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Healthcare (Fact and opinions)


8/7/2009 3:36:28 AM

WOW !!!

My inbox in was inundated with stories and opinions about my global email I sent out the other day.

There’s too many to reply to individually.

So what I’m going to do is make a blog and subject it


But first I need to have some coffee in my system as I just got up

8/7/2009 3:41:15 AM


That 1st cup of coffee in the morning is always so good!

Where do I begin?

Firstly, I’d like to set the record straight.

I’m an Internet Blogger and I post my writings through our owned website.

Our mission statement is to share our FAITH on the WEB. We share the same FAITH as Billy Graham.

The other day I received an email from Dr. Bill Roy. I did a “reply to all” and the firestorm of emails regarding healthcare come pouring back.

Never one to avoid a good discussion of ideas, I stated mine also.

Sometimes my opinions get in the way of facts.

My brother Dale H. corrected me on the England healthcare and I thanked him for his email reply.

A gentleman replied that the word is “stEnt” not stint. I probably got a spell check screen in my software program and went with stint.

SORRY .. I’m only human. Let me give my computer (Dell Inspiron 1300) laptop some training. I once had a sign over my computer at work.

“The computer is a wonderful invention, there’s just as many mistakes as ever, but it’s nobody’s fault”

I got some sarcastic replies and some were downright rude.

Many replies were very nice.

I NEED to clean out my Outlook Express inbox!!


Here are the FACTS about my health, as I know it.

Sally & I are under the federal BCBS & a

8/7/2009 4:14:19 AM


My laptop rudely interrupted me with an automatic update. I’m thinking the white house wanted to know what I’m writing.

Did you know that our government wants to know what’s on our computers? They even have an email address to write to:

GO FIGURE!! Talk about an invasion of our privacy!

Where was I? .. OH YA, healthcare.

While I was awaiting the automatic update from Microsoft via the WH, I had a chance to get some more coffee and collect my writing thoughts.

I’ve decided to title this

HEALTCARE (Facts and opinions)


I had a mild heart attack.

I was working at the “Y” here in Topeka KS and started to have a dull ache in the center of my chest cavity.

This was at Lenten season at our church in 2005, around Feb I believe. I was running as a candidate for mayor of Topeka KS back then.

Like any good NorVegun and not knowing the symptoms getting a heart attack, I thought I was having gas.

I finished my shift at the YMCA and proceeded to go to church. I sat in the back and pouted, feeling sorry for myself. I told Sally I’m going home as I’ve got a dull ache in the center of my chest cavity.

While driving home, I decided to stop at the DQ and ordered a banana split, thinking that that would fix me up.


I could barely finish my dessert and proceeded to invade our medicine cabinet. I took some aspirins and Rolaids, etc., still in denial.

When Sally came home from choir practice, I told her I’m going to bed a little early as I have this dull ache in the sternum. She asked me if I needed to call our Dr. I probably said something stupid like “I’m not dead yet” or something like that.

So I go to bed early and have a restless night. I get up many times, drinking milk and consuming more medicine, aspirin, etc.

The next morning I get a phone call from brother Dale. He tells me that he’s going in to get more stents (I added that word to my spell checker) in his system as I’m having chest pain.

I think I replied like, “I have chest pain too”

He probably said something like “You big dummy, if you’re having chest pain, you should call your Dr.”

So I had Sal call our provider. The nurse said for us to call the hospital. I had Sally call the hospital and they pretty much said the same thing.

By that time I was starting to become nauseus. (spell checker?) and brough along a barf bucket.

I was checked out my the ER nurse. They took an x-ray of my chest cavity and within an hour I was getting ONE stent in my body.

After spending a night in ER all hooked up they wheeled me to my hospital room.

That morning the Dr. cardiologist, Dr. Weyren, came to my room and drew a diagram of the operation to roto-rooter my artery.

He informed me that it’s a good thing I came in as the artery was 90 % blocked.

He then informed me that there were other blockages and I had a choice.

1) Open heart surgery
2) More stents.

I then informed the Dr. that I would do neither.

I told him that I was a RELIV distributor and I would like to take RELIV two-three times daily. I ADDED Cardioesstentials to my RELIV diet.


After about 5-6 weeks of religiously taking RELIV the medical folks could find NO BLOCKAGE!

I will ALWAYS take RELIV

Reliv is NOT a cure all, just good food.

These and other health stories will now be written about in a later blog.




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