Monday, November 03, 2008


11/1/2008 7:33:36 AM


Yes indeed, today is our mother’s 95th birthday!

I trained her well J

Here I am at mom’s old place in Bruce, now purchased by my sister Julie & her beloved husband John Anderson. I’m writing this from a kitchen table and drinking coffee. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Today, all the family is going to descent on Greenleaf Assisted living in Brookings SD and honor our mother with accolades of some sort, be it cards, hugs, or whatever means of expressions us norVeguns are allowed to express without getting too mushy.

I guess I’ll save this to my public folder and now make a new folder/file file name.

OK .. I did it. If I’m dead, you can retrieve this computer from John Holter and go to
C:\mydocuments/… public-20081101 being the file name.

Where was I?

Oh ya, I’m writing about our mother.

I chatted with the owner/operator of Greenleaf when we surprised mom the other day and told her about how many relatives to expect. I guess my number is rather low according to Delpha. So we’ll see come this afternoon how many of our relatives are going to be showing up.

Yesterday Mark and I took an inventory of St. Petri cemetery. I took some pictures and mark recorded their names. When I get back to my Internet ready home, I plan to make a web page from the photos. I’ll probably place them in my account.

Later on this AM , I’m planning to go to the church next door and

11/2/2008 5:30:55 AM

And what?

You never finished your sentence! Shame on you! J Mrs. Bombeck would be ashamed!

I’m writing this in the third person and I’m beating up on myself for yesterdays writings.


Yesterday was indeed a historic event.

My mother turned 95 and she had over a 100 people come to wish her a happy birthday at the Greenleaf assisted living quarters in Brookings SD.

I took lots of pictures. Now I just need to get them on our web when Mark & I get back to Topeka and my Internet ready connection.

We visited with lots of relatives and friends. It was indeed a day that will live in infamy in my lifetime.

Joanne Holter has been designated our official photographer. I’m just a blogger. Visit our web and learn more for those of you who would like to blog with me.

Now we need to think about making a trip to Omaha, then home. The presidential election is coming this Tuesday and I’ve volunteered to be an election worker for Shawnee county Kansas. I’m an alternate and may or may not be called. If I get called, it will be a very long day indeed.

This has been the most contentious presidential election in my history. There’s lots of mud slinging going on in both parties and I for one am tired of hearing all of it.

This election boils down to two ideologies: CAPITIALISM vs. SOCIALISM

It is not any simpler than that. I’m afraid our country is headed for Obama’s socialism party, the Democratic Party. Then if the Democratic congress wins the majority of the house and senate, we’re all in big DODO! We can only PRAY!

Well , I guess I’ll shut down this laptop and get ready to head to brother Corks.

See ya on the flip side.




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