself to people all over the world a mix of a cake;

The ingredients was poured into a bowl, you know the Constitutional bowl;

The Great Melting Pot of America, a pot filled with people from all over the world;

Different nationalities, cultures, religions, genders and beliefs, I need to mix this as one;

No one can be left out of this mixing bowl in a White House built for all;

The greatest campaign team in the history of America was stirred at a high degree;

Not at Princeton, Yale or Chicago School of Law but in Harvard he made it you see;

The bowl is still mixing and its not slowing down as it circles and swipes about;

Meeting people in very high places and leaving them with no reasonable doubt;

The Queen of Talk Shows Oprah Winfrey stepped out and stirred the mix even better;

Michelle was there with encouragement in hand and sound prayer to support her man;

What flavor will the cake turn out to be the mighty powers were now all in;

Mixed by the best chef’s delicacies with two little tasters at hand;

Malia had the spoon and Sasha had the bowl in support of dad a great man;

They gave the chef the final okay saying the mix is yummy so please do not change;

This will be the best cake ever in the White House there is nothing you need to add;

Heaven has opened and poured out a blessing that God baked as long as he could;

A cake prepared for the world to eat and I am certain every slice will be good;

What a preparation period, going back to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. you see;

I have a dream of a great cake that will taste so good it will carry all Americans through;

Just believe in the dream and keep the vision going I promise it all will come true;

Just keep rolling the doe and stir the mix, Lord what a great cake he is going to fix;

There is a start and finish to everything the bowl, the mix and the batter;

In the beginning God joined the two together, mother, Ann Dunham and father Barack;

What a pair brought before God in heaven a cake was being made of so many flavors;

Before the foundation of the earth it was already done, Barack Obama had already won;

Before Obama was formed in the womb the seed was blessed, the victory was complete;

God had already ordained him a profit before the nation;

Testers will try your cake and understand the delight of your many flavors;

Not Black or White, Jewish or Greek even Hebrew I must add but a flavor all can enjoy;

This cake could no longer wait, Obama put in human form and made for the entire world;

And since there are so many flavors to this cake we will call it “The Obama Swirl.”

Writen by; Raymond C. Christian (Hall of Fame Poet)

Date: November 14, 2008

Place: Camp Phoenix, Kabul Afghanistan

Reason: To let the world know that we all are filled

with many flavors, only our bloodline

is the same. In the beginning were Adam and Eve,

cultural differences were all created by man. Let us

cut this cake together and please enjoy your dessert.



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