Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Bucket List


3/31/2009 5:58:41 AM


OK .. here is my bucket list. I try to update it once a month. It appears that I missed March 2008. Why post another version when nothing has changed?

1) John & I do NOT communicate anymore
2) Still no permission from Kim to get a hug from Madeline.
3) My portfolio sucks
4) Working on my 2007 taxes (UFFDA)
5) Thanks to FPU this one will soon be crossed off !!
6) Need over 1K to do that
7) My hearse is ready for my body – visit our web for more details
8) That will be forever
9) Now that is something I can do
10) Another dream that can be reached

That’s about it for March 2009

Guess I’ll now post this for any positive replies: 31-Mar-09

Yust ole’ Myron@myownfaith2.com



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