Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dear God

8/2/2009 5:33:22 AM

Dear God:

It’s been a while since I wrote to you my Lord. I know that you know my heart Lord. I silently pray to you daily in my heart. I say silently Lord as it’s just between you and me.

My life has the various emotions. Most of the time, I’m at peace with myself knowing that I’ll be with you someday my Lord. I’m ready any day to meet up with you my Lord.

I’ve been watching my aunt Ruth’s funeral CD and I find it very inspiring.

Ruth Billman passed away last Dec 2008. Her daughter Carol (Billman) Freeman sent us a video CD. My relatives are ALIVE in the Lord! I would have liked to been there.

There was many reasons why I could not make the funeral. The #1 reason was Minneapolis MN was under a severe winter storm at the time. I heard on the news that cars were slipping off the Interstate. I respect the weather.

I would have LOVED to drive my mother to her younger sister’s funeral.

I could have told many stories about my aunt Ruth and how the Billman’s affected our lives.

Now we scroll to our OSLC church friends.

We had some drinks last night with the Parkers, Pewes, & the Sicks.

We met at a bar @ 21st & Gage called ??, the name escapes me.

I am really disappointed in our life long friends regarding our relationship with our pastor.

She wants to have two days off to be with her children. I see nothing wrong with that.

Apparently our church is going through conflict. Could there be members leaving because of this conflict? I certainly hope not.

If only our church friends had the grace that my aunt Ruth lived in her life.

Dear God, I pray every day for my estranged son John and his lovely wife Kim. Please soften their hearts towards me. I grieve daily in losing a son.

That’s about it for today my Lord.

Thank you GOD for sending your son Jesus to die for us.

Your servant,



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