Wednesday, November 05, 2008



Well he did it. I’m talking about Obama being our next President. My
Guy did not win. Are we ready for a socialist government? We’ll see.

Throw the bums out! That what this election is all about. The reason McCain lost is because of the free fall at Wall St. and the resulting 401K’s turning into 101K’s. This is the reason the incumbent Republican’s were thrown out.

My heart goes out to those folks whose retirement systems have been ruined by the greedy Wall St. CEO’s. If McCain told the folks, I’m going after those greedy folks to justice, named names and stumped that in his speeches, perhaps the results might have been different.

The fairness doctrine is also perhaps coming to the front also. Goodbye conservative talk radio. Goodbye Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity/Jim Cates (KMAJ/am radio) and all those other conservative radio folks too.

What might happen is that these radio shows that are currently conservative will also need to have a liberal person sharing the mike I would be like Sean Hannity needing to share the mike on RADIO with Alan Colmes. They all ready have FOX TV news called Hannity and Colmes. So we’ll see what the future of our country takes place with a liberal Democrat in charge. Our country is broke and in debt. How Mr. Obama can expect to turn it around is beyond my pay grade.

Our church is going to sign on to Dave Ramsey’s financial peace university this month. That’s a good thing. I’ll be the techy guy loading the software for the 13 weeks in advance. Cherish Allhouse will be handling the starting up system. I’m going to be a marketer and an IT nerd.

I’m excited about sharing my knowledge about FPU and it’s various websites, etc.

My laptop keyboard is acting up. I need to have this hardware problem fixed.



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