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I’ll start my thanksgiving message a little early for my public blog this year.

I just dropped off Julie S. to her apartment and Sally is doing taxicab service for her friend Charlene P. and I have the house to myself for writing.

We just got back from Thanksgiving service here at our Lutheran church here in Topeka KS. Our choir sang, and I’m glad I got my voice back for singing.

I’ve been thinking lately about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and down the road this Christmas holiday. But first I’d like to write about my thoughts about Thanksgiving.

I was not aware of the significance of the REAL meaning of Thanksgiving until I listened to Rush Limbaugh’s radio talk show program. Like millions of other folks I’ve always thought that the Pilgrims were saved by the Indians and then in return they sent the Indians to reservations. These stories are NOT true. If you want to know the REAL meaning of Thanksgiving, merely start listening to Rush Limbaugh and learn more.

So, what does Thanksgiving mean to me?

Firstly, Thanksgiving means to be to be Thankful to God for everything! We are but dust without God in our lives. I am particularly thankful to God for bringing Jesus THE Christ in our lives. I first asked Jesus to come into my life at the age of 15 when my friend Keith Loomis was killed in a tractor accident. I was his pallbearer, clear back in 1960. I asked Jesus for help and that gave me peace. I remember opening up the bible upstairs in my upstairs room on the farm during my time of trial, and the scripture verse stating my peace I give to you. I felt a great sense of peace back then. So, in a way, I thank my friend Keith L. for opening my eyes to Jesus. Thanks Keith, I’ll see you in heaven some day.

Secondly, I’d like to thank my wife of many years, Sally, for being my wife of many years. Sally & I have been married for over 39 years and she gave birth to two fine sons, John & Mark. Sally is my soul mate, wife, friend, and all around good person. Sally has accepted me just as I am, and to that I am very grateful.

Next I’d like to thank my two sons, John and Mark for being my sons. I’d like to especially thank mark for agreeing to be our caregivers someday when we’re too old to take care of ourselves.

I am thankful to my mother CeCe, for raising me to fear and love the Lord. Mom is a goddess to me. Thanks MOM !!

I am thankful to my siblings for being my siblings. You know who you are.

I am thankful to my relatives near and far. I have many relatives.

I am thankful for the Internet. That sounds really stupid to say, but without computers, word programs, etc.etc. I’d be typing all these thanks in long hand!
I am thankful for the telephone. I am thankful for all those techno gadgets, but to be honest, I only use these gadgets to the glory of Jesus Christ. I am thankful that I am able to type on a computer.

I am thankful for our home. Our home is mortgage free we have a little bit of home equity loan to pay off, then we’re DEBT FREE!

I’m thankful for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University program and thankful our church is starting the 13-week course in January 2009. I’d like to thank myself in introducing the program to the church council.

I’d like to thank Ann E. for introducing us to RELIV.

I’d like to thank our government for what I don’t know.

I’d like to thank God for giving me a sense of humor.

I’d like to thank God for giving me a singing voice.

I’d like to thank God for giving us Charlie, our dog.

I’d like to thank God for NOT me winning the Topeka mayor’s race back in 2003 & 2005.

11/27/2008 5:25:45 AM


Please note the date/time insert from word.

Where was I?

Oh ya .. today is Thanksgiving.

I thank God that I’m a follower of Jesus.
I’m thankful that I’m out of the stock market.
I’m thankful that I’m still learning how to be a successful trader.
I’m thankful that I’m taking care of my disease, Diabetes.
I’m thankful that I can share my knowledge about Jesus to the world via the www.
I’m thankful that I can pay my bills on time.
I’m thankful that I’m trying to get our home semi organized.
I’m thankful that our friends that come over know we’re unorganized and don’t judge us.
I’m thankful to be able to pass out our card to anyone who wants it.
I’m thankful to those who listen to me and respect me for it.
I’m thankful to those who understand my humor and respect me for it.
I’m thankful I live in the USA and the FREEDOM to say so.
I’m thankful to be reRETIRED
I’m thankful for healing through rebound therapy. (I have a frozen shoulder.)
I’m thankful to have good health insurance that’s affordable.
I’m thankful for computers (did I all ready say that?)
I’m thankful to proudly say that I’m a card-carrying member of the vast right wing conspiracy.
I’m thankful to avoid the black Friday crowd tomorrow.
I’m thankful to buy only what is needed and not be impulsive.
I’m thankful to be content with our wages.!
I’m thankful to play Jomarco NS online scrabble.
I’m thankful for Norm Stabin, my scrabble opponent for many years… RIP Norm.
I’m thankful to the EXPO center folks for hosting another thanksgiving feast.
I’m thankful to Grant Cushinberry who died this year. I made a link for Grant.
I’m thankful that I served in the military.
I’m thankful I survived my heart attack back in 2005.
I’m thankful for my childhood friends, bond,Wally, Davey, Lloyd, etc.
I’m thankful my sister bought my mother’s home in Bruce SD
I’m thankful I can drink coffee.
I’m thankful for my church friends.
I’m thankful for everyone reading this on our blog.
I’m thankful for Kim giving birth to Madeline.
I’m thankful for knowing my friends, etc. that had died before me; I’ll see you in heaven someday.
I’m thankful to be able to cross off my handwritten bucket list as posted on our web.
I’m thankful to pay taxes.
I’m thankful that our home equity loan will be paid off in full SOON!!
I’m thankful that Sally & I will be able to yell in the radio “WE’RE DEBT FREE!!”
I’m thankful that I’ll have a second chance to NOT burn our turkey.
I’m thankful I have only type two diabetes, and not type one.
I’m thankful to be alive.
I’m thankful for aspirin: I currently have a headache. (Heading for the medicine cabinet)
I’m thankful to proudly share the program.
I’m thankful that my will has been shared with the parties in question.
I’m thankful that my will is password protected on the web.
I’m thankful to share my computer knowledge to my family.


I’m NOT thankful for the GREEDY people who have committed fraud with our money. You know who you are and justice will eventually prevail.
I’m NOT thankful for the tree root still growing through our main sewer line.
I’m NOT thankful for rodents looking for a warm place in our home.
I’m NOT thankful to those in government who think raising our taxes will raise revenue.
I’m NOT thankful for the LIBERALS
I’m NOT thankful for the SECULARISTS.
I’m NOT thankful for the TERRORISTS.

11/28/2008 7:25:26 AM

BLACK FRIDAY (the day after)

Yesterday was another interesting day. Mark, Sal & I went to the EXPO center AG hall to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with our “friends”. According to the news, the organizers were anticipating perhaps 1,000 folks. So why NOT get another free meal. Of course there’s all kinds of way to contribute to this community event. This year we’re going to contribute with money.

While there we visited with folks that were down on there luck. I met a Brian who was fired from his job. We talked about getting unemployment. Sally visited with a couple that needed a ride to their motel room. They too needed a hand up. We gave them our business card.

Last night we played a game called “Topeka (on board)” , similar to Monopoly. It was a fun board game. I WON! Lol. Unlike the monopoly games in the past, going to jail was going to Wendy’s. there can be no selling,buying, renting income when in jail. What a neat concept! Going to jail for punishment! I like that!

No !! I CHOOSE not to participate in the zoos at the mall.

I purchased a BIG turkey this year and am going to BRINE the turkey. This will be a NEW experiment. Wish me well.

Guess I’ll post this to my public blog.

Positive replies are welcome. Leave your negative comments stuck in your brain. This blog is ½ full with positive things to write about. All you nay Sayers can hang around in naysay liberal jail. I choose to remain positive.



Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

11/30/2008 5:16:17 AM

THE DAY AFTER (Thanksgiving feast @ home)

We celebrated Thanksgiving at home last night. Roman picked up Mark and brought him over. We had fun with food and a game called Topeka on board. I bought TWO turkeys! This was my 1st experience with brining a turkey. Sally was able to download the recipe off the web and I did the smoking. What a challenge. The main thing is, we are a family and with friends. It doesn’t get any better than this.

I heard nothing from my prodigal son.


November 30, 2008 at 3:22 AM  

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