Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Based Businesses

I received and email from my cousin. Here it is:

Dear Myron,How are you doing? It looks like the Lord will let some of our world put pressure on the whole without giving us a "bailout"... but maybe in the Lord's economy, we are going to be able to bring more into God's kingdom of marvelous light through the difficulties people are facing.We are moving into a smaller house now that Mom has passed on to her eternal reward. We have a place to move to and are just looking at the timing as Ruthie is in college nearby and we are considering if this is going to disrupt things for her, or if it is o.k.I am writing to you because I know you are doing networking, and this is something that might interest you, though I don't know. You can take a look and see what you think.I got interested a couple of weeks ago because my son in law, Matthew, had become discouraged after trying many diets and things over various years and was unable to lose weight. As we prayed, Elisa and I looked around to see what else we might find for him. At that time a friend called to say that he had lost his belly, and another friend had lost four inches in a few weeks. Another man I knew of had lost 10 inches in 4 months then and now he has gone on to lose 65 pounds in the year, a lady lost 10 inches in 8 weeks... So Matthew took that powder. A few days later I joined him in the experiment, and we lost 2 inches each around our middle, in just one week! It was so easy, no hunger problems, cravings melted away, sleep was improved and energy levels were up, not down. The product is all natural, no artificial anything nor fillers. There was no diahrrea, no discomfort of any sort. If you want to check it out, the science is on and I listened to the online cd of Dr. Sinnot on the right hand side banner) There is more information there too.There is also a good stimulus plan, and I have earned $1000 back, am set to earn the second 1000 with a sign up tonight and will shortly get the third K too! People say they have never seen a plan like this. You can see it in less than five minutes online at - just sign in with me, not that website, as this is networking. 952 486 8883.It is so simple, basically you buy a package of products, find two other people who want to get their packages, then help them find two of their friends who want to do the same.. At that point the company sends you at least your investment and if you have done it in a timely way, they will give you the fast start bonus, $1000. Next you help your two friends get their fast start bonus, and the company gives them 1K each and you 1K reflecting as they earn theirs! Like, I said we are set to get our 3 k in short order. If you know a couple of folks who are serious about wanting to lose weight, and this plan looks interesting to you, a heads up is that a number of my friends are looking at this at the same time, but if you get in first, I will be happy to put them in such a position so that I can help you towards your 1 K or beyond bonus.Love,Martha



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